15 Best Garage Floor Paint To Buy In 2024 – Top Picks and Reviews

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Chances are you now have a new tool chest and you also have a new garage workbench but you are looking around and wondering what else needs to change around your garage. If you are keen on making new changes around your garage then you need to look right under your feet. YES! You need to upgrade your garage floors because they must have been attacked by chemicals and standing water.

Investing in a good floor garage paint is however a very wise investment as it makes the entire work area safe for fixing of cars and that isn’t just the benefit of having a neat garage floor. It also makes your garage look decent, attractive and clean as well as boosting the lifespan of your garage.

Even though a garage floor isn’t expected to blow the minds of people away just because it is good looking, you still wouldn’t want people to describe your garage floor with being dirty or ugly. Furthermore, concrete tends to crack get stained or even flex and this makes it appear more worse.

If you want your garage to have that glossy, shiny and long-lasting attractive look then you should go through this guide on the best garage floor paint and get every necessary information that you would need.

1. Rust-Oleum 261845 EpoxyShield

best garage floor paint

The first garage floor paint to make it to this review is the Rust-Oleum epoxy shield garage floor paint and what will interest you about this product is the fact that it isn’t just painted but holds the combination of an epoxy formula with two parts alongside a grey finish. What makes this product unique is its ability to form an amazing and durable surface that is capable of protecting your garage floors.

This durable surface would protect against road salts damages, oil and gasoline spills as well as hot tire pick up. This durable surface is also capable of fighting back peeling and cracking and this is why it is such a preferred option and very popular as customers know this is a long term investment. It also consists of a concentrated concrete cleaner, an epoxy formula and concrete etch.

All that is required to make use of what this product consists of are just paintbrushes and rollers. This product would offer your garage floor a semi-gloss finish which under any kind of light would make your floor look good and shiny.

There would be an offering of great value to make up for the money spent on purchasing this product and you can trust that this product would offer you a quality, long-lasting and good finish.

Key Features:

  1. This product is an almost complete kit
  2. Produces a grey color finish
  3. Its formulation consists of a two-part epoxy formula
  4. Offers a very tough and durable finish

2. Liquid Rubber Foundation Sealant/Basement Coating

best garage floor paint

This is one product that is quite different from a whole lot of products on the market, therefore, making it a “one of a kind” type of product and even though technically this isn’t a paint, it is one that is formulated and manufactured to be applied like paint. It is used by painting a base layer then going on to paint another base layer until your desired coverage has been reached or achieved.

The main difference between this product and all other traditional paints is its environmentally friendly factor. Customers would be totally pleased with this product in the sense that it doesn’t have harmful or VOC odors, is completely free from solvent and also features a water-based formulation that contributes to why this product is very easy to apply. Its ability to fill and penetrate cement and cracks makes it a widely acceptable product.

Filling up cement and cracks makes this paint the best for repairs and on use on older floors. It can also be used in painting the floor of the basement. It is a hard-wearing kind of product and also has a waterproof factor.

Key Features:

  1. Has the ability to seal cracks
  2. Has an easy mode of application
  3. This is an environmentally and water-based another product
  4. Can be used in various applications

3. KILZ L377711 Concrete and Garage Floor Paint

best garage floor paint

Another garage floor paint to make it to this review is the KILZ concrete and garage floor paint and what makes this product quite special is the fact that it has a one-part epoxy formulation that has been laced with a water-based formulation.

This combination makes this product very powerful and also very easy to apply. At a very affordable price, you can be able to purchase this product with all the benefits it brings.

Users would find this garage floor paint very easy to make use of as it is quite easy to pour and roll onto the surface that needs to be painted and what also makes it very reliable and powerful is because it comes mixed with the top adhesive qualities and toughness that is associated with an epoxy product.

This product, however, isn’t as tough as a two-part epoxy formulation but it can be used to paint a home garage.

Its ability to look great and shiny is also another reason to go for this product. It also offers a semi-gloss appearance that also helps your garage floors look shiny.

Key Features:

  1. Doesn’t require mixing before use
  2. Contains epoxy
  3. Users would find this product very easy to use
  4. Able to deliver a smooth finish

4. Rust-Oleum 203007 Epoxy Shield Basement Floor Kit

best garage floor paint

The interesting thing to note is that this is another product from the Rust-Oleum brand to make it to this review and this should tell you that the brand is quite concerned with the manufacture of reliable products that would offer a long-lasting result. This is also a basement floor paint but can also be used as a garage floor paint and that is why the product name and label on this product needs to be ignored.

Every important feature that a good garage floor paint should have can also be found in this Rust-Oleum basement floor kit product and it is also very effective as it contains anti-chemical properties which make it resist motor oil, road salts and gasoline. It is also very capable of fighting back abrasions and stains from anti-freeze while its formulation also resists hot tire pick up.

