10 Best Motorcycle Boots For Walking – 2024 Review & Buying Guide

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Whether you own a bike o not or you do your movements with your leg, there is a temptation in what toe of leather you choose to put on but what really matters is what exactly you have on your feet when walking or when driving.

If what you wear are old battered boots that you have had for a while now then over here, we believe now is the right time for you to try and invest in a new one. This is why we have the best motorcycle boots for walking brought to you today.

High-quality boots are quite essential not just because they make walking and riding comfort but also because of the fact that they work in providing a new look. The next question is which of the motorcycle boots on the market is stylish, comfortable and also hardwearing. You can read up our best motorcycle boots for walking and hopefully, you would get to make a better choice.

1. Durango Men’s 11″ Harness Boot

best motorcycle boots for walking

The Durango eleven inches harness boot for men is one built high up towards the calf and it is designed to be stylish, constructed out of premium supple leather material combined with pool handles which makes it very easy to wear when it is time to walk or ride. These are not just boots that are designed to look great but they are perfect examples of what a practical boot looks like. With these boots, the leg is fully protected from debris and mud while the ankle is offered adequate support.

Its availability in five exotic colors makes it easy to own one that would match any bikers’ wardrobe and guess what, the leg would also benefit from its non-removable insole which offers ultimate comfort. The combination of years of experience from the Durango brand and the use of premium materials in the production of these boots is what sets them apart from other boots and all that is left is just for any user to lace up and wear.

Key Features:

  1. Slip and oil resistant boot
  2. Comes in about five exciting colors
  3. Protects up to the calf
  4. Has ankle straps
  5. Measures about 11 inches

2. Bates Men’s 8” Tactical Sport Side Zip Industrial Shoe

This boot is what we refer to as boots with “worker style”. The Bates tactical sport industrial zip shoe features the combination of high-quality ballistic nylon and full-grain leather material which makes sure that the leg is fully protected from anything. No matter what kind of job you do, whether you are a civil servant, a postal worker, police or even military personnel, this boot is simply one that can be worn by anybody regardless of where they work.

The extraordinary comfort is also what wearing this boot promises and this is simply because it features a well-padded tongue and collar, meshes lining for eliminating moisture and also an EVA sole. This comfort comes anytime you wear this boot whether you are driving or walking.

Its outsole is resistant to slip and oil and here is one extra thing that makes this boot amazing, its half gusset design makes sure that the leg isn’t attacked by debris and also makes this boot quite appealing.

Key Features:

  1. Made from high-quality leather fabric
  2. Comes with an easy to remove the cushioned insole
  3. Its outsole is resistant to slip and is also durable
  4. Comes in sage or black colors

3. Bruno Marc Men’s Military Motorcycle Combat Boots

This is the kind of boot that anyone can rock either while driving on a bike or while walking and it also features a military-style that is quite fashionable thanks to the quality of the faux leather material used in its construction. It matches wearing to work, walking around or even to clubs. Having an ankle-length design also shows that these boots offer the leg protection and it is one that doesn’t pose difficulty issues when wearing.

It is very easy to wear and it also bangs on the internet due to its zip fastening design by the side, a non-skid outsole and a sole that is properly cushioned and guess what, all of these features also contributes to why there is no stress when wearing this boots. These features also make it a good choice for any bike rider and they come in brown, black and grey shades.

Key Features:

  1. Its heel measures about one inch
  2. Has a side zip closure design
  3. Holds a military-style that is fashionable
  4. Made out of durable faux leather material

4. Skechers Men’s Pilot Utility Boot

This is also another ankle-length boot that anyone can slide their legs in and out with ease and this time around, this pair of boot is designed by the Skechers brand who have a great reputation for the production of high quality and standard shoes. This boot features reinforced seams combined with a premium leather upper and this makes them a bit hardwearing.

There are quite some features that make this boot have a firm grip and they are a thick outsole with high traction, well-cushioned insole and a well-padded collar.

