15 Best Head Gasket Sealer To Purchase In 2024 – Top Pick & Reviews

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Bar's Leaks HG-1 HEAD SEAL Blown Head Gasket Repair
BlueDevil Products 38386 Head Gasket Sealer - 1 Quart
BlueDevil Products 00209 Pour-N-Go Head Gasket Sealer - 16 Ounce
Steel Seal Blown Head Gasket Fix Repair Sealer - 8 Cylinder
BlueDevil 32oz Head Gasket Sealer w/Radiator Flush
Bar's Leaks HG-1 HEAD SEAL Blown Head Gasket Repair
BlueDevil Products 38386 Head Gasket Sealer - 1 Quart
BlueDevil Products 00209 Pour-N-Go Head Gasket Sealer - 16 Ounce
Steel Seal Blown Head Gasket Fix Repair Sealer - 8 Cylinder
BlueDevil 32oz Head Gasket Sealer w/Radiator Flush
Bar's Leaks HG-1 HEAD SEAL Blown Head Gasket Repair
Bar's Leaks HG-1 HEAD SEAL Blown Head Gasket Repair
BlueDevil Products 38386 Head Gasket Sealer - 1 Quart
BlueDevil Products 38386 Head Gasket Sealer - 1 Quart
BlueDevil Products 00209 Pour-N-Go Head Gasket Sealer - 16 Ounce
BlueDevil Products 00209 Pour-N-Go Head Gasket Sealer - 16 Ounce
Steel Seal Blown Head Gasket Fix Repair Sealer - 8 Cylinder
Steel Seal Blown Head Gasket Fix Repair Sealer - 8 Cylinder
BlueDevil 32oz Head Gasket Sealer w/Radiator Flush
BlueDevil 32oz Head Gasket Sealer w/Radiator Flush

Want to purchase the Best Head Gasket Sealer? We have got you covered

Head gaskets are hard mechanical seals or packing’s used between cylinder heads and engine blocks in machines to prevent leakages of fluids or gas while under compression. They are relatively inexpensive, yet, replacing them could cost you so much.

When your car’s head gasket gets blown, fixing the leakage in the head gasket may even be hard for your automobile mechanic. However, abandoning it will further cause damage to your engine, resulting in more expenses.

But a quality gasket sealer can do a quick job with less downtime until you can replace the defective gasket. Then you ask, “How to know the best sealer that will perfectly work for me amidst hundreds of head gasket sealants in the market?”

1. BlueDevil 38386 Head Gasket Sealer

BlueDevil 38386 Head Gasket Sealer 

Taking into consideration the quantity and attested quality, its relatively inexpensive price and good user reviews, this product comes topmost on our list.

Why pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for the repair of your old car’s engine gasket when you can fix it with the under $70 Blue Devil sealer? It is a good alternative for time and money gulping repairs.

For a low-end product, this versatile 32-ounce engine and cooling sealant comes with a radiator flush of the same measurement.

The product is one of the few sealants which seals without any need for the addition of particles. Upon application, it forms a permanent fix on leaking gaskets, radiators, heater cores and freezes plugs, saving you money from replacing the faulty components.

The adhesive comprises a strong chemical weld. With this sealant, you can perform a quick DIY fix on your engine. All that it requires is that you follow the instructions. This BlueDevil sealant can seal aluminum, alloys, plastics and metals. It is compatible with both diesel and gas engines of any automobile. It doesn’t cause clogs in your engine and contains no particulates.

However, the process of application may cost at least two hours of downtime. That’s still relatively fair, considering other products may take you up to a day at least.

In addition, it is hard to get money back from manufacturers in case the product fails. Notwithstanding, this product has an incredible success rate. If you attempt a DIY repair with this adhesive, if it works, you save $1,000 of repair cost at the mechanic’s store. And if it doesn’t work (which rarely happens), you only lose 60 bucks.

You should also note that Blue Devil doesn’t authorize sales of its products to online retail stores such as eBay and Amazon.