This product can also be trusted to fight back wear and tear and now you can see that this product has what it takes to make it to this top review so pay no attention to what the label and product name say.

Key Features:

  1. Produces a durable and hard surface
  2. This product is also very easy to clean
  3. Offers protection against a wide range of chemicals
  4. Also repels hot tire pick up and anti-cracking

5. SUPERCOAT Waterborne Urethane Glaze Coat

best garage floor paint

This is also another interesting product to look out for when considering what garage floor paint to settle for. Its urethane suspended in water type of formulation is what makes this product very unique considering the fact the urethane is like a higher level than epoxy. What this simply means is that settling for this product means you would get paint with an industrial-strength level in terms of chemical protection.

If you intend protecting your garage floors from all kinds of spills then this product is certainly what you need and another advantage that users would benefit from this product is it boosts your epoxy floor paint to stand against wear and tear.

All these features sum up why this product has a premium price tag but customers rest assured that they are getting a long-lasting and powerful floor paint by investing in this product.

Key Features:

  1. Offers a tough finish
  2. Produces high-grade chemical resistance
  3. Quite easy to clean

6. Colored Epoxies 10022 Epoxy Resin Coating

best garage floor paint

Being a two-part epoxy product simply means that this product would come in three tins where one is a hardener and the other two are resins. They must be mixed before spreading and this product is quite different from all other products that we have talked about in this review in the sense that if you desire to add any form of decoration then they should be purchased separately.

The manufacturers of this product have referred to it as a premium product as it has what it takes to dry completely till it reaches a tough finish and this is quite a different form of an epoxy product.

It is not a water-based but professional standard paint and this means if you call on a professional to do your painting then this is the exact product he would show up with. It has a high price tag but also quite easy to roll out.

Key Features:

  1. Very easy to make use of
  2. Able to dry till it attains a tough finish
  3. Not a cheap product
  4. This is also a 2-part epoxy product

7. UNITED GILSONITE LAB 21413 Dove Grey Paint

best garage floor paint

If you are a “do it yourself” person then this is one product that would be just perfect for you and it holds a unique formulation combined with several impressive features that makes it perfect for use on your floor garage. The manufacturers of this product carefully instructed that this floor paint should be mixed with a part paint and another part water if you intend to achieve desired results.

The manufacturers also suggested that more than one coat should be applied and also a roller should be made use of when applying this paint just like when a painter wants to paint a wall. This is a floor paint that customers would be genuinely pleased with as it forms thick, dries very fast and is also very easy to apply. Customers should also note that this product cannot be trusted to offer that desired glossy finish.

This paint, however, isn’t suited for use in areas where cars drive by very often or areas where foot passes very often.

Key Features:

  1. Very easy to work with
  2. Has a fast-drying action
  3. Impressive and high-quality formulation

8. UNITED GILSONITE LAB 23813 Floor Paint

best garage floor paint

Another interesting entry to this review is another high-quality product from the UGL brand and this speaks well of the UGL brand as it shows that the brand is only concerned with the production of premium and high-quality products that would meet users’ satisfaction. Users would love this product as it is epoxy-based meaning it feel thicker when rolled compared to traditional paint.

It is formulated to produce a rubbery and solid surface but the manufacturers just as we discussed in the first product insists on the application of two coats. The first coat has to be thin and an impressive aspect of this floor paint is its ease of application factor which certain other epoxy paints lack. It, however, may not has a durable effect.

This product is however affordable, fairly durable and also very easy to apply.

Key Features:

  1. Can be purchased at a very affordable rate
  2. Has an easy mode of application

9. SUPERCOAT Ivory Epoxy Floor Coating

best garage floor paint

There are several interesting features to note about the Supercoat Ivoory epoxy floor coating product and some of these features include having a decent price, effective, has a high-quality formulation and also comes in a wide range of colors for customers to select which paint color would be the best for their garage floors. It, however, has a two-part epoxy formulation that makes it a little bit difficult to work with.

Despite being difficult to work with, customers can trust that this high-quality epoxy paint is capable of delivering good and outstanding results but it can only offer such results when it is properly applied.

In order to achieve the best result, the surface to be worked on needs proper preparation like cleaning and sealing up of blemishes and cracks beforehand. Two units of this product would be needed when working on a large garage area or wider surface.

The downside of this product is it doesn’t cover a wide surface area and it also comes at a very expensive price.

Key Features:

  1. This floor paint is durable
  2. Comes in multiple colors
  3. Very easy to work with


10. Coloreedepoxies 10017 Epoxy Resin Coating

best garage floor paint

This is another entry from the Coloreedepoxies brand and what tends to frustrate customers over this product is the fact that it has a very expensive price tag but away from that, it is considered to be a professional grade product which makes it the best and preferred option for use in home garages, mechanic shops and also in various applications. It also has a high-quality formulation that makes it very effective.

