10 Best ATV Helmet In 2024 – Review and Buying Guide

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Making use of an ATV helmet is very paramount if you want to ensure safety while riding on a bike or an off-road activities but there are vast options on ATV helmets on the market which might seem to overwhelm any buyer no matter whether you are a professional or a novice and that is where our best ATV helmet review comes in.

With the help of our best ATV helmet review, you would certainly experience less difficulty when it comes to shopping for an ATV helmet today.

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You can rely on our best ATV helmet buying guide which would offer help when you intend shopping for an ATV helmet today so you do no get mislead by the numerous adverts on the internet and settle for a low-quality ATV helmet.

Owing to the importance of an ATV helmet, it is very necessary that you settle for a very good one so you can be able to enjoy all the benefits that it brings. Here are the 10 best ATV helmet:

1. ILM Flip up Modular Full Face Helmet

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This review is being opened with a high profile and one of the best ATV helmet choices that you can settle for and this is one ATV helmet that is designed by a high profile brand known as the ILM brand. This is one that customers would be impressed with as it comes in various colors and sizes and in addition, it comes with a flip-up function combined with a visor that has an anti-scratch design.

The main objective of this latest design is to help in minimizing fog so the rider would be able to have a very clear view. Its design is also attractively combined with a sleek finish while its cheek pads and liner can be removed with ease if the rider wants to enjoy a very comfortable ride.

Key Features:

  1. Comes with a wind and noise reduction design
  2. Can be gotten in various shapes and colors
  3. Designed to meet and exceed DOT safety standards

2. 1Storm Motorcycle Street Bike Modular Helmet

This is another modular helmet that we want to talk about and it comes with several amazing features that have made it possible for it to find its way to our best ATV helmet review. The main attraction of this brand is the fact that it comes with an XS small design if you intend to get one for your kids or even for your own personal use.

Thanks to the vents that were included in its design, users are sure of enjoying a very comfortable ride while wearing this helmet and you can find these vents in the front, back and top regions of the helmet. It also comes with an inner design that makes it easy to lift up modular and inner visor.

Key Features:

  1. Comes in several easy to see and bright colors
  2. This is a DOT approved product
  3. Even though this ATV helmet is lightweight, it is also very durable

3. YEMA Helmet Unisex-Adult Modular Helmet

The third modular ATV helmet that we want to talk about is the YEMA unisex and adult modular ATV helmet and guess what, this helmet comes in black and white colors and what’s more, it also comes in several sizes so one can easily find that helmet that would be suitable for him or her.

What this means is you would find a helmet for use even if your skull is slightly bigger and that is why this helmet is considered as a very good option for off-road purposes.

Therefore, if you are in search of a quad bike helmet, motocross helmet or a dirt bike helmet then you have the best option staring at you right in the face and one extra feature which makes this ATV helmet such a good buy is its multi-density EPS that makes every ride safe. One more feature that this ATV helmet from YEWA possesses is a chin strap which helps in making rides extra comfortable and also offering protection.

Key Features:

  1. It comes with an easy use switch for switching on the visor
  2. Designed to meet and exceed FMVSS and DOT standards
  3. Its pads and liners are fully washable

4. TCMT Dot Youth & Kids Motocross Offroad Street Helmet

Now, this ATV helmet is a bit different from the previous products that we have talked about and this owes to the fact that this particular helmet that we want to talk about now is specially designed for kids alone.

If you have a little chap that has been bothering you with getting them a dirt bike so they can finally go for off-road driving then we are pleased to inform you that you have finally found something that would be suitable for them.

First things first, this helmet comes in very bright colors and you know the importance of bright colors yea? it helps in promoting visibility. Kids would be very pleased with this ATV helmet as it also comes with goggles and gloves and they are not just made for fancy.

They would ensure that your kids are safe and secure each time they put on this helmet and ride on their bikes.

Key Features:

  1. Thanks to its unique ventilation system, this is the type of ATV helmet that can be used all through the year
  2. This is a flip-up modular helmet
  3. Can be worn by kids when driving a dirt bike

5. ILM Full Face Motorcycle Street Bike Helmet

There are bike riders who do not enjoy driving full-face bikes but if you are among the few that enjoy driving full-face bikes then you would be impressed with this ATV helmet as it is one that can be counted on to help in assuring safety.

This helmet is a good choice for use on any bike whether you want to use it as a dirt bike helmet or as a motocross helmet and users are very certain that they are getting a product that would offer great value for the money spent on it.

Having a matte black finish and also coming in different colors and sizes are also some interesting features of this ATV helmet and there is however one design that seems to keep customers stuck on this product, That design is its streamlined design which offers help with the aerodynamics at the back of the bike while driving and what this means is that this is the bike that you can also trust to help deal with noise and wind.

This helps them to listen to other noises which in turn helps in keeping them safe.

Key Features:

  1. Features a quick-release strap system
  2. Meets all DOT standards
  3. Comes with clear and smoked visors

6. ScorpionExo Covert Matte Black Helmet

Having a matte black sleek design is one of the key reasons and features that make this ATV helmet rank high among other high-quality products and top brands but nevertheless, there are still other interesting features that this ATV helmet comes with. It comes with a tinted, retractable sun visor that doesn’t only provide protection against sunlight but is also responsible for looking extremely cool when driving your bike.

With its sun visor, you can be able to see very clearly regarding the varying weather condition and its shell also has polycarbonate material in it which also helps in making this helmet comfortable. With this ScorpioExo ATV helmet, users are rest assured that it would help in absorbing impact if there is a case of an accident.

