10 Best Blind Spot Mirrors In 2024 – Reviews & Buying Guide

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Some of the hazardous things that drivers might need to do while driving on the highway involves merging with other lanes or trying to get on to other lanes as there are statistics showing that these acts have led to collision and the main cause of this collision is when one driver fails to see the other driver in his blind spot.

The blind spot is a particular area where a driver can not see in any of his mirrors when looking at the direction right in front of him ad that is why making use of the best blind spot mirrors is advised.

Blindspot mirrors are devices that come in handy which are designed to be fixed or attached to the wings of mirrors and they have just one aim, to show drivers what is in their blind spot or in the spot that they can’t see.

When it comes to reversing and parking, the blind spot mirrors are what drivers make use of and they are available in various sizes and shapes. If you are in search of a good blind spot mirror then this review is what you need to give yourself a headstart. Check out our best blind spot mirrors right away;

1. Ampper Blind Spot Mirror

best blind spot mirrors

For all RVs, SUVs, vans, trucks and cars, here is the best blind spot mirror in this review which features a wide-angle perspective but here is one important note to be taken about this blind spot mirror, it cannot be used for motorcycles.

These two mirrors are designed to have a slim design and it also comes with a rotating swivel bracket that can be adjusted up to 360 degrees. What we love about this blind spot mirror is the fact that it doesn’t make use of a frame that is capable of obstructing one’s view while driving.

Installing this pair of blind spot mirror only requires a few minutes with minimal effort and it can be installed using the 3M adhesive that it comes with. Being waterproof and rust-resistant are some of the key features of this high-quality blind spot mirror and there is also a high level of certainty that over haze would not occur on this mirror which is also capable of obstructing one’s view. Cutting through the adhesive using a razor blade is one way of easily removing this blind spot mirror.

Key Features:

  1. Has a slim design
  2. Easy fitting in about a few minutes
  3. Rust-resistant and also waterproof
  4. Can be adjusted to about 360 degrees

2. WadeStar RM10 Blind Spot Mirrors

WadeStar RM10 Blind Spot Mirrors

If you drive a fourth-generation ram truck that was manufactured between the years 2009 and 2018 then this blind spot mirror right here is what you need. This mirror has a square and small size that makes it a perfect choice for the above-mentioned trucks and they are also a very good option for trucks that do not have towing mirrors.

When it comes to viewing blind spots, you can count on this WadeStar blind spot mirrors which doesn’t only increase convenience but also helps in enhancing safety.

With the use of adhesive tape that it comes with, you can easily attach this blind spot mirror to the lower or upper edge of the mirror and just like the product we talked about previously, you are getting two mirrors, one for each side by settling for the WadeStar RM10 blind spot mirror.

Key Features:

  1. This blind spot mirror has a custom design which makes it ideal for fourth-generation ram truck
  2. Comes with adhesive tape for easy installation
  3. This is a pack of two mirrors

3. Essential Contraptions Blind Spot Mirror

The good thing about making up your mind to settle for this Essential Contraptions blind spot mirror is you would get up to four round mirrors and in addition to getting these mirrors, you are also certain that these mirrors would not get damaged by rust thanks to its aluminum frames.

These frames can be trusted in offering protection and unlike other low-quality blind spot mirrors that we have come across, this is one that would maintain its clarity as well as not hazing over.

It is manufactured using high-quality glass while having a compact and slimline design makes it a very good choice for use in different types of cars. Installing these mirrors can be done easily using its double-sided adhesive tape and there is also something we are sure of concerning these mirrors and that is the fact that they have a waterproof design.

Making use of an adhesive remover is one way of uninstalling this mirror when you want to.

Key Features:

  1. This brand offers four mirrors in just one package
  2. They all have a slimline and round shape
  3. Installing this mirrors is done using its double-sided adhesive tape

4. Utopicar Blind Spot Mirrors – long design

One thing which tends to attract customers to this blind spot mirror is its unique elongated design which you don’t get to see every day and whether it is installed at the bottom or at the top side of your vehicle’s wind mirror, you rest assured that these mirrors would fit perfectly. They are trusted and relied upon when it comes to helping drivers to merge lanes or switch lanes.

One important aspect of this blind spot mirror is its ability to fight back glare which is produced by the sun and here’s another interesting one, it is designed to make images on the blind spot look bigger. Fixing these blind spot mirrors is done using its high quality exterior 3M adhesive tape and guess what, this tape is also waterproof durable.

