15 Best Floor Jack for Cars In 2024 – Best Buying Guide with Reviews

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Picture this scene of you driving on the highway and suddenly your tire goes flat. At this very point, you are on your own because there is no one around to help you and if you do not have a floor jack, the only option left is for you to tow your vehicle back home.

Generating lightness and elevation is how you identify a good floor jack and there are quite some cool floor jacks but the numerous brands on the market can make the shopping task a little bit daunting and difficult. We have gathered some information that would be useful when you decide to shop for a floor jack;

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Every mechanic and car owner knows the usefulness of having a car jack. For what its worth, it is very useful in gaining complete access to underneath your vehicle and for any kind of work to be done under your vehicle be it tire changing, suspension or undercarriage, these floor jacks listed here are the best options to rely on.

1. Arcan XL2T Aluminum Floor Jack

best floor jack for cars

There are several floor jacks designed by the Arcan company but none has been able to beat the performance and design of this Arcan ALJ2T aluminum floor jack. You can work under any car using this floor jack which is designed to specifically have the right weight capacity and also offer the right amount of elevation needed to work.

This is a heavy-duty floor jack as it would hold weight up to two thousand tons and that is quite surprising as this floor jack weighs only fifty pounds. With less effort, this floor jack would be able to provide suitable elevation conveniently despite having a small size. Its small size is also an advantage as it perfectly fits into areas with less space and lifts the car.

The design of this floor jack shows how useful and how compact it is and with this floor jack, users are guaranteed to elevate a car as high as nineteen inches. It is also a floor jack that meets all necessary PALD and ANSI standards and this contributes to why this floor jack is lovable and also authentic.

Its aluminum body construction also makes it very durable.

Key Features:

  1. Compact and lightweight design
  2. Aluminum material construction ensures durability
  3. Would move easily under cars
  4. Stored conveniently after use
  5. ANSI and PALD certified product

2. Arcan ALJ3T, Aluminum Floor Jack

best floor jack for cars

It is also interesting that our number two entry on this list is also another Arcan brand and this shows how far the brand goes in making high quality and reliable products. This particular floor jack shares some similarities with the first one we talked about but the main difference in both products is this one is designed specifically to lift three tons of weight.

Being able to lift three tons of weight makes it the ideal choice for lightweight buses, trucks, station wagons, SUVs and some other large-sized cars. This is often regarded to like the most and reliable and most durable of them all and this is because this floor jack has an arm with a remodeled design which makes lifting and holding three tons of weight very possible.

There is also a fast lifting action when working with this floor jack and that is made possible by its dual pump pistons. Another exciting design of this floor jack is its piston dust shields which ensure proper cleanliness when working with this floor jack. This floor jack would only get jammed if it gets attacked by dust.

Its resilient and strong aluminum body also helps in prolonging the life of this product.

Key Features:

  1. Designed to lift three tons of weight
  2. The best for small-sized and large-sized cars or trucks
  3. The aluminum body construction also enhances durability
  4. Two pump pistons make lifting action fast

3. Neiko Pro 20272B Premium Aluminum Floor Jack

best floor jack for cars

This brand is also one that cannot be left out of this review as they are also well known for the manufacture of quality and top-grade products. The Neiko Pro aluminum floor jack is one we are in love in and what customers love about this floor jack is how portable it is and also its ability to lift about three tons of weight.

It features an aluminum material body that doesn’t just make this floor jack lightweight but also tends to make it strong. However, there is something interesting that everyone needs to note about this floor jack and that is its plunger system which makes lifting easy and fast. With this floor jack, you can work under any car and under any condition.

Some of its safety features include safety valves and safety pad which are used for preventing overextension and overloading with scratches and dust respectively.

Key Features:

  1. Would elevate cars to about 19.5 inches high
  2. Would handle the weight of about three tons
  3. This floor jack is easy to handle
  4. Comes with several safety features that make working safe
  5. Has a durable handle and frame

4. Arcan XL2T Black Steel Service Jack

best floor jack for cars

Once again, another Arcan floor jack finds its way to this review and this is mostly because the Arcan brand has a way of living up to its well reputable name. For every lightweight SUV or small size car, this is the best floor jack for it but it is quite important to note that this floor jack isn’t ideal for cars that exceed or weigh above three or two tons.

