10 Best Headlight Restoration Kit On The Market – 2024 Buying Guide

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The fact that things get to fade off with time still isn’t enough reason for anyone to drive out especially at night using a headlight that offers a half vision. Headlights tend to fade with ease and also with time but with the use of elbow grease, headlights can be restored with ease.

The best headlight restoration kit on the market review is one that would show you the best products so let’s get started right away.

Driving an old car with lots of miles would definitely lead to having headlights that have turned yellowish in color or headlights that are faded. This is, however, the right time for you to get something done not just for you to get them to look good once again but because it is also necessary for your safety.

The best headlight restoration kit on the market that we have talked about in this review guarantees that yellow, hazy and foggy headlights would be restored and made to look brand new again. Check them out:

1. 3M Headlight Restoration System, Sand, Refine, and Polish

best headlight restoration kit on the market

All around the globe, this headlight restoration kit is one that is preferred by both auto enthusiasts and also by newbies and this is based on the fact that the 3M brand is known for throwing in and giving their all in just one convenient package. This single unit, however, involves about three easy steps that users would come across already explained in its manual.

Also, what it contains is a 3M abrasive technology that combines a polishing compound that is capable of restoring faded headlights to a new and original state.

Sanding discs are also found in this unit and this unit also comes with an applying pad that can be used in applying the compound onto a vehicle’s headlight. However, getting this headlight restoration kit in bulk is advisable as it would save one a great deal.

However, some of its exciting features include:

  1. It can be used on other surfaces of your car which is plastic
  2. Thanks to users who have tried it out, it has been voted as the best headlight restoration kit on the market
  3. Works two times better on taillights and headlights

2. Turtle Wax T-240KT Headlight Lens Restorer Kit

The Turtle Wax brand is one that is quite famous for the versatility in its product and this is one product that can be used on fiberglass chassis as well as building exteriors of just any vehicle. This is one headlight restoration kit that is designed to work impressively well and also one that goes at a very affordable rate and what one stands to get from this product is three headlight restoration pads which has various grits.

The essence of the three restoration pads with various grits is for high precision and what’s more, this product also comes with a lens sealing wipes and also a spray lubricant. With this kit, there is a solid level of assurance that lenses would be clarified and also protected which would enable them to last for long and this is such a good deal for anyone who is shopping the best way to maintain his or her headlights.

One more thing that we have observed about this product is its incredible all-weather protection and here are some of its amazing features:

  1. Designed to last for as long as a year
  2. Not expensive to get started with
  3. For added protection, this kit comes with a lens sealing wipe

3. SYLVANIA – Headlight Restoration Kit

This headlight restoration kit is one that comes in about three steps and these steps are quite useful in providing the best ultraviolet protection against general discoloration or yellowing of headlights.

Let us look further from the fact that this headlight restoration kit is capable of providing excellent clarity and shine, it is also designed to last for a very long time and this might just be the best feature of the SYLVANIA headlight restoration kit.

What this headlight restoration kit offers you is better production of light which we all know is very important regarding safety when driving and there is also another interesting angle to look at, this kit is also capable of getting rid of haze. This is a well-designed headlight restoration kit that has all it takes to protect vehicle lenses and headlights from damages caused by the sun.

This is why this headlight restoration kit is such a good option for people who stay in areas with extremely hot climatic conditions.

Its excellent features include:

  1. Being able to restore visible and clear light output
  2. Offers incredible ultraviolet protection
  3. It involves three steps which makes it very easy to make use of

4. Wipe New HDL6PCMTRRT Headlight Restore Kit

Manufactured in the United States of America and also going for an attractive price, the Wipe New headlight restoration kit is one specially made kit which comes with all that is needed to change dull-looking lights to bright lights. Once this headlight restoration kit is used on your vehicle, it would certainly earn you the compliments that would make one ask how your headlights transformed from looking dull to looking bright.

After use, this headlight restoration kit would last for about two to three years and once it is used on any headlight, it only requires about five to seven minutes to display its quick and amazing effect.

The residue of this headlight restoration kit is one that would survive car washes, harsh winter conditions or any other condition that is being thrown at it and there is also a high level of assurance that when used on any headlight, such headlight would pass even the most rigorous inspection.

Its exciting features include:

  1. Designed in the United States Of America
  2. Would last for as long as two to three years
  3. Ensures that your vehicle would pass tough inspections

5. Mothers 07251 NuLens Headlight Renewal Kit

One major problem that our headlights undergo constantly is the issue of yellowing but after making use of this headlight restoration kit, clarity is all that people would be able to see when they stare into their headlights. Once this headlight restoration kit is applied onto any faded or dull headlight, it acts fast and quickly to make sure that it is restored in just a few minutes.

This restoration kit also comes with a PowerPlastic four lights polish which would certainly make an enormous impact when used on any headlight. There is more to get when it comes to the Mothers NuLens restoration kit and they are getting restoration discs, three-inch backing plate and also polish and despite all of these additions, this kit also goes at a very affordable rate which is why it is considered to be one of the best headlight restoration kit on the market.

Here is an interesting part of this headlight restoration kit, it would work in a few seconds but would last for years and some of its amazing features which excite the market includes:

  1. PowerBall four lights which help in boosting headlight clarity
  2. Doesn’t require a longer time to function
  3. Just one-time application guarantees to last for years

6. CLT Headlight Restoration Kit

This headlight restoration kit actually involves having high power, featuring about three stages and also delivering a very unique finish that people love to see. The CLT headlight restoration kit is one that is designed also with the aim of getting rid of damages that have been caused by ultraviolet rays, hairline scratches and also minor scrapes.

