10 Best Car Steering Wheel Locks – 2024 Buying Guide

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A piece of knowledge was passed onto car owners back in the days that as different types of the car kept hitting the market, cars would become very difficult to steal and there would be a reduction or limit to the cases of car thefts all over the world.

Looking at several car theft cases today, one thing we have learned from that thought or idea is never to trust the words of car manufacturers and even though car thefts ever declined they are starting to be on the rise again. This is where our best steering wheel locks review comes in.

Car thefts have been on the rise for a while now and car thieves have managed to find a way of going around high technologies like immobilizers and keyless entry systems. This has also led to car owners falling back to old school methods of protection as it is possible for a car thief to clone your keys but it would be difficult for the same car thief to find the right kind of solution to a tough and strong metal lump attached to your car steering.

For this reason, steering wheel locks prove to be the last line of defense when it comes to dealing with car theft and in this review, we bring you the best steering wheel locks which are made using old fashioned steel and other metallic materials to keep your steering wheels protected from car theft. Check them out;

1. The Club 1000 Original Club Steering Wheel Lock

best wheel steering locks

The Club 1000 original steering wheel lock is one that is designed to make sure your car is safe at all times and this is a product that represents high quality and an honored design. There are several amazing features that the Club 1000 steering wheel lock possesses and one of such features includes having solid steel hooks. This wheel lock also boasts of having a Cro Moly steel construction which makes sure it is resistant to sawing and other forms of action to remove or damage the lock.

It also has a very long extension that ensures it fits the steering of most vehicle types. Whether you drive an SUV, a small-sized car or any car at all, be rest assured that your car’s steering would be protected using this wheel lock and it also makes use of a unique one-clicking mechanism which makes this wheel lock very easy to work with. One other feature that interest customers about this product are its size.

Its size is compact enough to ensure that storage isn’t a problem and it comes in a sharp and shiny red color. With this wheel steering lock, your car is safe from car theft.

Key Features:

  1. Has a unique locking system
  2. Features solid steel hooks
  3. Designed to repel physical attacks
  4. Has a universal fit which makes sure it fits most vehicle types

2. Car Lock, Car Steering Wheel Lock

This is one of the fashionable steering wheel locks that you would come across on the market today and this one steering wheel lock that has a simple black foam and a polished steel look. The only hindrance that comes with having steel designed is it tends not to be visible enough and so might not be able to ward off car thieves from coming close to your vehicle.

The polished steel might not have good looks but one thing it is certain to do is providing maximum protection but what this product stands out from all other types on the market is the lock that it comes with. This lock is designed bearing maximum security in mind and having a flush chamber makes it very difficult to break or force open.

Its lock has a cylinder design that has a free-spinning construction that makes sure it is resistant to power drills.

There are other interesting features of this wheel steering lock and that includes its handle having a glass breaking hammer while its plastic glass is used in protecting the glass.

Key Features:

  1. Has a fashionable and stylish design
  2. Comes with an emergency glass breaker
  3. It boasts of having a hardened steel construction
  4. Comes with a protected key cylinder

3. The Club 3000 Twin Hooks Steering Wheel Lock

This steering wheel lock is the second entry from the famous The Club brand and there is something you need to know about this product and that is its design is quite different from the one we talked about. The Club 3000 twin hooks steering wheel lock has a double hook style design and there are still numerous features that make this steering wheel lock very attractive.

Speaking about other features, this steering wheel lock also features a Cro Moly alloy steel construction just like in the previous product that we have talked about and it is built to be tough as it is resistant to saw attacks and other hard instruments. It features a long extension which makes sure it would fit perfectly with almost every vehicle while its self-locking mechanism makes it very protected and hard to break.

Having a yellow color also makes this steering wheel lock very visible and all of these features joined together would make this steering wheel lock very difficult to penetrate. In conclusion, this is a trusted steering wheel lock that is designed from a high profile manufacturer.

Key Features:

  1. Has a twin hook design
  2. Features a universal fit
  3. Comes with a unique self-locking mechanism

4. Disklok Security Device – Steering Wheel Lock

The Discklok steering wheel lock has a very unique design and it is manufactured by a brand in the United Kingdom that has the desire to combat car crimes. This Discklok steering wheel lock boasts of having a very innovative design which sets it apart from all other steering wheel locks that you would find on the market today and there is every possibility that you might not be able to find a steering wheel lock with the design that this steering wheel lock comes with.

