15 Best Roof Rack for Cars in 2024 – Review and Buying Guide

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Roof racks are well-designed products that have the tendency to offer our vehicles extra space and looking at this present time when most people actually opt for small size vehicles, wanting to have that extra space is quite a good idea.

Certain items might be difficult to fit into your SUV and the kind of item we are referring to include ladders, skis, bikes and other similar products and once more, we should be reminded that roof racks provide an easy way to convey any of these items.

Finding a roof rack is quite difficult and not as easy as finding a suitable roof rail that would fit your vehicle but just as it is in other products, there are quite several types of roof racks available for sale. Each of these products would have its own advantage, features and also favorable area of application.

To take away the stress and difficulty that you are bound to encounter when considering which roof rack to settle for, you can trust our well-detailed guide which comes packed with all the information that you need on the best roof rack to buy today. Check them out:

1. CargoLoc 2-Piece Roof Top Cross Bar Set

best roof rack

Let’s kickstart this review with one of the best roof racks that you are bound to come in contact with when considering what option to buy. Despite being designed to look beautiful, this roof rack is designed especially for a car with high rails meaning they are the best options for station wagons and SUVs.

Its unique locking system ensures it perfectly clips onto the rail and it is quite easy to install or fix as it requires placing the bars right where you want them then making use of a simple tool to raise the tension till its bar is finally locked in place. Its in-built lock ensures it stays in place, therefore, making it difficult to be stolen by any thief.

Despite its mid rang price level, you would be quite surprised at all the impressive features this roof rack comes with. It features all-around aluminum construction that makes sure this bar has all the strength it needs as well as making sure it saves weight. Having a low profile design combined with round edges are also some notable features of this roof rack.

Key Features:

  1. This roof rack comes with adjusting clamps that make it obtain an easy fit
  2. Has a keyed lock that ensures it stays in place
  3. Also features a simple design

2. Rage Powersports Apex Side Rail Roof Cross Bars

best roof rack

The second roof rack to make it to this detailed review is the Apex Universal aluminum bars which are designed especially for side rails and what tends to set this roof rack apart is the fact that its stand out design is also universal. This means that this roof rack has just one size option available and yes, installing this roof rack is very easy.

This roof rack is also very cheap and even though its features doesn’t come with all the bells and jingles, you are rest assured that you would be settling for a product which wouldn’t require you to break the bank. However, being cheap and affordable still doesn’t mean this roof rack doesn’t have any flaws.

It has a one size fits all kind of design that is designed especially for rails that are a distance apart. If both rails are narrower then there might be an issue of overhang. Even though it is wide and nice, it is still going to feel heavy compared to the bars designed for narrower rails. Having a low price point is quite a huge advantage that this roof rack has over other products.

Key Features:

  1. Its installation is fast and easy
  2. Designed to fit nicely
  3. Designed for side rails that measure about fifty inches wide
  4. Would accommodate a weight capacity of about 150 pounds

3. Yakima Whispbar Flush Bar Roof-Rack System

best roof rack

If you want a roof rack that has all the attributes of a high quality and premium product then this is absolutely the ideal product you should look out for as it comes with an excellent aluminum construction quality backed with an impressive overall weight capacity. This roof rack is also designed to be light in weight and that is also one feature that attracts customers to it.

Having a wider surface would be helpful in lashing down items and that isn’t just all as it would also help with boosting the aerodynamic profile of this bar. Furthermore, having a flatter and shallow bar that bears the weight would not affect the performance of your vehicle but would also help in fighting back wind attacks.

The installation process of this roof rack is quite different from the rest we talked about but its process is still easy and fast and its design is suitable for hidden rails which can be seen on smaller and modern cars. The only downside is you have to purchase its mounting kit separately as it doesn’t come with it while being made using premium materials makes it durable and long lasting.

It is well protected on every side as this model can be fully protected to keep back thieves from unscrewing.