Here is something that everyone needs to know about these boots, they do not have lower leg protection or toe protection but the features that they have are the reason why they are considered to be shoes for all-round purposes. They are a great choice for anybody.

Key Features:

  1. This utility boot has an ankle-high design
  2. Comes with a thick sole with high traction
  3. Has a footbed and padded collar design
  4. Its heel measures about 1.25 inches

5. Smith & Wesson Men’s Breach Boots

Searching for a boot with combat style then the Smith & Wesson men’s breach boot is just the best boot to carefully take a good look at. Its construction features the combination of a premium nylon material and hard-wearing leather material and what’s more, it has a mid-calf length that makes sure that the leg is kept not just dried but also well-protected at all times. It also features a gusseted tongue that prevents attacks by dirt and debris.

This boot comes filled with a whole of exciting features and talking about features, we mean features like a board construction and steel shank which makes way for support and torsional rigidity. It comes with an EVA midsole that produces comfort for the legs while its YKK zippers make it easy to slide the leg into this shoe and out.

These are not the type of boots manufactured for fashion but trust me, they are tactical, strong and eliminates fatigue.

Key Features:

  1. Referred to as combat boots
  2. Features a solid combination of nylon and leather materials in its construction
  3. Its steel shank provides support
  4. It also comes with a tongue and padded collar for increased protection

6. Harley-Davidson Men’s Scout Boot

The Men’s Scout Boot by Harley Davidson is a fan favorite. This owes to the fact that it features a harness style combined with a mid-calf length and this also sets it away from other low-quality brands on the market. It holds a full-grain leather construction and a distinguishing factor or feature about these boots is its Harley Davidson logo at the top and silver bar logo which is also found at the top of the boot. For Harley Davidson hardcore fans, this is a stunner right here.

The durability of this boot is also another point to talk about. It comes with a tough rubber sole which is resistant to abrasion, slip and oil while the presence of YKK zippers makes it very comfortable and secure. Its calf-length design makes sure that the lower legs and ankles are fully protected when driving or walking.

Key Features:

  1. Has a mid-calf length
  2. Its YKK zippers offer a snug fit
  3. Has a rubber sole that is resistant to oil, slip and abrasion
  4. Features the Harley Davidson logo for proper identification

7. AdTec Men’s 11″ Harness Motorcycle Boot

The Adtec men’s harness boot is another quality boot we want to take a look at and this boot has a pull-on style while its Goodyear welt construction and the leather upper combination don’t just make this boot last long but makes it extra durable. For all bikers that are always riding on the long haul then this boot right here is a good option for them.

Just like some of the boots that we have talked about in this review, this men’s quality boot from advice also has an outsole that is resistant to oil and slipping and here is another interesting point to note about this boot, it has a padded insole which ensures the feet stays comfortable especially on long touring. This boot has a classic style thanks to its o-ring ankle harness strap, square toe and split shaft.

This boot matches any leather clothing when riding a bike or a jean when walking.

Key Features:

  1. Has a heel that measures about 1.5 inch
  2. Highly durable thanks to its Goodyear welt construction
  3. Its outsole is resistant to oil and slipping
  4. This boot has a harness styling

8. Harley-Davidson Men’s Brake Light Boot

Another one from the Harley Davidson brand again to make it to our best motorcycle boots for walking review and these are the kind of boots that can be trusted not just in standing out of the crowd but also in making a statement. This boot would surely earn anyone admiration and compliments not just from bikers but from the entire public. These motorcycle boots come with all of the great features that a motorcycle boot should have.

The features we are talking about here include having a Goodyear welt construction, a thick sole that is resistant to slipping and oil, a leather upper and more. However, it is designed to showcase its YKK zippers and also the Harley Davidson logo on the tongue and side. It features silver tabs on the heel and toe of these boots and all of these features come together to provide a “bad boy feel” when wearing these boots.