There is also a hydraulic system here which enables users to lift cars to the right elevation while the presence of a universal joint release system makes this floor jack quite easy to handle and control. Its body is well protected from sand and dust and this, in turn, prevents this floor jack from jamming.

Made using steel material shows how strong and long-lasting this floor jack is as steel material is known to be far stronger and reliable than aluminum. The only negative feeling about being made with steel material is that it would feel heavier but it is more durable than an aluminum floor jack.

Key Features:

  1. Lifts two tons
  2. Meets PALD standards which makes it secure and safe
  3. Well protected from mud, sand and dust
  4. Has a higher height range of about 2.75 to 24 inches

5. Blackhawk B6350 Fast Lift Service Jack

best floor jack for cars

This floor jack has a modern style and design and also proves to be a better addition to your car tools for lifting purposes. It is designed with the purpose of lifting about 7000lbs which is the normal weight of every car out there and one feature that seems to impress customers about this floor jack is its mechanics and design that makes lifting easy and convenient.

Its well polished and heavy-duty steel material construction helps in keeping this floor jack durable and having a saddle that swivels makes it quite easy for this jack to be positioned properly so lifting can be carried out with ease. Another point to note is its inner safety valve.

This valve puts a stop to lifting immediately this jack reaches its limit helping to prevent early damage. It also comes with a one year warranty which enables buyers to enjoy using this floor jack with satisfaction.

Key Features:

  1. Can be positioned properly using its saddle swivel
  2. Heavy-duty material keeps it durable
  3. Lifts up to 7000lbs
  4. Safety valve informs users when a limit is reached to stop lifting

6. Performance Tool W1627 Jack

best floor jack for cars

To lift your car for any purpose, the Performance Tool Jack is all you need and this is also because this jack comes with a host of safety features that make it quite easy to work with. It also possesses various capacities which is also why it is one of the bright floor jack options we have nowadays.

When it comes to lifting a four-wheeler and a standard car, this is the right jack that you can trust and its polished heavy-duty steel material construction makes it durable when compared to other floor jacks on the market. Its polished design enables it to resist rust and other problems that jacks face.

Furthermore, its saddle has a swivel caster design which makes lifting very easy with minimal effort while having a flanged style also promotes better stability while holding the weight of any car.

Another impressive feature to note is its rubber saddle pad and this makes sure the floor jack is protected from scratches as well as adding more stability.

Key Features:

  1. The dual pump makes lifting effortless
  2. Polished and heavy-duty steel makes this jack durable
  3. Safety is guaranteed using its overload protection valve design
  4. Rubber saddle pad fights against scratches

7. 1.5 Ton Compact Aluminum Racing Jack

best floor jack for cars

This is another top-quality floor jack that can be relied on in lifting any vehicle you want to work under. Even though this floor jack has a lighter weight when compared to other competitors available for sale, it is believed that this floor jack offers safe and best results during use. In addition to this, being compact also makes storage very easy.

The 1.5-ton racing floor jack makes use of a unique pumping system which makes way for fast lifting action and for this reason, this is the floor jack that is ideal for race cars as they would need to lift the cars in less time. There is also a dual parallel pump system and this ensures that the jack height is reached in just three pumps alone.

Furthermore, aluminum is the material used in making this floor jack and that also contributes to why users find this floor jack easy to handle as well as its long-lasting factor. The presence of a knurled two-piece aluminum handle provides a strong grip and if there’s a strong grip then you can actually say this floor jack is safe.