What you would like

  • Can fix head gasket problems permanently
  • Product is 100 percent guaranteed
  • It has a success rate of 95 percent
  • It is relatively cheap
  • It adds several thousands of miles to your car’s life
  • It is multi-functional
  • Highly recommended by users
  • Instructions are straightforward
  • Easy for none-auto experts to use
  • Product is compliant to ASTMI D3147 and ASTMI D1181

What you may dislike

  • Works only for 4 and V6 cylinder engines
  • Warranty and guarantees only limited to products purchased directly from Blue Devil

2. Bar’s Leaks 24-ounce Head Gasket Fix

Bar's Leaks 24-ounce Head Gasket Fix

With Bar’s Leaks Gasket Fix, there’s absolutely no reason why your life or car should be on the sidelines because of a mere head gasket problem.

This low-end 25-ounce product has some selling points which distinguish it from the BlueDevil 38386 model and make it one of the best money can buy.

First up, it requires not more than 15 minutes of installation/downtime, unlike the BlueDevil sealant which requires in excess of 2 hours. Also, this Bar’s Leaks product requires no flush at all. Lastly, each sealant comes with a money-back guarantee.

The manufacturers, Bar’s Leaks, a U.S. company, has been in the business of producing award-winning and affordable stop leak brands since 1947. According to Bar’s Leaks, at least 2 million of the product have gone on sale since it first got to the market in 2004.

The Bar’s Leaks 1111 model is so easy to use that in less than 30 minutes, you may decide to put your repaired car back to the road.

The sealing liquid in this product comprises of powerful sodium silicate that hardens up like glass after its application. The solution is compatible with antifreeze and can permanently fix leakages in your head gasket.

The product has the capacity to work in both diesel and gasoline engines.

The recommended application dosages for this product are as follows: 1 bottle for 1.5 to 4 gallons cooling systems and half of the bottle content for 1 to 1.5 gallons cooling system.

What you would like

  • The product comes with a money-back guarantee
  • Fix will take no more than 30 minutes
  • Easy to use
  • You do not need to drain the cooling system and antifreeze before application
  • Product very cheap but effective

What you may dislike

  • The product can only fill small tiny leakages

3. Permatex 80062 Gasket Sealant

This is a multipurpose, fast-drying sealant that can work at a maximum temperature of 500 degrees Fahrenheit and a minimum of -65 degrees Fahrenheit.

The liquid solution consists of a blend of resin and elastomers, it is not a quantity product. The liquid content measures 4 ounces and despite its quality, it comes dirt-cheap around $9-15 on online stores, depending on market strategy.

When applied on the gasket surface, the ‘High Tack’ silicone-made adhesive bonds to a tacky non-slippery and non-brittle form. The dry solution does well to resist the penetration of gasoline, kerosene, gas, antifreeze, oil, axle lube and other similar substances.

Provided you follow instructions on the Specification Sheet, the product will have no problem sealing firmly in place cut gaskets and give your car extra thousands of miles on the road.

The translucent red vicious Permatex High Tack solution has the capacity to work effectively on composite or paper gaskets, rubber, electric terminals and wires, manifold gasket, carburetors, corks, hose connections and valve covers. It can give reliable proof to water for spark plugs, electric terminals and wirings.

If you would like to get this stuff, you may need to be quick as the online retailers had limited products in stock at the time of writing this article.

What you would like

  • Product applies easily
  • It dries up so fast
  • It is impermeable by fluids or gas
  • Can work effectively in extreme temperatures
  • Product is highly recommended by users
  • It comes with a warranty
  • Amazon offers free delivery on eligible purchases
  • It has multiple functions
  • It is affordable

What you may dislike

  • Product is quite messy to use

4. BlueDevil Pour-N-Go SealerBlueDevil Pour-N-Go Sealer

This 16 oz. BlueDevil head gasket sealant unsurprisingly makes it into our listicle. Purchasing and following the instructions, the product fixes your blown or cracked head gasket, saving you time and money for mechanical repair.

All you just need is pour it in your radiator and go! It stays inert in the cooling system until it gets to the point of leak after which it forms a strong chemical weld and permanent seal on the defective head gasket surface.

