10 Best Ice Scraper – Complete Buying Guide 2024

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One thing about snowfall is that it comes along with a lot of problems both for households and also for business owners. Some common problems that come with snow falling are your apartments, pavements, windows and cars getting covered in a heap of snow.

If this snow isn’t cleared then work productivity and safety would be hindered. The good news is ice scrapers have various features and also have various lengths on the market.

A Complete Buying Guide on Finding the Best Ice Scraper

best ice scraperEven though ice scrapers are designed to function, some might also cause injuries as they lack all the necessary safety features or maybe users might find them inconvenient to make use of. This might be because they have a very short handle and bearing these common complaints and concerns in mind, listed below is a list of the best ice scraper for buyers.

Do not be confused as there are ice scrapers that tend to function as snow scrapers and ice breakers. Others have heads that are designed to be versatile or handles that are well cushioned to enable users to have the best experience when working with any of these tools. You should know your needs and you would be able to find the best tool for you.

1. Mallory USA 532

best ice scraper

This is the best choice product you would actually come across when shopping for an ice scraper tool. What some people do not know is that they would require making use of a snow removal tool to get rid of ice that has covered their driveway and if you know you do not have an idea on ice scrapers then you should consider settling for this tool. This is the ideal tool to help get rid of ice standing in between you and your destination.

This is such a wonderful tool as it comes with an ice chipper which helps in breaking down snow that has transformed into ice and the good thing about this tool is you would break down the ice without a sweat. It comes with a long handle that would enable you to reach out to both sides of your windshield. However, there are still certain concerns about this high-quality tool.

Its bristles are not durable enough but regardless of this downside, this is still the best tool on the market right now. Its price tag is also affordable.

Key Features:

  1. Its bristles would scratch your windshield
  2. This tool is a combination of an ice chipper and ice scrapper
  3. Also features a comfortable foam grip
  4. Has a long and comfortable handle

2. Snow Joe SJBLZD Telescoping Snow Broom + Ice Scraper

best ice scrapper

If you have to get rid of large rocks of ice each time you want to exit the driveway of your house then you clearly need a tool large enough to help you get through that task. This well-designed tool from Snow Joe is just the right tool for you as it comes with a lot of exciting features. The Snow Joe ice scraper has a scratch-free head, is friendly with glass and is capable of clearing ice from the top to the bottom of your car.

It has a handle that is designed to extend from thirty inches to forty-nine inches and the advantage of having a handle that extends that far means you can clean up even extremely difficult regions. The end of this tool has a snow scraper and an ice scraper and this also makes this tool serve as a chipper meant for breaking down of ice. This tool is built to last and that is what really matters.

Key Features:

  1. Its handle is built to extend from 30 inches to about 49 inches
  2. Has a combination of an ice chipper and an ice scrapper
  3. Its foam head is non-abrasive

3. AmazonBasics Snow Brush & Ice Scraper

best ice scrapper

You do not necessarily need to spend a huge amount to buy an ice scraper just so you can get rid of ice that is standing in your way. Taking a look at the market today you would realize that there are several manufacturers who have produced reliable and durable tools that you do not need to spend hugely on. Being affordable, reliable and durable are the main features of this AmazonBasic ice scraper and snow brush.

This tool might be generic but its design and function make it perform much better than the branded products we have on the market. It has a compact and lightweight design while its scratch-free and long length broom is the best option to prevent your car surfaces and windscreen from getting scratched. It also has a sturdy and well-cushioned grip that would fit perfectly into the hands.

This is a robust and well-designed tool capable of doing its job.

Key Features:

  1. Its snow brush is about eight inches long
  2. Its ice scraper is four inches wide
  3. Has a foam grip

4. Hopkins Subzero 16621 Ice Crusher Ice Scraper

best ice scraper

You might feel that you do not need a snow brush but you would definitely need an ice scraper as you would certainly have to deal with ice obstructing you from leaving your driveway. When the time comes for you to shop for an ice scrapper then you should consider going for the Hopkins Subzero ice scrapper and this tool isn’t just an ice scrapper but also serves as an ice chipper which would get rid of hardened ice stuck on your windshield.

This tool comes with a sturdy blade that would not break under pressure and this blade also guarantees not leaving behind marks or scratches while getting rid of ice. Its handle is just eleven inches long but it is long enough to get rid of ice even at difficult to reach regions. Its only downside is if you do not have a good height then you might seek other ways to get rid of the ice from your windshield.

