10 Best Motorcycle Lock of 2024 – Review & Buying Guide

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For various reasons, adults and teens consider motorbikes or motorcycles as a popular means of transportation and in this view combined with various motorbike models on the market, people find it easy to explore a tight road without experiencing any issue. Motorbikes are considered to be very agile compared to cars.

Even though motorbikes can be driven just for fun, there are people who enjoy the air that rushes onto their faces when driving on a motorbike to work or even to school.

But everyone needs to be warned as motorbikes are gaining popularity, the number of motorbike thefts has also risen. There are a lot of things to do that would ensure the safety of your motorbike. For instance, if you are at home, you can lock it up safely in the garage when it is not being used and security cameras should also be installed to keep an eye on your garage in case of any break-in.

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But we are here to bring you a different method of ensuring the safety of your motorbike and you should stick around for a while as we take you into the world of motorcycle locks.

A sad fact is that motorcycle or motorbikes are easy target for thieves nowadays and this is because they can be broken down on sold in parts or sold as one single unit. No matter how motorbikes are sold, you would lose a high valued machine if yours gets missing or stolen. My best guess is you don’t think that is going to be possible but you really can’t guarantee that your motorbike wouldn’t get missing or stolen right?

Meanwhile, there are lots of things you can do to keep your bike safe and making use of a motorcycle lock is a welcomed and guaranteed way of keeping motorcycles safe. Motorcycles or motorbikes locks do come in various shapes, colors and sizes and there are some that would be suitable for use while you go out riding your bike or just for use when you are at home.

Here is a guide on the best motorcycle bike that would be helpful in guiding you to make the right choice that would be suitable for your bike and for your lifestyle.

1. Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit and New York Disc Lock

best motorcycle lock

This sixty-inch chain is made using 14mm chain links that are forged from 3t manganese steel for the purpose of ensuring maximum security and in order to make sure that some delicate painted surfaces on your motorbike are well protected, a black and white protective nylon cover is used in covering this chain which is fastened using hook and loop to make sure it stays in place.

A disc lock which also incorporates a 15mm steel shackle is used to ensure that this chain stays in place and users would be pleased with a hardened steel oval crossbar design which helps in ensuring additional security. There are several other interesting features of this motorcycle lock and having an anti-drill system disc style cylinder as well as a hardened double dead bolt part of such features.

Three keys made using stainless steel are also provided together with this lock while one of them also serves as a replaceable battery as well as LED torch.

Key Features:

  1. Has a nylon protective cover
  2. Features a disc lock which has a 15mm steel shackle
  3. Also comes with 14mm six-sided chains

2. TCMT Wheel Disc Brake Lock for Motorcycle 

best motorcycle lock

This is one device that is created for use around the disc brake region of a motorcycle and it is a lock that most customers are completely impressed with as it produces an alarm sound when someone tries removing it from the motorcycle. It is considered to be a resilient and strong product as it is made using premium steel materials combined with other high-quality components.

In case of a theft, the alarm this lock produces is extremely loud that it guarantees to attract the attention of the owner of the bike, security guards, law enforcement officers and even passers-by as far as they are nearby. Durability is a good feature of this motorcycle lock as it is made to be resistant to damages that can be caused by water and this simply means that this is a waterproof lock.

Weighing below two pounds, this lock is quite easy to move about with and it comes with about two keys which are used for setting and reactivating the lock. However, it requires the use of a spanner when it is time to open its battery compartment but this is only necessary when it is time to change its old batteries.

Key Features:

  1. Comes with about two keys
  2. Has a waterproof design
  3. This disc brake lock is made using high-quality stainless steel material
  4. Produces an extremely loud sound

3. The Club UTL810 Utility Lock

best motorcycle lock

The Club Utility Lock is one which made from Cro Moly well-tempered steel material and at the same time, this same lock is protected using a vinyl coating which helps in preventing this lock from causing any form of damage to your motorcycle.

One unique aspect of this motorcycle lock is the fact that its length can be adjusted from 8.5 inches to about 11.5 inches but there is also a longer option of this lock which doesn’t require an increased length that is available on the market.

This is one motorcycle lock that bike owners can trust their bike is in safe hands as it is designed to withstand a pressure of about one thousand five hundred pounds and what this means is that no matter how determined the thief is to steal your bike, your bike is completely protected from him. It is also designed to be fully resistant to the weather and what this also means is no form of damage caused by weather changes would affect this motorcycle lock.

