10 Best Oil Drain Pans in 2024 – Full Review And Buying Guide

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The best oil drain pans are tools most car owners think they should not have in their garage. Why do we need to pay money to acquire a glorified bucket is the kind of thought they have in their head but they do not know the importance of oil drain pans till the day comes when they have to carry out an oil change on their vehicles but by themselves.

When they look at a large amount of oil spillage that is spreading slowly and trying to cover the driveway then they would regret not having invested in any of the best oil drain pans.

Don’t be among the category of people who think that they not have to need or make use of an oil drain pan someday but ensure that you spend some money in advance to purchase a good oil drain pan which would not just prevent oil splashes and spillages but would also ensure that changing oil is easier than expected.

Come with us as we show you the best oil drain pans that we compiled so you would not experience any difficulty in finding that which would best meet your needs and expectations.

1. Hopkins 42003MI FloTool Drain Container

best oil drain pans

We are opening this best oil drain pans review with the best choice product and looking at the design of this oil drain pan you would tell that it is one that makes a lot of sense and makes oil change easy. If you haven’t carried out an oil change before and you get to do that using this oil drain pan then you would realize how easy it oil drain pan would make the whole task for you.

This oil drain pan features the combination of two essential parts when carrying out an oil change and that is having a drip tray that has a wide catching area. Secondly, it also features a container where you can keep the used oil and this container has leak-proof caps and is built to be secure.

For easy transportation, you can store this oil drain pan on its side or in an upright position while its comfortable handles also make carrying this oil drain pan quite convenient.

With this oil drain pan, there is a possibility of making use of it for two oil changes and this is as a result of its 16-ounce capacity.

Key Features:

  1. Storage could be done by placing it on its sides or in an upright position
  2. Has a wide storage space
  3. Designed to be leak-proof and extremely secure

2. Lumax LX-1632 Black Drainmaster Drain Pan

An eye catching feature of this oi drain pan is the size of its opening and thanks to this eight-inch hole, users would find this oil drain pan quite easy to directly drain oil into it. Bearing that fact in mind, you can actually tell that every oil change would be a convenient and easy process with no mess as all that it requires is for you to remove its cap, drain the oil then you seal the opening with its cap and move away with your old oil. It is that easy.

Having a 15-quart capacity also shows how generous this oil drain pan is during an oil change and another eye catching feature of this oil drain pan is well-structured handles which makes transporting this oil drain pan quite easy.

The only problem this oil drain pan has is the fact that it might require you to spend more and this is because it is a premium product. It might be expensive than others but you sure know that you are getting a high quality and top-performing oil drain pan.

Key Features:

  1. Manufactured in the United States of America
  2. Features a wide opening
  3. Also has a generous 15-quart capacity

3. Lisle 17942 Black Plastic 4.5-Gallon Drain Pan

Even though this oil drain pan seems to have a simple design, do not think you would not get the best out of this product. This is one product design to have an extremely wide opening and what this tells you is accuracy isn’t necessarily needed when working with this oil drain pan compared to other oil drain pans. With an opening as wide as this, you can actually drain oil easily without even requiring to clean up.

Even when the oil has been drained, this oil drain pan also proves to be very useful as it comes with well balanced and well-placed handles that would enable users to transport drained oil with a firm grip even if the pan is filled with oil. Its inbuilt spout also makes pouring this oil into a container very easy and all of these exceptional features are the main reason why its manufacturers claim that this oil drain pan has been designed to do all the jobs.

Key Features:

  1. Comes with an inbuilt spout for pouring oil into a container
  2. Its large handles provide a firm grip during transportation
  3. Comes with an anti-splash lip design

4. Hopkins 11838 FloTool Oil Drain Container

It is however very interesting that this is the second time an oil drain pan from the Hopkins brand would make it to our well detailed and educating guide. This is one oil drain pan that was designed getting some inspiration from the previous oil drain pan we talked about but this oil drain pan also comes along with some additional features This integrated oil drain pan makes way for an easy oil drain experience and users would also find it easy to pour oil into any container.

Once more, this is another oil drain pan that has a very wide drain area and what this means is it requires less accuracy in draining the oil and also less spillage or less mess. Its inbuilt spout also offers users a high level of control when pouring oil into a container. All of these features and more are what make customers love this product and give it a five-star rating.