These mirrors are designed using a sliver film that has high reflectivity while its angle can also be adjusted so as to offer you the best view while driving.

Key Features:

  1. These type of mirrors has an elongated design
  2. Capable of producing big and large-sized images
  3. Can be fixed using a 3M adhesive tape
  4. Its angle can also be adjusted and this is important in helping you get the best viewing angle

5. LIBERRWAY Car Side Mirror Blind Spot Mirror

These are pairs of square blind spot mirrors and these ones have a slightly different goal or aim than other products we have talked about. What we are trying to say is this blind spot mirror is designed majorly to help in providing better rear vision and these mirrors don’t just come in square sizes, they can also come in either rectangular or circular sizes.

These types of blind spot mirrors are better options for use in SUVs, trucks, vans and cars and this would interest you, it can be installed either horizontally or vertically.

This is definitely one of the best and durable blind spot mirrors that you would encounter when thinking or considering what product to settle for and its awesomeness lies in the quality of material used in its build. This blind spot mirror is manufactured using high definition IP65 glass that is resistant to rust and water.

It is capable of providing optimal vision thanks to its curved design and we are also sure that hazing isn’t possible with this glass judging from customer reviews.

It comes with a double-sided adhesive tape that can be used in installing this mirror on your vehicles.

Key Features:

  1. This is a dual pack of square mirrors
  2. Doesn’t haze
  3. Resistant to weather elements and rust
  4. Would be perfect for trucks, vans and cars

6. Total View 360 Universal Adjustable Blind Spot Mirror

No matter the model or make of the car you drive, you would find this blind spot mirror very suitable for it and what makes this blind spot mirror stand out from quite a number of other blind spot mirrors on the market is its ability to offer better and improved vision while you are driving on the road.

Having a curved design and a rectangular shape are some of the eye catching features of this blind spot mirror and it can also be adjusted with ease so drivers can have the best driving views.

No matter the weather condition, you would be able to see that these blind spot mirrors would not wear out and are also very durable and in just few seconds, installing or fitting this blind spot mirror would be done as all it takes is the use of a double-sided adhesive tape is installing these blind spot mirrors.

Key Features:

  1. Manufactured using high-quality glass
  2. Has a curved design
  3. This blind spot mirror is capable of adjusting and rotating

7. Utopicar New Blind Spot Mirrors

This is another high-quality blind spot mirror from the UTOPICAR brand that we would be reviewing today and this is something interesting about this blind spot mirror, it is a very good option for use when it comes to maneuvering other vehicles or even switching lanes. This is because it is good at increasing visibility as well as making sure that drivers are safe while driving.

Being convex, semi-oval and also gentle are some of the physical qualities of this blind spot mirror and another exciting feature of this blind spot mirror is its ability to show drivers elongated and large images when driving. There is also an optional plastic base that comes with this package and here is something you need to know about this optional base.

Its base attached makes the mirror adjustable but if it isn’t used then the mirrors stay in a fixed position. It also has an easy installation process using a pre-applied adhesive tape.

Key Features:

  1. Designed to improve the lane in your rear
  2. The adhesive tape makes way for instant fitting
  3. It also comes with an optional base that makes adjustments possible

8. Maxi View Mirrors

For all types of vehicles and even for use on a motorcycle, the Maxi View mirrors is one designed towards making blind spots more visible and when they become visible, it makes towing and parallel parking quite easy. It has a square shape and is also capable of offering you a clearer and better view of whatever it is at your back or rear.

Just like some blind spot mirrors that we have talked about in this review, the Maxi View blind spot mirror would offer users large-sized images.

Whether you intend driving at night time, you can count on this mirror to provide you with better and clearer vision as it is capable of fighting back glare and it encourages using an adhesive strip in fixing or installing this blind spot mirror but it can also be easily removed with requiring any special tool.

Its adjustable ball makes fitting this blind spot mirror very easy also and with this swivel ball, this blind spot mirror is capable of turning about 360 degrees.

Key Features:

  1. This blind spot mirror has a square size
  2. Can be used even on motorcycles
  3. Ball mounting makes fixing this blind spot mirror easy
  4. Also resistant to glare

9. Fit System C0400 Blind Spot Mirror

Having a slim design and also having two inches in diameter is one of the best ways that we can describe the Fit System blind spot mirror and they are also convex in nature which is the reason why they are able to produce large-sized images compared to regular mirrors.