Key Features:

  1. This is a heavy-duty ice scraper
  2. Features a well-cushioned grip
  3. Also features an ice chipper

5. BIRDROCK Snow Moover Car Brush and Ice Scraper

best ice scraper

One notable aspect of this high-quality tool is it has a head capable of turning up to two hundred and seventy degrees and this would make this tool quite easy and also very efficient in getting rid of ice or snow stuck on your vehicle. This tool comes with thick bristles that would quickly and easily get rid of the build-up of snow. It also comes with an ice chipper which is also designed to work with ease.

There are several interesting features of this tool and one of them is having a brush head that can be detached with ease. Having a detachable head means you can now have full control of this tool while its compact design also makes it convenient to store up when not in use. Its handle is also impressively built but this tool also has its downside that most customers tend to complain about.

Despite having lots of amazing and mouthwatering features, this tool has a heavy price tag but judging with its features and functionality, you can actually say you are settling for a unique and high-quality tool.

Key Features:

  1. Has a cushioned and comfortable grip
  2. Features both an ice chipper and ice scraper
  3. Comes with a removable brush head
  4. Bristle snow brush

6. Snow MOOver Snow Foam Brush and Ice Scraper

best ice scraper

Featuring a 14-inch snow brush that is capable of paving its way across the windshield, top and the hood of your car, the Snow MOOver snow foam brush and ice scraper is a well-designed tool that you can rely on in getting rid of ice from your way. One advantage attached to making use of this high-quality tool is it ensures you work on areas that are quite difficult to touch.

Working its way evenly across the entire surface of your car would not cause any strain on your hands each time you make use of this tool while an impressive feature of this tool is the fact that it comes with a pivoting head which also prompts users to change its brush head orientation so as to as reach all areas and also deliver an impressive cleaning performance. Its grip is also well-cushioned and feels comfortable when held.

This is just one tool you need to have in your car tool kit or toolbox.

Key Features:

  1. It features a fully extendable hand
  2. Comes with a brush head that pivots
  3. Removable ice scraper and ice chipper
  4. Offers a well comfortable and well-cushioned grip

7. Hopkins 999CT Mallory

best ice scraper

This is, however, another product from the reputable Mallory brand to make it to this review. The Ultra Maxx 99CT tool is one that is specially designed for use across difficult to reach regions of any vehicle. This tool isn’t so different much from the previous Mallory ice scraper tool that we talked about and the only evident difference is the fact that it has a handle that is nine inches long.

This Mallory Ultra Maxx ice scraper tool has a handle that is different from the previous product as its handle is designed using high-quality aluminum material but when it comes to its in-built chipper, scraper and brush then you have absolutely nothing to worry about as these features are all the same. Furthermore, both of these tools all have the same kind of function so when you want to choose you can settle for the tool with a longer reach.

Key Features:

  1. Features bristles of about five rows
  2. Features the combination of an ice chipper and ice scrapper
  3. It’s aluminum handle is durable and lightweight
  4. Has a well-contoured foam grip

8. Hopkins 2610XM SubZero Super Extender Snowbroom

best ice scraper

This is also another high-quality ice scraper tool from the Hopkins brand to find its way into this high-quality review. This is certainly the tool you would desire to work as each end of this tool features a squeegee and ice scraper. Customers who have tried out this tool had good things to say about its handle.

With its long handle, users are rest assured that they would be able to tear down stiff snow and even though its bristles tend to be stiff, buyers would certainly settle for a product which wouldn’t leave behind scratches and marks. Its squeegee is quite useful when it comes to wiping away water from your windshield surface. Customers would be settling for a product capable of delivering about two exciting features. These functions also boost their value.

Key Features:

  1. This tool features a heavy-duty design
  2. Its handle extends and also offers a grip that is well-cushioned
  3. Its blade has an extra-wide design
  4. Features an ice scraper, ice chipper and also a squeegee

9. Premium Ice Scraper Frost and Snow Removal

best ice scraper

This ice scraper manufactured by Desire Tools often times gets to be mistaken for kitchen tools but that isn’t what this tool is all about as it is made featuring a well-crafted blade that proves to be very sharp but would still not cause any form of damage to your car’s topcoat or windshield. That isn’t all to know about this product as it also proves to be durable, lightweight and also resists frost.

Users would find it quite easy to work with this tool as it comes with an extremely cushioned handle which makes it fits the hand and also makes it easy to hold. Thanks to its handle, users would find it easy to obtain optimal control when working with this tool. You can trust this tool to work great in various applications but it does great and is designed specifically for the removal of ice.