Key Features:

  1. It has a matte black finish that contributes to why it looks cool and attractive
  2. Comes with a retractable sun visor that helps in ensuring clearer visibility
  3. Also comes with a removable front mask

7. Fuel Helmets SH-OR3017 Adult Off-Road Helmet

Even though the black color sometimes might look extremely cool, it isn’t everyone that is actually okay with wearing dark colors and that is why this ATV helmet was designed as it comes in extremely bright colors for people who are interested in wearing brighter colored helmets. Being brightly colored also helps in ensuring visibility and safety and owing to protection, customers are quite certain that this is one of the best ATV helmets that they can settle for.

There are two main protective features that make this ATV helmet rank higher than other helmets on the market and these features are its large eye port and easy to adjust visor angle. Protection is guaranteed and also riders are guaranteed of having a comfortable ride while wearing this ATV helmet from Fuel Helmets.

Key Features:

  1. Features stylish graphics on its exterior
  2. This is another DOT approved ATV helmet
  3. Comes with an easy to adjust visor angle design

8. SmartDealsNow DOT Youth & Kids Helmet

If you are in the market shopping for ATV helmets for kids or for youths then you have just found the best product for use and guess what, this is also another helmet with bright colors which kids would love very much. Apart from having bright and attractive colors, this ATV helmet is also very safe to ride with and that is also another feature that makes this ATV helmet ranks among other high-quality brands.

You would also be amazed at all the patterns and finishes that it possesses as they would always attract your kids to it and it can be gotten in various sizes which also means you would definitely find one that will fit your kid. It also meets DOT standards.

Key Features:

  1. Offers lots of cushions which helps in providing a comfortable ride
  2. Comes in various types of patterns and finishes
  3. A good choice for all youngsters out there

9. YEMA Motocross ATV Helmet DOT Approved

This is another classic style ATV helmet from the YEMA brand to find its way to this review and it is one that would look attractive to the eyes as it has a very sleek and shiny finish. It also comes in various sizes so it is very possible that you would get one that would fit you perfectly and comfortably.

There are people who are not comfortable with the full-face helmet because of the heat it brings but that isn’t the case with this ATV helmet as it features a ventilation cooling system that makes the ride comfortable and heat-free.

However, there is a very important feature that this ATV helmet comes with and that is its multi-density EPS combined with a chin strap which doesn’t just offer protection but also makes ride extra comfortable.

Key Features:

  1. Comes with a powerful ventilation system
  2. It has additional space where you can place BlueTooth speakers and glasses
  3. Its sun visor has an easy to use design

10. O’Neal 0623-064 3 Series Helmet

This ATV helmet comes in either an attractive white color or a shiny black color and guesses what, you would definitely find something that would fit comfortably and perfectly on your head as it comes in various sizes. The presence of washable and removable padded liners means that the head would feel comfortable wearing this ATV helmet and users are also sure that they would obtain a perfect and snug fit each time they wear this helmet.

These washable and removable linings are useful when it comes to getting rid of heat and other features that make this ATV helmet stand out from the rest are its internal large ventilation system and easy to adjust visor.

Key Features:

  1. Its shell is made using high-quality polycarbonate material
  2. You can get this ATV helmet in either a shiny black color or an attractive white color
  3. It comes in various sizes and even has the XXL size

Factors to Consider When Shopping for ATV Helmets

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If you are visiting the market to shop for an ATV helmet for you or for a kid then there are some factors that we want to bring to your notice which would be helpful in selecting a very good choice. Here are the factors;

  1. Certification – it is very necessary that UTV and ATV helmets come with the necessary certification as it makes a user feel confident he is settling for a very good and registered product.
  2. Comfort – uncomfortable ATV helmets are very dangerous that is why before you make a payment for any ATV helmet for yourself or for your child, please ensure that it has a perfect fit and is comfortable. They should have a nice amount of padding if they are to deliver the amount of comfort that you need but they do not need to have too much snug fit so too much pressure isn’t exerted on the riders face, neck and head.
  3. Safety – there has to be a component in ATV helmets that would be responsible for a rider’s safety and what this component is called is the EPS lining. This lining is designed for absorbing impact but if you intend settling for an ATV helmet with a chin bar please make sure the EPS runs well along the bar and inside the helmet as well.
  4. Precise Fit – before you finally make up your mind on purchasing an ATV helmet you have to be certain it would have a correct fit but this factor would be possible to ascertain only if you get the right size for your head. What you should do is get an ATV helmet which is the perfect size for your head so it can sit perfectly on your head without falling to the sides.

Reasons Why You Need An ATV Helmet

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Other than just trying to protect your head, there are quite some reasons why you need an ATV helmet and they are discussed below;

  1. Minimizing wind fatigue – ATV helmets ensures you stay fully alert by helping to minimize wind fatigue
  2. Getting Rid of Other Sounds – other sounds in this context might be windy sounds when you are driving on your bike and with an ATV helmet, you are guaranteed of having a pleasurable and comfortable ride
  3. Extra Protection – when you suffer a crash with an ATV helmet, you would be fully protected as it would protect your mouth, eyes and nose from external dangerous factors around you.
  4. Offers Eye Protection – this does not necessarily protect the eyes during a crash but ATV helmet would also offer the eyes adequate protection when driving. Modular or full-face ATV helmets are specially designed to do this.
  5. Increases Visibility – if you select an ATV helmet with bright colors or fluorescent colors then the tendency of seeing other riders is very high. This is very important for riders who enjoy off-road driving.

Final Thoughts

So we have come to the end of the best ATV helmet review and we are sure that with all the information you have gathered from this review like the best ATV helmet, factors that you should carefully consider and also reasons why you also need to wear an ATV helmet when driving, you would be able to find that ATV helmet that would be okay for you.

Every product we have talked about here whether a unisex product or for kids or for adults is of high quality and promises to make every ride enjoyable, pleasurable and comfortable.

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