10 Best Dash Covers in 2024 – Review & Buying Guide

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Are you in search of an affordable and quick way to make your car interior look more fashionable? There are certain accessories that can get that done for you and what we are talking about right now are dashboard covers.

Not only are dashboard covers designed to make the interior of your car stylish but they also help in protecting dashboard against scratches, dirt, heat and damage against the sun, therefore, making sure that its lifespan lasts longer and you do not waste money shopping for dash covers always.

A Complete Buying Guide On Finding The Best Dash Cover

best dash covers

We have compiled this detailed list on the best dash covers which would be helpful when it comes to searching for a quality dash cover that would protect your dashboard and also make your car interior look fashionable.

These dash covers come in different styles, colors, materials so read on and get to find that which would be suitable for your car.

1. DashSkin Molded Dash Cover

best dash covers

Made using high-quality ultraviolet resistant and durable ABS plastic, this is one dash cover that is built to perfectly fit your car dash. This dash cover by DashSkin is designed with the sole aim of providing protection against holes, cracks and even ultraviolet rays and a unique feature of this dash cover is it is designed to blend perfectly with the dashboard in your car only if the right color is selected.

Users would find this dash cover very easy to install thanks to a silicone adhesive that it comes with and an instructional guide and guess what, you do not require the use of special tools or special knowledge to install this dash cover. All that is required for you to install this dash cover is to properly set it in place and make sure it stays fixed using the silicone adhesive.

This product has a warranty against ultraviolet damage and breakdown for life and what that means is once this dash cover is installed on your dashboard, you are covered for a long period of time.

Key Features:

  1. Made using premium ABS plastic material
  2. Comes in three different colors
  3. Can be installed with ease
  4. Designed to take the shape of your dashboard for a perfect fit
  5. Has a lifetime warranty

2. Angry Elephant Black Carpet Dashboard

Carefully and well designed in the United States of America , the Angry Elephant carpet dash cover is one that would offer your dashboard maximum protection against cracking, fading and also ultraviolet rays and what makes this dash cover unique is the fact that it delivers a perfect and precise fit thanks to its custom fit and laser-measured design.

Unlike other poorly designed dash covers, this one is designed in such a way that it would not interfere with your car’s airbags and the dash cover would stay in place using its Velcro tabs.

Installation is a piece of cake as it comes with numerous Velcro strips that it comes with but all that is required of you is for you to make sure that the dash cover properly fits over your dashboard before holding it secure using the Velcro strips.

As a preventive measure, it is vital that you allow the cover sits on the dash in the sun or overnight before you flatten it out and this dash cover also comes with a lifetime warranty against fraying and fading.

Key Features:

  1. Has a carpet design
  2. Also features a lifetime warranty
  3. Has an easy installation process
  4. Prevents against harmful windshield glare
  5. Comes in a cool black color

3. Covercraft DashMat 1541-00-25 Dashboard Cover

The Covercraft DashMat is one that has been around since 1979 and for it to have been in business for this long shows that this product is of high quality and what makes this dash cover stand out from the rest on the market is its custom patterned design that makes sure it has a very perfect fit.

Setting up this dash cover on your dashboard is quite easy but one important fact about this product is it offers optimal protection against holes, cracks and sun damage.

There is more to this dash cover than just protecting your dashboard and what this means is this dash cover would make the interior of your car very cool which is why it is a good option if you live in extremely hot weather.

It comes with all the necessary Velcro strips so installation is quite easy and simple. It comes in about eleven colors so finding one that would be ideal and suitable for your car dashboard is very possible or likely.

Key Features:

  1. Made using premium polyester fabric
  2. Has a custom fit
  3. Installation is very simple
  4. Comes in various color options
  5. Has a limited lifetime warranty
  6. Cuts down windshield glare

4. Seat Covers Unlimited GMC Yukon

This Unlimited GMC Yukon seat cover is one designed using high-quality velour material and it proves to be a very good choice if you prefer an old school way to ensure that your dashboard stays protected. Offering protection isn’t just what this dash cover is all about as it would also make your car dashboard stylish and it also helps in the prevention of windshield glare that could damage one’s sight.

Its luxurious and soft fabric is aimed at protecting your dashboard from cracking, fading, ultraviolet rays and more and it also comes in several colors like navy, tan, red, silver, black and more. Installation is a very simple and easy process and it also guarantees to deliver a perfect fit.

This perfect fit is made possible as a result of a programmed cutting machine and this cover is cut precisely to fit airbags, sensors, vents and other interior features in your vehicle.

Its self-adhesive Velcro makes sure it stays fixed and fit without slipping off while its lifetime warranty applies against shrinking and fading.