Just like the 38386 brands, it is easy to use for any DIY automobile owner/repairer who doesn’t know the basics of engines. It works, most times at first attempts, on any 4 or V-6 cylinder engine.

It can permanently fix blown head gaskets and at worst, it gives at least a couple of months or years added life to your car. With $30 or less, you can fix your head gasket. Something that could shed you thousands of dollars at the automobile repairer’s store.

The product forms a permanent fix not only on leaking gaskets but also on, radiators, heater cores and freeze plugs, saving you money from replacing the faulty components. Before application, you do not need to flush or remove the thermostat.

This product can seal aluminum, alloys, plastics and metals. It is also compatible with both diesel and gas engines. It doesn’t cause clogs in your engine and contains no particulates.

However, the process of application may take hours of downtime.

You should note that Blue Devil doesn’t authorize sales of its products to many online retail stores.

What you would like

  • Your vehicle is road-ready 2 hours after application
  • The product can get your car engine an added 5,000 miles travel distance
  • When bought at authorized stores, the product is 100 percent guaranteed
  • Easy-to-use product
  • Manufacturers have a high level of trust and are highly recommended by users
  • Product is very affordable
  • Product is compliant to ASTMI D3147 and ASTMI D1181

What you may dislike

  • Product rates a miserable 3.2 out of 5 despite testimonies of many users
  • Works on small tiny leakages
  • Verified users reported that this product killed their engine
  • Product may leave gasket noisy
  • Product worked for many, didn’t work for some
  • It is hard to get money back from manufacturers in case the product fails

5. Steel Seal 8-cylinder engine sealer

Steel Seal 8-cylinder engine sealer

This Steel Seal product is the most expensive on our list. Spending under $200 for an easy to conduct fix which takes less than an hour and requires no stress should be a considerable choice. Or would you rather have your vehicle sidelined for days while accumulating thousands in repair fees at your mechanic shop?

The 160 ounce-weighing-product is so trusted that thousands of automobile repair stores nationwide use it nationwide – except for the few who don’t know their onions.

It permanently fixes broken, blown or cracked head gaskets, freeze plugs and heater cores. There’s no need to fuss about having mechanical knowledge, if you know how to follow instructions, you can DIY. After application, the solution dries up minutes after.

Despite their positive reputation, Steel Seal doesn’t give you a 100 percent assurance that the Steel Seal 8CYL001 model will definitely repair every leaking head gasket as most manufacturers claim.

For a high-end head gasket sealer, the product works for virtually 95% of users. But should it unfortunately not work for you, as the defective gasket may be to blow out for adhesive-fixing, you may decide to initiate the money-back term.

This is a term the company complies with without any hassle nor need for paperwork, as far as it is within the first month of purchase. If initially, the product works and then fails during continued use of your vehicle after the repair, Steel Seal will send to you a free one-time replacement with no added cost.

However, if you could detect the defect early enough, the product has one of the highest success rates in the market to get your head gasket fixed.

What you would like

  • With the product, you can fix your blown head gasket yourself
  • Comes with a lifetime guarantee
  • No paperwork needed to initiate a money-back term. Just contact their tech support and you will get a refund
  • You can ask for a refund just in case it doesn’t work for your purpose
  • The product can repair 8-cylinder engines

What you may dislike

  • It is one of the most expensive head gasket sealer available in the market
  • Solution not compatible with antifreeze

6. Steel Seal Blown Head Gasket Fix Repair Sealer

best head gasket sealer

For the repairs of premature leaked cracked heads, gasket head leaks, freeze plugs and heater core, the steel seal head gasket sealer is the perfect solution used in addressing these problems. It is one that ensures you do not need to have a special skill or require external skill to work with as it comes very easy to work with and this can is quite enough to serve up to eight cylinders.

The steel seal head gasket sealer is one that effectively seals every crack on a gasket head permanently so it doesn’t have to leak from that same spot again and if you walk into any repair shop nationwide today, you would realize that this is the one true product that is being used based on its effectiveness.

