15 Best Brake Pads In 2024 – Buying Guide & Reviews

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Anyone who is experienced in driving would simply tell you how important it is to accelerate and also to stop and that is why a brake pad is an important car accessory. They are very crucial when it comes to stopping before going on to hit an object or just running into an object.

The best way to save lives and get the best performance out of your car braking system is simply by making use of a good and high-performance brake pad even though sometimes settling for a cheap brake pad could be tempting but it is also not a good decision to make.

Brake pads that would last long, are durable, efficient, easy to install and also possess great quality are the types that every car owner should settle for.

We are aware of how difficult it might be to find high quality and top performance brake pad as one might get easily confused as a result of the different kinds of brands and products on the market.

We have compiled this unbeatable list of the best brake pads that money can buy so as to save your effort and time and also ensure that you install a reliable and high-quality brake pad in your vehicle.

Where to get reliable vehicle accessories?

Apart from brake pads, all car equipment should be high quality accessories to ensure your security. Car accessories are usually easy to access on the internet, as long as you only land on reliable sites. If you have difficulty in selecting the appropriate piece for your vehicle, you can get expert advice at www.haldex.com. Besides, this website offers high quality and functional accessories for every car type. In addition to providing a comfortable ride with high-end products, the car accessories offered are available for various vehicle models.

However, if you choose automotive equipment online, always be aware of the brand and country of manufacture. Also, be aware that the majority of vehicle items sold at discounted prices on platforms are generally of lesser quality.

Another aspect that should not be neglected is the assembly of the accessories. If some elements can be easily adapted to all kinds of vehicles, the more specific ones will be more difficult to install. In this case, hire a professional to do the installation if you don’t have any mechanical knowledge. Moreover, a standard installation guarantees both the performance of your vehicle and its durability.

1. Bosch BC905 QuietCast Brake Pad

Best 15 Brake Pads To Choose From

When considering the build quality of a brake pad, the Bosch BC905 QuietCast brake pad is a brake pad with a high quality build that only a few other products can boast of. It is made using ceramic properties and is also long-lasting, durable and also heavy duty.

Its ‘no noise’ installation makes it deliver a silent operation even when pedaling heavy on brakes and having a rubber multilayer shim makes sure additional noise and vibrations are limited.

This brake pad would last longer than most other brake pads competing with it as it has a protective layer which prolongs the life of this product and one additional feature that makes customers consider this brake pad to be superior is the fact that it contains zero copper material, therefore, ensuring that it meets 2025 copper-free legislation rule.

The Bosch brand is known for making original and high-quality brake pads and this brake pad can also be purchased at a very affordable rate.


  1. Comes with an additional pack of lubes
  2. Very affordable
  3. The best for heavy-duty brakes
  4. Copper-free law compliant product


  1. None

2. Wagner ThermoQuiet QC1083 Ceramic Disc Pad Set

Best 15 Brake Pads To Choose From

For all beginners or people new to cars, the Wagner ThermoQuiet disc pad set is one that all car owners would find very to install and also would be gotten at a very cheap rate.

One of the rarest features of the Wagner ThermoQuiet QC1083 disc pad set is it is thirty percent quieter than other brake pads available for sale and it is able to deliver a quiet operation thanks to the presence of a rubber core shim which improves life span and gets rid of the noise.

There is also a possibility of lesser vibrations but customers would find this brake pad very effective as it has a powerful stopping power of about fifteen percent which would cause no damage to the rotor.

People who enjoy pressing hard on brakes would be pleased with this brake pad and another factor which owners would be pleased with is the fact that it is made of ceramic materials which ensure less accumulation of dust.


  1. Guarantees clean wheels as it doesn’t accumulate dust
  2. Lasts long and is also durable
  3. Reduces vibrations and noise
  4. High temperature has no effect on performance


  1. Its price isn’t competitive

3. Akebono ACT1118 ProACT Brake Pad Set

Akebono is a brake pad brand that anyone can rely on and also isn’t new to the automobile industry. When searching for a high quality brake pad then this is one that would impress car owners as it comes with a better and improved design that makes it more efficient and being more efficient than expected simply makes it a perfect replacement for OEM ceramic or semi-metallic brake pads.