Key Features:

  1. Made using full grain leather material
  2. Has a dual YKK zip fastening
  3. Comes with Harley Davidson logo

9. Alpinestars Mens Belize Drystar Boot

For all those who enjoy long tours, the Alpinestars men’s Belize Drystar boots are such a good option because they are designed to provide the legs with adequate protection and comfort. The outside of this boot is protected using high-quality suede, microfiber and leather material and that isn’t all about this boot as its interior also has a padding that makes it very comfortable for the legs.

There is something quite interesting about this boot from Alpinestars and that is the fact that it comes with TPU double density ankle protectors which makes sure that the ankles are kept not just supported but also very stable. The PU coated leather makes this boot very durable while the suede leather combined with a heat press ensures a better and supreme grip.

It is quite easy to take on and take off and trust me when I say they are quite perfect for walking on flat ground.

Key Features:

  1. No stress in wearing or taking it off
  2. Has a perfect fit when worn
  3. Its soft round the collar and ankle provides comfort

10. Joe Rocket Men’s Motorcycle Riding Boot

This is the type of boot that offers both functionality and style in one shoe and here’s the main deal about the Joe Rocket men’s motorcycle riding boot, it can be used or worn in any weather condition. It comes with a breathable inner that makes sure there is an adequate flow of airflow to keep the feet dry during the summer period While the combination of a dry tech interior and full gusseting keeps the foot dry in wet seasons.

The woven fabric inlays and black leather construction are what makes this boot very attractive and not just attractive but also makes sure there are excellent control and comfort. It comes with a rubber gear shift protector and waterproof lining which makes it the perfect choice for use in dry and wet weather conditions.

Key Features:

  1. The rubber sole is slip-resistant
  2. It has a reflective striping that makes it visible during the day and night
  3. Keeps the foot comfortable

Why You Need Motorcycle Boots

Motorcycle boots have great importance and benefit whether you wear them for walking or for driving but if you are still considering putting on some sneakers then let us show you below why you really need to get yourself a good pair of motorcycle shoes

Protection From Heat

Motorcycle boots made with high leather are quite capable of protecting the legs from the heat that comes from the bike itself and there are some specially designed biker boots that come with heat shields. Exhaust pipes are designed to burn right below the knee and recent studies have shown that sixty-five percent of people affected by heat caused by the exhaust of pipes always suffer second-degree burns.

Protection From Debris

Motorcycle boots made using thick leather material and also having maybe plastic or steel reinforcement are capable of offering the legs adequate protection compared to wearing sneakers. Such motorcycle boots will protect the legs from debris and the most important parts of the leg would be protected and we are talking about the ankles and lower legs.

Keeping The Feet Dry

We should also consider adverse weather conditions when thinking of what motorcycle boots to go for so motorcycle boots that are resistant to water is a very good idea as they would ensure that the legs stay dry at all times. Such boots are very useful during rainy weather conditions and this is because nobody actually likes shriveled up toes and soggy socks. This, on the other hand, doesn’t just keep the leg dry but also safe.

Keeping The feet Warm

If you want the feet to be protected against extreme heat then you should also consider going for motorcycle boots that are capable of keeping the toes warm, especially during cold weather conditions. We are referring to motorcycle boots that are properly insulated, having a faux lining and also a padded sole. You can check this site to see more about this.


A non-slip and high traction sole is a feature that most motorcycle boots should have and this is because such sole tends to have a good grip regardless if the weather is dry or wet. There are also some motorcycle boots that are resistant to oil and slipping and such boots are of great use in garages where oil spillage is a possibility.

Conclusion – Our Top Pick

The Durango Men’s 11-inch Harness Boots remains the favorite in this review as it has quite some amazing features. A durable and thick leather construction combined with a high calf style simply means that this is the type of boot that would last longer and also provide adequate protection at all times.

They are stylish and also very easy to wear and here is something special about its sole, it is resistant to slip and oil, therefore, eliminating the possibility of you falling over.