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When it comes to vehicles and driving, the only thoughts that keep the mind occupied are thoughts of the engine, exhaust and brakes and no thought or attention is given to the driver.

What you do as a driver will be key to making sure that you and your passengers have a comfortable and safe driving experience and one way to upgrade the way you drive is by making use of one of the best driving shoes that we have all over the market.

best driving shoes

Driving while wearing flip flops and high heels isn’t really a good idea but some people still have no idea regarding what they ought to wear on their feet when driving.

This is why we have taken it upon ourselves to bring you this best driving shoe review that that contains wide options of shoes for you to choose from.

These shoes come in different styles for both women and men and we are quite certain that you would find something that would suit your needs. Let’s check them out;

1. PUMA Men’s Vedano Leather Slip-On Shoe

best driving shoes

The PUMA brand might be famous today because of their specialization in the production of sneakers but this shoe right here isn’t a sneaker but a good choice pair of driving shoes. This is one shoe that is made out of one hundred percent leather material and this makes it quite supple as you foot walks in it as well as making sure the foot has an excellent grip while walking.

There is something special about this shoe and that is its driver heel design which helps in placing the foot at a good angle and also promoting comfort.

You can easily fasten this shoe using its hook and loop closure system and apart from being comfortable, this shoe is also stylish and guarantees to help you reach your destination with no pain or stress.

It is considered to be a casual and smart shoe and one customer has revealed has a perfect fit.

Key Features:

  1. Comfortable and flexible
  2. Made using genuine leather material
  3. Has a sleek low profile design
  4. Casual and smart shoe

2. Twisted X Men’s Vfw Stars and Stripes

This is one shoe that will be best for all kinds of driving and for driving on any terrain and this is because it comes with flexible rubber sole which provides a firm grip while driving.

It makes it easy to work on your feet on your vehicle pedals and you would also find them comfortable and soft thanks to its tops that are made using high-quality leather material.

However, this driving shoe has a stand out feature and that is its footbed technology that specializes in getting rid of moisture and this technology also makes sure that whether you are driving on long distances, the foot would remain dry and cool.

This technology is also responsible for promoting stability and customers who have also tried out this shoe have lauded the level of comfort it offers as well as their high-quality material build.

Key Features:

  1. This is a handmade shoe
  2. Made using original leather material
  3. Has a laid back stylish design
  4. Offers comfort despite driving for lengthy hours

3. ECCO Men’s New Jersey Slip-On Loafer

The next driving shoe that we will love to bring to your notice is the ECCO Men’s new jersey slip-on loafer shoes which come in both fabric and leather designs.

You would find it easy to slip your foot into this shoes and slip it out at the end of the day but once you are driving while wearing this shoe, you would realize that it brings an unmatched level of support combined with a firm grip and that is why it is a good option for driving.

Here is why this shoe is a good buy; its insoles feature a moisture-wicking technology that also incorporates AGION bacteria control which adds extra comfort and promotes proper hygiene.

This is also a good looking shoe, stylish and also one with a low stacked heel and you car sure rock this shoe with any outfit of your choice. Customers are impressed with its lightweight design as it allows one to wear for long hours without feeling fatigued.

Key Features:

  1. This is a comfortable driving shoe
  2. Designed to absorb shock
  3. Has a durable and comfortable design
  4. Its polyurethane soles offer a firm grip

4. labato Women’s Leather Loafers

The labato women’s leather loafers driving shoes is the next driving shoe we want to look at and from its name you can tell that this isn’t a unisex driving shoe but one that is designed strictly for women.

They are flexible and comfortable which makes them a good option for hitting the road and some other eye catching features that this shoe possesses is a sole made using natural rubber and a to hand-stitched using premium leather material.

The foot would feel fresh as its soles have a breathable design and buyers are certain that would find something that would suit them as this shoe comes in about eight colors for you to select from.

This loafer style driving shoe is one that is easy to wear and thanks to its inner lining, you can wear them for long hours comfortably. It is stylish, simple and also versatile.

Key Features:

  1. Would provide the foot with an excellent grip
  2. Comes in eight colors available for selection
  3. This is a simple shoe that would match any outfit
  4. Comes with a sole made out of natural rubber material

5. CIOR Water Shoes Men Women

This driving shoe from the CIOR brand is one that can be worn both by a man or a woman. It isn’t just a shoe that you can use for driving but it can also be used for beach activities, surfing or even for boating.

This shoe is one that leaves customers impressed as it comes in about twenty-nine designs and colors for customers to select from so there is a high level of certainty that you would find something that would tickle your fancy.

It has a breathable design which is why it is a good choice to wear under hot weather conditions and one other feature which customers have been raving about is its rubber sole that has an anti-slip design.

This sole offers the foot adequate protection and prevents slipping. This shoe is one that would best fit any occasion and in conclusion, customers believe this shoe is good looking, flexible and durable.

Key Features:

  1. Designed for women and men
  2. Dries fast and also has a breathable design
  3. Has a flexible and comfortable design
  4. Comes in about twenty-nine designs and colors

6. Serene Womens Leather Cowhide Casual

This is one driving that is made out of strong and real leather material but yet has a rubber flexible sole and if you want a driving shoe that would offer you comfortable and safe driving experience then this shoe right here is what you need. The only thing about this shoe is the fact that it is for women alone.

It is one that would compliment all types of casual outfits and thanks to its lightweight design, this shoe would not heap more pressure on the leg but keep the leg relaxed especially on long-distance journeys.