What you would like

  • Easy to work with and fast to deliver results
  • Enables old trucks to hold water
  • Sealing gaskets with this product also helps engine in running smoothly, improving mileage and getting rid of overheating
  • Less consumption of oil
  • Less smoke
  • Instructions are easy to follow and yield excellent results

What you may dislike

  • Very expensive sealer
  • Failed to seal for some customers

7. K-Seal ST3501 Pour and Go Permanent Head Gasket

best head gasket sealer

If you are desperately seeking for an effective and efficient way of sealing head gasket crack or if you are trying to seal a leak around your coolant then the K-seal pour and go sealer is one that you should consider spending your cash on. It is often regarded as the safest and easiest way of sealing cracks and the use of this product simply means a permanent sealing has been carried out as it would not leak from that spot again.

When using this sealer on your car’s cooling system, there isn’t any need to flush out the contents inside your cooling system and it also works great whether you have made use of coolant or an anti-freeze beforehand. It is advised that users shake this bottle before pouring the contents into the cooling system and a bottle of the K-seal pour and go sealer would be enough to fix any cracked heads or leaking gaskets.

It is perfect to use this sealer in small trucks, SUV’s and even cars but when it comes to sealing in large engines then you would require to make use of two bottles for effective sealing results.

What you would like:

  • Would completely stop and seal a leak permanently
  • Even works when used on hoses that supply fuel
  • Sealing results lasts long

What you may dislike:

  • Wouldn’t work when used on a Nissan Altima
  • No refunds when it failed to work

8. Permatex 85224 The Right Stuff Gasket Make

best head gasket sealer

When talking about or considering what product or brand makes good sealers, the Permatex company is one that comes to mind and here is another mind-blowing sealer which features the right materials that makes it superior in sealing, handling as well as durability. One most loved feature of this permatex sealer is its ability to instantly seal leaks and it does this effectively by producing an elastomeric rubber gasket which lasts long and is very reliable.

There are several factors of leakages in a vehicle’s system and seepage or leaks caused by thermal expansion and vibration would be effectively dealt with using this Permatex sealer. However, there wouldn’t be any need to make use of already cut cork gasket, rubber or paper as this sealer would seal leaks permanently.

This is a trusted sealer which can be used in oil pans, pumps, gearbox covers, valve covers, marine and heavy-duty gasket, water pumps and thermostat housings.

What you would like

  • Just one application would seal a leak permanently
  • Its rubber end product is resistant to solvent
  • Requires about two to four hours to dry up effectively
  • Its seal lasts longer and holds up well
  • Also fixes an oil pan that leaks

What you may dislike

  • Not so effective as it works for some and didn’t work for others

9. Permatex 34311 The Right Stuff Grey Gasket Maker

best head gasketsealer

Specifically for use in import vehicles that have bolt patterns that are closely spaced and engines designed to function under high torque loads, this head gasket sealer features a blowout resistant design which would help to deal with issues regarding leaks instantly. This head gasket sealer is capable of forming an elastomeric rubber that tends to last long and also proves to be reliable.

This elastomeric rubber is a more preferred solution to pre-cut rubber gaskets and it effectively seals in leaks permanently so such leakage issue never comes up again. It is one that every car owner can put his trust and hope in as it would resist power train fluids such as coolant, oil and even ATF.

This head gasket sealer can also be applied when dealing with water pumps, thermostat housing, transmission pans, oil pans and even valve cover leakages.

What you may like

  • Works very well with exceptional sealing results
  • A must-have for every mechanic out there
  • Has a perfect application time of about ten to fifteen minutes
  • Delivers exceptional results when used in sealing thermostats

What you may dislike

  • Comes with a poor quality applicator

10.  ATP AT-205 Re-Seal Stops Leaks

best head gasket sealer

For all leakages on gaskets and rubbers, the ATP stops all leaks product is one that mechanics and car owners can boast of and proudly say that it is effective in preventing and sealing leaks permanently. It features an exclusive formulation that would rejuvenate dried and worn out seals and why this product is actually a must-have for everyone is because its formulation makes sure it has no negative effect on components and internal bearings.

