10 Best Oil Additive in 2024 – Oil Additives Vs Fuel Additives

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Table could not be displayed. Everyone knows that for your car’s engine to run smoothly and deliver an impressive performance, it needs to run on a good and quality engine oil. Engines oils are important as they ensure that moving parts are well lubricated as well as ensuring the transfer and cooling of heat.

Engine oils perform key roles in the engine of every car but just as it is with all other elements, it is very important to search for other ways to improve your car’s performance. This is the point where oil additives are introduced and oil additives work to boost up the components, nit just any components but positive components that could be found in the engine oil.

Oil additives are also used in getting rid of negative traits that are capable of hindering performance but making use of an oil additive would add more value and also provide your car’s engine with the boost that it deserves.

With that being said about oil additives, one can easily say they are a simple, cheap and easy way to upgrade the performance of your car engine.

A Complete Buying Guide on Selecting the Best Oil Additive

best oil additiveWhat are Oil Additives

Oil additives have two primary functions and they are ensuring that your engine runs at full efficiency and also making sure that your engine is free from corrosion or rust which is capable of destroying some important parts of your engine.

Oil additives would blend perfectly with motor oils so as to keep part well lubricated therefore providing protection and lubrication to areas where it is needed.

Oil additives are also vital o improve motor oils that already exist in your car. This product might sound quite simple but it does a lot of jobs to make sure that your car operates at its peak at all times.

If you are seeking ways to get rid of that noise you constantly hear coming from your car or you want to boost your fuel economy then you obviously need a good oil additive.

Making use of oil additives would help in salvaging these situations and you can go ahead and read up all you need to know about the best oil additive so you can find a good and reliable oil additive product for your car.

1. Sea Foam Extreme Marine & Rv SF-16 Seafoam Liquid

best oil additive

Coming in a 16oz container simply means you would be getting a very large quantity of the consumer’s best choice oil additive and settling for this product means you are settling for a product that guarantees the safety of the environment as it is an EPA and PEA registered product thanks to its environmental friendliness.

This is also a one hundred percent petroleum formulation product so you don’t have to worry about harmful components.

This is a trusted and reliable oil additive as its powerful formulation makes sure works in getting rid of the build-up of contaminants, varnish deposits and gum. These harmful components can be found right inside your engine and people who ride older vehicles have expressed how satisfied they are with the performance of this product. It ensures a quiet motor operation, a decrease in drag and a boost in power.

This oil additive can be used either in direct oil or gasoline injection engines.

Key Features:

  1. Gets rid of varnish deposits
  2. Works to boost performance especially in older vehicles
  3. Gets rid of chatter and vibrations

2. Archoil AR9100 Oil Additive (16oz) for All Vehicles

best oil additive

Specially formulated for use in diesel engines, the Archoil AR9100 oil additive is fitted into a 16oz container and this is one product you are sure of what you would be getting a whole lot of benefits if you intend settling for this product.

With this powerful oil additive, you are sure that your car friction, vibration and engine noise would be greatly refused and for this reason, you can rely on this product to deal with 7.5 and 6.0 PowerStroke cold start issues.

There are several benefits that are attached to making use of this oil additive and another evident benefit is it would greatly reduce vehicle wear and tear therefore helping to prolong the lifespan of the components of the vehicle and the vehicle at large.

This is a much cheaper way of maintaining your vehicle and saving cost and using this oil in gasoline engines would improve hydraulics, power steering and gearbox performances.

Key Features:

  1. Works great when used in diesel engines
  2. There would be the evident improvement in gasoline engines
  3. Reduces vibrations and noise

3. Liqui Moly (20002) Cera Tec Friction Modifier

best oil additive

This product comes in a 300ml bottle and it is one with the right formulation to make it blend properly with commercial motor oils. No matter what your preferred oil is, this oil additive would work perfectly well with it so there wouldn’t be any need to compromise with any of the two oils and if you travel to regions with high or hot climate or even travel for very long distances then this is just one of the best products for you.

Another major benefit that comes with making use of this oil additive is it would also work freely with any filter system and this is such a major boost to any engine as being compatible with every filter system means there would be a reduction and elimination of sediments and deposits in the filter systems. This oil additive can also serve as a transmission fluid but it isn’t a good choice to add to any fuel.

Key Features:

  1. Would work with every filter system
  2. Works greatly in controlling the temperature performance
  3. Blends perfectly with the viscosity and brand of any commercial motor oil

4. AI Innovations LUC10002 Lucas Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer

best oil additive

The beauty of this powerful oil additive is it comes in a gallon meaning there wouldn’t be any need for you to make a new purchase of this product or any other oil additive anytime soon and after trying out this oil additive in your vehicle, you would certainly not want to try out any other oil additive as you would be impressed with its performance. This oil additive, however, goes for a very affordable price.

