10 Best Spark Plug For Gas Mileage – 2024 Buying Guide

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Spark plugs are considered as an essential component of gasoline engines because they work in providing an electrical current which is created from the ignition and carried to the combustion chamber.

Spark plugs are known to ignite the mixture of fuel and air and this is quite necessary for providing the required internal combustion. What we would be looking at today is the best spark plug for gas mileage so stick around.

Nowadays, people consider the NGK brand of spark plugs to be the best as they are designed for people who desire to obtain or experience the best performance from making use of an iridium spark plug. The performance of every engine determines the health of every spark plug and when a spark plug isn’t healthy, it tends to get damaged with ease.

Spark plugs are easy to replace and cheap items and they have also had a huge role to play as to how your vehicle’s engine would perform.

1. NGK 2667 BKR7EIX Iridium IX Spark Plug

best spark plug for gas mileage

The spark plugs designed by the NGK brand are one that is quite popular worldwide and this is because the NGK brand is responsible for the production of plugs that are not only affordable but they also work hard to design spark plugs that are quite capable of boosting performance and also increasing a car’s fuel economy.

This NGK 2667 spark plug is specially designed for people who are crazy about increasing the performance of their car or also people who want their car to have a strong peak. This spark plug, however, comes with several interesting features just like;

  1. Having a well-tapered ground electrode
  2. Its insulator has a longer nose that helps to prevent fouling
  3. This spark plug has a 0.66mm laser welded iridium tip
  4. It also features a triple gasket which helps in preventing unnecessary leakages

This spark plug from NGK is capable of providing your car with an exceptional spark and this owes to the fact that it contains Iridium and this improved spark is solely responsible for having great anti-fouling properties and a better throttle response. In conclusion, they are considered to be the best based on consumer’s opinions and also because they were designed by a respectable company.

2. E3 Spark Plug E3.36 Powersports Spark Plug

For car owners who are looking forward and anxious to see how they can boost up their car’s horsepower then the E3 spark plug are a very good option for use because they designed with the aim of bringing out the best performance from engines.

This is quite attainable because it creates a spark that is quite superior when compared to other alternatives which might be cheaper. Looking at its features, the E3 spark plug features;

  1. A DiamondFire electrode technology
  2. It is capable of producing a fast spark charge
  3. It also has sharp electrode edges

3. NGK 7090 G-Power Platinum Spark Plugs BKR5EGP

The 7090 G-Power NGK spark plug is another powerful spark plug that we want to talk about in this review and it is actually built with the aim of improving on a car’s power and also its gas mileage. This is where it got its name from, the “G-Power” and now there are so many enticing features that this solidly built spark plug from NGK is designed with and they also include;

  1. It features a 0.6mm fine welded platinum tip
  2. It features a trivalent metal coating that is quite rare to see in most spark plugs today
  3. This trivalent metal coating is responsible for its anti-seizing and anti-corrosion properties
  4. It also comes with a triple gasket seal that is useful in fighting against leakages

When compared to the other Iridium spark plug from NGK that we have talked about, spark plugs that make use of platinum do not cost as much like spark plugs that contain iridium and to add to that, they are designed with the aim of improving the fuel efficiency and not just the performance. What’s more, you can trust that this spark plug was designed by a reputable brand and would also help in improving vehicle mileage.

4. Denso (3194) K16TR11 Traditional Spark Plug

Another popular and respectable brand that deals in the production of spark plugs which we would also want to talk about right now are the DENSO brand and they have designed a direct OEM replacement spark plug known as the K1GTR11 which comes with a copper core that is responsible for producing improved thermal conductivity.

Just like the NGK spark plugs that we have discussed earlier, this spark plug from Denso also has great features like;

  1. The five ribs which are quite useful in preventing flashover
  2. It comes with machine-rolled threads that help in fighting seizing and cross-threading
  3. It makes use of dual ground electrodes
  4. Its also features an alumina powder purified insulator construction

Overall, the DENSO spark plugs are also good and well-designed spark plugs that one can make use of in his vehicle and guess what, they are also not the type that would require spending heavily to acquire. However, there is simply one issue with making use of this kind of spark plug and that is requiring constant changing because it makes use of a copper core.

