10 Best Mountain Bike Gloves – 2024 Buying Guide

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One thing every cyclist is keen on is they would be needing maximum protection as far as they would be hitting the trails or the road and even though most cyclist or the entire public think that helmets are the most needed form of protection, you would also need to get yourself a good pair of bike gloves if you want to protect your hands as well.

Helmets would not protect your hands right and that is why we are looking at the best mountain bike gloves today.

Bike gloves could have a fingerless design, ought to be well-padded and also have a very strong, firm and reliable grip and not forgetting to mention that they also have a protective layer that would protect the hands always.

Taking a look at all of these benefits and more, it would not come as a surprise to you that the entire market is flooded with bike gloves of different designs and this could make finding the right one a daunting thing to do.

This is the point where we come in as we have carried out our own research and come up with the best mountain bike gloves for you and this review would provide you with all the necessary information that would make you settle for a bike glove that would protect the hands. If you are a bike rider then all you have to do is sit back and enjoy this detailed guide on the best mountain bike gloves.

1. Giro DND Gloves

best mountain bike gloves

We are starting up this review with the GIRO DND mountain bike gloves and guess what, this is a unisex pair of gloves meaning it can be used by both males and females. This is a synthetic type of glove that features a protective layer that helps in protecting the hands from elements and there is also an assurance that the hands would feel comfortable while wearing this pair of gloves.

An interesting aspect of this glove is the breathable and moisture-wicking mesh that is woven into it and this mesh works to keep the hands dry and cool and that isn’t all as it also comes with a four-way stretch design which helps in obtaining a perfect fit that would enable users to wear this glove for hours. There is however one intriguing feature of this glove and that is its absorbent microfiber surface.

This microfiber surface is solely responsible for wiping the nose, eyes and brows while on the go while the faux suede material provides riders with a comfortable and secure grip while riding. You can get this mountain bike gloves in various colors and sizes so you are sure to find something that would interest you or fit you.

Key Features:

  1. Has a unisex design
  2. Made using suede and synthetic materials
  3. Its four-way stretch design helps in obtaining a snug fit
  4. Comes in various colors and sizes
  5. Provides the hands with a comfortable and secure grip while riding

2. Fox Racing Ranger Mountain Bike Gloves

The Fox Racing brand is one that is famous for the production or manufacture of high-quality biking and motocross gear for years now so I don’t think you would surprise if you find it in our best mountain bike gloves review.

This glove is made using a perfect blend of polymer fabrics that would provide flexibility, comfort and protection and thanks to its absorbent top layer, this pair of the glove would be able to wipe away heat from the face.

Having silicone fingertips simply means riders would be able to have a firm and solid grip on handlebars while the palms double layer of clarino faux leather doesn’t just provide a firm grip but also ensures that the hands are well shielded away from scrapes, cuts and chaffing.

Maximum comfort is attainable even if you wear this glove for several hours and you would find something that would fit your needs as this glove comes in various sizes and colors.

Key Features:

  1. This is also another unisex mountain bike glove
  2. Its absorbent top layer ensures wiping while on the go
  3. Has a low profile closing tab
  4. Comes in different styles and colors
  5. Its silicone fingertips help in offering a strong grip

3. GEARONIC TM Cycling Bike Gloves

This GEARONIC mountain bike glove is one with a different design from the previous two that we have talked about in the sense that it is the first fingerless cycling glove to find its way to this best mountain bike gloves review. This bike glove is designed to offer comfort and it also features shock-proof foam that is strategically stationed to help provide the hands with proper cushion and also protect it from jumps, potholes and uneven surface impacts.

Having a snug fit, being breathable and also made using a synthetic fabric are some of the outstanding features of this mountain bike gloves from GEARONIC and this is just the best glove for professional or casual use as well as for biking activities.

Its fingerless design also makes sure that the hands are fully protected and with less padding, you would not be able to feel the handlebars. It is also one not to miss out on if you are shopping on a budget.

Key Features:

  1. Suitable for kids, women and men
  2. Made using a synthetic and breathable fabric
  3. This glove is designed to offer comfort no matter how long you wear
  4. Fights away the numb feeling during long-distance rides

4. ZOOKKI Cycling Mountain Bike Gloves

The ZOOKI brand has also found its way into our review on the best mountain bike gloves and this time they have blessed riders with this fingerless and well-cushioned mountain bike glove. The surface of this glove is made using a terry cloth and a mesh lycra material which offers not only an elastic finish but makes it breathable.