Having a long life span and also being able to limit noise is another feature that sets this product apart from the rest and when compared with other brake pads, it was revealed that this brake pad has higher stopping power.

One feature used in identifying a high quality and standard brake pad is its ability to work without requiring a break in time and this brake pad doesn’t require break-in time and it promises to work at one hundred percent once it is removed from its pack and inserted in any vehicle. Furthermore, it comes with a universal design that makes sure it fits perfectly in most vehicles.


  1. Suitable replacement for ceramic and semi-metallic brake pads
  2. Its universal design ensures it fits most vehicles
  3. Comes in a complete set for both the front and the rear
  4. Needs to break-in time


  1. In cold temperatures, this brake pad would squeal a little

4. ACDelco 14D699MH Front Disc Brake Pad Set

Talking about some reputable brands in the automobile industry, the AC Delco is one that most customers have faith and rely on and it is often regarded as the best semi-metallic brake pad ever to hit the market.

The design of this brake pads makes it ideal for front use but it can also be used as the rear while the presence of a simple design makes this brake pad very easy to install in most vehicles.

Another advantage of its design is there would be less or noise which also makes it a good option for people who love pressing hard on their brakes.

This brake pad can be installed and start making use of immediately as it requires no break-in time but one major highlight of this brake pad that makes it very popular is the fact that it is less expensive. Its performance and price are what make it unique today.


  1. High value
  2. Affordable
  3. No squealing or vibrations


  1. Not a 2025 copper-free rule compliant product

5. ACDelco 14D1160CH Brake Pad Set with Hardware

Best 15 Brake Pads To Choose From

Another AC Delco brake pad to make this unbeatable list is the ACDelco 14D1160CH ceramic brake pad set and it is made with original ceramic materials which makes sure it lasts long and also lives up to customer requirements.

Getting a high quality and high-performance brake pad could be very daunting nowadays as even manufacturers might have to lessen its value but that isn’t the case with the ACDelco 14D1160CH brake pad set.

It is one that stands out from all other brake pads due to its resistivity to heat therefore ensuring that there isn’t any drop in performance no matter how long you drive. Just like the previous ACDelco brake pad set that we earlier talked about, this brake pad doesn’t need a break-in time and it also features a high-quality build that prolongs its lifespan.

It is also regarded as the best budget brake pad on the market and also one that eliminates or lessens vibrations.


  1. Offers a high value for your money
  2. Comes at an affordable price
  3. Makes sure wheels are clean as it doesn’t accumulate dust
  4. No need for break-in time


  1. When installing wrongly, you would notice squealing sounds

6. Power Stop Z36-1414 Front Z36 Truck and Tow Brake Pads

Best 15 Brake Pads To Choose From

For heavy-duty vehicles like trucks and SUV’s, this is the best brake pad for use in such vehicles as it has a heavy-duty design that makes it suitable for use in such vehicles and truck and SUV drivers would be impressed with this brake pad as it has a high resistivity to heat therefore making sure the rotor remains in good condition no matter how hard one presses the brake.

An excellent feature of this brake pad is the fact that it doesn’t collect dust and stain wheels or even chip away while having an incredible stopping power also makes this brake pad a must-have in your trucks and SUV’s as it doesn’t generate any squealing noise.

Furthermore, having stainless steel shim makes way for very quiet operation and also lessens vibrations which makes it the ideal replacement for your OEM brake pads.


  1. No vibrations or noise thanks to its stainless shim
  2. The temperature has no effect on performance
  3. Has a dust-free formula that keeps wheels clean


  1. Doesn’t work in vehicles other than SUV’s and trucks
  2. Less competitive price

7. ACDelco 171-0999 GM Rear Disc Brake Pad Set

Best 15 Brake Pads To Choose From

For all vehicles made by GM, the ACDelco 171-0999 brake pad set is one that is designed specifically for use in GM vehicles and it is a good choice for beginners as they would find it very easy to install. Delivering top-quality performance and also offering excellent friction is made possible due to the type of compound used in making this brake pad and having an efficient design also makes it fight against vibrations and noise.

