16 Best LED Grow Light in 2024 – Top Rated Products With Reviews

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The ability of an LED grow light to meet up with several user requirements is what makes it be rated among the best and even if you are making use of open space or using a grow tent, one key factor that should be closely considered is your budget.

These questions might not be answered immediately but they would be vital in helping you know which LED grow light to settle for.

With the aid of this guide, you would be able to find a full spectrum LED grow light from various trusted manufacturers and no matter space you intend making use of, there is actually an LED grow light for you. If you need an LED to grow light but don’t know how to go about shopping for it then trust this best LED grow lights review to guide you in finding the right choice.

1. BESTVA Home MJ LED Grow Lights

BESTVA Home MJ LED Grow Lights Master

Starting off our list with perhaps one of the best grow lights out there is the BESTVA Home MJ LED Grow Lights Master 20. If you don’t mind spending a few extra bucks to get one of the best quality and most recommended grow lights, then BESTVA Home is the best option for you. 

The grow light features a PPFD of almost 2300 umol/m2s. Combine this with the adjustable rotary button that gives you an option of adjusting the lighting according to the plant’s growth, and you have a solid growth light option that increases your yield by up to 35%. 

Not only that, but you have the assurance of purchasing your grow lights from a reliable company such as BESTVA who offer UL certification, high quality thermal conductivity, Mean Well driver and quality that is superior to most grow lights out there. 

These lamps have gone through extensive trial tests from BESTVA and are the household choice for countless consumers. What’s more is that the growth light’s ambience can be decided by you and you also get your own technical consultant in case things get too complicated for you. If you can afford it, BESTVA Home is the best grow light option for you.

However, for all its features and benefits, the BESTVA Home grow lights suffer from several design flaws. One such design flaw is their low hanging points which can be a dealbreaker if you are planning to use it outside in a tent or in a cramped space in your house or somewhere where the ceiling is low. 


  • One of the best grow lights at this price range. 
  • Guaranteed yield rise of 35%. 
  • Initiative controls and manual. 
  • Built from high quality and sturdy materials without any compromise. 


  • A little costly considering there are several alternatives that cost lower. 

Several design flaws that can be a dealbreaker for some people. 


2. Advanced Platinum Series P900 LED Grow Light

best led grow light

The best LED grow light in this review is the Advanced Platinum Series P900 light and there are various reasons why this LED grow light is one of the best and most recognized lights on the market. The brand itself is a well-known brand in the sense that customers know they are all about making high-quality products that would meet customer satisfaction and if you are interested in cultivating cannabis then this is one light that you should go for.

This LED grow light is capable to emit light which is very similar or close to that of natural sunlight and another exciting feature that makes this grow light extraordinary is the presence of sufficient drivers which works in sensing voltage, therefore, preventing issues of panel short circuit and making the grow room protected from cases of overheating.

It is also made using premium materials which makes it sturdy and durable and it also consumes a minimal amount of power during vegetation.


  1. Has an efficient draw power
  2. The durability makes it run for long
  3. Has better coverage when compared to other grow lights
  4. Runs a quiet operation


  1. Harmful to naked eyes
  2. Its design is heavyweight

3. G8LED 900 Watt MEGA LED Grow Light

best LED grow light

As a result of its contributions regarding indoor and hydroponic growing and also its level of performance, this LED grow light has been able to receive quite some awards over the years. It has also made it to this list in 2024 because of its ability and performance and the brand responsible for making this grow light, G8 is also a trusted and reliable brand. The presence of LED chips in this grow light denotes that this isn’t a cheap or low quality grow light.

The combination of its US-made high quality LED chips and ability to shine brightly ensures that this grows light covers a wide area and its coverage would still not lessen during the flowering stage.

Its body is made out of high-quality materials that makes sure this light lasts longer and unlike most poor quality or poorly designed grow lights, the G8 LED 900 watts to grow light runs a cool and quiet operation. It stays cool as a result of its aluminum heat sink and several cooling fans which helps in getting rid of heat.