Key Features:

  1. Made using high-quality velour material
  2. Delivers a precise fit
  3. Has a quick installation process
  4. Comes in about nine different colors
  5. Also has a limited lifetime warranty

5.  Angry Elephant Dodge Ram Dashboard Cover

This is another dash cover from the Angry Elephant brand and this is, of course, the second product from this brand to find its way to this review and what this tells you is that this brand is also tasked with the production of high quality and durable products that would meet customers needs.

This dash cover has an easy, simple and seamless installation process and if you want your dashboard to be protected against fading and cracking then this is just the right option for you.

This dash cover is laser measured which makes sure it has a precise and specific fit. It would fit your vehicle sensors, vents and airbags and now that we have mentioned the word installation, it would interest you to know that this car dash cover would only take about five minutes to install.

This is one product that you can always count on and would not be worried about shopping for a dash cover anytime soon as it has a lifetime warranty against fading and fraying.

Key Features:

  1. Has a limited lifetime warranty
  2. Comes in a charcoal color
  3. Has an easy installation process
  4. Cuts down on windshield glare

6. DashSkin Molded Dash Cover Compatible

If your dashboard is bad or needs to b replaced just hold on for a second. You could actually make use of a dash cover to cover it up and one dash cover that can be used in achieving that is the DashSkin Ebony Molded dash cover and this is a dash cover that is made using high-quality plastic material that would offer total coverage to your existing dashboard. The aim of this dash cover is to offer maximum protection to your dashboard and it also helps the interior of your car to feel and look good.

This vacuum molded and rigid plastic built dash cover would blend seamlessly with your dashboard and it comes in about four different colors so you can actually select that which would fit or blend with your car. With this product, you can trust that your dashboard would be protected against cracking, fading, ultraviolet rays and also chipping while its installation process wouldn’t take more than thirty minutes.

Key Features:

  1. This dash cover is made using rigid ABS plastic
  2. Has a vacuum molded design
  3. Has an easy installation process
  4. Comes in about three various color options
  5. Has a lifetime warranty

7. Custom Fit Dashboard Black Center Console Cover

Stylish, durable and affordable are three best words to use in describing the Custom Fit dashboard black center console cover by the AutoFit Pro brand and if you are a lover of plush and comfortable dash covers then you would certainly love to have this dash cover on your car dashboard as it is designed to offer complete protection against windshield glare, sun rays and more.

It is also good at reducing the hot temperatures inside your vehicle which is why it is a good choice if you live under hot temperatures.

Users would always find this dash cover very easy to install as it doesn’t require special skill or technical know-how to install as all that it needs is to place this dash cover on your dashboard and that’s all. It doesn’t require the use of adhesives or Velcro strips unlike in other dash covers that we have talked about. It delivers a snug fit and also has a strong design which contributes to why it has a long-lasting lifespan.

Key Features:

  1. Made using high-quality fabric and silicone sheet
  2. Delivers a custom and precise fit
  3. Has a quick and nonstressful installation process

8. Wolf DashMat Original Dashboard Cover Chevrolet and GMC

This is one dash cover that you can always trust to have a custom patterned fit when placed on your dashboard and it isn’t just designed for the purpose of decorating your dashboard as it can also be used in making sure that your dashboard is protected at all times. It would also conceal blemishes on your dashboard and protect the surface of your dashboard against harmful sun and ultraviolet rays.

This kind of dashboard is also aimed at making the interior of your vehicle cool during summer periods as well as making it warm during winter periods. It also works effectively in the reduction of windshield glare and guesses what, you do not have to worry about visiting the market always just to shop for a dash cover for your dashboard as this dash cover is made using a premium polyester fabric that guarantees it lasts for a longer period of time.

Users can trust that this dash cover would not unravel or fray and would match the interior of your car.

Key Features:

  1. The good looking dash cover
  2. Comes with an instructional guide for easy installation
  3. Also serves its purpose
  4. High-quality fabric production

9. DashMat 91843-02-25 Dash Board Cover

This is also another dash cover from the DashMat brand to make its way to this review and from the look of things, you can tell the DashMat brand can be trusted or relied upon to produce and manufacture high quality and long-lasting products.

This dash cover from DashMat is designed to help protect your dashboard from warping, cracking as well as harmful ultraviolet rays and you can trust that this dash cover would cut down on hazardous haze and glare.

This dash cover has a shrink-proof design, is colorfast and is also made using a durable material that makes sure it lasts longer than expected. It also comes with a hook and loop tape that ensures this dash cover doesn’t interfere with your car’s airbags and they also come with a limited lifetime warranty meaning installing this dash cover on your dashboard would take away every possibility of shopping for another car dash cover.

