15 Best Car Leather Cleaner In 2024 – Best Rated Products with Reviews

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Taking a look at the interior of any vehicle would actually tell how much care or attention is being given to that vehicle. This statement is very evident nowadays when taking a look at some cars neatly trimmed and elegant leather seats. You can find detail guide how to wash your car on carwashguides.com.

Your car’s interior leather needs to be cared for and having them look as pristine as they looked the first day you saw them is now a very easy process thanks to the best leather cleaners and conditioners that we have today.

Leather needs to be cared for not just because it is a high-grade material but because it has an awesome and fresh appearance. Leather materials whether they are pure leather or vinyl leather materials would still suffer abuse as long as you use them in your car. Grease, grime, dirt, stains and even dust tends to be trapped in pores.

Cleaning out these unwanted materials could be labor demanding and even at that, they still need some touch of finesses to get it done. Making use of the right type of leather cleaners would make cleaning up such leather materials very easy and effective.

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Considering what we’ve talked about so far, it is safe to say it is the duty of every car owner to care for his interior leather materials and this is where our best car leather cleaners (with conditioners) come into play.

Having a leather material in your car is quite classy but after everything we have said, you would agree that leather also requires a high level of maintenance.

It would not be a good site to find cracked, aged and faded leather material in your car and that is why you need the best car leather cleaners today so as to keep a clean leather surface.

We have the best car leather cleaners already listed out and discussed for you so finding a quality and reliable car leather cleaner would require less or minimal effort.

1. Leather Honey Leather Conditioner

best car leather cleaner

Without a doubt, this is one of the best car leather cleaners that every buyer would come in contact with on the market as it isn’t just made for cars but can also be used on other items.

Applying this car leather cleaner just once is enough for about a duration of six months and this is also one factor that makes this product very exceptional. It is safe as it contains no harsh additives or chemicals which you can easily see in some low quality and low formulated products.

The only downside of this product is its price as its price is on the high side but considering its long-lasting effect and other unique qualities, you would agree that this product is worth the high price.

Key Features:

  1. Backed with 100% customer satisfaction guarantee
  2. This is a non-solvent
  3. Has a non-toxic formulation
  4. Its effectiveness lasts for as long as six months

2. TriNova Leather Cleaner for Couch, Car Interior

best car leather cleaner

The TriNova brand is also another tested and trusted car leather cleaner and what makes this product quite amazing is due to the fact that it can be used on more than just leather surfaces.

This cleaner can be used in vinyl, saffiano, durable, suede, faux leather and other notable surfaces and customers who have tried out this product always said that it is one that everybody would find very easy to work with or make use of.

This is a car leather cleaner that has won the hearts of its buyers’ thanks to its deep cleaning power and high quality. This car leather cleaner can be trusted to get rid of grime, debris, dirt and stains with just one wipe and it is more effective when used alongside its microfiber cleaning towel.

Customers also complained about its high price but looking at its versatility and deep cleaning action then you would agree it is worth the price.

Key Features:

  1. Has a non-toxic and quality formulation
  2. Doesn’t work on just leather but various surfaces
  3. It is accompanied with a microfiber cleaning cloth

3. TriNova Leather Conditioner and Cleaner

best car leather cleaner

This is such a trusted and excellent product without any form of question or doubt and if you are looking for the best leather cleaner which would be ideal in caring for and nourishing delicate leather materials and conditions then this is just what you need.

This car leather cleaner would clean your car leather deeply to get rid of any stain, dirt, grime or debris while its ease of use is also another feature that attracts people to this product.

Meanwhile, being used on other surfaces is also another interesting feature of this product and having a balanced formulation would help in restoring your car leather. It is found worthy of making this list thanks to its versatility and ease of use.

Key Features:

  1. Comes with a pH balanced formulation
  2. This product features a dual-action formulation
  3. Would work great on surfaces apart from leather

4. KevianClean Leather Cleaner and Conditioner

best car leather cleaner

The KevianClean leather cleaner and conditioner is also another reliable car leather cleaner to make it to this review. No matter the kind of leather upholstery you intend working on whether it is in your home or in your car, there is a high-level guarantee that this product would work great on it.

Its unique eco-friendly and organic formulation is one major feature that makes this product a preferred option compared to other products.

However, several customers had something to complain about concerning this car leather cleaner and that is this product cannot be used if the surfaces have no aniline coating.

Customers also had to complain about its high price but considering the fact that this product comes with sixty days warranty is also another feature to smile about.

Key Features:

  1. Has a balanced PH
  2. Unique eco-friendly and organic formulation
  3. This is a 2-in-1 conditioner and cleaner formulation
  4. Has a 60-day warranty

5. Leather Cleaner by Leather Honey

best car leather cleaner

The leather honey brand and products are what almost every customer is happy to purchase and make use of considering its uniqueness and effectiveness and if you are searching for a quality leather cleaning then this is the ideal product for you.

One amazing feature of this product is it comes as a concentrate meaning it requires being diluted with water to make it up to 32 ounces.