This is a heavy-duty and durable brake pad and one exciting feature of this brake pad is the fact that it comes with every necessary installation accessory that makes installing this brake pad very fast and easy and one of the best and noticeable features of this brake pad is the fact that it has a high-quality build which guarantees high quality and durable service.


  1. Long-lasting and durable
  2. Easy installation process
  3. Quiet operation with no vibrations
  4. High-quality design


  1. Expensive
  2. Just for use in GM vehicles

8. EBC Brakes FA185X Disc Brake Pad Set

Best 15 Brake Pads To Choose From

If you are in search of a budget-friendly brake pad then you should consider the EBC FA185X brake pad set which isn’t just one that would be ideal for your budget but is also efficient.

Having a design that doesn’t encourage the attraction of dust and also being made with a semi-metallic material are factors that attract customers to this brake pad and its ability to prevent dust attack contributes to having clean and stainless wheels.

It is also made with die-cast aluminum material that makes it very lightweight yet durable and when compared with other brake pads, it was discovered that this brake pad would not rust or corrode easily, therefore, contributing to its long-lasting lifespan.

In addition, this brake pad comes with shoe springs that make installation quite easy and this also makes the replacement of OEM brake pads easy and possible.


  1. Presence of shoe springs makes installation easy
  2. Last long and durable thanks to its aluminum material design
  3. Ensures that wheels stay clean by preventing dust attacks


  1. Not compliant with the 2025 copper-free law

9. Genuine Toyota (04465-0E010) Brake Pad Kit

Best 15 Brake Pads To Choose From

For brake pads perfect for both rear and front use then the Genuine Toyota 04465-0E010 brake pad kit is the best product to look out for and technically, it is designed to fit all Toyota vehicles specifically.

Beginners would also find it very easy to install and furthermore, it is built to have the same specifications with original Toyota car brake pads and in some cases might have a superior or high-quality build than certain original Toyota brake pads.

If you are a driver that loves pressing hard on brake then you would certainly be pleased having this brake pad installed in your vehicle as it would not produce any squealing noise or vibration and this also enables users to make use of this brake pad for long as long as it is being used in a Toyota car.


  1. Long-lasting
  2. Durable
  3. Has a perfect fit for Toyota cars
  4. High quality brake pad


  1. No competitive price

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10. Hawk HB453F.585 HPS Ferro-Carbon Disc Brake Pads

Best 15 Brake Pads To Choose From

The use of a standard and quality street brake compound makes sure this brake pad has minimal wear and tear but excellent friction and this contributes to why this brake pad is also one of the best and one car owners should not wave aside when considering a reliable and dependable brake pad.

It has impressive stopping power and is also capable of delivering a high-quality performance which is made possible thanks to its unique design and high-quality construction.

An impressive feature of this brake pad is the fact that it causes no form of damage or harm to rotors to matter how hard you press on brakes and even while pressing hard on brakes, you would also notice that there isn’t any form of squealing noise or noticeable vibrations which would be present in low or poor quality brake pads.

It is however considered to be a high performance, durable and efficient brake pad.


  1. The high-performance street material used in constructing this brake pad makes it last longer and also durable
  2. Has a great stopping power
  3. Presence of no vibrations and noise
  4. Causes no damage to the rotors
  5. The best in delivering an impressive performance


  1. Its price is on the high side

11. StopTech 309.10780 Street Performance Front Brake Pad

Best 15 Brake Pads To Choose From

There is every assurance that spending your money on this brake pad would be worth it as it possesses every high-quality performance feature that you would expect from your brake pad.

This brake pad has been able to earn great positive reviews due to its fast stopping power while its high operating temperature also makes it a reliable one even in an emergency situation. It isn’t the type that would fade with ease and gets better with time.

This pad comes with great actuation, release and modulation and this makes it a better option than other options on the market. This brake pad is quite expensive but its performance is something to look forward to as well as its high value.