Whether there is an issue of leakage in hydraulic systems, differential systems, power steering systems and transmission systems, this sealer would effectively put a stop to it. Its ability to work when used with synthetic and conventional oils, power steering fluids, gear oils and more also makes it a more reliable product.

Just one bottle of this sealer is required in sealing up to six-quart capacity leakage and another interesting feature of the APT stops all leaks sealer is it would not break down seals, swell or even have a negative effect on petroleum distillates.

What you may like

  • Effective after twenty minutes of application
  • This sealer holds up well for a long period of time
  • Puts an end to leaks permanently
  • Re-seals main rear seal

What you would dislike

  • Seals don’t last long like expected
  • Doesn’t work when used in sealing a Toyota sienna
  • Failed to work on power steering and transmission systems

11. BlueDevil Radiator & Block Sealer

best had gasket sealer

This Blue Devil block and sealer is such a wonderful product with a formula that is quite easy to use which will seal and also repair leaks that have occurred in engine blocks or even inside radiators. It is such an authentic product as it doesn’t contain fibrous or solid materials that are capable of clogging a vehicle’s cooling system. It is one of the most effective and most reliable sealers ever to hit the market as it would even work smoothly when used with metal, alloy, aluminum, cast iron or even plastics.

Making sure that every seal or repair done with this product is a permanent one contributes to why this sealer is quite popular among many mechanics and car owners and whether your engine runs on diesel or gasoline, there is a high level of assurance that this sealer would work impressively when used on any of the two engines mentioned above.

Containing no harmful materials also makes this sealer very safe.

What you may like

  • Allowing this sealer all through the night after application makes its effect solid and permanent
  • Has no negative side effect when used
  • Also used in sealing leakages in furnaces
  • Helps you spend less when sealing a diesel RV
  • Just one bottle is enough to seal a leak permanently

What you would dislike

  • Tends to form a sludge where it is applied
  • Not so effective when used on plastics

12. Prestone AS663 Head Gasket Stop Leak

best head gasket sealer

If you are being billed heavily by your mechanic just for sealing a leak around the gasket then you should take your chances and try out the Prestone head gasket stop leaks Which are properly formulated and has the right amount of strength to fix a simple leak within few minutes of application. This sealer is an exceptional one as its triple sealing action makes it stand out from the rest sealers on the market. This is the type of sealer that you can count on in sealing leakages around the cooling system of your vehicle as it would not corrode or block the cooling system.

No matter the color of the coolant or antifreeze in your vehicle, this powerful sealant would effective search for the leaks and seal it permanently while its affordability makes you spend less on mechanic bills as this sealer would seal leaks permanently. You, however, do not need to have a special skill in making use of this sealer as it comes very simple and easy to use in a nice container.

What you would like

  • Quite inexpensive and affordable unlike similar products
  • Its Kevlar fibers are effective in finding its way to the leak spot and sealing it permanently
  • It’s easy to follow direction makes application quite easy and also helps in yielding good results

What you may dislike

  • Didn’t seal the leak properly but also went ahead to create more problems
  • Its breads are quite big to sit on the radiator and this causes more leaks

13. K-Seal ST5501 Permanent Coolant Leak Repair

best head gasket sealer

This is a shake, pour and go sealer which would fix leakages around the coolant permanently and one doesn’t necessarily have to spend heavily on just fixing a coolant leak as a better result can be achieved just by applying this sealer around the affected region. This sealer has been tested and proven scientifically that it works in no time and its sealing action lasts for a longer time compared to other similar products and this fact has been attested to by numerous customers around the world who have actually used this sealer at one point in time.

It isn’t difficult to make use of as it only requires users to shake properly, pour on the affected spot and allow it to do its job. This would help every engine to function at its peak and would not have any form of negative effect on the performance of your engine. This sealer works in quite an amazing way as once it is applied, its active microfibers would search for the leak and form a mesh that would seal the leak.

As far as the leak is identified on time, this sealer would effectively deal with any kind of leak and it is a popular and favorite sealer among most mechanics and car owners as a result of it’s easy to use and simplified design.