Key Features:

  1. This motorcycle lock comes in about two sizes
  2. Its is manufactured out of high strength steel material
  3. Has a vinyl coating
  4. Also a weather resistant lock

4. Trimax T665LY Hardened Metal Disc Lock

best motorcycle lock

This bright yellow disc lock is one that has a high level of visibility and it is made using a well-hardened steel material that ensures that your motorcycle is fully protected from thieves. This isn’t just like every other lock that you would come across on the market as it is designed to be extremely strong and what this means is this lock is capable of withstanding cutting attacks such as cuttings done through chiseling and sawing.

This also makes sure your bike is safe at all times and one key feature of this motorcycle lock is it comes with key lock cores all around which also makes it quite resistant to drilling offering your motorcycle all-round protection. A long throat pin is used in securing this lock in place while some other important accessories that it comes with includes a reminder cable and a carry pouch.

This lock comes with about three keys but one of these keys features a small flashlight which would be of great use at night time.

Key Features:

  1. Has a bright yellow color that improves visibility
  2. Comes with a reminder cable and a carry case
  3. Has a 10mm long throat pin

5. Kryptonite 000884 Keeper 5s Yellow Disc Lock

best motorcycle lock

This is one motorcycle lock that would be of great use in areas where medium level security is required and just like the motorcycle lock we finished talking about, this product also comes in a bright yellow color that helps in promoting better visibility but it also comes in black color. This motorcycle lock has the looks of a stapler but it functions by rendering the bike immobile and what this means is the bike cannot be rolled away.

Being difficult to roll away simply means this bike cannot be stolen and there is a bright orange cable that comes with this lock which helps in reminding bike owners that they need to disengage this lock before being able to ride this bike away.

This lock is designed to work with a 5mm pin and this makes it the perfect choice for smaller vent holes and we also wouldn’t forget to inform you that this lock comes with dual keys.

Its stainless steel keys help in cutting down on the amount of force required when trying to remove this lock and it also cuts down on the chances of bending this lock.

Key Features:

  1. Has a bright yellow color
  2. Well-designed keys
  3. Comes with a 5mm lock pin

6. YOHOOLYO Disc Lock Alarm Motorcycle Alarm Padlock

best motorcycle lock

Coming in a shiny black color, the YOHOOLYO motorcycle disc lock alarm padlock is one that is made out of durable and high-quality aluminum material which makes it very resistant to rust but a unique feature of this motorcycle lock that makes customers or bike owners fall in love with it is the fact that it adapts to be able to fit any disc brake bike. Furthermore, this disc brake lock also has a waterproof design that protects it from damages caused by water.

It also comes with a 7mm long pin which is also the perfect pin length to fit most motorcycle disc brakes and unlike other motorcycle locks that have a complex design, the case is different with this lock as all it would take is just for you to simply press it till it falls into the right place. You should also be informed that this motorcycle lock comes with two keys too and it is capable of producing a sound that is loud and would attract attention.

All that is required to deactivate its alarm is by slotting the key into the lock.

Key Features:

  1. Made using a material that is resistant to rust
  2. Its alarm is extremely audible
  3. Comes with a 7mm lock pin

7. MaxxHaul 70075 Motorcycle Wheel Chock

best motorcycle lock

The Maxxhaul motorcycle wheel chock is one that is designed to keep your bike safe at all times and the way these lock works is by clamping down to the front wheel of your motorbike. This is the ideal lock that would fit motorcycle wheels of various sizes and it also has a bright color which guarantees better visibility. Having a flat floor plate provides a base where the frame and wheel can be clamped using about six bolts.

This flat wheelbase also offers about three positions which makes it possible for the lock to fit various motorcycle wheels. Made using heavy-duty steel material and coated using powder coat is what makes this lock durable and long-lasting and users would find its clamp quite easy to put on. It requires a single person for operation and after rolling your front wheels into this lock, your bike is automatically locked thanks to the wheel chock.

Key Features:

  1. Formed out of heavy-duty steel material
  2. Easy to adjust to fit wheels of various sizes
  3. Clamping the front wheel type of operation

8. MYSBIKER Alarm Motorcycle Lock

best motorcycle lock

Made out of forged stainless steel material, the MYSBIKER motorcycle lock is one that is extremely tough and this lock is secured using a 14mm double-locking pin which is also made out of well-hardened carbide reinforced steel material that provides it with optimal strength. It also comes with silicone rubber gaskets that help in protecting it against damages that can be caused by water and you are quite sure that this lock would never get rusty.

An interesting aspect of this lock is the fact that it comes with a very audible alarm which is powered using six LR44 batteries and in order to activate this alarm, all you have to do is hit the lock button while a beep tone tells you the alarm has been set.