This device is quite effective as it is designed to cover the entire steering which would make removal very difficult and the exterior of this steering wheel lock is made using hardened steel which makes it very resistant to all forms of attack.

This lock is placed in such a way that it doesn’t prevent the steering wheel from spinning and this is quite beneficial as it makes sure physical assaults are prevented therefore making your car safe from car theft.

It is however designed to be bulky and big which customers might get to complain about but asides that, it comes with three keys and three-year warranty so you are guaranteed of not visiting the market to shop for another steering wheel lock anytime soon.

Key Features:

  1. Its design is unique and is rare to find elsewhere on any other product
  2. It has a spinning design that also protects damaging your steering
  3. Has a three-year warranty
  4. Also boasts of having a universal fit

5. The Club CL303 Pedal to Steering Wheel Lock

This is another interesting entry into this review as this is the third time a product from the Winner Club brand is finding its way to this review and what this actually tells you is that this brand is mostly concerned with the production of top quality and reliable products that would meet customer needs and requirements.

This is, however, one wheel lock that has an innovative design where it connects the steering wheel to the brake pedals or clutch so as to prevent your car from getting stolen.

Being a member of the Winner Club brand means it would definitely have an impressive locking system while its alloy steel hardened construction makes it durable and resistant to physical attacks.

This steering wheel lock also goes at a very affordable rate and when you take a look at all of its features and how much you are paying to get it then you would know you are getting a product that would offer high value for your money.

Key Features:

  1. Designed to connect the steering wheel to the brake or clutch
  2. Comes with an outstanding self-locking feature
  3. Features a tempered steel construction
  4. It has a bright red finish that makes it very visible

6. EFORCAR Universal Security Rotary Steering Wheel Lock

The EFORCAR steering wheel lock is one that has another interesting design and this design incorporates a rear-mounted bar that sits at the top and has the objective of preventing further wheel movement. There are two benefits of this steering wheel lock design and that includes having a universal fit and clamping the steering and what this tells you is this design would fit most vehicle steering.

The other benefit this design has is it has high visibility as it has yellow strips that can be seen right from the windshield and this could be very useful in putting off car thieves.

This strip, however, has a vinyl coating that would prevent scratches from occurring in the interior of your vehicle. This wheel lock has a small design as it is designed to cover the entire steering and having this compact size makes it easy to transport and store up.

Its design promotes easy removal and installation and this is also why it is often referred to as a user-friendly steering wheel lock.

Key Features:

  1. Compact and portable which makes storage and transport easy
  2. This steering wheel lock has a vinyl coating which prevents scratching
  3. Comes with a universal fit
  4. Has a high visibility

7. The Club 1234 Basic Club Steering Wheel Lock

Another outstanding steering wheel lock to enter this review is from the Winner Club brand and guess what, this is the fourth product from this brand to get to this review. This steering wheel lock is a basic model and what this tells you is it doesn’t have too many bells and whistles like the other three products from the same brand to have found its way to this review. Notwithstanding, this product also has some cute features that make it stand out from other products.

One good feature to mention about this product is its twin hooks which are made using high-quality alloy steel construction and combine these features with an overall Cro Moly steel construction, you can tell that this steering wheel lock is one tough case to crack. However, this feature has a downside that tends to put people off when they consider settling for this product and that is the fact that it doesn’t have an automatic lock design.

What this means is that it requires manually inserting the key into the lock instead of having the easy click and lock design. However, it comes at a decent price so you are not going to spend heavily on purchasing it.

Key Features:

  1. Has wide openings
  2. Features solid steel hooks
  3. Boasts of a Cro Moly construction

8. Powerbuilt 648466 Steering Wheel Lock Plate

Before we go ahead to talk about this steering wheel lock let us first tell you a few things about this product. This steering wheel lock is designed only for use on Chrysler and GM vehicles so if you are driving a Toyota or a Ford car then this product isn’t for you. Also if you are in search of a steering wheel lock that you would be able to lock then the answer for you is simple, you would not get to lock this steering wheel lock.

It is designed in such a way that you would find it easy to remove the steering wheel but we are sure you do not want a steering wheel lock that would require you to remove the steering every time you want to park your vehicle.

What this actually tells you is this is the type of steering wheel lock that would be ideal for vehicles which do not go on the road most of the times so if you don’t do much driving during winter or you intend parking your vehicle for a long time then this is exactly what you need.