Key Features:

  1. Has a unique aerodynamic installation process
  2. This roof rack doesn’t come with any lock
  3. Has an impressive load capacity

4. SportRack Complete Roof Rack System, Black

best roof rack

When purchasing this product you should keep one fact in mind and that is knowing that this roof rack is designed only for use on vehicles that have bare roofs. This simply means it is designed to be used on vehicles that do not have roof rack drilled attachments or rails.

This feature is quite welcomed by most car owners as modern-day cars do not come with any form of roof attachment and the benefit if not having any rail or drilled attachment is it would provide cars with a streamlined and beautiful appearance. On the other hand, this also leaves car owners wondering where they might place their kayaks.

This roof rack comes with a rubber-coated installation plate that would protect the painting of your car and even though they might seem old fashioned, you would not experience any form of difficulty in finding suitable accessories that would help obtain a nice fit.

The steel construction makes this item solid and nice but also heavy than other products but generally speaking, this roof rack has an appealing design.

Key Features:

  1. Designed to fit without having rails on your vehicle
  2. Doesn’t require the use of tools for installation
  3. All-steel construction makes it a durable product

5. Roof Rack Crossbars Crossbars by Vault

best roof rack

This roof rack is well constructed and well designed even though it comes at a relatively low price. The first thing you ought to know about these roof racks is that they are designed for use on cars with side rails and whether the rail has a modern design or a traditional design, these racks would fit perfectly. It also has an easy installation process.

It requires being placed properly and tightening until they are well secured. After having them in a good position, a key lock is made use of in securing them against further theft. Having an aluminum construction also makes it durable and offers an impressive weight capacity. It also has a low profile design while its aerodynamic features cut down on any negative effect.

Another impressive feature is its universal fit meaning you can install this roof rack on almost every vehicle.

Key Features:

  1. Has a one size fits all
  2. Would accommodate a 150-pound weight
  3. Comes with padded clamps that help in adjusting to hold secure

6. Kova Gear Universal Roof Rack

best roof rack

These are another type of roof racks that are designed for use on side rails and if you want a roof rack that would not exceed your budget then this is what you should be looking out for as you can get for as low as below one hundred dollars. You shouldn’t expect bells and jingles when looking at the features of this roof rack.

These roof racks have some good points that make them useful. Its installation is straightforward and simple as all you have to do is put them in place and tighten their connectors. Its aluminum material construction also helps in providing an overall weight capacity while its keyed lock makes sure they remain on your roof and not stolen by a thief.

The complaint about this roof rack is it doesn’t have a low profile which might tend to affect the performance of any car it is installed on but we shouldn’t forget that they are still affordable and very effective.

Key Features:

  1. Has a low price
  2. Also features a keyed lock
  3. Its installation process is quick, simple and easy

7. Rhino-Rack Pioneer Rooftop Rack

best roof rack

If you want a roof rack you can make use of on several types of cars then the Rhino rooftop rack is a good option for you as it can be used on small trucks and SUV’s and one of the qualities of the Rhino rooftop rack is that this product is very reliable.

Its aerodynamic black powder coating would not cause any harm to your car color and it also helps to fight back wind so this roof rack would not make noise but stay fit and secure. This roof rack is reliable and also has a non-corrosive body and having a non-corrosive body prevents fading, rusting and also ensuring it stays mint for a long while.

Made using reinforced nylon material would also boost performance and maintain its lightweight design and the quality of material used in making this roof rack enables it to carry heavy items.

Key Features:

  1. Its design allows you to slide off items with ease
  2. Available in various sizes for different cars
  3. Non-corrosive and powder coating makes it durable
  4. Aluminum material construction makes it strong

8. Yakima Jetstream Crossbar

best roof rack

There is something interesting about the design of this roof rack and that is it leaves behind an additional space where you keep items and luggage. They are good options for big cars and since crossbars do not have a universal fit, they tend to come in separate sizes so you can find that which would be suitable for your car.

This roof rack’s shape is aerodynamic meaning it would keep every item and luggage safe and also cut down on wind drag. This also makes sure that you don’t hear noise while driving. The combination of an aluminum material construction combined with a jettruss structure provides additional strength and both features do not add additional weight.

