10 Best Locking Pliers in 2024 – Top Rated Products With Reviews

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Problem people face when working on any vehicle is the unavailability of space and it is solely dependent on the type of job you want to do that would determine the type of instrument you would make use of. In situations like this, one versatile instrument or tool that you can make use if is the locking plier.

These are tools that do not just make space available but they also prove to very handle and useful. You would find the best locking pliers review very useful.

With pliers, you can be able to move objects around with ease and safety and it also helps in keeping objects in your desired position. There are too many locking pliers brands available on the market as well as several designs, sizes and shapes and this is enough reason to get anyone confused or unsettled.

These factors make settling for one difficult but you can trust that this best locking pliers review would point you in the right direction and towards the ideal tool for you.

1. IRWIN VISE-GRIP Original Curved Jaw Locking Pliers

best locking plier

We are opening up this review with the IRWIN VISE-GRIP original jaw locking plier. It isn’t just a jaw locking plier but one that comes with a wire cutter and the beauty of this locking plier lies in its curved jaw which comes with well-hardened teeth that enables it to grip firmly all types of shapes and from any angle.

Another interesting feature of this locking jaw plier is its trigger that has a classic design and it is useful in providing maximum locking force, a pinch-free and safe controlled release.

Looking at the construction of this product, one can easily tell that it was made out of heat-treated, high grade and durable alloy steel material and guess what, its pressure can be easily adjusted just by making use of its HEX adjusting screw. This adjusting screw is also the reason why this plier can have the best hold and also bring materials together in any situation.

Key Features:

  1. Features a well-guarded trigger
  2. Has an in-built wire cutter
  3. Also comes with a hex adjusting screw
  4. Its hardened teeth help in providing a firm grip

2. Crescent 5-Piece Locking Plier Set

The next best locking plier we would be looking at is this premium 5-piece Crescent locking plier set and guess what, now you would have each plier for a specific need. In this set of pliers, you would find two pliers with a long nose locking design and three pliers with a jaw locking design and each pair of pliers has a nickel-plated finish which makes sure it is resistant to corrosion and rust.

These pliers also have an angled tooth design which makes sure it has a better grip and there is also an in-built wire cutter design combined with a compound action that helps in providing a powerful and slip-resistant grip.

Key Features:

  1. Has a nickel-plated finish that fights against rust and corrosion
  2. Jaw locking plier comes with an in-built wire cutter design
  3. Its compound action is also responsible for providing a non-slip grip

3. CH Hanson 10100 Self-Adjusting Locking Pliers

The CH Hanson self-adjusting locking plier is our next best product that we want to look at and this is one that has a slight impressive design that makes it different and stands out from all other products that we have talked about. This self-adjusting locking plier allows users to preset the desired clamp pressure and once this preset is set, the plier would be able to clamp on any object and also with maximum grip pressure.

These are pliers that are designed to last long as they are designed using high-quality molybdenum steel and this also makes these pliers very durable. Users would also find them very safe and easy to work with as they possess a well-textured and non-slip grip and thanks to its easy-squeeze design, its lever would be able to remain locked in until the user releases it.

Key Features:

  1. Manufactured out of high-quality molybdenum steel
  2. Its jaws can be easily adjusted to grip any object firmly
  3. Users can also preset its clamping pressure
  4. Also comes with an easy squeeze lever and a non-slip grip

4. Stanley 94-960 3-Piece Locking Pliers Set

This plier we are about to talk about is one that is designed by a very reputable and high profile company. This company is the Stanley company and for many years, they have specialized in the production of high quality and durable tools that would meet up with customer expectations and needs. This is a complete set of pliers and in here you would find long nose locking, curved jaw and straight jaw pliers.

One feature of this set of pliers from Stanley that also makes it ranks high among the top ten best locking plier is the fact that it is designed to meet ANSI specification and that isn’t all there is about this set of pliers as it is manufactured using premium forged steel which also makes it durable and last long. Its jaws are induction hardened which makes them have a strong grip and also lasts long.

In addition, it also features an adjustment screw which makes sure users obtain precise pressure adjustments and there is also an in-built wire cutter design that also helps in making these pliers versatile.

Key Features:

  1. Comes with an adjustment screw
  2. Designed to meet ANSI specification
  3. Has an in-built wire cutter design
  4. Features pliers that have a long nose, curved jaw and straight jaw designs

5. Grip-On Curved Jaw Locking Pliers

If you are searching for a well designed curved jaw locking plier that would be able to grip round objects firmly than this Grip-On 111-10 curved jaw locking plier is just the best option for you to select and the beauty of this plier lies in its thread opening screw design which makes sure users find it easy to re-size the jaw of the plier. Durability is also another interesting design as it is ruggedly forged.

Having a toothpick profile makes sure this plier very strong, tough and durable and thanks to its no pinch, quick-release lever makes this plier very easy to unlock.

Key Features:

  1. Its rugged forging makes it tough and durable
  2. Comes with a thread opening screw
  3. Also has a no-pinch, quick release lever design

6. Capri Tools 1-1125 Klinge Long Nose Locking Pliers

The Capri Tools Klinge long nose locking plier is also another high-quality plier on the market today and guess what, this plier comes with a wire cutter which makes it more versatile and suitable for use in various operations.

This is a six-inch plier that has a jaw adjustment of 2 1/4 inch and durability is also another exciting feature of this long nose locking plier as it is made out of heavy-duty and premium chrome molybdenum steel material which makes it last longer than other pliers out there.

Having durable teeth and jaws makes sure that this long nose locking plier from Capri Tools holds an object firmly and also at any angle. Its turn knob also ensures that the pressure is easily adjusted and this helps in providing a secure hold at any point in time.