Key Features:

  1. Has a large oil drain area
  2. Its spout makes pouring of oil easy
  3. Well designed inbuilt handles make transporting oil convenient

5. Capri Tools CP21023 Portable Oil Drain Pan

The Capri Tools oil drain pan is the next product we would be looking at right now and this is one oil drain pan that is pleasing to make use of and this is based on the fact that they know how well to do their job. This oil drain pan has an affordable price tag and is certainly one of the best oil drain pans that you can trust when carrying out an oil change.

Taking a look at its construction, this plan is designed using durable polyethylene plastic and what this tells you is this is one product that would last longer than expected.

No matter how much oil it holds, you can trust this oil drain pan to remain rigid and strong. Having an 18-quart capacity means this oil drain pan would contain a very large amount of oil and users would also not experience any issues with pouring oil into a container as it comes with a spout that is designed to have control.

You can count on this oil drain pan to do the job it is required to do and guess what, it comes in an attractive green color.

Key Features:

  1. Easy to clean up and make use of
  2. Comes with a controlled in-built spout
  3. It is constructed using durable polyethylene plastic

6. Matrix Concepts M28 Oil Drain Container

When talking about oil drain pans with a very good design, this is one that fits such description and there is not complex about this oil drain pan as it is designed to be straightforward and simple. This product features the design of a container and that of an oil drain pan and this design is very helpful as it makes every oil change a simple and non-stressful process.

What you get by settling for this oil drain pan is a product that would work and meet up with your expectations and some of its features that makes it stand out from all other oil drain pans on the market includes a leak-proof cap, solid construction, nice design, well-structured handles and also large oil drain area or capacity. This product doesn’t come with a spout but even at that, this is still a very effective oil drain pan.

Key Features:

  1. This oil drain pan also has an inbuilt container
  2. Has a screw-on cap
  3. Comes with balanced handles

7.  GarageBOSS GB150 12.5 Quart Oil Drain Pan

This is another product that has bagged lots of praise because of its simplicity and also yet its innovative features. Looking at this oil drain pan, one thing you can’t help but notice is its yellow funnel which is designed to attach with ease to this unit for better and easy storage.

When it comes to filling up this container with oil, this funnel is also inserted with ease and we can’t help but express how clever this design is. What this design tells you is that draining oil is a very easy process and its funnel can be detached after use and cleaned up properly.

Its 12. 5 quartz capacity seems to be quite low compared to all other products that we have talked about and this might make it not a really good choice for draining oils in trucks and SUV’s and furthermore, it also has a low profile pan which makes it a good choice for vehicles with modified suspension, sports cars and cars that are low to the ground.

Key Features:

  1. Comes with an inbuilt funnel
  2. Has a low profile
  3. Has a low capacity

8. Motivx Tools Engine Oil Drain Pan

If you want a durable oil drain pan then this is one that you should consider as it is made out of heavy-duty polyethylene material combined with a reinforced bottom which makes it ideal for daily use and carrying contents with this oil drain pan is quite convenient as it comes with large front and rear handles which also makes pouring contents out of this oil drain pan very easy.

One feature that customers appreciate concerning this oil drain pan is its anti-splash lip design which makes sure you don’t have to deal with splashes or spillages when carrying oil around.

With its well-designed pour spout, you would be able to pour contents from the drain pan into any container with ease. Thanks to this well designed pour spout, you would pour oil into any container regardless of how small the container opening is.

Key Features:

  1. Its pour spout makes it quite easy to pour out oil from the pan
  2. Makes oil changes very easy
  3. This oil drain pan is quite easy to make use of
  4. Its capacity ensures it holds more oil content

9. ATD Tools 5183 Heavy-Duty Drain Tub

The ATD TOOLS heavy-duty drain tub is another high-quality drain product that anyone can make use of and not encounter any problems with and guess what, this heavy-duty drain tub can be used for transmissions, crankcases, radiators and many more. With the ATD Tools heavy-duty drain tub, you would not find it difficult to dispose of liquids and also pour out liquids. However, this drain tub comes with a large apron that can be used for draining and washing parts.