These features instead make this crossbar strong and reliable while the presence of a T-slot makes loading of boats, bikes and other similar items. Generally, this roof rack shines and that is because it features anodized alloy finish.

Key Features:

  1. Leaves you car shiny thanks to its anodized finish
  2. Available in different sizes and colors
  3. Strong and reliable
  4. Aerodynamic design repels wind and noise

9. Yakima Round Crossbars

best roof rackThis is another Yakima roof rack to make it to this rooftop and that should actually tell you that the Yakima brand can be reliable and trusted in making high quality and durable products. With this roof rack from Yakima, you would find it easy to carry around your items and luggage and it also comes in various sizes that makes them suitable for various cars.

Made using a galvanized coated steel material would help in bringing out other features of this crossbar and one feature is it makes this roof rack perfect for use in any weather. It makes it strong, reliable and durable therefore making it suitable for all purposes. It also adds a stylish look to your car thanks to its shiny charcoal color.

This Yakima roof rack crossbar has a simple design that makes installation less complicated and they can also work on your vehicles without needing any rails.

Key Features:

  1. Can work without the use of any rails on your vehicle
  2. Vinyl galvanized coating contributes to its strength, reliability and durability
  3. The company offers a lifetime warranty
  4. Has various sizes to select from

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10. Thule Complete Crossroad System

best roof rack

Speaking of quality, the Thule complete crossroad system is a product with high quality and what makes it special is its ability to accommodate heavyweight and also fit most cars perfectly. Furthermore, it also has a user-friendly design that makes its installation process very easy, simple and fast.

Having a vehicle that comes with rails at the roof is also a good option for this rack as this rack would be able to strap into position perfectly. Customers are however impressed with one unique feature of this roof rack and that is its steel rubber coated straps. These straps are designed to be durable so you can load and unload items with ease on this roof rack.

These straps also take away the worry of wear and tear and for additional security, these straps comes with well-positioned locks so you don’t have to worry about it getting stolen. The company also offers this product a lifetime warranty. Customers also complained that when driving at higher speeds, these roof racks tend to produce some noise.

Key Features:

  1. Would fit all rail designs
  2. Steel straps help in easy loading and unloading of items
  3. Steel straps also boost security

11. Thule Aeroblade Roof Rack Bar

best roof rack

Another impressive roof rack from the Thule brand is the Thule aero blade roof rack bar and this is one that is designed to be different from other brands on the market is its ability to repel noise that is produced while driving at high speeds. It is also considered to be one of the most sturdy roof racks ever to make it to the market.

Its construction enables it to resist airflow and wind but helping to cut down on drag and noise from the rack. Its lightweight construction makes sure it carries up to 165lbs which ranks the same with most high-quality roof racks on the market making it the best option for carrying heavy items.

Its installation is also very straightforward and precise and one other feature that customers and buyers have singled out and complemented is its AcuTight tension tool which helps in ensuring that the rack stays fully secured.

Key Features:

  1. Would accommodate weight up to 165lbs
  2. WindDiffuser technology helps in reducing drag
  3. Comes with a lifetime warranty
  4. Comes with an Acutension tensioning tool for making sure it stays secure

12. Thule Sidekick Cargo Box

best roof rack

The Thule sidekick cargo box is one that holds the most versatile design of all the roof racks that we have talked about and it is also known for its ability to offer vehicles extra storage space. This is the kind of roof rack that you can trust to be compatible with other types of roof rails and mount while its opening lid at the side makes it easy to put in additional cargo.

If you are seeking to expand your cargo capacity then this is the ideal roof rack for you and you can also trust this roof rack to work with round crossbars and square cross bars. Its compact design also makes it a good option for use on small sized vehicles like Sedan.

Properly installing this roof rack would bring you to its locking mechanism which is quite useful in locking down this roof rack so as to prevent theft. Its installation is also a simple process and we shouldn’t forget that this roof rack is also one with the best versatile design.