Key Features:

  1. Designed for use only on Chrysler and GM vehicles
  2. Designed to depress the lock plate

9. Car Lock, Car Steering Wheel Lock Universal

If you are in urgent need of a steering wheel lock then we bring to you one of the best steering wheel locks that would actually fit into your budget and there are certain qualities that this steering wheel lock possesses which you would make you fall in love with with this product. One such features include having a hardened steel construction and this sort of construction is quite beneficial as it promotes long-lasting use.

Asides from having a long-lasting lifespan, this steering wheel lock also proves to be an effective self-defense system or weapon. It makes sure your car is totally safe and free from car theft. Even in emergency situations, this steering wheel lock features a safety hammer escape that can be used when necessary.

This is one product that you can count on to offer you peace of mind and confidence that your car is safe.

In conclusion, this is a basic and affordable steering wheel lock.

Key Features:

  1. Has a lifetime warranty
  2. Comes with a pick-proof locking mechanism
  3. Comes with three laser cut keys

10. AUTOLOVER Car Steering Wheel Lock

This is the last product we would consider in this review and being the last to be considered doesn’t make this product the last review. This steering wheel lock is from the AUTOLOVER brand and this is one that has a universal fit meaning it would be perfect for use on all steering wheels of most vehicles. It is one that is designed to lock in place automatically, is very easy to install and also has a compact design.

One interesting aspect of this steering wheel lock product is it has a vinyl coating which makes sure no form of damage occurs on the steering wheel of your vehicle. This is also a steering wheel lock for those shopping on a budget but it has a major drawback where it is designed for use only on smaller steering wheels.

For this reason, it is necessary to check the dimension of your steering wheel before settling for this product.

Key Features:

  1. Has a vinyl coating that protects the steering wheels from scratching or damage
  2. Features two security keys
  3. Features a heavy-duty steel construction
  4. Its high yellow color makes it visible

Buying Guide and Factors to Consider When Shopping

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Do you know what features you ought to bear in mind when shopping for a quality steering wheel lock? You ought to know the key features that make up a key lock and also the different types of steering wheel locks that we have on the market today.

When shopping for a good and reliable steering wheel lock, you need to know this at the back of your mind that certain factors would come into play and these are the factors that we want to talk about right now:

Universal Fit

Steering wheel locks most of the time have a universal fit and the same applies to the products e have talked about in this review as most of them are designed to have a universal fit. The advantage of settling for a universal fit is it makes it very possible and also very likely to find the right size for your steering.


Car steering wheel locks are very easy to see especially those that are yellow or red in color. The aim of this is because being visible from afar tends to discourage car thieves from coming close to your vehicle or even tells them not to bother about stealing or trying to break in.

Ability to Repel Physical Attacks

For a car thief to break into your car then he or she is willing to go any length to make sure that he steals your car. Breaking into a car with a steering wheel lock means they would do anything to force the steering wheel lock open but a quality and reliable steering wheel lock are designed to take any beating and fight back any form of attack carried out against it. You can tell this from their construction and the materials used.

Importance of Steering Wheel Locks

Why do you need a steering wheel lock? Well, there are quite some reasons why people, car owners, in particular, opt to shop for a key lock but there are two main reasons why any car owner would need a key lock. Here are the reasons why we feel steering wheel locks are a wise and important investment:

Peace of Mind

If you are this type of person that is always worried about the situation of your car that is parked outside then you obviously need a steering wheel lock. This is because knowing that your car steering wheel is protected and cannot be breached would offer you that peace of mind and also help in taking your mind off worrying.

Deterrent Factor

This is the main reason why steering wheel locks were designed as they are considered as one of the most effective ways of preventing your car from getting stolen. So installing a steering wheel lock inside your car simply means you are a step closer in making sure that your car doesn’t pop on the police file as a stolen vehicle.

Final Words – Our Favorite Pick

Just like the old saying goes, “if it isn’t broke then there isn’t any need to fix”. The Club 1000 steering wheel lock from the Winner brand holds down the number spot in this review. It is a steering wheel lock that holds the protection and security of your car at heart and you can trust that this steering wheel lock would resist any attack just to make sure that your car stays safe.

It also goes on to have a universal fit and is made out of hardened alloy steel material. All of these features combined and more would tell you that this steering wheel lock is a no go area so you shouldn’t bother about stealing a car with this steering wheel lock already installed in it. For additional recommendations, go check out Gold Years.