The addition of para-aramid composites makes sure this brake pad delivers the superb linear response and this is also one major reason this brake pad is found among the favorites and the best.


  1. Performs good
  2. Perfect for autocross
  3. Has a high operating temperature


1. Not an affordable brake pad

12. Wagner ThermoQuiet QC1324 Ceramic Disc Pad Set

Best 15 Brake Pad To Choose From

If you want a brake pad that would work nicely in your vehicle then you should be on the lookout for the Wagner ThermoQuiet QC1324 disc pad set as it generally quiet and delivers an excellent performance.

This isn’t the kind of brake pad that produces squealing sounds and one other thing that makes this thing attractive is its effective stopping power. This makes them unique and different from other brake pads available today.

Asides from the fact that they are noiseless and have high stopping power, these brake pads also have a long-lasting lifespan meaning you don’t have to visit the market frequently to shop for brake pads. Installing this brake pad simply means you would have a great time while driving and also feel safe.


  1. Runs a quiet operation
  2. High stopping power
  3. Users would find it very easy to use


  1. Tends to attract dust

13. Centric 105.0436 Posi-Quiet Ceramic Brake Pad

Best 15 Brake Pads To Choose From

The ability of this brake pad to deliver an impressive performance makes users feel comfortable and confident in spending their money on this brake pad and having an excellent stopping power and also a high-quality build are some key features that make this brake pad quite unique and extraordinary.

However, the presence of cut back plates makes sure there are less vibration and noise and this is also another attractive feature of this brake pad.

Its ability to work great, handle temperature and also having a set friction performance are other eye catching features of the Centric Posi-Quiet ceramic brake pad as well as braking with zero or minimal noise.


  1. Easy setup process
  2. Impressive performance
  3. Impressive friction performance


  1. Quite expensive

14. Raybestos PGD757M Disc Brake Pad Set

Best 15 Brake Pads To Choose From

Generally speaking, every car owner has found this brake pad worthy and often referred to them as one of the best ever made and having this brake pad in your vehicle means it would work great regardless of driving and temperature conditions.

There is a high level of confidence that comes with having this brake pad as part of your car braking system while the combination of organic, semi-metallic and ceramic properties makes this brake pad durable.

The combination of these materials guarantees that your car would brake better and it would do this at a very low noise level. This, however, makes it a preferred option to other brake pads available for sale. The presence of shim materials helps to cut down on noise, harshness and vibration.

You would also figure out that this brake pad comes with great functions, form and fit and it is a general option for use in most vehicles.


  1. Combination of premium materials makes it durable
  2. Comes with shim
  3. Runs a quiet and noiseless operation


  1. Users complained about the tendency to attract dust

15. Wagner ThermoQuiet QC465A Ceramic Disc Pad Set

Best 15 Brake Pads To Choose From

This is another top-quality brake pad from Wagner that any car owner car invests in or rely on. This brake pad is quite affordable but we all know that being cheap doesn’t necessarily makes it high quality or of low quality but being affordable simply means it is ideal for you if you are shopping on a budget.

They deliver great performance and are also quiet which is another feature that intrigues most people about the Wagner brand.

Furthermore, that isn’t all to be said about this brake pad as they also have a fifteen percent high stopping power when compared with other brake pads and their tendency to last long will surely keep you away from visiting the market frequently and shopping for another brake pad.


  1. Has a long-lasting lifespan
  2. Quiet
  3. Efficient stopping power


  1. Customers complained that it feels cheaply built

Ceramic Pads and Semi-Metallic Pads

Brake pads were made using asbestos back in the ’60s and 50’s as asbestos are durable and able to tolerate heat. Despite its benefits, asbestos has environmental and health hazards so manufacturers had to find other means of developing brake pads which led to the existence of semi-metallic and ceramic brake pads.

These are the popular kinds of brake pads present today as they are durable, safe and reliable but these two materials all have their benefits and downsides and we would like you to take a look at them;


This is more recent than the semi-metallic kind as they are made using thick and dense ceramic materials.