  1. Covers greatly in any phase
  2. Top-quality construction
  3. Has a long lifespan
  4. Runs a quiet and cool operation


  1. Comes with no switching drivers
  2. Bulky in size

4. MARS HYDRO 900W Led Grow Light

best led grow light

If you are new to growing and you want a grow panel that would fit a small budget then the Mars Hydro LED grow light 900 watts is what you truly need. Having mirror-like and large receptors makes this grow light shine quite bright and intense and if we should take you back a bit to some scientific research, you would realize that flowers tend to become more healthy and bulky under intense light.

Dissipating heat is also another feature that makes the Mars Hydro 900W LED grow light quite special as it makes sure you grow plants at a balanced and specific temperature. It also features several cooling fans which work effectively in the elimination of heat so as to fight against cases of overheating and extending the lifespan of the product.

Despite all of its features, this LED grows light can be gotten at an affordable rate.


  1. Very affordable grow light
  2. Also runs on a silent operation
  3. Durable
  4. Offers an impressive three years of customer support


  1. Doesn’t have a timer feature
  2. Possesses only a dual-mode operation

5. VIPARSPECTRA V1200 LED Grow Light

best led grow light

For indoor cultivation of marijuana, you would need a reliable LED grow light and one LED grow light that you can rely on is the VIPARSPECTRA V1200 LED grow light. One reason why this LED grow light has found a way to remain relevant is due to its ability to deliver a consistent operation that makes users happy and customers who have used this LED grow light love its ability to produce optimal full spectrum which is required for marijuana.

The main aim behind developing this LED grow light is mostly to enhance the health and growth of indoor and hydroponic plants and it is also able to cover a wide space as well as shining brightly. Another interesting feature to note is it runs a cool operation as it features an innovative heart sink combined with various cooling fans which disperses heat efficiently.

Furthermore, this LED grows light isn’t designed to draw a lot of power from the main source.


  1. Its price is affordable
  2. Has a large lifespan
  3. Has a square design aimed at preventing loss of light
  4. Runs silently


  1. This grow light isn’t waterproof
  2. Doesn’t come with a user manual

6. MARS HYDRO Reflector 720W Led Grow Light

best led grow light

This LED grows light has made it to this list thanks to its excellent field performance and the number of positive reviews it has earned from customers who have used it already. Its dual-mode switching and ability to produce a unique full-spectrum makes it possible for users to obtain impressive results generally and its height makes it quite closer to natural sunlight, therefore, making it possible to produce or generate light similar to that of the sun.

This LED grow light possesses a feature that isn’t commonly found in any LED grow light and this refers to a DAISY CHAINING. A daisy-chaining simply means helpings users expand their growing space so they would not need an extra socket in the wall. Its high-quality aluminum heat sink and cooling fans also ensures that this LED grows light runs a cool and quiet operation.


  1. Has an efficient spectrum
  2. Amazing cooling power
  3. Has a reflective design
  4. Superb cover area


  1. Isn’t waterproof
  2. Comes with no timer function

7. BESTVA DC Series 2000W LED Grow Light


best led grow light

The BESTVA brand is a brand that always produces products that would meet up with customer expectations and that contributes to why this LED grow light is being considered as one of the best grow lights for growing marijuana. This grows light features state of the art components and materials in its build that makes it durable and also one of the best grow lights for your plants. It also has an ideal height that is vital in obtaining correct readings.

Despite not coming with a dual-mode, this grows light can also be trusted to grow your flowers and plants as it produces light as well as uniform coverage that would enable the entire plants to grow and no matter the stage, this LED grow light would be the best companion for your plants.

There is an advantage attached to making use of this LED grow light and that is its low power consumption. In this case, you would spend less on electricity bills. It also has an aluminum heat sink and a dominant cooling system which makes way for cool operation.


  1. Comes at a fair price
  2. Shines extremely bright
  3. Low power consumption
  4. Has an impressive life span


  1. Has no dual mode
  2. Isn’t a waterproof grow light

8. Apollo Horticulture GL140X5LED LED Grow Light

best led grow light

Instead of settling for a cheap grow light which would not offer you a high or standard performance, you should settle for a better and reliable grow light that would offer you the best in performance. A product that matches such a description is the Apollo Horticulture grow light and this product is quite popular thanks to its premium quality build.

It is a known fact that a light that is highly reflective is a compulsory ingredient for growing plants and yielding impressive results and that is what this grow light is set out to do. It is very easy to use and simple to install.

