10 Best Motorcycle Covers For Outdoors – 2024 Buying Guide

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Motorcycle covers are considered to be a very important accessory or kit for every motorcycle owner today and this is a result of the benefit that it brings. Motorcycle covers can be trusted to protect your motorcycle from elements like fire, wind and even rainfall and the changes in the weather are a major reason why a motorcycle might break down or develop a fault which is why shopping for a motorcycle cover is a very good idea. You would definitely need one of the best motorcycle covers on the market.

One piece of information every biker or motorcyclist must know is that there is a wide and vast range of selections when it comes to motorcycle covers but at the same time it would be difficult to tell which one is of high quality than another.

Price most times isn’t necessary a way of knowing if a motorcycle cover is of good quality or not and that is why you need to count on this best motorcycle covers review as it comes with points and information that would guide you in making a very good choice.

1. XYZCTEM All Season Motorcycle Cover

best motorcycle covers

This is our best choice and one of the top-rated motorcycles cover that you would come across on the market today and it is one that comes with a desired waterproof design which makes it even more efficient under the rain.

Having a universal design also makes this a very good choice for all kinds of motorcycles and users do not have to be worried if this motorcycle would be able to deliver a snug fit because the answer is, IT WOULD.

No matter the weather, this motorcycle cover would be able to protect your bikes from all kinds of weather condition and it has also been treated to provide adequate protection against heat, dust, rain and ultraviolet rays as well as tree sap. Purchasing this motorcycle cover also comes with a storage bag for proper storage so you can carry it along conveniently.

However, customers are also offered a one year warranty on this product if it doesn’t meet up with customer requirements but you are assured that this is the best choice of motorcycle covers if you want something that would be able to cover all essential needs.

Key Features:

  1. Made from durable and high-quality fabric
  2. Comes with windproof and lock holes
  3. Has a universal fit

2. Dowco Guardian 50124-00 Waterproof Motorcycle Cover

This is one motorcycle cover that comes with a sleek look and it isn’t just designed to be sleek but this is one with versatile and extremely clever design.

Designed to be waterproof simply means that this motorcycle cover would be able to protect your bikes under the rain and is designed using a soft cotton material also makes it capable for it to act as a windshield. One important design is its ventilation system which makes sure there is no build-up of condensation or moisture.

One good aspect of this motorcycle cover is that it can be gotten in a variety of sizes so no matter the size of the bike you are wanting to cover, rests assured that you would find something for it here. Furthermore, having double-stitched seams also means that this motorcycle cover is very durable and would last for a very long time.

Key Features:

  1. This motorcycle cover comes with a drawstring bag which makes it very portable
  2. It also comes with an elastic shock cord that makes way for a snug fit
  3. The reflective strip also makes way for visibility at night time

3. Anglink Waterproof Motorcycle Cover

This is a perfect example of a motorcycle cover backed with a waterproof design that would ensure maximum protection for all kinds of motorbikes regardless of the weather condition. You can count on the fact that this motorcycle cover would last for a very long time as it is made using a durable Oxford fabric and having two-thread stitching also means extra or additional durability of this motorcycle cover.

However, in addition to what we have talked about earlier concerning this motorcycle cover, it also comes with a buckle design and an elastic cover which would make this cover resistant to heavy winds and that isn’t just all as it would also make it resistant to ultraviolet rays, dust and also heat. It also has a lightweight that would make transportation very easy and convenient.

Key Features:

  1. This motorcycle cover comes with safety lock holes that would make sure it isn’t stolen
  2. You would be able to see this motorcycle cover at night thanks to its reflective strip
  3. It also has a universal fit which makes it suitable for use on all bikes

4. Nelson-Rigg MC-904-02-MD Deluxe All-Season Cover

One fact about bike riders is that they would always be interested in buying motorcycle covers that would be able to withstand the heaviest of rainfalls or any other harsh weather condition and another interesting feature of the Nelson Rigg motorcycle cover is that it would also offer adequate protection against ultraviolet damages as this motorcycle cover has already been treated to fight against such harmful rays.

What’s more, this motorcycle cover from Nelson Rigg also comes with a unique ventilation system that makes sure the inner liner of this motorcycle cover does not encourage the growth or build-up of condensation or moisture.

However, you can also rely on this bike cover that it would make sure your bike’s windshield is adequately protected against hazing and unnecessary scratching.

