11 Best HID Kit To Buy In 2024 – Complete Guide & Reviews

Table could not be displayed. Most drivers would be able to explain how frustrating it is to deal with a cars weak halogen factory bulb and if as a driver you have made up your mind on getting a better improvement to your color and strength then all you need is an HID conversion kit as they are designed solely with the aim of offering the best lighting experience.

However, the major problem is finding which HID conversion that would be perfect for your design as there are a host of HID conversion kit products on the market to select from.

Furthermore, when shopping for a reliable and durable HID conversion kit, the possibility of settling for a product that would either waste your money, destroy the electric wiring of your car, break the law or offer you the best experience is quite slim.

But with the aid of this guide, you would be able to find that product which would not only offer you an enjoyable driving experience but also ensures that there would be no mistakes or damages.

Truth be told, there are quite some things that are of great importance in every vehicle other than good functioning headlights and you know that it is quite impossible to drive at night without them.

The major problem with this is that most car owners show fewer interests in upgrading their headlights and they seem to neglect its importance.

Halogen headlights were seen as the best breakthrough at the initial stage but nowadays there are better options today than the halogen headlights.

HID headlight which is also known as Xenon headlight is today considered to be a very bright option when it comes to upgrading headlights but you ought to know that in order for this upgrade to be possible or successful, one needs to make use of a good HID kit.

You can check out this guide on the best HID conversion kit with their features so you can get familiar with the top HID kit products of the year.

1. Innovited Premium AC Canbus HID Kit

best hid kit

This is one brand that is quite famous and reliable in the production of hid kits and one reason that also contributes to its earning of the number one spot is the fact that this product is of high quality and also can be installed with ease.

It comes in several colors so you can find a color that best suits you and this bulb has also earned some decent and great reviews from customers who have tried it out as it has a lifespan of about 5500 hours.

This HID light features a plug and play design and would take more than thirty minutes to install and installation is also an easy process as this hid kit comes with an installation guide.

It has a two-year warranty and also while the current this hid kit uses integrates with that of your car battery with lesser voltage, therefore, making sure it is also compatible with motorbikes.

Key Features:

  1. The universal design which makes sure it fits motorbikes and vehicles
  2. Weatherproof and durable which extends product life
  3. Offers support for any bulb strength and color
  4. The best for any car or motorbike model

2. OPT7 Blitz 55W H11 H8 H9 HID Kit

best hid kit

The combination of a relay harness, two bulbs and two 35 watts ballasts is what the OPT7 Blitz Hid kit is all about. This hid kit features a plug and play method of operation as all it requires is to be plugged to the wiring in your vehicle so you can start enjoying all the benefits that it offers.

The combination of a powerful Xenon beam and 3100lm ensures that this Hid light shines four times brighter than most standard factory bulbs while one major attraction of this hid kit is its association of Blitz series and powerful ballasts.

Furthermore, this hid kit has a better option which is the TPIM version and this version is quite unique in the sense that it only uses up the lower amount of raw power so as to prevent straining your vehicle wiring. This brand is also famous for making bulbs that would be compatible with several vehicles.

Key Features:

  1. Makes use of a non-cycling technology which offers a non-flickering glow
  2. This is the best bulb option for Bi-Xenon and HI-LO beams
  3. Features a stainless steel casing which makes this hid kit durable by ensuring it resists water

3. XENTEC H11 8000K HID Xenon Bulb

best hid kit

The highlight of the XENTEC H11 800K HID xenon bulb is it would upgrade a bright light beam halogen through a direct current connection and this is one of the trusted and reliable hid kit products to find its way to the market as it makes use of a bi-xenon alloy 35w ballast.

This hid headlight is able to produce a strong light as it relies on a HI-LO white halogen beam and the light it offers doesn’t flicker thanks to its stable current flow.

One major downside is this hid kit tends to add more pressure to the battery of your vehicle, therefore, limiting your car wirings’ convenience. This product comes with a two-year warranty and having a straightforward manual makes its installation process quite simple and convenient.

Buyers would also find out that this bulb is built to be compatible with several car brands.

Key Features:

  1. Offers stable with minimal flickering
  2. Comes at a standard price which matches its performance
  3. Durable
  4. Has a 5000 light hour lifespan

4. SDX HID Xenon DC Headlight Replacement Bulbs

best hid kit

There are lots of benefits attached to installing this product in your vehicle and such benefits include experiencing a unique customer service as well as enjoying a warranty of about two years on this product.