Its major downside is the fact that it has no additional features like daisy chaining, dual switch mode and more but what this light possesses is dependable and exceptional bright light which is key to your plant growth. It has average power consumption and is also able to generate a lesser amount of heat.


  1. Has a quiet operation
  2. Amazing cooling design
  3. Shines very bright
  4. Durable and high-quality build


  1. Comes with no additional features
  2. Isn’t waterproof

9. VIPARSPECTRA Series 600W LED Grow Light

best led grow light

This is a scientifically designed grow light that is aimed at delivering efficient and well-balanced light to your desired plants. Its ability to deliver an unstoppable and unbeatable performance is a major reason why it has made it to this list and it also possesses more than enough features that would yield better results generally.

For all green plants, this LED grow light is designed to produce a complete and well-balanced spectrum and that isn’t just all as it would also generate more resin during blooming on your flowers. Another up to the mark feature about this grow light is its efficiency and light effect and even though it shines brightly than most traditional lights, you still wouldn’t pay much electricity bills.

If you intending growing green plants on a small scale then this is the light you need while its advanced and high technology heat sink helps in dispersing heat.


  1. Features a dual-mode
  2. Great cooling features
  3. Shines bright
  4. Its quality is reliable


  1. Not a waterproof design
  2. It also has no timer feature

10. 450W LED Grow Light MEIZHI Reflector Series

best led grow light

The manufacturer of this LED grow light is known for producing quality over quantity products and this tells you this grow light speaks more of quality than quantity. Having amazing customer service and also ensuring the safety of the user is also another reason why this brand is popular and one eye catching feature of this light is the fact that you would enjoy total use of light as it possesses a reflector design that prevents loss of light.

This is a super easy to install LED grow light as all it requires is just to hang so your plants can start benefitting and thanks to a dual-mode design, this grow light ensures a convenient operation no matter the stages of your plant. Having a top-quality aluminum sink combined with state of the art cooling fans is responsible for getting rid of heat and this also makes sure the room is cold and plants are safe at all times.


  1. Has a dual-mode compatibility
  2. Doesn’t use up much power
  3. Has a wide coverage
  4. Not an expensive product


  1. Its fan saves power and this could be consuming to most users
  2. Its light is most effective in the flowering phase according to some users

11. King Plus LED Grow Light Double Chips

best led grow light

Are you a lover of advanced technology and do you want to make use of advanced technology in growing your green plants indoor then the King Plus LED grow light is one product that you should be on the lookout for.

Most users who have ended up making use of this LED light clearly stated that the light it produces is similar to the light produced by the state of the art COB LED grow light.

This LED grow light features scientific design and is also capable of keeping things like PAR, coverage and growth of plants well balanced. You can trust this LED grow light to take complete care of your plants’ thanks to its UV and IR abilities.

It also comes with two cooling fans combined with an additional heat sink which helps in maintaining and keeping an eye on the temperature inside your tent. This product also guarantees customer satisfaction for about three years.


  1. Has a longer lifespan
  2. Low electricity consumption
  3. Has great value
  4. Durable


  1. Seems a little bit bulky in size
  2. Expensive
  3. No timer

12. Roleadro LED Grow Light

best led grow light

Designed to perform wonderfully well in a top-rated tent is what the Roleadro LED grow light is designed to do. Its spectrum is believed to have a magical ray as it produces white, red and blue alongside infrared and ultraviolet rays and also having a reasonable PAR level also indicates the quantity of light that this panel produces required for obtaining a better yield.

This spectrum is powerful enough to enable plants to stay healthy and happy and the presence of a Zener diode ensures that this panel lasts longer. The Roleadro LED grow light also features a high-quality build that doesn’t just make this grow light durable but also makes sure there isn’t any case of loss of light.


  1. Recommended when shopping on a budget
  2. Consumes less power
  3. Lasts long
  4. Also a durable LED grow light


  1. It doesn’t an extra advantage as it doesn’t come with a timer function
  2. It also comes with or features no dual mode

13. LED Grow Light 600W Grow Lights

best led grow light

This is another highly recommended and highly praised LED grow light to make it to this review as it was designed of putting several years into research.

It has dual chips implanted in it which ensures it works magic when it gets turned on and unlike in most LED grow lights, this grows light makes use of a Recordcent dual-lens technology which boosts PAR up to twenty percent. This is an affordable grow light that you won’t spend heavily on to acquire.