It also has the right size and width that makes it hold more content when draining oil, especially when carrying out oil changes on tractors, SUVs, cars and more.

Key Features:

  1. This is an oil drain tub with good quality
  2. Durable as it is made out of high quality and premium materials
  3. The best choice for changing the oil
  4. Has the right size

10. Rockwood Engine Oil Drain Pan

The last oil drain pan we would talk about before closing this review is the Rockwood oil drain pan and this oil drain is a must-have for anyone that intends carrying out an oil change on his vehicle thanks to its impressive and outstanding features.

Not only can this oil drain pan be used when changing the oil in vehicles but it can also be used in carrying out an oil change in boats, motorcycle, truck, lawnmower and also recreational vehicles. It is one oil drain pan that proves to be extremely versatile and can be used under several applications.

Working with this oil drain pan simply means that oils and filters would be carefully and properly disposed of and what’s more, it also has a nice depth which makes sure it holds a good amount of oil. For professional or personal use, this is one oil drain pan that you can solely rely on thanks to its portable and comfortable design and this depth also makes sure splashes do not occur.

Its inbuilt handles also make sure you have a firm grip when handling or transporting oil with this oil drain pan from Rockwood and lastly, its pour spout makes pouring oil into another container easy and with minimal stress and effort.

Key Features:

  1. Also used when draining coolant from cars
  2. Has a nice and sturdy design
  3. Also designed to hold a sufficient amount of liquid
  4. Easy to make use of

Best Oil Drain Pans Buying Guide

There you have our list in the best oil drain pans and in order to ensure that it gets its job done, please make sure you find the right one. It might be a bit surprising that there are several top quality oil drain pans on the market and you might need to know one or two key features that would help in identifying which one would be best for you. Let’s check out some key features of an oil drain pan.

Features of an Oil Drain Pan

Material – an oil drain pan that is thick and heavy is definitely one you should be on the lookout for as it has the tendency of lasting long but you should also know that it might get to feel more heavier when it has some oil in it.


No matter what do not look down on what even six quartz of oil would weigh so make sure that you go for oil drain pans with handles that are well placed, comfortable and would have a solid grip.

In-Built Storage

This is one feature that you should consider more and if you look at some of the products that we have talked about, you would find out that they have inbuilt storage and what this means is draining of oil directly into the product. This feature is very important as it makes handling oil very easy but this, however, doesn’t mean that a pan with no inbuilt storage is useless. This is just an added advantage.


An oil drain pan with a good size would be enough for carrying out one or two oil changes before they reach their maximum capacity but one thing you should know is a large size oil drain pan when filled with oil might be difficult to transport or move.

Causes of an Oil Leak

It is actually a warning sign if you notice your engine has begun leaking oil. The truth is engine oil plays a major role for your engine to function properly and once there is an issue of leakage then it might not get to carry our job to the fullest.

One would not be able to tell how much oil has been lost during a leakage and might decide to carry out an oil change or do a top-up but that still doesn’t get to solve the leakage problem. There are five possible main causes of oil leakage and they are listed below:

  1. Damaged oil pan
  2. Damaged engine gasket
  3. Damaged or missing oil filter cap
  4. Damaged oil pan drain plug
  5. Oil oil filter

It is also very necessary that you check from time to time if your car is having an oil leakage as there are lots of fluids in the car and it would be difficult for someone who doesn’t have the right training to detect one liquid from another. Certain fluid colors might be able to tell you what issue you are having so let’s check out these colors;

  1. Green – antifreeze
  2. Yellow – radiator coolant
  3. Orange – rusty radiator leak or transmission fluid
  4. Red – leak from power steering system or transmission system
  5. Sparkling or Glittering – leak from suspension
  6. Light Brown – clean or new engine oil
  7. Dark Brown – old engine oil
  8. Clear – condensation from your car AC system
  9. Blue – windshield wiper fluid


Now you have every necessary information regarding the best oil drain pan at your fingertips and we urge you to make use of this information very well in purchasing that product which would best be suited for your needs.

Every product that we have rounded up and discussed are all of the high quality and have what it takes to make an oil change an enjoyable experience and you would not go wrong by settling for any of these products that we have talked about in this review.