With this oil additive, you are quite certain that the life expectancy of this of any oil would improve or last longer and this also creates more space for oil changes.

In return, you don’t have to spend much time and money on oil changes and there would also be an evident reduction in your vehicle’s oil consumption. This oil is also formulated in the United States of America.

With this oil, your vehicle can actually say goodbye to dry starts but boost MPG power.

Key Features:

  1. There would be a decrease in oil consumption
  2. Boosts life expectancy of all oils
  3. Offers long term results

5. Genuine Ford Fluid XL-3 Friction Modifier Additive

best oil additive

For all ford owners who have been dealing with one engine friction problem or the other, here is a good solution to your engine’s problem that would make all engine problems a thing of the past.

This is a Ford 4oz oil additive that is well formulated and powerful enough to greatly cut down metallic surface friction and that isn’t just all that this additive can do, it also cuts down on hypoid gear chatter and loudness.

You can trust this oil additive to keep your injector well lubricated as well as keeping them in a good working condition for a long time. It gets rid of all kinds of noise and would deliver impressive results when used in Ford Mustang and GT cars.

It comes with a well-tapered neck which makes this liquid easy to pour and after five minutes of adding this oil, your car’s performance would boost up significantly.

Key Features:

  1. Delivers results immediately
  2. Makes sure the motors are quiet
  3. Cuts down on metal to metal surface friction

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6. Red Line 81403 Engine Break-In Oil

best oil additive

Coming in a 16oz container means you now have the perfect measurement that would be more than enough to be able to treat at least two oil changes using just one of this oil additive. With the use of this product, it greatly reduces slick oil found on the piston and this is also very important or necessary as it makes sure that the rings of the piston are properly seated or placed.

There are so many benefits that users would stand to gain just by making use of this oil additive and one such benefit includes getting rid of chatter while boosting up startup performance.

There would also be an evident power change and one important aspect of this Red Line oil additive is its phosphorus and zinc combination formulation. This makes this oil additive very important and a must use for your vehicle.

The presence of excess zinc in your engine tends to cut short the life span of most small-sized working engine parts but you can, however, trust this oil additive to eliminate metal to metal contact while boosting up the performance of your vehicle.

Key Features:

  1. This oil is properly formulated to carry out repairs on the piston ring seals
  2. Ensures smooth start-up
  3. After carrying out a second oil change, this oil additive guarantees the addition of additional power to your car’s MPG

7. BG MOA Part # 110 Engine Oil Supplement

best oil additive

You would be expecting a larger amount of this oil additive to be delivered to you when you settle for this product as it comes in an 11oz can and this isn’t just the average oil additive that you are bound to come across but one that promises to lower the RPM of your vehicle, increase the general performance of your engine and also help in speeding up the acceleration of your vehicle.

Offering a better exhaust note is also another eye catching benefit of this oil additive and one necessary factor that all buyers ought to know about this oil additive is the fact that it would work better with high-performance truck engines ensuring that they have the required strength to get any job done.

With this oil additive, you are guaranteed that carrying out oil changes always would be reduced.

In conclusion, this oil additive is far from your everyday oil additive as it would fight back corrosion and also get rid of sediments especially in vehicles with high performance.

Key Features:

  1. Formulated to boost the life expectancy of oils
  2. For use specifically in high-performance trucks
  3. Powerful enough to get rid of sediments

8. REV-X Stiction Fix Oil Treatment

best oil additive

The Rev-x oil additive is also another reliable and trusted oil additive that users have to look out for when considering what oil additive to settle for. This is because it has a lot of benefits that it offers that would be vital in improving the performance of your engine.

Speaking about benefits, the Rev-x oil additive has the power to reduce fuel injectors easily and it does this by avoiding corrosive and harmful chemical strippers.

Another notable feature of this oil additive is it would also mix with other powerful additives and this makes sure only good is done to your engine and less harm, therefore, making it a good option for all engines.

Turbochargers are bound to benefit greatly as a result of the additive’s viscosity. One other benefit is due to its simple formula, you can trust this additive to perform great in gas and diesel engines.

There would be an evident improvement in your car’s performance just by making use of this oil additive.

Key Features:

  1. Delivers impressive results when used in gas and diesel engines
  2. Formulated with no corrosive or harmful ingredients
  3. Powerful enough to fix turbochargers

9. Lucas Oil 10278 1 Quart (32 Ounces) Engine Oil

best oil additive

Lucas is a trusted brand when it comes to making reliable and high-quality automobile products and the Lucas 10278 engine oil is also one product that carries the same high-quality trademark as it features a powerful formulation that makes sure engines enjoys reduced oil consumption.