It would beep thrice as a warning if it detects its lock being tampered with but if tampering continues, it produces an alarm sound for about twelve seconds.

It comes with about three keys made using brass which can be used in deactivating and activating the alarm while the addition of a reminder cable is used in securing the hand grip.

Key Features:

  1. Comes with three brass keys for activating and deactivating the alarm
  2. Gives off a very audible alarm when the lock is tampered with
  3. Also comes with a 14mm locking pin

9. BigPantha #1 Motorcycle Lock

best motorcycle lock

This is a motorcycle lock with a different method of use and this motorcycle lock is used by clamping the lock around your bike’s handlebar, brake and throttle. This lock is designed to open up a little bit similar to that of a crabs claw and it also features a dual grip. One grip serves for the throttle while the front brake lever is for the other grip so that it is deactivated.

This lock is also useful in gripping the clutch system which prevents the bike from being put into the gear and with this motorcycle lock in place, you are sure that your bike has to be rendered immobilized. This mode of operation takes a few seconds and proves to be highly secure. This lock also comes with a holster that would easily fit your jean and this makes storage very easily when not in use.

Key Features:

  1. The use of this motorcycle lock makes it impossible to make use of the clutch or throttle
  2. Its claw grips the motorcycle handles as well
  3. Has a two-way fitting
  4. Comes with a holster for easy storage

10. Grip-Lock GLRed Motorcycle and Scooter Security Lock

best motorcycle lock

This grip lock is one that users would find very easy to fit all round the handlebars of any motorcycle and this is done so as to render the brake lever and throttle immobile in order to make sure your bike isn’t driven away by thieves. Having a bright color would help in boosting visibility while made using high-quality carbon steel rods and housed in a polycarbonate cover also ensures durability.

This is one lock that is extremely durable, would not rust or bend and would also withstand metal saw attacks. Being lightweight and compact also means one can store up this lock easily after use and one advantage this lock has over other locks on the market is the fact that it uses up less time to fit. You can also mount this lock either on the right or on the left grip of your motorbike.

Key Features:

  1. Can be used either on the left or right grip of your bike
  2. Made out of hardened steel rod material
  3. Easy and quick to fit
  4. Also comes in a bright color which ensures better visibility

Benefits and Factors To Consider When Shopping

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Motorcycle security should be taken very important and considered as a necessary action because calling the authorities to report a stolen bike could be inconvenient. Cases of bike theft are suddenly on the rise and here are some reasons why you need to get a motorcycle lock:

  1. helps in the prevention of crime
  2. there are brands common with thieves
  3. there are areas with high cases of bike theft
  4. thieves can easily lift bikes without locks into trucks
  5. insurance
  6. in-built steering locks cannot be relied on

There are various designs, models and motorcycle lock makes available on the market and we have gone on to talk about the best ten motorcycle lock products but how can you identify that which would be suitable for you and your bike. Let us take a look at some key factors that would play a major role in helping you settle for the right choice.

What the Lock is Made of

motorcycle locks ought to be made out of resilient materials and this includes being made out of strong metal or strong steel material and they also need to be resistant to rust as there are high possibilities that they would be left outside or under the rain.

Where your Bike would be Parked

if you are parking your bike at home then making use of a heavy chain is simply the best option. Heavy chains are quite difficult to break even though cutting equipment is used when a bike is properly bolted to the ground, it cannot be driven or lifted off the ground.

Chances of Causing Damage

because these locks are made using hard metal material, there is a possibility that they could do some damage to your motorcycle body or to its paintwork. This is quite common with large chain locks and that is why most chain locks are covered using nylons to avoid causing any form of damage to your bikes.


it would be good if your motorbike lock is quite visible so bike thieves wouldn’t bother coming close to your bikes and that is why most times they come in orange or yellow color so they can be seen even in the dark. This enables thieves to spot these bikes and leave them alone.

Moving Around

a motorcycle lock needs to be compact so you can move about with it just in case you have to keep your bike secured at any particular spot. There are motorcycle locks that come with holsters so they can be stored easily.


ending up with a motorcycle lock that takes a long time to fit would get you angrier so you have to settle for a motorcycle lock that would quickly snap in place without you having to kneel or the ground or undergo any form of inconvenience.


Statistics showing a rate of motorcycle thefts today is very alarming and lots of people today have ended up losing their bikes because of their inability to pay attention to the fact that bikes need security too.

If you don’t want to be involved in such statistics then you should consider buying any of the locks we have talked about in this review as they would protect your bikes from getting stolen.

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