This also makes way for a perfect fit and fights back slippery and sweaty hands especially on hot days. Its back features an absorbent surface that riders can make use of in wiping off the face.

There is a clever gel padding on the palm of this mountain bike glove which works in enhancing grip and also absorbing shocks and its cushioning that we talked about earlier is also very important as it protects against fatigue, chafing and numbness.

You would find it very easy to wear and remove this pair of gloves and they are a good choice if you are searching for a pair of gloves that would protect the hands perfectly well.

Key Features:

  1. Features the combination of terry cloth and lycra material
  2. This is a pair of a glove with an absorbent and breathable design
  3. Unisex design
  4. Its padding placement helps in offering a nice and firm grip

5. INBIKE Cycling Gloves Men

Another pair of mountain bike gloves to earn a spot in our detailed best mountain bike glove review is the INBIKE Men Cycling Gloves and this one too has a fingerless design. It is made using premium mesh fabric and a flexible lycra material that makes this glove comfortable and functional.

It is a breathable kind of glove meaning it would keep the hands cool on extremely hot days while its elastic design helps in obtaining a perfect fit.

Riders would be able to have an effective and safe grip while wearing this pair of gloves thanks to its additional padding in its palm region while its pads are strategically placed to serve as shock absorbers and also to protect against jump and rough terrains impact. You would not feel fatigued when wearing these gloves which is why it is a good choice for driving long-distance rides.

Key Features:

  1. Has a fingerless design and comes in different styles and colors
  2. Can be used during fall, summer and spring seasons
  3. Terry cloth at its back is ideal for face wiping
  4. Its palm side padding minimizes hand fatigue and absorbs shock

6. Fox Racing Ripley Glove

For the women who are searching for a mountain bike glove that has a well-tailored design then this mountain glove right here is what you have been looking for. It is one that is made out of a high-quality blend of polymer fabrics for durability and it is also designed to be comfortable, lightweight and also able to wick away moisture. This is considered to be the best option for use during winter conditions and this owes to its fully fingered design.

Having an absorbent microsuede design on its thumb makes it ideal for wiping the nose, brows and eyes while its silicone fingertip design also ensures that you grip the handlebars firmly.

Many customers who have tried out this mountain bike glove have all disclosed that it is perfect for use in cold weather conditions and it also offers a comfortable fit. It is also able to protect the hands from elements, scrapes, cuts and chaffing.

Key Features:

  1. Made using premium polymer blend
  2. A comfortable design which makes users wear for long
  3. Its silicone fingertip design enables users to have a firm grip
  4. Perfect for use in cold weather and winter seasons

7. BOODUN Cycling Gloves

The BOODUN brand has given the public this impressively built mountain bike glove with a fingerless and well-padded design. It features the unique combination of nylon and polyester blend that lasts long and also ensures that these gloves have a snug fit as long as you wear. The upper layer of this mountain bike glove has a lycra blend that offers riders a smooth and comfortable ride.

When driving in rough terrain or when facing jumps, the hands would not feel any impact as it comes with shock-absorbing pads in its palm and one advantage that comes with having this well-padded design is it fights against chafing, numbness and preventing fatigue on long rides.

The thumb on each hand of this glove has a towel design that can be used in wiping off sweat and this pair of mountain bike gloves comes in various colors and sizes so it wouldn’t be difficult to find something that would be suitable for you.

Key Features:

  1. This glove has a fingerless and well-padded design
  2. Comes in various colors and sizes
  3. Made using high-quality polymer material
  4. Features an elastic lycra material that ensures a snug fit

8. FIRELION Cycling Gloves

This mountain bike gloves from FIRELION is the next pair of mountain bike gloves that we want to talk about and this multi-functional and breathable gloves are suitable for spin class, BMX, cycling and mountain biking activities. It has a durable yet comfortable fabric design which makes users wear these gloves for a long period of time and it keeps you cool during summer and hot during winter seasons thanks to its breathable design.