Key Features:

  1. Super easy to install
  2. Useful in getting rid of dash reflections
  3. Has a superb fit
  4. Designed to match your car’s interior

10. Hex Autoparts Dash Cover Mat Dashboard Pad

Made using high quality felt fabric, the Hex auto parts dash cover mat dashboard is one that would last for a long period of time and this dash cover has a stand out feature and this refers to its laser cotton precision production that also makes sure it doesn’t only last long but ensures it has a precise fit on your dashboard.

With the Hex auto parts dash cover, you can now protect your dashboard against glare, discoloration, cracking and also warping.

There are certain gases that your dashboard emits on a daily basis but you don’t have to be worried about these gases as the Hex auto parts are aimed at reduces the windshield haze that these gases cause and what’s more?

You can also count on this dash cover to keep your vehicle cool as it is also tasked with preventing ultraviolet rays from heating the dashboard that would cause unwanted heat.

It is made from a non-shrinking, durable and colorfast material which makes sure this car dash cover lasts for long.

Key Features:

  1. Fights against harmful ultraviolet rays
  2. Designed using premium materials that ensure long-lasting use
  3. Maintains a cool atmosphere in your vehicle

Best Dash Covers Buying Guide

It is actually a difficult task when it comes to finding the right kind of dash cover for your car as there are thousands of options on the market for sale. Most times customers are confused about what option would be best for style, which one would offer adequate protection and also which would fit into your budget.

You would come across the answers that you are looking for in this guide and these answers would be helpful and also lead you to make the right choice for your car.

Key Factors To Consider

In order to settle for a quality and reliable dash cover that combines the features to protect your dashboard and also make your dashboard look stylish then there are quite some notable features that should not be overlooked. These features are discussed below;

Your Style

Dash covers all come in various sizes, colors and materials and one of the easiest ways of finding a dash cover that would be ideal for your vehicle is to select that which would complement or fit perfectly with the already existing style in your vehicle.

If the interior of your car is dark in color then you might consider going for a similar dash cover while if you want the interior to be brightened then you should properly go for a brighter color. Settling for custom dashboards are actually perfect ideas as they would offer the best fit and best look.

Your Car

This is just like going back to the basics. If your dashboard needs a dash cover then you should probably know the year, model and make of your car before making a payment for any dash cover.

You can also pay attention to the design of dash cover whether it would be compatible with the dashboard in your car but there are however universal custom-fit dash covers that would fit the configuration of your dashboard so people tend to stick to the universal ones as it would probably save more time.

Needs and Budget

You have to identify your needs before making payment for a dash cover If you are looking to purchase a dash cover just as preventive measures then you are making a good choice by getting a dashboard cover.

If your dashboard is damaged at some parts and edges, instead of opting to change the entire dashboard, why not get a custom fit dashboard cover that would not only cover up the mess but also save some money from being spent. Lastly, you do not need to spend heavily on acquiring a dashboard but you should also know that spending heavily doesn’t necessarily mean settling for a high-quality product.

The actual truth is if you want a dashboard that would last for years and also help you save some money from purchasing a new dashboard you should be willing to spend some few extra funds. Nevertheless, you still don’t have to break the bank just because you want to purchase a new dash cover.

How To Install Dash Covers

With a few of our tips and tricks, you would find installing a car dash cover as a piece of cake. Check out these tips;

  1. Clean up the dashboard – you can make use of a dash cleaner and a wet rag so as to get rid of dust, grime, dirt and any other damaging factor
  2. Ensure that you test fit the dash cover – ensure that your dash cover fits entirely over the dashboard and this should be done before applying any form of adhesives. A test fit is necessary as it also shows if there would be a need for more adjustments
  3. Make use of Velcro/Silicone – if you are making use of silicone then it should be applied at vent holes, around the edges or underneath the dash cover so it can stick properly. If you are making use of Velcro strips then you should cut two tapes and place them at the front and back of the dashboard
  4. Properly place the dash cover – when applying the dash cover on the dashboard, ensure that you start by placing it from the front. This should ensure it perfectly fits but depending on the dash cover being used, there might also be a need for more straightening and wiggling.

Conclusion – Our Number One Pick

This is where we come to the end of the best dash covers review and from the look of everything we have talked about, you can actually tell that these products are all high quality and reliable products. Regardless of all of them being great, the best in this review is the DashSkin molded dash cover and this one-piece dash cover is designed to have a smooth and seamless look that is also capable of improving the look of your dashboard.

It oozes of high quality, very durable and is also resistant to harmful ultraviolet rays. It also comes with a lifetime warranty and promises to deliver great value for money.