This brand is also very famous for its powerful hid ballast as well as the best customer service while its installation wouldn’t take up to twenty minutes.

This product has some unique in-built features that make it stand out from other low-quality products while its ballasts have three times power when compared with some standard factory bulbs.

These bulbs are built to be compatible with HIR2, HIR, XS, HB4 and 9006HP. It is also designed to run directly from your vehicle’s battery DC connection.

Key Features:

  1. Its DC connection is able to draw strong power capable of producing light that doesn’t flicker
  2. Amazing quality service
  3. Standard price
  4. Its replacement can be found easily on the market

5. H11 Morimoto Elite HID Kit System

best hid kit

Another brand famous for making a quality HID kit is the Morimoto elite hid kit system which even amateurs would find very easy to install. This company is also known for making high-quality beams while this hid kit has 35 watts to 50-watt range capacity.

The Morimoto elite hid kit system makes use of a powerful double relay harness which is designed to be compatible with your car wiring and users would find that this hid kit has a simple operational mode as all it requires is just to plug in and play.

What makes this hid kit unique is it has a very long warranty period of about five years which is greater than almost every other product and there is also a tendency that you would find this bulb very easy to replace even it goes dim in a period of three years. Its customer support is by email, chat and phone.

Key Features:

  1. Very durable
  2. Can be installed with ease
  3. Its customer support is reliable
  4. Has a long warranty period

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6. Aukee 55W H7 HID Kit Xenon Headlight

best hid kit

This is a brand that is concerned with putting an end to high power consumption when talking about hid kit systems and if you are in search of a hid kit that is power efficient then this is just the best product that you can settle for.

It features a 55W ballast which is powerful enough to produce a glow that can shine farther than expected while the addition of CANbus technology ensures that the bulb life is extended and errors are greatly reduced.

An exciting feature of the Aukee 55W hid kit is it would work with any bulb and it also comes with installation manual and kit with Aukee xenon bulbs.

This hid kit is quite durable but one major downside of this product is it isn’t compatible with ford 150 and dodge ram cars while other car brands would also have connection products due to its CANbus technology.

Key Features:

  1. This bulb has a long-range focus
  2. Optimal brightness can be achieved in a short period
  3. Simple installation process
  4. Compatible with most bulbs

7. XtremeVision HID Xenon Slim Ballast

best hid kit

If you want a hid kit that would be compatible with both DC and AC current then the XtremeVision HID Xenon hid kit is all you need and is compatible with the DC and AC current makes this hid kit ideal for all kinds of wiring.

Having a simple installation process is another interesting feature of this hid kit and customers would be able to resolve any issues as their tech support offers to resolve problems through email, phone calls and chat.

However, users might need little assistance as its battery harness seems quite complicated a bit and this assistance would be required in obtaining the ideal length of wire in big vehicles.

The presence of an unreliable current in this hid kit might cause light to flicker and having a weak plastic bulb also tends to make this bulb prone to attacks by pebbles, dust and water.

Key Features:

  1. Compatible with DC and AC current
  2. Consumes low power
  3. Has a reliable 35W ballast

8. HID-Warehouse LED Bulb – H1 LED Headlight Kit

best hid kit

Having a great ballast is an enticing feature of this HID kit but its main center of focus is its standard pricing as this hid kit can be gotten at quite an affordable price.

Its 35W ballast is built to work with any car model but in some cases, there might be a need for you to make use of a canceller cable or harness. This product comes in various colors and sizes so that you can select your desired option that would best suit your vehicle.

Settling for this particular brand means you would have to go for a separate brand of the bulb or purchasing spare bulbs and their bulbs are made out of plastic materials and components which makes it prone to damage by weather.

Its integration into the direct current is quite poor and this can lead to lights that flicker and one fact that buyers ought to note is bulb compatibility should be checked before you replace halogen bulbs with this product.

Key Features:

  1. Has a universal fitting
  2. Comes in a variety of colors
  3. Affordable to customers
  4. Able to integrate with most 35w bulb


best hid kit

This hid kit is considered as a boost to the Xentec hid kit and if you are searching for a reliable and top-performing hid kit on the market then this is one product that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Its 3600lm xenon bulb is capable of shining three times brighter than any standard halogen bulb and this bulb is known for consuming less amount of power, therefore, making you spend less on the electricity bills.