What you would like

  • Leaving the car idle for up to an hour leaves permanent and amazing sealing results
  • Doesn’t require flushing or draining out the coolant
  • It mixes properly with anti-freezes
  • No matter where the leak is whether it is in the cylinder head, radiator, water pump casing or head gasket, this sealer is up to the test

What you may dislike

  • If the coolant leak is very slow then this sealer might just not work
  • Would not work when used on heater cores
  • Sealing action is less noticeable
  • Seals leaks in water pump but causes overheating

14. K-Seal ST5516 Permanent Coolant Leak Repair

best head gasket sealer

Whether you are experiencing leakage in your car’s water pump casing, heater core, freeze plugs, head gasket, radiator and even around the engine blocks then this quality K-seal sealer is just the solution you need in dealing with any of these problems. The beauty of this product is one doesn’t even need to flush or drain off contents before applying this sealer as it would search for the leak on its own and seal it permanently. It is widely used due to its ability to mix properly with anti-freezes.

In some cases, the leakage might not be properly sealed and when this happens, it is just because there is an issue of overheating in your car’s system and to help deal with this problem, carefully read the instructions that come with this product as it would guide you in sealing off leakages in such situations. Its sealing action lasts for a lifetime and only requires users to shake and pour for it to do its job.

What you would like

  • Cuts down on mechanic bills
  • Instead of replacing a coolant tank, this sealer would permanently seal off any leakage
  • Works very well when used on a BMW 8 cylinder
  • Also helps in preventing manifold repair
  • A better sealer compared to the performance of other products

What you would dislike

  • Low lifespan sealing action
  • Would clog radiators
  • Temporary sealing action

15. Bar’s Leaks 1194 Grey Radiator Stop Leak

bst head gasket sealer

This sealer features a double sealing power that seals off a leakage without you having to visit the shop. By doing so, it actually saves you spending money on something that can be done yourself and also saves the stress and time of going to a repair shop. One shouldn’t have to spend heavily just to fix a leaking radiator as the Bar leaks stop leak is quite affordable and would permanently put an end to that lingering leakage in your radiator. Leaks can be caused by age and wear but regardless of what the cause is, this is the best solution that would help in tackling such leakage issues.

However, doing this sealing yourself with the Bar’s leaks stop leaks product doesn’t need any form of special skill or training as it also comes with a how-to-do a video that would walk you through the process of installing this sealer. Irrespective of the color and type of coolant used in your car, this sealer would still find out the leaking spot and seal it off so such an issue never arises again. Its sealing action has a long life span and just a bottle of this sealer would be enough to treat up to three gallons.

What you would like

  • When used right, this sealer would seal off leakages that have been disturbing your engine’s performance
  • Nicely packaged product
  • Also seals off pinhole leaks
  • Recommended for major and minor leaks

What you might dislike

  • Failed to mic with the anti-freeze when added to an overflow tank
  • it doesn’t work for everyone

What are head gasket sealers?

A typical head gasket sealer is a strong adhesive that comes in glue, spray or paste form which when applied to the surface of leakage on a head gasket, seals it up and stops the escapes of oil, water or gas. There are many brands of head gasket sealants in automobile stores, retail stores online and at physical locations.

We have put together this piece to help you in getting one for your car or any type of machine which uses a gasket.

What we think

Replacing or repairing your vehicle’s head gasket at the automobile repair stores may be really costly and time-consuming. This is why we recommended 5 of the head gasket sealers that are usable by yourself without the need for an expert.

We discover throughout the market research for this article that while these products worked for many, it didn’t work for many others. However, we suggest you make sure you use this option when you detect the problem early enough. And when you choose a head gasket sealer, make sure to follow the instructions.

It is highly recommended that you buy from manufacturers with money-back guarantees just in case any product you chose fails. Considering their relatively low prices, they are worth trying out especially when they come with guarantees.

You should also endeavor to check out customer reviews on the manufacturer’s website and online stores before you order for or choose to buy any head gasket sealer.

You can check out AutoQuarterly.com for unbiased reviews on the top head gasket sealers as well.

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