Key Features:

  1. The operation of this jack is fast and easy thanks to its dual pump design
  2. Aluminum knurled handle provides a strong grip
  3. Aluminum material construction makes it lightweight, compact and durable
  4. Its saddle foam bumper also protects against scratches

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8. Omega 29023 Magic Lift Hydraulic Service Jack

best floor jack for cars

This is a magical lifting device that car owners and even mechanics can trust in lifting their cars and it features a design that makes it very easy to use and also safe in every way. Having a low profile design also makes it fit into any application. Its design comes with extra long frames that makes sure it reaches far under any car.

Stability is also another enviable feature of this floor jack and this is made possible as a result of this jack’s wide stance design. No matter the weight exerted on this jack, it would remain in a stable position. It also features a hydraulic pump system that makes pumping to lift easy and with fewer efforts.

Its hydraulic press is also another safety precaution of this floor jack and from all of the features we have talked about, you would be able to tell that this jack is all about stability. This also makes sure that users are quite satisfied while working with this floor jack.

Key Features:

  1. Has a stable and broad saddle
  2. Extra-long frames and wide stance ensures stability and reaching far ends under any car
  3. Thanks to its hydraulic pump, lifting is done effortlessly

9. Liftmaster 3 Ton Steel Floor Jack

best floor jack for cars

If you want a floor jack that would last long then you can count on the Liftmaster floor jack and for those who work under cars then this is also the right option for them as it has a high amount of stability. Every angle can be checked when preparing for lifting and this is also another way of ensuring safety.

You can make use of this jack for four-wheelers and a regular car while a feature that has earned this jack some positive reviews is its hydraulic and dual pump. The combination of these two pumps makes lifting smooth, fast and easy while the addition of a rubber saddle pad also makes sure that the vehicle isn’t scratched in any way.

Extra protection is offered by its saddle foam bumper which also fights against scratches while its steel knurled handle offers the best grip.

Key Features:

  1. A firm grip can be obtained using its steel knurled handle
  2. Protects against scratches
  3. Offers optimal stability

10. Pro-Lift F-767 Grey Low Profile Floor Jack

best floor jack for cars

This is a budget car jack that is small in size but still lives up to expectation. Designed for use in small to medium-size cars, having a low profile design and also featuring an all-steel construction are some of the major highlights of this jack.

Nonetheless, this jack can also be trusted when working with large size cars but if you want a jack that you can trust when changing winter tires, doing tire rotations or carrying out an oil change then this is just the floor jack that you can trust. It is ideal if you want a floor jack to meet a particular budget.

It comes with a convenient lifting handle that makes picking up easy while its small size also makes it easy to store. If you live in a small apartment or if you have limited space then this jack is for you as it would use up less amount of space.

It has a short pump handle and the only disadvantage of having a short pump handle is it requires several amounts of pumps to lift a car.

Key Features:

  1. Its steel body construction makes it last longer than most products
  2. Has a low profile design
  3. Its bypass valve helps in providing protection against excess pumping
  4. Affordable

11. Pittsburgh Automotive 3 Ton Steel Floor Jack

One of the best floor jacks you can settle for is the Pittsburgh heavy duty floor jack and if you are looking for certain features that you can see in a hydraulic jack then this is just the only option you need. It has a lot of interesting features and still comes at a very decent and affordable price.

Having a three-ton capacity simply means that this jack would be able to lift cars and also large trucks and having a low profile design also means that this floor jack would be able to perfectly fit under any lowered track car. Customers also love its rapid pump dual-piston design which lifts cars with ease.

Furthermore, the presence of wide and extra front seat makes sure there is stability and also having an all-steel construction means this is one-floor jack that would last for a very long while.

Key Features:

  1. best for flat tires lowered vehicles and sports cars
  2. its three-ton capacity makes it a good option for lifting cars and trucks
  3. durable thanks to its all-steel construction
  4. comes at a very affordable price

12. NOS NSJ0201 2-Ton Aluminum Service Jack

best floor jack for cars

Another best choice aluminum floor jack that you can opt for when considering what option to buy is the NOS NSJ0201 floor jack and this is one of the lightest floor jacks that you would find in this review. Fully equipped with side handles makes lifting and transportation easy and this floor jack can be stored in any storage compartment or at the rear of your car.