One last thing, users would find the design of this plier satisfactory as it also comes with a unique trigger lock system.

Key Features:

  1. Manufactured out of high-quality molybdenum steel material
  2. Features an innovative trigger lock system
  3. Its pressure level can be easily adjusted

7. MILWAUKEE 10 in. Torque Lock Straight Ja

This is one plier from the Milwaukee brand that everyone would love and enjoy making use of and one of the most exciting features of the Milwaukee straight jaw plier is its unique torque lock design which makes sure there is an easy release of objects at the end of task as well as fast set up before the task. This is one plier that is designed to make maximum use of contact points on work surfaces.

There is also a hardened jaw which helps in providing a better grip force. Durability is also another mouthwatering feature of this plier as it is made using high-quality alloy steel material which helps in enhancing durability, increasing strength and also providing protection against rust. This, in turn, makes this plier last very long.

Key Features:

  1. Have hardened jaws
  2. Manufactured using high-quality alloy steel material
  3. Has a unique torque lock
  4. Designed to protect against rust

8. WORKPRO 3-piece Locking Pliers Set

This is a three-piece plier set from the reputable WORK-PRO brand and in this set of pliers, you would find straight jaw pliers and curved jaw pliers. Each plier in this set of pliers is heat-treated and forged to help boost durability and strength and there is also something interesting about this plier that has helped it earn good and positive remarks from customers. That is its precision-machined jaws which helps in providing a better grip.

You would also love its handles which are manufactured from bi-materials and these pliers also ensure that you have a firm and not a slippery grip. In addition, each plier in this quality plier set comes with a quick-release lever system, adjustable screw and also a wire cutter.

Key Features:

  1. Its handles are well designed and balanced to offer a firm, solid and non-slip grip
  2. Comes with an inbuilt wire cutter design
  3. Also comes with a quick-release lever and an adjustable screw

9. Knipex 4104180 Round Jaw Locking Pliers

If you are in search of a locking plier with the ability to manage round materials, manage flat materials and section without compromising on hold then this is definitely one product you should be on the lookout for.

The KNIPEX 4104180 round jaw locking plier is just the plier you have been looking for and designed for one-handed usage is also another reason why this plier is quite different but unique away from all other pliers on the market.

An adjustment screw and a quick-release lever are some of its enticing features which also makes it stand out from the rest on the market and thanks to its toggle lever action, users are confident of obtaining high clamping pressure.

Versatility is also another important feature of this plier as it comes with wire cutters found at the base of the plier jaw. Forged from high strength and rolled steel, you can say this plier is very durable.

Its jaws that can grip steel are designed using vanadium electric steel material

Key Features:

  1. Comes with in-built wire cutter
  2. Has a toggle lever action
  3. Manufactured using high quality rolled steel

10. TEKTON 10-Inch Curved Jaw Locking Pliers

This is another plier that allows a single hand operation and one interesting feature of the TEKTON jaw locking plier is its pull-type release which makes sure users have a fast control when working with this plier.

The combination of a straight tip and curved jaws are what makes this plier quite different from all other pliers on the market and guess what, working with this plier would be fun as it versatile jaw profile provides users with a non-slip grip on sheet materials, L-angle materials, flat stock, square, hex and round shapes.

It is made using molybdenum materials which makes sure it lasts for a longer period of time and thanks to its sized tension adjustment knob, users would be offered a non-slip, large, knurled surface.

Key Features:

  1. Useful for work around the house
  2. High-quality tool
  3. Fits perfect
  4. Has a nice build

Buying Guide

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It would take more than just knowing which locking pliers product that is available if you want to settle for a very good and ideal locking plier. You also need to figure out why you need a locking plier, figure out how jaws are designed to work, figure out what benefits each locking plier has and also try to compare between two or more locking pliers to get more information on their special features.

There are lots of benefits that are attached to making use of a locking plier than a traditional plier and the most important benefit of making use of the locking plier is it would not use too much physical strength when being made use of. What this means is that the pressure and hold are not applied by the person making use of the locking plier but it is applied by the locking plier itself.

Durable and dependable locking pliers most times encourage one-handed or single-handed operation and this makes the other hand free and also open to carrying out another task. These sorts of pliers can be released using one hand and easily adjusted with one hand and this in turn also helps in providing more space in your work area.

Furthermore, making use of locking pliers is also safer compared to other types of locking pliers. Once they are held, they would not release themselves till it is released by the person working with it and this also helps to increase the level of confidence when working with a locking plier.

Functions Of The Jaws Of A Locking Plier

The jaw is the main and very effective part of any locking plier as it helps in holding items in position and these jaws can either be straight or curved. Its shapes also help in deciding the shape of the item that you can hold with this locking plier and it also helps in telling you which kind of work area you can work in.

Once a locking plier is closed, the space found in between jaws is dependent on the adjustment screw and also the amount of pressure that you can apply to the object you are holding.

For the equal distribution of pressure and also for holding onto smooth surfaces, the teeth within jaws is solely responsible for these functions and if you are working with a non-hardened tooth then you would constantly experience slipping when either tightening or loosening screws

Conclusion – Our Top Product

The IRVIN WISE-GRIP Original jaw locking plier with a wirecutter is our favorite and best choice product in this review. It is one locking plier that comes with well-hardened teeth which enables one to grip firmly any shape and also from any angle. It has a trigger with a classic design that generates a maximum locking force when released and that isn’t all, it also makes sure that there are a pinch-free and safe release.

Its versatility and usefulness are also noticeable thanks to its wirecutter feature and you are looking at a product that would last for a very long time as it is made using high-quality heat-treated alloy steel material. Its hex key adjusting screw can be used in adjusting pressure and this also makes it have a very good hold and also helps it to hold materials together.

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