Its heavy price tag sometimes gets buyers wondering why they would pay such an amount just for an ice removal tool but even at that, most car owners still desire to include this tool as part of their toolbox or kit.

Key Features:

  1. This ice scraper has a heavy-duty design and wouldn’t scratch the windshield of your car
  2. Also serves as an ice chipper
  3. Sharp but safe
  4. Its foam handle offers a firm grip

10. The Ames Companies Scratch-Free Snow Brush

best ice scraper

The Ames True Temper snow brush is one that holds a unique design that makes the removal of snow that has heaped on your driveway or even right on your car very easy and less stressful. This snow brush features an extra-wide design and is one that is built to last as it is made with high-quality EVA foam material that is quite efficient in getting rid of snow away from your hood and windshield. It is simply one of the best products ever made.

Being designed to be extra durable is also another eye-catching feature of this snow brush and one important aspect of this snow brush which everyone needs to know is the fact that it features a soft and flexible design that makes sure this snow brush doesn’t leave behind scratches and marks on your cars. On the other end of this tool is its ice scraper which also features an ice chipper.

Having all these tools in one would simply make managing ice build up on your car very easy and convenient.

Key Features:

  1. Its handle is well shaped and also comfortable
  2. Its brush head wouldn’t scratch your car windshield or its paint
  3. Also integrates an ice scraper and ice chipper

Advantages of Making use of Ice Scrapers

Ice scrapers are referred to as indispensable tools as they make sure there is nothing on your windshield that might obstruct your view. This can actually translate that ice scrapers are safety tools especially when the weather isn’t cooperating. Without any doubt, this is one of the benefits that come with making use of an ice scraper and when used properly, ice scrapers make sure you see the road ahead of you clearly.

Ice scrapers tend to come with broom heads which work in removing or shoving snow away from your vehicle so instead of making use of a tool that you wouldn’t understand, why not make use of an ice scraper that you would find all designs easy to work with.

The ice scraper you work with would also determine if the integrity of your windshield would be preserved and not just your windshield but also other surfaces in your car like your car paintwork. Ice scrapers have designs that make sure they do not damage or scratch your windshield or any other part of your car.

Key Factors to Consider when Shopping for Ice Scrapers

Picking an ice scraper for your car seems very easy but not everyone feels the same way. There are also key factors you should look out for when shopping for an ice-scraper. Here are some of those factors;

Handle – you have to decide what kind of handles you would be settling for as there are telescoping handles and fixed handles. With the telescopic handle, you would be able to get across difficult to reach regions on your windshield but long handles do not have much control. You can only have better control with fixed handles and also make sure that handles have well-cushioned and comfortable grips.

Blade – ice scraper blades should be designed to be sharp and sturdy because if it isn’t sturdy then it risks getting broken and if it isn’t sharp then it might not get rid of ice stuck on your car.

Ice Chipper – there will be very difficult situations where you would have to deal with hard ice and this is where an ice chipper would be very useful as they are specially designed to get rid of tough ice that is stuck in your car or driveway.

Broom Head – if the ice scraper you settle for has a broom head then you ought to ensure that it can work with at least two different tools. It should have a bristled side which would be ideal in sweeping away loose snow while a plow or shovel is also useful as they can be used in getting rid of the heavy amounts of snow.

How to Get Rid of Ice from Your Windshield Using an Ice Scraper

Having an ice scraper doesn’t really mean you would know how to make use of it when trying to get rid of ice. Right now, we would tell you that there are ways you could try getting rid of ice from your vehicle which might cause some damages to your vehicle. The first thing you need to do is to first de-ice your windshield and you do not have to de-ice by pouring hot or warm water on your windshield.

There are people who do that and right now we are telling you that pouring hot water on your windshield is a very wrong thing to do. The reason is that it might cause thermal shock and force the windshield to break so the right thing to do is turn the engine and allow it to run for about ten to fifteen minutes.

Another option is the mixing of water and alcohol solution but what you should also know is either of these methods might not completely melt the ice. So using an ice scraper makes the removal process so much easier. In addition to everything that has been said, an ice scraper which is wide enough is simply the best option for you to make use of.


The super combination of an ice scraper and a snow brush from the well known Mallory brand holds the number spot in this review and this is also because it features the special blend of superb ice removing performance, lightweight design and optimal reach make sure that your car and driveway are free from ice and snow. This tool is very easy to hold and comfortable too which offers optimal control when removing ice from your windshield.

It also comes at a very affordable and decent price. In conclusion, ice scrapers are effective tools that everyone can trust in eliminating ice and snow build-ups and also from other surfaces of your car.

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