Fixing this blind spot mirror would not take more than a few seconds as it doesn’t require additional knowledge or special tools but just an adhesive tape that it comes with.

It is made using lightweight plastic material and after installing this blind spot mirror, it can be adjusted to match drivers height so the driver can be able to have and enjoy the best views when driving. This is also another way of making sure that every trip is safe, pleasurable and convenient.

Key Features:

  1. This blind spot mirror can be adjusted fully
  2. Convex in nature
  3. Made using durable plastic material
  4. With the use of its adhesive tape, installing this blind spot mirror can be done in seconds

10. Custom Accessories 71121 Blind Spot Mirror

If you are desperately looking for a blind spot mirror that would be able to boost you field of vision whenever you are on the road driving then this blind spot mirror right here is just the best option for you to install in your vehicle and these two blind spot mirrors can be used either by trucks, vans or even cars. They are designed in such a way that they help in providing better wide-angle viewing which becomes very useful when parking, towing and also when switching lanes.

These mirrors have a circular design and they also come with plastic, deep black frames. They also have the ability to adjust up to 360 degrees thanks to the fully adjustable design and just by making use of its adhesive pressure-sensitive tape, fitting these blind spot mirrors wouldn’t take more than few seconds.

Key Features:

  1. Designed to offer drivers wide-angle viewing options
  2. Its adhesive strip makes fitting to be carried out in seconds
  3. This package contains two circular blind spot mirrors
  4. Has a 360 degrees fully adjustable design

Advantages and a Buying Guide

Here we have listed and discussed the best blind spot mirrors that you would find on the market when you go shopping for one but people even after finding out about blind spot mirrors do not know how important or beneficial they are. Next, we would talk about is the advantages of having a blind spot mirror installed in your car. Here are some advantages:

  1. Changing Lanes – Changing lanes is considered to be one of the most tricky things to do on the highway and it is very important that you check very well if there are vehicles close to you or in your blind spot before changing lanes. This is an area a blind spot mirror is also very useful and important.
  2. Overtaking – you have to make certain decisions if you intend overtaking a vehicle that is moving slowly ahead of you and you need to be very certain that you have no vehicles in your blind spot so as not to collide with any of them. The only way to avoid this collision is by making use of your blind spot mirror.
  3. Backing Up – when trying to back up into a car space, it might be difficult to tell what exactly is happening around the four corners of your vehicle so blind spot mirrors are needed in making adjustments when necessary
  4. No Neck Twisting – if you do not have blind spot mirrors you would constantly be twisting your neck to see if there is a vehicle behind you and this also makes driving unsafe and very uncomfortable
  5. Tight Spaces – a blind spot would be on hand to offer you 360 degrees visibility if you moving out or into a tight space

Key Factors To Look Out For

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Before making up your mind on any blind spot mirrors there are certain factors that you should watch out for. Here are these factors;

  1. Material – blind spot mirrors could either be made using glass, plastic or reflective foil and glass are the most used because they do not haze and are capable of offering a clearer view.
  2. Shape – blind spot mirrors can be seen in different shapes. It could be fan, rectangular, square or even circular so you would need to select a shape that would be suitable for you
  3.  Size – the size of the blind spot mirror you want to use is very important as you need to make use of a blind spot mirror that would not use up much space on your wing mirrors. This is because blind spot mirrors are not supposed to obstruct how your wing mirrors function.
  4. Frame – the frame of any blind spot you are using must be small so it would also not interfere with viewing your wind mirrors. There are blind spot mirrors that do not have frames and also have a streamlined design
  5. Installing or Fixing – blind spot mirrors can be fixed with the use of adhesives and these adhesives have what it takes to resist harsh weather conditions. There are blind spot mirrors that can be fixed with the use of double-adhesive tapes and they can also be removed either by using ad adhesive remover or razor blade

Conclusion – Our Favorite Pick

The blind spot mirror from Ampper is the best choice product in this review and that is why it holds the number one spot and its versatility is exceptional as it can be used by vans, trucks, cars but not for motorcycles.

It has a slim design and doesn’t have a frame and with the use of adhesive tape, you would find it very fast and easy to install. It is resistant to rust and weather.

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