10 Best All Terrain Tires For Pickup Trucks And SUV’s In 2024

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All-terrain tires have all the necessary features that tend to offer drivers all the best when it comes to driving both off-road and on-road. All-terrain tires have an open tread design which makes it perform great when driving off-road but also provides a better handling performance when driven on road.

If you reside in the rural region and you need a tire that would be able to last and perform great in a whole year then all-terrain tires are simply what you need.

A Step By Step Buying Guide on Finding The Best All Terrain Tires

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For drivers who are looking forward to driving their pickup trucks and SUV’s on rocky and rugged landscapes then an all-terrain tire is exactly what you need and this sort of terrain is the one that emphasis on tires with a unique tread pattern that can be handled precisely and also offering a very strong and outstanding grip.

There are lots of all-terrain tires on the market but questions are always raised on how these tires would perform.

Due to the versatility and strength of all-terrain tires, there are tons of options and types on the market and this also makes it quite difficult to spot which tire is a high-quality one and a low-quality one.

The numerous options of all-terrain tires on the market especially online has made it difficult to know which particular brand to invest your money. If you are in this situation right now then you are just lucky.

Listed below is a 2019 review on the best all-terrain tires and we have put this list together based on the quality of tire, performance, durability and also customer comments.

1. Hankook DynaPro ATM RF10 Off-Road Tire

best all terrain tires

The Hankook brand invested a lot into the DynaPro ATM RF10 off-road tire and even though these tires were originally designed for use only with Ford F-150 vehicles, they also come with different sizes that make them a better option for use in SUV’s, vans and trucks.

This tire features a symmetrical design which helps in providing a wide surface area and in turn, this provides the tire with a good amount of grip required to move on most surfaces.

This makes it possible for this tire to stay firm even when moving on uneven surfaces while it’s wraparound design also makes sure that this tire moves well on snow and mud surfaces as well as protecting it against cuts.

An impressive feature of this high-quality tire is its stone ejector design which offers this tire optimal protection against damages caused by stones. Two reinforced steel belts also make this tire very sturdy and with this tire, a smooth ride is guaranteed.

The combination of all these features makes this tire a reliable, safe and sturdy option when used both on the track and on the streets.

Key Features:

  1. Very good for use on SUV’s, trucks and vans
  2. Comes with stone ejectors that offer projectors
  3. Internal steel belts make it sturdy

2. General Grabber AT2 Radial Tire

General Grabber AT2 Radial Tire

This is an all-terrain tire that is designed to live up to expectation and whether it is used on or off the road, this tire would have a firm grab on most surfaces. These are tires that you can make use of for a whole year and it is a good option for SUV and pickup trucks. This tire is well treated using an anti-tear and anti-chip compound which makes these tires very resistant to scrapes and rips.

Versatility is also another impressive feature of this tire and even though this tire is built to be rugged, it also boasts of a computer-optimized tire tread pattern which makes sure both the passenger and driver have a smooth and quiet ride.

There are twin steel belts inside this tire which helps in preventing tire deformity while an impressive feature of this tire is its self-cleaning design which makes sure you do not experience any difficulty in removing stones and mud that are stuck in the tire gaps.

Key Features:

  1. Works well when used in SUV’s and pickup trucks
  2. Has a very versatile design
  3. Maintains a quiet operation
  4. Has a self-cleaning tread design

3. Dick Cepek Fun Country All-Terrain Radial Tire

best all terrain tires

This is a tire from a high-quality brand that makes sure it does exactly what it says it is going to do. One of the things it promises to do is to make driving fun for both the driver and passenger and this is one tire that can be categorized in between mud-terrain tires and traditional all-terrain models.

This is the reason why it performs well when driving on slippery surfaces compared to other all-terrain tires on the market.

You would enjoy making use of this tire with your pickup truck and SUV as it comes with a deep tread symmetrical design that ensures a wider surface area. One eye catching feature of this high-quality tire is its stone kickers that help in providing adequate protection against stone drilling, scrapes and cuts.

Furthermore, this tire features a Dick Cepec’s “sidebiters” design which makes sure this tire is protected when driving on extremely loosed surfaces.

Its rugged and appealing appearance is also another factor why this tire happens to be a customer favorite today.

Key Features:

  1. Its deep symmetrical design is responsible for providing better traction and wide surface area
  2. Has a rugged design
  3. Presence of stone kickers protects against scrapes, stones and cuts

4. Firestone Destination A/T All-Season Radial Tire

Superb off-road ability and offering a comfortable ride are what drivers stand to gain from making use of this top-quality all-terrain tire. These are tires that can be made use of all through the year while its tread surface which is enhanced using carbon is quite resistant to abrasive and slippery surfaces.

Providing excellent traction, wrap-around shoulder design, intermediate blocks and a continuous center rib are other amazing features of this tire.