5. Bosch 6702 Platinum Spark Plug

Another well known and recognized brand that deals in the production of a high-quality spark plug are the Bosch brand and they are not just popular for making spark plugs but also for their production of distributors and other ignition components.

The Bosch 6702 spark plugs are actually platinum spark plugs and according to the manufacturer, it claims that these spark plugs are capable of lasting quite longer when compared to other high quality and standard spark plugs. Some of its excellent features also include;

  1. Being an OEM direct replacement spark plug
  2. It puts in a good performance thanks to its fine wire design
  3. It also has a ribbed insulator design
  4. For optimum performance, it also has a pre-gapped design
  5. This spark plug from Bosch guarantees four-year high-quality performance
  6. It also features a 360 degrees laser welding design

When compared to other standard spark plugs, it is actually believed that these spark plugs from Bosch are quite capable of offering a longer service life and there is also a high level of assurance and rest that it would offer desirable performance for as long as four years.

6. Autolite 104-4PK Copper Resistor Spark Plug

Spark plugs made with copper are generally believed to be quite good and reliable as they claim to provide a better fuel economy, promote smooth acceleration and also ensure quick starts of car engines. This is why the Autolite spark plug is among the best spark plugs that we are talking about and it contains all that is needed for any engine that runs very well. It has a platinum tip that which makes sure that there is no gap for erosion and some of its exciting features also include;

  1. Being able to fire clean and quick
  2. Its side is made using a high nickel alloy
  3. This nickel alloy is also responsible for providing a precise gap and also increasing the life of the plug
  4. It also has a multi-rib insulator that helps in preventing dangers of flashing over

However, there is also a platinum alloy ground that extends the durability of this spark plug while its nickel-plated steel shell also helps to fight against corrosion which also helps in making this spark plug last longer.

7. Denso (3297) SK20R11 Iridium Spark Plug

One reason that has made the Denso brand quite popular on the market is that it can be trusted to manufacture high quality and reliable products for the general market and this is yet another trusted spark plug from Denso that we would be talking about in this review.

You can trust that this spark plug from Denso comes with a host of interesting features which has made it a favorite among customers and some of these features include;

  1. Extremely durable thanks to its rhodium and iridium alloy combination
  2. It comes with an insulating seal that is glass tight
  3. Center electrodes have copper seal bonds
  4. It also comes with five ribbed insulators that are effective in preventing flashover
  5. It has also gone through a 360 degrees welding process which also accounts for its durability

In addition, this high-quality spark plug from Denso is one that helps with the mileage of vehicles, accelerates the engine and also improves the performance of engines and here is one more thing that makes it not just different but also unique and that is during idling, this spark plug also guarantees stable combustion.

8. ACDelco 41110 Professional Iridium Spark Plug

From the ACDelco brand comes this high quality and reliable spark plug and guess what, this is another iridium spark plug that we would be talking about in this best spark plug for gas mileage review.

This spark plug is one that is loved by many people because of its ability to better gas mileage, smooth engine performance and also being able to make an engine stay stable. However, iridium spark plugs always come with efficient and small electrodes and this is why they are reliable in accelerating engines and also during cold starts. Its features include;

  1. Fine wired electrodes burn away carbon deposits
  2. Creates a seal that blocks away radio frequencies
  3. The radio frequencies that the seal blocks away acts in affecting a vehicle’s electronic

The fact that this is iridium made spark plug makes it quite durable and it also makes sure that there is a smooth engine performance likewise providing engine stability.

9. Autolite APP5224-4PK Double Platinum Spark Plug

This is another spark plug with undoubted durability and its durability is one that is quite exceptional even when compared with single plated, copper core and also the iridium spark plugs.