The advantage of this leather honey car leather cleaner is its ability to be used on several surfaces like vinyl but it should also be noted that this car leather cleaner shouldn’t be used on suede surfaces.

It is also quite expensive but its 100% customer satisfaction makes it worth every penny.

Key Features:

  1. Its formulation is non-toxic
  2. Customers satisfaction guaranteed
  3. Its formulation is concentrated

6. Chemical Guys Leather Cleaner and Conditioner Kit

best car leather cleaner

There are customers who would love to have a leather conditioner and cleaner in the same bottle and there are also certain customers who prefer them to come in separate bottles.

This is actually a good option if you want them to come in separate bottles as this conditioner and cleaner from Chemical Guys is one of the best you can settle for today to care for all leather items.

Just like every leather cleaner and conditioner that we have talked about in this review, this product also comes with a well-balanced formulation which would yield exceptional results when used on any leather surface.

Another exciting feature of this product is it comes at a cheaper price.

Key Features:

  1. Its conditioner is enriched with vitamin E
  2. Well balanced Ph
  3. Has a deep cleaning and restoration power

7. Leather CPR Cleaner & Conditioner By CPR

best car leather cleaner

The CPR leather cleaner and conditioner comes with a unique ultraviolet protection formulation which helps in protecting your car leather and also prolonging its lifespan.

However, something must be noted when it comes to the CPR leather cleaner and conditioner and that is the fact that it cannot be used on porous surfaces or suede surfaces.

Being dermatologically tested is also another feather to the cap of this product and that is just another way of proving that this product is extremely safe when it comes in contact with the skin. Its reasonable price is also an interesting point to note.

Key Features:

  1. Has a non-greasy formulation
  2. Dermatologically tested
  3. Has ultraviolet protection
  4. Does not contain harmful additives or chemicals

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8. Weiman Leather Cleaner and Conditioner Trigger

best car leather cleaner

Even though the Weiman leather cleaner and conditioner might be among the top quality products as they are usually addressed, this car leather cleaner and conditioner also has some interesting and powerful properties that are lacking in some products.

For this reason, it has found its way into this well organized and detailed review. Having a UVX-15 sunscreen technology is an exceptional feature of this product and that makes it more powerful and reliable than the normal UV technology.

If what we just pointed out doesn’t interest or amaze you then you should consider the use of four natural oils unlike in other products that make use of nut oils.

Key Features:

  1. Unique UVX-15 sunscreen technology
  2. Features four natural oils
  3. Restores and cleans deeply

9. Mr. Leather 707371 Cleaner & Conditioner

best car leather cleaner

Mr. Leather 707371 cleaner and conditioner is one that promises to deliver good and amazing results when used on your car leather materials and this product is also famous for the services it offers such as offering protection, restoring and also cleaning deeply.

What sets this product apart from all other products is that while other products can be used only on leather, this product can also be used on synthetics.

Even if it has this unique property, that isn’t good enough for its price to be high but being an alternative to other products and also being easy to use is another of this brand’s major selling points.

Key Features:

  1. Easy application
  2. No leaving behind of oily residue
  3. Protects, shines and cleans

10. Lexol Leather Cleaner and Conditioner

best car leather cleaner

Having a well-balanced pH is one feature that is found in almost every car leather cleaner and conditioner product and even though there is nothing quite fancy about the formulation of the Lexol leather cleaner and conditioner, it is deemed safe as it doesn’t contain silicones, additives, alcohols and waxes.

One advantage this product has over other products is it can be used on vinyl and leather surfaces which is what every car owner desires.

Customers actually complained of this product damaging their car leather and there are also complaints about the way it is applied. Considering these negative remarks, even its reasonable and affordable price might not be enough to entice buyers.

Key Features:

  1. Features no harsh additives or chemicals
  2. Non-greasy formulation
  3. Can be applied on vinyl and leather surfaces

11. Leatherique 16oz. Kit

best car leather cleaner

If you intend rejuvenating, shining and cleaning your leather then you would need a quality and reliable leather cleaner and conditioner and the Leatherique kit is a good product for you.

Featuring a microfiber towel, leather hand brush, microfiber applicator pads and pristine rejuvenator and clean oil, this kit can be trusted in protecting, restoring and cleaning your car leather no matter the time.

The cleaner and the oil are very important accessories in this kit and also with the addition of collagen and well-balanced pH car owners are certain that this kit would nourish and clean leather thoroughly. After applying this product, you would notice sticky properties but that is just dirt and grime that is being eliminated. The microfiber towel can be used in wiping that off.

Key Features:

  1. Suitable on varying leather colors
  2. Also comes with a microfiber towel and other necessary accessories
  3. Very effective in cleaning and restoring and protecting

12. Leather Milk Conditioner and Cleaner

best car leather cleaner

The Chamberlain leather milk cleaner and conditioner is one that can be used from small to heavy-duty cleaning in not just cars but also for handbags, purses and also for leather furniture.

The combination of a cleaning agent and natural ingredients is what makes this product very powerful as it can effectively and safely get rid of grime and dirt. Just applying this product and rubbing it in softly with a bristle brush makes it easy to lift away trapped dirt.