Designed to rest on a polymer cord, wrapped in nylon and also having reinforced twin steel cords ensures that drivers enjoy a smooth ride and this is a tire that can be easily customized and it features a triple sideways styling choice which allows customers to select a preferable design.

Key Features:

  1. Features a tread surface that is carbon enhanced
  2. Ideal for use all year round
  3. Also features reinforced twin steel belts that make it sturdy
  4. Can be used in jeeps, SUV’s and trucks

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5. Goodyear Wrangler Radial Tire

When talking about tires with high quality, one of the best and reliable brands that come to the mind is the “Goodyear” tire brand and this wouldn’t come as a surprise to readers that one of its tires has made it to this review as it is well known for the production of high quality and dependable tires.

The Goodyear Wrangler Dial tire might come at a very affordable price but it is also a durable and useful tire option to settle for.

It features large tread blocks that offer adequate handling whether driving off or on the road including wet and snow surfaces. This tire is designed specifically for use with pickup trucks and the confidence the manufacturer has in these products is the reason why it comes with a one year warranty.

The combination of effective fuel consumption and having the right balance when driving is also another reason why customers are crazy about this tire.

Key Features:

  1. The best option for use in pickup trucks
  2. Designed to handle most terrain and weather conditions
  3. Has a one year warranty
  4. The presence of large tread blocks is the reason why this tire has impressive traction when driving off-road
  5. One of the best cost-effective tires to look out for

6. Falken Wildpeak AT3W All-Terrain Radial Tire

The combination of an impressive performance when driven on the streets and an aggressive off-road ability is one of the reasons why the Falken Wildpeak all-terrain tire has made it to this review and this is one tire that comes with a silica tread design which makes it quite resistant to wear and tear when used under difficult wet road and winter conditions. This also contributes to why this tire is a good option for driving in snow conditions.

It features a radial tread design that provides superb traction and this makes you drive safely as well as making this tire reliable and being certified to bear the three-peak mountain snow symbol simply means that this is the sort of all-terrain tire that would still deliver an impressive performance when used in critical snow conditions.

Having the trademark 3D canyon sipes from Falken also indicates adequate traction and an ability to keep delivering an impressive performance.

Key Features:

  1. Its silica tread design helps in making sure that this tire is resistant to wear and tear
  2. Works well in SUV’s and pickup trucks
  3. Its radial tread design also contributes to this tires excellent traction

7. BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain All-Terrain Radial Tire

With these high-quality tires, users are guaranteed that its tire tread would never get clogged up as this is made possible as a result of shoulder tread clearing bars and upper sidewall traction bars.

This way, users also rest assured that obtaining the best traction would not be compromised while the combination of a high void tread design and its large footprint also makes sure this tire has a firm grip on most surfaces.

This tire is a preferred choice for embarking on long highway journeys as it offers precise and easy on-road handling and one more feature that most customers love or are impressed with concerning this tire is its TriGuard Polyester Carcass which makes sure this tire is adequately protected against bruises and punctures. The presence of rim protectors also helps in deflecting harmful objects both off and on the road.

If you are also the kind of driver that rides constantly on off-road territory then this is just the right all-terrain tire option for you.

Key Features:

  1. Offers adequate protection against punctures and bruises
  2. This is the best tire option for muddy and rocky surfaces
  3. Its rim protectors would protect against harmful objects
  4. Best tire option for use in pickup trucks

8. Nitto Terra Grappler G2 all_ Season Radial Tire

This is another top-quality tire from the Nitto Terra Grappler brand which boasts to also be a good choice for use on all kinds of terrain as well as for use in all seasons. These are tires that live up to promise as they are the sort of tires you would find quite comfortable to ride on rough terrain.

This tire is designed and manufactured in the United States of America and it features a tread design capable of offering excellent traction under snow and rain conditions.

Durability is also another mouthwatering feature of this high quality and outstanding all-terrain tire and customers who have tried out this tire have revealed that they aren’t just versatile but would last long even when driven along thousands of miles.

Another feature that seems to attract customers is its appealing and attractive nature. This is, however, a good quality tire that would take you to the mall, work or even into the woods.

Key Features:

  1. Performs well on the road and also delivers a noiseless operation
  2. Whether driven under snow or rain, this tire delivers an impressive traction
  3. Has an attractive appearance
  4. built to be durable

9. Michelin LTX A/T2 All-Season Radial Tire

I am sure you all have been waiting for a tire from the Michelin brand to make it to this review and this is a premium tire from the Michelin to finally find its way to this well-detailed guide as it features a superior construction that makes it a very good choice without compromising on its comfort and superb traction on road. This is one special kind of tire that would be suitable for use in Vans, SUV and pickups.

It is the kind of tire that is designed to meet up with several demanding road conditions while the combination of Michelin biting edge technology and a tough truck tread helps in providing blocks in this tire’s tread pattern so as to ensure it witnesses an improved level of traction when driving on snow, mud, dirt, gravel and other lighter terrains.