Making use of this headlight restoration kit doesn’t involve the use of tools as all that we required is opening the kit and getting to work immediately.

With this headlight restoration kit, one would get any headlight looking clearer in about two to three minutes and it is also more effective when yellow grease is also applied. This headlight restoration kit from CLT is one that would last for as long as eighteen months as it provides ultimate protection from ultraviolet rays, airborne chemicals and also exhausts. It can be used on tail lights as well and some contents would be left to use after the first eighteen months.

Some of its eye catching features include:

  1. Having a three-step system that takes only two to three minutes to produce results
  2. Would work on headlights that have lived for about three years
  3. Provides extra protection against ultraviolet rays

7. Rain-X 800001809 Headlight Restoration Kit

The Rain-X headlight restoration kit is one that would not pose any difficulty to use as it can be used and functions like a breeze. It is very easy to make use of as it comes with clearly written and easy to understand instructions and guess what, this is just the right type of kit that guarantees to carry out a decent job when used on any faded or dull headlight.

The Rain-X headlight restoration kit is one that would effectively clear headlights but it isn’t as effective as the SYLVANIA headlight restoration kit.

There is a feature quite interesting about the Rain-X headlight restoration kit and that is its sanding squares which are designed to be held easily when used compared to when working with traditional sandpaper. The Rain-X headlight restoration kit is a good product that also sells for a decent price. However, some of its exciting features include:

  1. Getting rid of discoloration and haze
  2. Helps in enhancing visibility
  3. This is a multi-step kit that is capable of delivering a deep cleaning process

8. Blue Magic 725CD-06 Headlight Lens Restorer

The good thing about the Blue Magic Lens Restorer is it is one of the cheapest selling best headlight restoration kits on the market and also cheaper than all the headlight restoration kits that we have talked about in this review.

However, its effect isn’t as powerful as all other headlight restoration kits that we have also discussed in this review but still when a test was carried out to determine how effective this restorer is, it proved that it could actually make dull headlights look clearer.

Several comments online from people who have tried out the Blue Magic Lens Restorer claimed that even as ineffective as other people claim it is, this headlight restorer is also capable of increasing visibility, getting rid of haze and also enhancing optical clarity. Furthermore, it also acts to prevent headlights from turning yellow after wiping them clean while some of its features include:

  1. Requires just ten minutes to display its results
  2. Anyone would find it quite easy and convenient to make use of this headlight restoration kit
  3. Makes headlights shine crystal clear
  4. Delivers better cleaning results

9. Rust-Oleum HDLCAL Wipe New Headlight Restore

The Rust-Oleum Wipe New Restorer is also another easy to use and affordable solution that can be used in restoring faded and dull headlights and guess what, this is one kit that is designed to be straightforward and also easy to make use of. All that is required when making use of this kit is to have wet and clean sand then polish the headlight with the polishing pads that this headlight restoration kit comes with.

The best thing about this headlight restoration kit from Rust-Oleum is it would provide a clean and fresh lens appearance and here is the most interesting part of this kit, it makes use of an easy to apply procedure combined with a nano polymer formula which doesn’t only get rid of oxidation but also makes sure that they stay protected for many years to come.

This headlight restoration kit is one that works and dries up faster and it also recommends avoiding exposing headlights to the sun for about twenty-four hours.

Your car lenses would stay protected when this headlight restoration kit is used no matter how many cars washes it passes through while its key features include:

  1. Featuring a nano polymer formula
  2. Being very easy to make use of
  3. Makes sure lenses are protected no matter how many times your car is washed

10. Philips Headlight Restoration Kit

When it comes to lighting, the PHILIPS brand is one that can be trusted and guess what about this product, the Philips company claims to have designed a headlight restoration kit which is capable of offering two years of ultraviolet protection when used the right way. This is also another simple solution that would not require the use of special tools for use and this kit also comes with everything that is needed to restore dull headlight and lenses.

This is the type of headlight restoration kit that can be used on reflective lens cover, signal lights and also on tail lights and this is a four-step headlight restoration kit process that involves sanding, cleaning, polishing and application of the UV restorer and shine.

There are so many more interesting angles to look at when talking about the Philips Headlight Restoration kit but these can be figured out easily when used.

However, some of its features include:

  1. Not requiring the use of power tools for use
  2. Offering about two years of ultraviolet protection
  3. Comes with all that is required in restoring dull headlights

Importance of Making Use Of A Headlight Restoration Kit

The primary body of a headlight is plastic and plastic is quite vulnerable to absorbing things from the environment. The importance of making use of a headlight restoration kit includes:


Headlights are vital when talking about safety and this is because if you can’t see what is ahead of you then there is no way you can protect yourself especially at night. The number way to ensure safety while driving at night is by ensuring that your headlight is always clean and clear at all times so it is important that they are kept clean at all times.

Saves Money

Although this is dependent on the brand and type of car, one could end up spending unnecessarily and heavily in getting new headlights and making use of headlight restoration kits would alone make you to spend less money and also avoid carrying out unnecessary future repairs.

Resale Value

If you are the type that re-sells stuff and if you have such plans with your vehicle then you need to keep your headlights in good condition. You are not going to get much if you intend selling a car


Well, you asked for the best headlight restoration kit on the market and here we have given it to you. You would need to pay close attention to all the information that we have discussed in this review as they would be vital in helping you make the right choice.

If you truly want to love and own your car then you should do what is necessary for restoring your faded headlights so they can look brand new once again.