Reducing the amount of oil your engine consumes tends to boost the oil pressure of your vehicle, therefore, increasing the performance of your vehicle.

With this oil additive, you can actually trust that it would repair worn seals and this is quite important as it makes sure there would not be any case of corrosion in the nearest future. It would also repair seals that aren’t totally damaged and this is, however, one of the safest oil additives ever to find its way to the market as it doesn’t contain any harmful solvent. No harmful solvent means there would be no bad odor too.

There would be a fixing of any leaks in your engine just by working with this oil additive and it is well formulated to be compatible with fully synthetic, semi-synthetic and petroleum oils.

Key Features:

  1. Contains zero harmful solvents
  2. Formulated to work with motor oils of any kind
  3. Effective in fixing engine leakages

10. BestLine 853796001049 Engine Treatment

best oil additive

This is an oil additive formulated to make sure your car’s engine is in good working condition and also performs exceedingly well. Working with the Best Line engine treatment oil means there would be a massive improvement in the reduction of engine wear and tear and with this highly formulated oil, you can also trust that your fuel economy and fuel performance would be greatly improved as well.

After your second oil change, while using the Best Line engine treatment oil additive, you would also notice an increased mileage especially when running on a full tank and compared to other low-quality oil additives on the market, this oil additive from Best Line would reduce the production of harmful emissions.

Reducing engine vibration and engine chatter are also other benefits users stand to gain from making use of this product.

Generally speaking, this is just the right oil that would keep your engine in its best working condition.

Key Features:

  1. Would greatly reduce the release of harmful emissions
  2. Boosts up your tank overall mileage
  3. Cuts down startup noise as well as engine chatter

How Oil Additives Work

The way to measure your car’s oil performance is through viscosity. Excess viscosity will gunk up your engine and adding oil additives is the best way to get your engine to function properly.

Internal and external temperatures also tend to affect the viscosity of your motor oil and it is without any doubt that oil additives would improve the lifespan of older vehicles just by making them function at an optimal level.

Oil Additives Vs Fuel Additives

Oil additives are fuel additives that are clearly not the same thing. Oil additive is added to engine oil which keeps the engine running and your engine makes use of fuel to keep your car moving. What you must know is gasoline or fuel can be altered so they can increase their performance.

Fuel additives are used in altering corrosion inhibitors or the octane rating of all parts that work with fuel. Some fuel additives boost city and highway MPG as well as ensuring proper lubrication.

Finding the Right Kind of Oil Additive

When searching for a good and dependable oil additive, it is very important that you figure out the various chemical compounds that make up these additives. Understanding its components would be instrumental in helping you find that which would be suitable for use in your car. Check out these components below;

Phosphorus – something you would see quite often is the zinc and phosphorus in ZDDP and phosphorus is quite important as it doesn’t just improve engine performance but also cuts down on metal to metal contact as well as protecting against wear and tear.

Zinc – when zinc is added to an oil additive, this is because it acts more in boosting performance and this is a component that would benefit older vehicles.

These are the two common ingredients or components that makeup oil additives and listed below are some functions or performance or benefit of adding oil additives to oils;

  1. Rust Inhibitors – you would deal with corrosion, chipping and rusting down when your engine starts to fail so adding oil additives prevents corrosion and ensures your engine runs smoothly.
  2. Friction Reduction – Oil additives are also important to prevent metal to metal contact which in turn prevents wear and tear that could damage an engine block’s key component. This is also needed in improving your engine’s lifespan
  3. Boosts MPG – adding oil additives to your engine oil would boost up MPG especially after the second oil change the addition of oil additives proves to be a worthy investment as it guarantees extra money in your pocket and no stress on your engine.

Making use of an oil additive has a lot of benefits like ensuring a quiet and smooth running engine as well as also boosting your engine’s fuel economy. Investing your money into oil additives is an investment that would pay off as it would completely change how your engine runs.

Oil additives can also be used with other oils such as differential oil, transmission fluid, power steering systems and many more.

Final Thoughts

Compared to other components of your car, the engine is one part that would require constant maintenance and the quality of oil you make use during each maintenance is vital to how sound your engine would run or perform.

Investing your money into an oil additive is a wise decision as it would keep engines clean, protected and also make sure they run smoothly.

All the oil additives we have talked about today have been used by car owners and other professionals too all around the world. These oil additive brands were all manufactured by high profile and reputable companies so settling for any of the oil additives listed above means you would be getting a high-performance oil additive that would keep your engine in good working condition.

Good luck as you make your choice today!

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