Its steel belts also guarantee that this tire remains resistant to punctures as well as offering it extra strength.

Key Features:

  1. Offers excellent handling
  2. Has a unique tread life
  3. Also makes sure every ride is comfortable
  4. Delivers an impressive performance under snow conditions

10. Milestar Patagonia M/T Mud-Terrain Radial Tire

The Milestone Patagonia high-quality all-terrain tire is the last but not the least tire to make it to this review and this is one tire that has a high void tread design which enables it to display aggressive biting edges as well as ensuring it has a self-cleaning action.

The Milestone Patagonia three-ply sidewall design helps in providing an extra amount of protection that could be caused by impact damages.

That isn’t just the safety feature that this tire comes with as it also features a stone ejector technology which helps in protecting against damages that could be caused by stones, scrapes and cuts.

This makes this tire the best option for exploring on rocks and other forms of terrain. Drivers would also enjoy a high level of traction thanks to its off-center and staggered tread blocks as well as boosting on-road performance.

Looking at all of these features, you would actually believe that this tire has all it takes to ride on or overcome all kinds of terrain and that is also why this tire has made it to this review.

Key Features:

  1. Has a better and attractive appearance
  2. Has a better fit when compared with most all-terrain tires
  3. Affordable price
  4. When climbing or driving in mud, this tire would display an outstanding performance

Best All Terrain Tires Buying Guide

Listed above are the best all-terrain tires that are quite hot on the market right now. With numerous options on the market, it would be difficult to tell which is quite reliable and would meet up with your needs and that is why this review would guide you when its time to shop for one any day and anytime.

Features to Look At When Shopping for All Terrain Tires

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Depending on the kind of vehicle you make use, there are common features you ought to look out for when considering which all-terrain tire you should settle for. Here, we would talk about some common features which you should be on the lookout for when you decide to buy an all-terrain tire

  1. Stone Ejectors – all-terrain tires nowadays have designs that make them protect their wheels from stones or its tread from becoming lodged. This is a very useful feature as it makes sure damages caused by stone drilling doesn’t occur. Having clogged treads would impair traction and surface area.
  2. Large Tread – Having deeper grooves than regular tires is also another notable feature of all-terrain tires. The main purpose of this large tread is to help increase the surface area of your tire as the larger the surface area, the better the traction.
  3. Treated Rubber – rubber used in the production of all-terrain tires ought to be treated using carbon or silica compound. This helps in providing the tires with adequate grip on most surfaces. These compounds are also helpful in preventing the build-up of mud as well as making sure detritus isn’t lodged in wheels.
  4. Internal Reinforcement – Being reinforced from the inside is one feature that proves that all-terrain tires are durable when compared with regular highway tires. Asides from making them durable, it also makes them quite heavier.
  5. Self Cleaning – This is one feature that would delight drivers as all-terrain tires are all built to have a self-cleaning design or pattern. This design makes sure that dirt, mud or any other external factor would find its way out on its own as the tire continues to spin. This feature saves quite some time when washing off the dirt from your tires.

Importance of All Terrain Tires

It is quite necessary that you figure out if you really need all-terrain tires before going ahead to make a payment for any. All-terrain tires offer so many benefits when used under certain conditions but if your driving requires you to stray away from the road then all-terrain tires might not be a good option as they would generate more noise.

This might also get to affect your vehicle’s fuel efficiency. Below are some benefits of all-terrain tires:

  1. Toughness – One advantage of all-terrain tires is how tough they are as there are models designed with reinforced sidewalls that protect these tires from cuts, scrapes, chips and punctures. There are some designed to deflect gravel and rock while others have steel cables that keep them rigid as well as providing excellent traction.
  2. Versatility – It is likely to ride using an all-terrain tire if you have a pickup truck, SUV or any four-wheel-drive vehicle. This versatility is the reason why it has an edge over other types of tires but an advantage of all-terrain tires is they offer comfort when driven on rough track and on highways.
  3. Unique Traction – All-terrain tires would have better traction on almost every surface and this is a result of their maximized surface area and large tread pattern.
  4. Noise – Nowadays, tire manufacturers are more concerned with the number of noise tires generate but the presence of large block tread would definitely generate more noise when driving on the road.
  5. Great Value – All-terrain tires are known to be very affordable and less expensive when compared with other types of tires and making use of an all-terrain tire in a standard vehicle and riding on rough terrain would help in saving money as they would require replacement less often.

Conclusion – Best Pick

The best product that we have looked at in this review is the Hankook DynaPro as it proves to have the best balance in terms of usability every day and rugged versatility. They have asymmetrical tread design which offers a smoothly handling on the roads and even on aggressive roads.

Finally, this is the type of tire that would perform under any condition whether it is used under snow, mud or cold weather condition.

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