Customers who have tried out this shoe loved the fact that the legs felt comfortable in it after wearing for long hours and apart from being stylish, this is also one shoe that you can wear and take off with ease. It comes in nineteen different colors just in case you do not like its black color.

Key Features:

  1. Features a rubber sole and is designed using real leather material
  2. Has a casual design that makes it complements outfits
  3. Has a lightweight design
  4. Also has a flexible sole

7. Polo Ralph Lauren Men’s Woodley Slip-On Loafer

This Polo Ralph Lauren loafer for men is one that you can count on to add a touch of spice and luxury to your driving and here’s something interesting about this shoe as it is made using premium leather material and still has a simple and sleek design which makes it easy to transform from a smart shoe to a casual shoe with ease.

It comes with supportive heels and soft insole which makes this shoe very comfortable to wear and most customers have also testified that this is one shoe that is quite perfect for driving.

The Polo Ralph Lauren brand is known for its production of stylish, classic and elegant shoes and that is exactly the trademark that this shoe carries.

Key Features:

  1. Manufactured out of premium leather material
  2. This shoe is simple to wear and also has a sleek design
  3. Has a grippy and comfortable rubber sole
  4. Can be worn for long periods thanks to the level of comfort it brings

8. Bruno Marc Men’s Penny Loafers Moccasins Shoes

If you are not a fan of wearing shoes made using leather material then we bring you this shoe that is made using synthetic material and also having latex rubber soles. It is one that never compromises the style and if you are shopping on a budget then this is just the right option for you. It is lightweight which makes one wear comfortably for long periods of time.

For people struggling with aching feet then you would find this shoe as a lifesaver as its cushioned footbed would bring relief to aching feet and people who have tried out this shoe have complimented how comfortable it is.

You would certainly find something that would be suitable for you as it comes in about fifteen different colors for you to select from.

Key Features:

  1. Designed using synthetic materials
  2. Comes with a well-cushioned footbed
  3. Has a lightweight design
  4. This is a good shoe for casual use

9. VanciLin Men’s Casual Leather Slip-on

The VanciLin men’s casual shoe is one shoe that almost every man has been raving about as it is made using natural and soft leather material but still has a sleek and simple design.

It is good for driving and also perfect for casual use and guess what, you would be able to pick a good choice from about eleven different designs and colors so you can match whatever outfit you intend wearing it with.

Featuring a leather top, this shoe is also designed to be breathable and this ensures that your foot stays dry and at a cool temperature but there is still one feature that customers can’t stop talking about and that is well-cushioned footbed which offers comfort from the heel to toe as well as offering arch support. With this shoe, driving would be comfortable and also safe.

Key Features:

  1. Has a sleek design
  2. Its sole is made using synthetic materials
  3. Its footbed would provide arch support
  4. Its upper is made using leather and has a breathable design

10. Cole Haan Men’s Gunnison Ii Slip-on Loafer

This is the last driving shoe that we would talk about in this review and this shoe right here is the Cole Haan’s loafer driving shoe. This is one shoe which has a durable rubber sole that is capable of providing adequate support and comfort and this shoe is considered to be a great shoe for driving as it features a hand stitching design stylish design combined with a flexible sole which would make stepping on the pedal easy and simple.

Smart and stylish are two ways one can perfectly describe this shoe and guess what, you would be able to make a good choice from five different colors.

Customers who have tried out this shoe already described it as easy to wear, lightweight and long-lasting and this is because the Cole Haan’s brand is known for making the best shoes anytime and any day.

Key Features:

  1. Its rubber sole offers a firm grip and is flexible too
  2. Has a hand stitching design
  3. Has a lightweight design

Best Driving Shoes Buying Guide

What we just finished looking at are the best driving shoes for both men and women out there and with lots of styles, designs and colors to select from, we are sure that you would definitely find something that would be suitable for you.

If you still don’t think you need a driving shoe then maybe the benefits of using a driving shoe would convince you.

Selecting a good pair of driving shoes comes with lots of benefits but here are some of its benefits that would interest you;

  1. Most times, shoes for driving always have attractive designs which makes them good looking
  2. Making use of a driving shoe while driving also reduces the risk of having a foot injury
  3. You would realize that driving becomes more intuitive as a good driving shoe provides the legs with a firm grip and better feel which prevents slipping off the pedal
  4. The main benefit of wearing driving shoes is it makes driving comfortable and also safer

Factors to Consider When Shopping

Listed below are some key factors that you need to carefully consider when selecting which driving shoe would be best for you;

  1. Material – this is the first thing you should look out for when shopping for a pair of driving shoes and a material that is used most times is the leather material. Leather materials last long, have a strong grip and you can also look out for rubber materials as they also have a good grip and provide support.
  2. Sole – The sole of a driving shoe shouldn’t be too thick or too thin or you would not be able to enjoy all the support that you desire. Finding a driving shoe with the right sole ensures flexibility.
  3. Design – avoid bulky shoes and that is why this review features mostly loafers as they have a compact design and also offer support and a firm grip.
  4. Lightweight – going for lightweight driving shoes makes sure movement isn’t slowed down and it also makes it possible for you to wear for long hours or long distance.

Conclusion – Our Best Pick

The puma vedano slip-on leather shoe holds our favorite spot in this review and it shouldn’t come as a surprise as the puma brand is well known for producing high-quality shoes that would meet customers’ expectations.

This shoe is made using one hundred percent leather material and it also comes with panels that make sure the foot stays dry and cool. This is a practical choice of driving shoe to settle for as it is lightweight, smart and would be suitable for any occasion.

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