  1. Doesn’t wear off rotors
  2. Ideal for use on freeways and cities
  3. Minimal brake dust
  4. Minimal noise
  5. Very durable


  1. Not ideal for sporting and heavy-duty use
  2. Bad for use in cold climates
  3. Poor at dissipating heat


This brake comprises non-metals and metals and also the presence of mineral and organic filters for binding them together.


  1. Works well in the reduction of brake fade
  2. Lasts longer
  3. The best for high mileage, heavy braking, truck driving and sporting occasions
  4. Works great in any weather


  1. Noisy
  2. Goes tough on rotors
  3. There is a presence of high brake dust

Features to Consider When Shopping

Img Source: gtrotors.com

Knowing what to look out for is quite important in selecting the ideal and perfect brake pad and here are some key features that every car owner should look out for when considering what brake pad product to settle for.

Material used

Brake pads can be made from either semi-metallic, ceramic and organic materials but selecting a brake pad should rest solely on where and how you intend using your car. Metallic brake pads are ideal for versatile and heavy-duty vehicles while ceramic brake pads are suitable for use in normal conditions.

Type of Vehicle

This is a feature or factor everybody must be aware of as it is important to note that a particular brake pad would fit your vehicle before settling for them. It is very important to know the year and also the car model when shopping for brake pads because what might be ideal for a 2012 car might not be suitable for use in a 2015 car.


Knowing the price of a brake is also an important factor to consider. In order to feel safe when driving, it is vital to get a high quality, durable and reliable brake pad so ending up with a cheap brake pad isn’t a good idea. This is because cheap brake pads might be made using low-quality materials but also an expensive brake pad doesn’t necessarily mean it is of high quality.


Installing brake pads isn’t something that requires exceptional skills but it is something everyone should be able to do with the right tools. Having the right hardware and clear instructions would make installation a simple process.

The Right Time to Replace Brake Pads

Brake pads should be checked constantly but it could be quite difficult to tell the right time to replace them so here are some signs that could tell your brake pads needs to be changed or replaced;

Indicator lights

In some modern-day cars, there are advanced computer systems capable of informing you about something wrong in your vehicle. Such systems are also capable of telling you when your brake pad needs to be changed.

Thin Brake Pads

Inspecting brake pads from time to time can help you find out that they have become thinner than when you first installed them and that is a good sign that it needs to be changed.

Squealing or scraping noise

You would notice squealing or scraping noise when the shim is beginning to wear down and in damp and wet conditions, you would notice dust on brake pads. The continuous scraping and squealing sound is an indication that your brake pad needs to be replaced immediately.

Jittery Braking

The brake pedal should be pushed easily and smoothly and if for any reason you notice that your brake is jittery then you should get a professional to take a look at your braking system as your brake pads might actually be due for a change.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do Brake Pads Function?

brake pads work together with a vehicle’s braking system and this system consists of a brake rotor, brake pads and a caliper.

A flat and round brake rotor is found right in the center of the brake caliper while each brake pad is found right at each side of the brake caliper. The tight squeezing action of the brake caliper against a vehicle’s spinning rotor would bring a vehicle to a stop.

How Many Sets of Brake Pads Does A Car Make Use of?

this question is a little bit tricky as the answer would be two. It would be two if you have a brake disc at the rear and also at the front of the vehicle. However, in some cases, some brake calipers would require two pads to be attached to them so they can function properly.

What is the Major Difference between a Ceramic and a Semi-Metallic Brake Pad?

The semi-metallic brake pads are less expensive than the ceramic brake pads and they are also considered to be very durable. They are also capable of generating a high amount of brake dust as well as noise when braking. The Ceramic brake pad, on the other hand, does not produce brake dust and they are expensive than the semi-metallic as they are more smooth and sharp.

Final Thoughts

The absence of a good brake pad in your vehicle is completely pointless and meaningless to your car braking system and you can completely trust our well-detailed list of the best brake pads to help you make the right choice.

Brake pads are considered to be one of the most important parts of every vehicle and it doesn’t matter if the market is flooded with too many products but if you care about your safety and that of others then you should pay close attention to the products listed in this review.

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