There are several eye catching designs associated with this floor jack and that includes having a saddle pad that promotes protection, a dual-piston pump which makes lifting quick and easy and aluminum body construction for strength and stability.

This jack is tough and is also a welcomed addition to your car repair kit

Key Features:

  1. Lightweight
  2. Aluminum body construction that ensures long-lasting
  3. Protects overloading using its safety valve
  4. Comes at very good value

13. Powerbuilt 620422E Triple Lift Jack

best floor jack for cars

If you come across this jack when shopping for a decent floor jack to buy do not hesitate to go for it as it is a multi-use jack that fits into several applications and a factor that makes this jack unique is its padded and large platform attached to its lifting arm. This platform makes this jack suitable for lawn tractors, ATVs, motorcycles and many more.

There is a safety lockout pin that this jack comes with and this ensures that the jack stays in place so users don’t have to be worried or stressed about making use of a jack stand. It also features an all-steel design which helps this jack to last longer than most low-quality jacks available on the market.

One important thing to note is this jack doesn’t go well with low profile vehicles meaning it wouldn’t fit under smaller vehicles or cars while its maximum lifting height also won’t be ideal for tall SUVs and trucks.

Key Features:

  1. Has a two-ton lifting capacity
  2. All steel design makes it durable
  3. Locking bar eliminates the need for a jack stand
  4. Meets ANSI standards
  5. Has a cheap price tag

14. Torin Big Red Hydraulic Trolley Floor Jack

best floor jack for cars

This is quite a big jack that is red in color and it is a jack that does exactly what it claims to do. This is such a unique tool that you can place your trust in while working and it is also one that comes properly and well constructed. It also has a hefty feel which makes it heavier than most floor jacks but still carries out the task it is required to do.

Being a heavy-duty floor jack simply means that this jack would lift a considerable amount of weight and customers complimented its extra-long neck design that helps in making lifting cars very easy. For example, raising a ford explorer won’t be a problem using this floor jack.

Having this high lifting capacity makes one feel safer when lifting smaller cars.

Key Features:

  1. Boasts of a three-ton capacity
  2. Has an extra-long neck design that makes lifting an easy process
  3. A heavy-duty design which makes it ideal for lifting SUV’s and trucks

15. Torin Big Red Steel Scissor Jack

best floor jack for cars

This is actually a perfect example of the saying that good things tend to come in little packages. Having a small size makes it easy to transport or carry this jack when not in use and being small in size also makes it a good option to move about within case there is an emergency tire changing the situation.

Meanwhile, the only problem most customers have had while working with a one-floor jack or the other is the fact that they never tend to stay stable while in use but that isn’t the case with this floor jack from Torin as it features a big footprint which helps in providing a stable base while in use.

Staying in a stable position is also another way of making sure working with this floor jack is safe and the combination of a powerful lifting capacity combined with a stable base is what attracts customers to this nicely designed floor jack.

Key Features:

  1. Has a stable base
  2. Compact size which makes storage and transportation very easy
  3. Has a lift capacity of 1.5 ton

Factors to Look Out for When Buying

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Build Quality

The build quality of every jack is the overall quality or factor that must be considered when shopping for a car jack. Jacks made using solid metal are the best option and even though they tend to be heavy, they offer more stability.

Weight Rating

Hydraulic car jacks are rated using tonnage so you should know that three-ton jacks are good for vans, trucks, SUV’s and mid-sized cars while two-ton jacks are suitable for subcompact cars.

Height of Lifting Pad

In order to lift any vehicle, a car jack must be placed under so as to have access to lifting points and if you ground clearance is lower than the height of your lifting pad then lifting a car might be impossible. Every lifting pad must have about one-inch clearance from the lifting point under any car.

Final Thoughts

There is actually a pattern to every floor jack for a car that we have selected here and that is all of them have safe, stable and durable features in common. With our best floor jack reviews, you would be able to find the best for you and after making your choice, also remember to take every necessary safety precaution when working under your vehicle.

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