The conditioner gets your leather looking fresher and better and it is however not a concentrated product.

Key Features:

  1. The best for small and heavy-duty cleaning
  2. Easy to use
  3. Effective cleaning action

13. Meguiar’s Rich Leather Cleaner & Conditioner

best car leather cleaner

This is one product customers can never go wrong with. For that medium, lightweight and casual leather cleaning, the Meguiar’s gold class rich leather cleaner and conditioner is all you need as it proves to be an ideal moisturizer and dirt eliminator.

With this product you would get both the cleaner and conditioner in one so you really don’t have to opt for separate bottle products and this product promises to make your leather clean so it would be appealing to the eyes or it can be re-sold easily.

There is also something interesting or worth knowing about this product and that is its ultraviolet protection which protects your car leather from harmful sun rays.

Key Features:

  1. Superb at fighting dirt and moisturizing
  2. Two in one pack
  3. Offers ultimate protection from the heating sun

14. Armor All Leather Care Gel Fluid

best car leather cleaner

Another great option you can settle for is the Armor all leather care gel fluid which is made by a top brand, therefore, meaning it would have great and interesting features and benefits.

It is specially formulated and is capable of delivering a topnotch performance which has earned it a spot with many great products and you can trust this product if you are looking to help your leather get its old and original look.

Making your leather look rich is why this product is quite popular among several customers. In protecting your leather from stains, spills, grime and dirt, you can also rely on this product as its formulation enables it to remove tough spills and stains.

Key Features:

  1. Delivers a fast cleaning action
  2. Offers protection against stains and spills
  3. Puts together an impressive cleaning performance

15. Bickmore Bick 4 Leather Conditioner, Neutral

best car leather cleaner

The makers of this brand are experts in making high-quality cleaning products and this product still has the same value and quality. If you want your car leather to retain its shape or remain in shape then this is just the product you need.

This product is quite gentle enough for use on all kinds of leather and despite being gentle it is also powerful enough to get rid of grime, dirt and stains.

Key Features:

  1. Has a gentle yet powerful cleaning action
  2. Makes sure your leather stays in shape
  3. High-quality product with high value

Simple Care Tips and a Buying Guide

It is not unusual for some car owners to make use of warm water and mild soap in cleaning their interior car leather but in order to obtain better results, it is advised that car owners make use of a reliable car leather cleaner and conditioner which features a formulation that helps in protecting, cleaning and restoring your leather’s shine.

Listed below are some simple day to day tips that can be applied when caring for your car leather materials:

  1. Try to waterproof leather materials once every year
  2. Offer moisture protection
  3. Make sure you try out leather cleaners and conditioners before applying on your leather surfaces
  4. Prevent exposing leather surfaces to direct sunlight
  5. Go for leather cleaning products with natural and neutral colors
  6. Ensure regular cleaning with a damp material

Why Leather Cleaners are Important

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Leather materials usually require a soft and tender approach when being cared for and unlike in cases of metal, plastics or vinyl which are very easy to maintain, leather materials can be rated just as the human skin considering it was obtained from animals.

For this reason, caring for such a material is very important if you want it to retain its functionality and elegance.

Leather cleaners can be trusted in helping leather materials retain its functionality and elegance and the good thing is they are not just used for cars but also for your homes.

Their formulation makes them active in eliminating oils, debris, dirt and even grime therefore making the materials look and feel brand new.

They also act as protective sealants as well as offering protection against ultraviolet radiation, spills and stains.

Factors to Consider When Shopping for Car Leather Cleaners

Finding a suitable and right car leather cleaner is essential but you should pay close attention to the following factors in order to make the right choice;

pH balanced formulation

Having a neutral pH balanced formulation is essential in any car leather cleaner. This helps in keeping the integrity of the leather material and it is also necessary to test them first if the pH is really balanced

Ease of application

Certain products can be so complicated when applying them that one is forced to throw them away. It would be really sad if you settle for a car leather cleaner that isn’t easy to apply onto leather so you have to pay close attention to this factor and also check for customer reviews.

Product Imitation

Make sure you read every detail on the label of any product you settle for as there are cases where manufacturers clearly state what material it should be applied on and what not to apply it on. Adhering to this helps in saving your car leather and also saving you from spending unnecessarily.

Presence of harsh chemicals and additives

Most companies tend to include additives and chemicals in the formulation of certain products so as to include shelf life or for some other reason. You never can tell how these chemicals or additives can negatively impact your leather material so look out for car leather cleaners with harsh chemicals.

Final Thoughts

As a car owner, your car is your investment and a car with a build leather interior is labeled a dent on your investment.

The resale value and aesthetic value of your car require that your car interior value must be kept fresh and clean like it just left the showroom and purchasing any of the car leather cleaners which we have selected is also a good and wise investment.

It is your own advantage that the best car leather cleaners which we have selected are the best of 2019 meaning they have what it takes and have proven themselves in protecting, conditioning, cleaning and keeping your car fresh and new.

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