The amount of power a grow light consumes is a very important factor to look at and this grow light is known for consuming less amount of power. Dissipating heat is also another interesting feature of this LED grow light as carefully and effectively gets rid of unwanted heat thanks to the help of a heat sink and several cooling fans.


  1. Another budget-friendly LED grow light
  2. Well recommended by existing users
  3. Impressive quality
  4. One of the durable LED grow lights on the market
  5. Consumes less amount of power


  1. No daisy-chaining feature
  2. Has no dual mode
  3. Has no timer function

14. LEDGLE LED Plant Grow Light 300W

best led grow light

This is a cheap LED grow light that still performs excellently well for people who plant cannabis and this grow light is also engineered to offer users its best in various outputs.

People tend to doubt that this grows light is capable of shining brightly but when it does, you would also feel it with your own eyes. This LED grows light is capable of providing efficient light and also drawing less amount from a socket while its ability to produce a full spectrum makes it a good option when it comes to a greenhouse, hydroponics and marijuana indoor growing.

Being able to generate more lumen and PAR also makes sure your flowers blossom in large and healthy flowers while a distinctive feature of this grow panel is the fact that it comes with a veg and separate bloom mode which makes it easy to be configured into three different modes, therefore, making it quite easy to use for anyone.

Thanks to its hanging kit, users would find it very easy to install this LED grow light.


  1. The best option for beginners
  2. The opinion from users are quite reliable
  3. Lasts long
  4. Durable
  5. Has a three-mode configuration setting
  6. Affordable


  1. Lacks a daisy-chaining feature
  2. Lacks a dual-mode feature
  3. Also comes with no timer function

15. LED Grow Lights Panel for Indoor Plants Mrhua

best led grow light

People who have single or a couple of plants always seem to rely on the Mrhua LED grow lights as it features a smart craft design that enables users to be able to make total use of its light for the benefit of their plants.

It comes equipped with powerful chips that make it possible for this grow light to produce a bright spectrum that is required for growth by indoor marijuana plants. Durable, elegant and lightweight are the three best ways anyone can describe the Mrhua LED grow light panel.

Almost every grows light mentioned in this review so far has a cooling fan but that isn’t the same with this LED grow light as it utilizes a thin panel and circular shape design which takes away the need of a cooling fan. Despite not having a cooling fan, this grows light keeps a balanced temperature inside the grow space.


  1. Recommended when planting single or couple of plants
  2. Comes with a reliable warranty period
  3. Maximum brightness and spectra
  4. Doesn’t consume a high amount of power
  5. Has a fifty thousand hours lifespan


  1. This isn’t a waterproof product
  2. It also lacks a timer feature
  3. Lower coverage and bare-bones as a result of low cost

16. LED Grow Light Bulb, TaoTronics

best led grow light

This is one grow light that received thousands of praises by people who cultivate cannabis indoors and what customers compliment about this LED grow light is because of its efficient barebones design as well as its affordable price range.

There is an example where a user once revealed that this grows light reaches plants easily meaning it has wide coverage.

Being able to produce an efficient spectrum is what this LED grow light is also capable of and it also possesses about 12 LEDs consisting of white, blue and red. Furthermore, this LED grows light is capable of producing the required bright plant which is needed by a single plant.

Its well-engineered design would ensure that your plants are safe and no matter the application whether it is for vegetation, seeding, germination or blooming, this grow light would be perfect for any stage.


  1. Has an efficient design
  2. Consumes low power
  3. Durable
  4. Large light spectrum
  5. Very bright


  1. Low-level leverage
  2. Low-level cost
  3. Lacks a timer
  4. Can be damaged by water

Types of Grow Light

Img Source: awebtoknow.com

There are several types of grow light on the market but listed below are the best types;

  1. High-Pressure Sodium
  2. Fluorescent Grow Light
  3. LED Grow Light
  4. Plasma Grow Light

Writers Verdict

We all know that it would become a tough task to make the right choice when shopping for an LED grow light because you have come in contact with several products but here you would find that we have rounded up the best and reliable LED grow lights for you.

It is also a known fact that you cannot go ahead and buy each of them just to try them out but you should know that you are guaranteed the best light performance and excellent yields no matter the choice you make.

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