An interesting feature of the JLM premium hid kit comes with a non-cycling technology that is added to limit flickering lights and another advantage is this hid kit is quite universal as it can work with any OEM bulb.

Furthermore, this hid kit features a grade 7 alloy casing combined with the presence of insulated wires that tends to fight against shock and overheating, therefore, making this product quite durable.

Key Features:

  1. Has an OEM standard bulb compatibility
  2. Features a very durable design
  3. Comes with a non-cycling technology that fights against the flickering

10. DDM Tuning Plus 35W Premium HID kit

best hid kit

Coming with a lifetime warranty is a feature that makes the DDM Tuning Plus 35W HID kit quite attractive as customers are always eager for a product with a long lifespan. This hid kit features a 4000k bulb and is able to produce up to 3400 lumens.

The DDM tuning plus is actually a premium product that is quite sought after by most buyers as it has earned quite some positive reviews by customers.

What makes this product unique is its bulbs which are designed to warm up twenty percent quicker and shine twenty percent brighter when compared to most standard HID bulbs. It is also a known fact that this hid kit is efficient compared to standard DDM ballast.

The DDM ballast is believed to last longer and also runs cooler and its complete package also includes an adaptor that is required for its plug and play method of installation.

Key Features:

  1. Easy to install
  2. Exceptional delivery service
  3. Covers a wide range
  4. Shines bright
  5. Great customer service
  6. Durable

11. Xenonpro

The first place goes to a HID kit that comes with a powerful and bright light output that can reach up to 8000 lemenus. They provide a true white color that many people will consider useful for different purposes. Halogen lights are also a good option in some cases, but people need to understand that this type of HID kit brings 200% more light compared to that type.

This type of HID kit is extremely durable. It is hard to predict how long it can last, but the product itself is water, dust, and shock-proof. Besides, even if something bad happens, all the buyers will get a lifetime warranty. Despite that, whenever one of the parts stops working, you will get a replacement part for free.

The list of benefits does not stop there. All the people that order XenonPro will get a free 2-day shipping That will allow you to additionally save money and ensure the light that you need for an affordable price. Doesn’t this sound like something that deserves your attention?

Key Features:

  1. True White Color
  2. Powerful
  3. Ensures bright Light Output up to 8000 lumens
  4. Water, dust, and shock resistant (this ensures durability)
  5. Lifestyle warranty and free replacement parts

Factors to Consider when Shopping for a Hid Conversion Kit – Buying Guide

Every reliable and solidly built HID conversion kit should possess all of the following

Easy Installation

Every plug and play HID kit should come with an installation guide that would show users the best way to install any hid kit.

It should come with a manual, mounting bracket and also a harness. Getting installation wrong could be dangerous and you might also make a mistake with an installation guide.


Hid conversion kits are believed to be long term investments so before you make a payment for any HID conversion kit, please ensure that you take a look at its warranty period as well as other services offered by the brand.

A suitable warranty should contain replacement and free service and you should also not pay attention to the partial warranty.

Customer Assistance

HID bulbs light up due to the presence of burning gas which makes use of a high voltage while their lifespan is limited. Every HID conversion kit should come with replacement parts if the bulb ever malfunctions and every customer service should be able to assist you in finding a suitable bulb for your car.

Power Consumption

This is, however, a very important factor to consider and bulbs that would be suitable for your car’s electronic system are the 35W bulbs. AC kits are preferred to DC kits as they tend to act gently while DC kits tend to consume more battery power.

Customization Possibility

It is quite possible for you to love you’re hiding conversion kit but admire a certain feature from another Hid conversion kit. Being compatible with several bulb colors and sizes enables one to customize any hid conversion kit.

Supported Models with Year of Release

Legal requirements like traction requirements and capacitors might change over time and it is quite necessary that every HID conversion kit must obey this principle.

Some kits might not be upgraded in order to obey this principle and this could result in further legal problems. Checking state laws and finding out from the seller can also help in finding out if HID kits follow this principle.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking to replace your hid kit or this is your first time to purchase one, a wise purchase or investment will certainly offer you an enjoyable driving experience.

Ensuring that you have already disconnected your battery when trying to install your hid kit after purchase is also very necessary. It is also quite important that you get professional help if you notice that your hid kit is posing some problems for your vehicle’s electronic system.

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