There is something interesting about this pair of mountain bike gloves and that is its fingertip with a clever design that enables users to operate touchscreen phones without taking off these gloves. This makes operating your smartphone very easy while its palm region has durable gel pouches that make it effective in absorbing shock and preventing slipping when riding. It comes in several sizes and different colors.

Key Features:

  1. Designed using a breathable fabric
  2. Its flexibility makes it have a snug fit on the hands
  3. Comes in a wide range of sizes and colors
  4. Enables users to access their phones when driving

9. HTZPLOO Bike Gloves Bicycle

The HTZPLOO bike gloves are reliable and also have a fingerless design that makes them a suitable option for use in fall, summer or spring seasons and you are also assured that this is the type of glove that would provide the hands with optimal protection needed so you can have a comfortable and safe ride.

This hand glove is also designed to reduce road vibration, hand fatigue and also improve hand grip. Its build features the unique blend of original nylon and polyester material.

The wrists and hands would be protected from jumps and bolts thanks to its anti-silicone gel design in its palm which also helps in improving control. Being lightweight is also a very important feature of this glove as it offers comfort and also enables riders to wear for long even on long-distance rides.

Riders would be able to obtain a snug fit as this pair of gloves comes with a velcro fastening that would not get caught in one’s sleeve.

It comes in various sizes as well as several colors so you would definitely find something that suits you.

Key Features:

  1. Designed to fight against scrapes and chafing
  2. Its easy to adjust velcro fastening would enable riders to obtain a snug fit
  3. Comes in several colors and sizes
  4. Made out of premium quality polymer blend

10. Seibertron Dirtpaw Unisex

The SEIBERTRON cozy mountain bike is the last product that we would be looking at as we come to the end of the best mountain bike review and this is one glove with special rubber inserts in its knuckles and finger regions that makes sure these gloves don’t just look cool but also ensures that riders have a firm and excellent grip. These rubber inserts are also responsible for protecting the hands so as to reduce the risks of bruises and cuts.

Being safe and comfortable are other interesting aspects of this mountain bike gloves thanks to its light padding and lycra finger gusset design. One more thing you all should know about this mountain bike glove is its interior is well padded which makes sure fights back cold even under extreme cold weather conditions.

These gloves are best for kids and adults and if you cycle and you are concerned about protecting your hands then this is the right option for you.

Key Features:

  1. Has a unisex design and is suitable for adults and kids
  2. Its rubbers insert to protect the hands against bruises and cuts
  3. The interior is well padded as it reduces hand fatigue and hand vibrations

Buying Guide and Factors to Consider When Shopping

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The mountain bike gloves that we have talked about are the best products that you should not miss to lay your hands on as they are all tasked with not just protecting the hands but also making sure that the hands are comfortable at all times.

We are certain that you would find something that would meet your needs from the products that we have reviewed and to help you settle for the right choice, we have selected some factors that you should consider when shopping for mountain bike gloves. These are the factors:

  1. Protection – the type of protection you need is one factor that you should take a look at when shopping for mountain bike gloves. For example, if you intend riding across a rough terrain then a bike glove with silicone or foam pads in its palm region is what you would need. These pads play the role of the shock absorber as they protect the wrist and hands against vibrations and bumps.
  2. Climate – the type of climate where you wish should cycle is also another factor capable of influencing your decision and a fingerless bike glove is what you need if you ride under warmer or summer weather conditions. However, a full-fingered glove is suitable for people who live in winter, fall or cold spots as its layer of padding keeps elements away.
  3. Comfort – your level of comfort is also another important factor to consider when shopping for mountain bike gloves so you should also be on the lookout for mountain bike gloves that are breathable, soft, well-padded and also has a snug fit.
  4. Size And Fit – there is no way your hands would be protected fully if the bike gloves do not fit perfectly and for a glove to fit perfectly, it has to be your size. Ensure that the product you are picking is your actual size for it to have a precise fit.

Conclusion and Favorite Pick

The GIRO DND mountain bike glove in our opinion is just the best product you can settle for as they are versatile, comfortable and would protect the hands as it comes with a superb and amazing layer of protection. It is one that is made using high-quality synthetic material and it also has the ability to wick away moisture so as to keep the hands dry at all times.

With over seven sizes and seventeen colors to choose from, you would definitely find something that would be ideal for you.

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