This cover is, therefore, one fantastic cover for heavy-duty bikes and its universal fit would ensure that it properly fits bikes of different sizes. Its compression bag is another important addition that would be useful in the storage and transportation of this cover so you can make use of it anywhere you go and if the need arises.

Key Features:

  1. Can be gotten in various sizes
  2. Comes in various colors
  3. Also comes with a free compression bag

5. Formosa Covers Premium Heavy Duty Motorcycle Cover

When you are searching for a quality, reliable and dependable motorcycle cover then one important feature that you also ought to consider is what exactly would happen to this motorcycle cover when you are driving the bike because the only time you can make use of this bike cover is at the end of the day or at the end of your journey. That is why the Formosa motorcycle cover is a good choice to settle for and here is why.

The Formosa motorcycle cover comes with a durable backpack that enables users to pack up this bike cover and drive along with it so this backpack makes transportation very easy. Moving on to other features concerning this backpack is its waterproof and water repellent design which is designed using a WeatherGuard polyester design that resists rain. This polyester material also makes sure it fights back dangerous ultraviolet rays.

This bike cover at its front has a soft liner which has heat sealing all around its seams to make sure that this bike cover is durable and would last for years.

Key Features:

  1. Designed for bikes that weigh up to eighteen inches in length
  2. Features a lock, wire cable and backpack
  3. Its silver and black design promotes visibility in the night time

6. All Season Best Waterproof Motorcycle Cover

This is another high-quality motorcycle cover that has found its way to this top motorcycle cover guide and this is all as a result of all the top features that it possesses that contributed to it finding its way to this review. This motorcycle cover comes with an innovative and clever design and first of all, it has a waterproof design that makes it very resistant to heavy rainfalls.

Furthermore, this quality motorcycle cover also has a breathable design that guarantees the passage of high winds even under gusty weather.

Designed to be durable is also another impressive feature of this motorcycle cover as it comes with durable seams combined with strong elastic at the bottom which makes sure it fits bikes of different sizes, therefore, making it a suitable outdoor motorcycle cover. In addition, the inner of this motorcycle cover also comes with a special coating that makes it scorch resistant from parts of the bikes that are hot.

Key Features:

  1. Comes in various colors
  2. Features cut out sections that allow locking of the bike
  3. Its variety of sizes makes it perfect for covering different sizes of bikes

7.Badass Motogear Ultimate Waterproof Motorcycle Cover

This is an all-black motorcycle cover that comes with red embroidery in its front and this is a motorcycle cover with a classic look and it also comes in various sizes which makes it a good option for covering different sizes of bikes.

If you want a heavy duty bike motorcycle cover that has a sturdy design then this is just the best option for you and thanks to the quality of materials used in its construction, it is also safe to say that this motorcycle cover has a faultless design.

The manufacturer of this bike cover designed it to have a taped seam and being combined with an elastic hem also guarantees to obtain a tight and secure fit. This is, however, one bike cover that you can rely upon to provide your bike with all-round protection meaning it would be protected from the snow, ice, rain or sun. In times of poor lighting, your bike cover would also be visible and this also contributes to keeping it safe.

Key Features:

  1. Comes in different sizes to fit different bikes
  2. Comes at a very good price
  3. Comes with taped seams that make it durable
  4. Has a waterproof design

8. Nelson-Rigg UV-2000-04-XL

This bike cover is one with a unique design that is slightly different from the rest that we have discussed and what we mean is this bike cover has a half cover and that is not all. This bike cover also has a waterproof design which makes it resistant to tough weather conditions while storing up this bike cover is also easy as it can be folded easily which makes storage very easy.

For this reason, you can be able to travel with it on long journeys and if you leave this motorcycle cover out at night under the rain, you rest assured that this bike cover would protect you bike all through the night and no matter how heavy the rain is. In addition, this bike cover is treated against harmful ultraviolet rays and it would also protect against other harmful elements.

You would also be able to obtain a snug fit as this bike cover comes with a snug fit thanks to the elastic hem at its bottom which makes sure it totally covers all areas of the bikes.

Key Features:

  1. Its elastic bungees make sure it fits all bikes
  2. Has a special treatment that protects against ultraviolet rays
  3. Heat-sealed seams that make it waterproof

9. Tokept Waterproof Sun Motorcycle cover

If you are in need of a motorcycle cover for Harley Davidson bikes then this black and orange bike cover is the right option for you but there is something about the design of this motorcycle cover and this means that you can make use of this bike cover in covering bikes of different sizes.