Key Features:

  1. Suitable for roofs with raised rails
  2. It has a side opening for adding extra cargo
  3. It has a compact design that makes it ideal for small-sized cars
  4. It has a lightweight design

13. INNO Racks – Water Sport Car Top Mount

best roof rack

The Inno water sports roof rack is one that is capable of carrying various types of gear and we are not just talking about any gear here but gear like longboards, paddleboards, wind boards, canoes and even kayaks. The Inno racks water sports roof rack is designed to have a universal fit meaning it would be suitable for use on most cars.

This roof rack would be okay for factory, square and round roof rails and one other feature that makes this roof rack unique and original is its ratcheting mechanism and large lever which makes it practical and also ensure it saves time. It also comes with a unique locking system that offers a secure and fast way of mounting your water sports gear.

This roof rack also comes with a floating strap system that would make sure your luggage and other item stay safe and nice and it also makes sure that users do not go through any form of stress when unloading items.

Key Features:

  1. Comes with a ratcheting mechanism and large lever
  2. Its float strap design makes unloading fast and easy
  3. Lock mechanism makes use of a key
  4. Would accommodate several types of gear

14. Perrycraft AVXX48-B Aventura Black

best roof rack

If the car you drive doesn’t come with roof rails then you should turn to the alternative options that we have on the market today. There are a whole lot of products that you can settle for if your roof is naked and one such roof rack to settle for is the Perrycrafts Aventura black roof rail. This roof rail would help to accommodate any type of roof rack.

It has a maximum load capacity of about 220lbs combined with a raised design is what makes this roof rack stand out from the rest on the market. This simply means it would be able to work with several types of crossbars. This roof rail is the best option for minivans and SUV’s and they also come in various sizes.

Its aluminum construction makes it durable while its powder coat finish and ultraviolet protection also help in not just making it shiny but also in extending the life of this product. When searching for a roof rail with durability, this is all you need.

Key Features:

  1. Has a powder-coat finish and ultraviolet protection
  2. Would hold the weight of 220lbs
  3. Comes in various sizes

15. Sailnovo Rooftop Cargo Carrier

best roof rack

There are roof racks that are compact in size but still tend to boost cargo space and an example of such roof rack is the Sailnovo car rooftop carrier. It is one that is quite loved among many customers as it isn’t just durable but also offers practicality. That isn’t just all that there is to know about this rooftop carrier as it can also be gotten at a very cheap price.

There are several interesting and amazing features associated with the Sailnovo rooftop carrier and these features include being easy to install thanks to its straightforward design, having a waterproof design that helps to prevent damage that could be caused by water and also straps that would make attaching to roof rails easy.

Its rubber laminated nylon construction also makes this roof rack durable and lasts long but one fact that car owners need to know is that this roof rack doesn’t come with a hardtop cover so one needs to be careful when conveying fragile items and luggage.

Key Features:

  1. designed to resist any weather condition
  2. easy to install
  3. durable thanks to its nylon rubber laminated material construction
  4. straps make attaching to roof rails easy

Key Features to Search for in Roof Racks

Let us take a look at some key features that we ought to carefully consider when shopping for a quality roof rack;


You should look out for connectors that would be compatible with your vehicle and you should read the product manual on how to fix roof racks to any vehicle

Weight Capacity

This depends on the amount of weight you intend to carry as there are roof racks that are capable of carrying about 150 to 160 pounds depending on what would be ideal for your car trips

Construction Material

The favorable options here are aluminum and steel. Steel can be found on the cheap side but tend to fee quite heavy. Aluminum can be found in high quality models but tend to feel more lighter

Keyed Lock

If your roof rack makes use of a clamp in attaching them to a vehicle then it should also have a keyed lock just to make sure it stays secure and is free from thieves.


This list contains the best roof racks on the market right now and something that you would be easy to spot about the products in this review is the fact that they have separate features, materials, designs and also a varying price range. In choosing a roof rack, ensure that you settle for a product that would fit your vehicle even though your vehicle has solid sidebars, raised sidebars or fixing points.

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