This is, however, a spark plug that comes with a platinum core, a platinum conductor arch and also a platinum electrode and what all these results are just easy startups, conserves fuel, faster acceleration and also quick sparks. Just like other spark plugs that we have talked about, here are some of the eye catching features of this spark plug;

  1. Its necked down design ensures cleaner and quicker firing
  2. It doesn’t require high voltage before starting
  3. The design of this spark plug helps in increasing durability, getting rid of gap erosion and also ensuring quick acceleration
  4. It also has a longer lifespan

These are the kind of spark plugs that you can trust because they are made using high-quality materials and thanks to its copper electrodes, every user is assured that it would deliver a high quality and amazing performance. In general, it would also last long and would not require frequent changing.

10. NGK (4548) CR9EK Standard Spark Plug

As a result of their outstanding features, the NGK spark plugs are quite popular on the market and also widely loved and perhaps, they are believed to be the best spark plugs that anyone can settle for right now.

This particular spark plug is one that comes with several amazing features that guarantee that any engine would run smoothly and just as expected, this is one spark plug that can be counted on to dissipate the great amount of heat, ensure better conductivity and also provide a great spark. It features includes;

  1. It comes with a triple gasket seal which prevents leakages
  2. It also has zinc dipped shell which ensures long-lasting use and also durability
  3. The corrugated ribs on the insulator prevent any sort of flashovers
  4. Its long insulator nose also prevents fouling

The final verdict when it comes to this NGK spark plug still remains that due to all of its features, it is a spark plug that anyone can rely on to deliver consistent and impressive performances and thanks to its ground electrodes, there is every guarantee that this spark plug would deliver a consistent spark.

Best Spark Plug For Gas Mileage Buying Guide

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Spark plugs are very necessary because if there is no spark then there is no way a car can start. There are vehicles that require a high level of spark for startups and that is why one has to be very careful and cautious when choosing what spark plug to make use of.

There are also vehicle engines that require the use of two spark plugs and this is why it is very necessary for one to carry out thorough research on the type of spark plug that would be suitable for your vehicle. Some spark plugs are best designed for improving gas mileage while others just make sure that the performance of your engine is optimal.

Types Of Spark Plugs

We have three different types of spark plugs that can be installed in a vehicle’s engine and they are the iridium, platinum and also the copper spark plug. However, it is also necessary that the type of spark plug your vehicle uses is checked so as not to end up installing the wrong type of spark plug in your engine. Making use of a diesel engine requires the use of glow plugs and this is because diesel engines require compression and not a spark.

Every standard spark plug is built to last from ten thousand to about twenty thousand miles but premium iridium and platinum spark plugs can handle much higher than that. The spark plugs that we have discussed in this review would not only improve gas mileage but would also improve fuel efficiency, horsepower and more.

Copper spark plugs are known for delivering excellent engine performance but in times of lasting long, they are quite poor.

When talking about the platinum spark plugs, you are looking at better gas mileage as well as better engine service but its downside is delivering the worst performance. The iridium spark plugs would offer excellent performance but the only problem most people have with this type of spark plug is how expensive it is.

When To Change Spark Plugs

Knowing the right time to change your vehicle’s spark plug is dependent on several factors or symptoms and if you are making use of a modified engine that has a flashed programmer or a turbocharger attached to it then you would definitely need a stronger spark. Your spark might be due for a change if you notice any of this symptom listed below;

  1. Poor gas mileage
  2. Slow acceleration
  3. Difficult starts
  4. Fouled trips
  5. Misfiring
  6. Corrosion and cracks
  7. Engine management light
  8. Rough idling

Also, inspecting spark plugs visually is also a good way to tell if they require changing but if after installing new spark plugs and there are still issues of fouling then that might be an indication of a different issue with your vehicle’s engine.


Spark plugs are very critical components of every car engine and without spark plugs, it would be impossible for any vehicle to start. In terms of reliable and the best spark plugs, the NGK brand is one that fits such description as they are very good at manufacturing spark plugs that would suit a different range of applications.

Also, all the spark plugs that we have talked about would also cover various ranges of application but before settling for any, ensure that it would be suitable for use in your vehicle.