If you are finding it a little bit difficult to shop for a waterproof bike for your own bike then this right here is what you should be on the lookout for.

This bike cover is designed using premium oxford material that makes it quite durable and also long-lasting and thanks to the type of material used, you can stay relaxed knowing it would be able to protect your bike from a host of elements like ultraviolet rays, mildew and also a mold. Having a black and orange design, however, means that you would be able to spot this bike cover even at night time.

Key Features:

  1. Has large sizes that makes it a good choice for use in Harley Davidson bikes
  2. It also comes with a carrying bag
  3. It has a plain design as it doesn’t feature lettering or logos

10. UltraGard 4-458BK Motorcycle Half Cover

Ultraguard is one of the reputable automobile companies that we have in this present time and this half cover motorcycle cover is one product that bears the same reputation as it is designed to offer users great value for the money spent on it. Based on the quality of material used in designing this bike cover, you can actually say this is one that oozes of great quality and its design also affirms that fact.

A polyurethane material makes this bike cover resistant to rainfall and it isn’t just resistant against rainfall but also offers valid protection against other elements like pollution and dirt.

The fabric used in designing this bike cover also has ultraviolet treatment meaning this cover would not be vulnerable to fading, therefore, making sure that this bike cover doesn’t start looking old before its time.

This bike cover also provides protection against scorching meaning it wouldn’t get burnt when it comes in contact with the exhaust or any other hot bike parts.

Key Features:

  1. Double stitching makes way for durability and long lasting use
  2. Its reflective logo ensures visibility especially at night time
  3. Comes with a five years warranty backing

Buying Guide

When shopping for a good motorcycle cover, there are a couple of fundamental thoughts that should be given close and careful consideration before making a final payment and first of all, you should be able to know whether the cover you are getting would be used just for outdoor use, for indoor use or would serve for both purposes. The wise choice would be settling for an outdoor bike cover as it can also be used indoors too.

Furthermore, when considering what bike cover to settle for, the size of your bike should also be given close consideration. A small sized bike would need a bike cover that is small in size while larger bikes would require bike covers that are large in size as well. So all you have to do is take time and figure out the size of your bike so you would be able to find that bike cover that would be suitable for it.

Importance Of Making Use Of A Bike Cover

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Without any form of doubt, protecting your bike from elements is the major reason why a bike cover was manufactured in the first place and bike covers are the key that would decide if your bike is going to last long or not. This is because it is very important in preventing dust, dirt, and dust from entering the engine and also making sure that important parts of a bike aren’t left exposed to sun or snow for too long.

Most of these elements can have a negative impact on the performance of your bike, therefore, requiring taking it to a mechanic to fix. Buying a bike cover doesn’t mean your bike would no longer have issues but it goes a long way in cutting down costs that would be spent on maintenance and repairs. In addition, apart from preventing these weather attacks, bike covers are also designed for protection and security.

What we are trying to say is bike covers are made of fabric and this fabric is used to conceal your bike for a while. Even though people know it is a bike that might be covered, people would not have an idea of what type or class of bike has been covered and this is such an important step to ensure that your bike doesn’t show up on a list of stolen bikes.

Motorcycle Cover Material Types

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The type of motorcycle covers we have today varies from one manufacturer to another and this varying factor is dependent on the type and quality of material used in making this bike cover. The type and quality of material used are very important to be investigated as it would also play a very huge role too as to whether a bike cover would live up to expectation or meet customer needs.

Good quality material is ideal for simple motorcycle covers while the best waterproof covers would also be designed using lightweight polyester material. This polyester material has been tested whether it would be able to resist water and I am sure no biker would love to have a bike cover that gets soaked and would not be able to prevent the bike itself from getting soaked.

Lightweight features of every bike cover is also another important aspect of every material as to whether a bike cover can be folded easily. Being easy to fold is also encourages portability and you should note that being easy to fold and being portable is not a possibility when it comes to thicko heavy materials.

Our Top Pick – Conclusion

The XYZCTEM all-season waterproof motorcycle cover is the product that holds down the top spot in this best motorcycle covers guide and this is a result of its durability and flexibility when used on any bike.

It is one bike cover that is very effective in making sure your bike is protected from elements and there is also an elastic bungee cord found at the bottom which makes sure a snug fit is obtained. You can never be disappointed by making use of this cover.

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