There is however a major downside that customers are faced with each time they try to make use of this product and that is the fact that this product has very low coverage compared to other products. One thing this product is actually capable of is its ability to go thick and form a tough and durable surface material which is quite glossy at the end.

This product can also be a bit difficult to work with and unlike other regular paints that do not require tedious preparation, this garage floor paint would need very extensive preparation.

Users should go through the manufacturer’s instruction that comes with this product and also prepare the surface to be worked on before applying this product.

Key Features:

  1. Would leave behind a glossy and shiny finish
  2. Comes with an instructional guide on how to use and achieve best results
  3. Also produces a durable surface

11. Rust-Oleum 238467, Tile Red

best garage floor paint

The Rust-Oleum 238467 is an epoxy floor coating that most professionals settle for as it proves to be one of the best top solid epoxy resin which provides your floors with surface brilliance and durability. Another notable feature of this Rust-Oleum epoxy coating is the fact that it isn’t a water-based kit which makes it serve as a waterproofing agent but before doing so you must ensure the floor has a balance with atmosphere and is well dried.

One thing car owners and mechanics must note is garages are the home of contaminating and corrosive agents like gasoline, oil, grease alongside other chemicals and you need to make use of a stronger and powerful paint or coating like this coating from Rust-Oleum to protect your garage surfaces and prevent it from turning black. Standing water is also another dangerous element to our floors.

This is because standing water causes dampness and efflorescence to coated floors but with this product, floors get hardened quickly so they can be walked on in about a day to four days.

Key Features:

  1. Has a high coverage
  2. Offers a semi-gloss finish
  3. Works well with decorative chips
  4. Would resist standing water and chemicals

12. Rust-Oleum 251966 Garage Floor Kit

best garage floor paint

When it comes to providing your garage with a shiny and glossy finish then you have to trust the Rust-Oleum 251966 as the Rust-Oleum brand is well known for making high quality and reliable products. The Rust-Oleum 251966 floor paint is one manufactured for only home use but it can still serve for some industrial purpose. An impressive feature of this paint is it is easy to clean using just soap and water.

For customers who are worried about their garage having a bad smell then this product is also the right option for you as Rust-Oleum has made this floor paint to be odorless and if you are also concerned with protecting your floors from unforeseen oil spills then you can use the Rust-Oleum 251966 product to provide adequate protection for your garage floors. Customers are guaranteed an anti-peeling performance when making use of this product.

Key Features:

  1. Has minimal odor
  2. Able to resist chemical attacks
  3. Provides a high glossy appearance
  4. Can be cleaned up easily
  5. Resistant to hot tire pick up

13. Rust-Oleum 238468 Epoxy Shield

best garage floor paint

If you want to get a garage floor paint that would offer your floors a nominal price and would still be purchased at a very affordable price then you can also trust this product from Rust-Oleum and this is also another trustworthy entry from Rust-Oleum to make it to this well-detailed review and this, therefore, shows you how reputable and reliable the brand is. It has a powerful adhesion power meaning it can’t be scratched out by tire and paint.

It is tough enough to fight back chemicals and standing water thanks to its water-based solution and when working in a garage, you ought to know that it would be attacked by highly corrosive and organic agents. What you need to deal with these corrosive agents is a powerful floor coating or paint and that is why you need to trust this powerful product from Rust-Oleum to protect your garage floors.

The only downside of this product is it might not be able to produce a high gloss finish like other products we have talked about. Decorative chips can also be added to this floor paint in order to help your floors maintain that attractive look.

It is also very easy to apply and has a high evaporating action meaning it dries up quickly so you can make use of your floors in about one to four days.

Key Features:

  1. Has a wide coverage
  2. Dries up and turns hard very fast
  3. Resistant to peeling and chemical attacks
  4. Can be combined with decorative chips
  5. Can also be used on wood

14. Epoxy Concrete Clear Coat

best garage floor paint

In order to obtain that brilliant surface shine for your garage floors then the Epoxy concrete clear coat paint is one product you should be looking out for and an appealing feature of this Epoxy concrete clear coat paint is its non-skid performance. This is quite a popular choice for most mechanics and car owners and this is because this paint is odorless and being odorless simply means no suffocation when applying this product on your floors.

Everything that you need to obtain that high glossy and shiny finish comes with this product and they include instructional CDs, finisher, brush and certain ingredients. Unlike other products that we have discussed, this floor paint comes with very wide coverage and you would also find this coating about twelve times durable compared to other products.

Key Features:

  1. Has anti-microbial ingredients
  2. Has no odor
  3. Has a higher durable power than most products
  4. Also has wider coverage than most products

15. True Value USF1-QT Painter’s Select

best garage floor paint

If having a well-textured anti-skid finish is what you desire for your garage floors then you have found the right product and after applying this paint to your floor garage then you should look out for a smooth finish and an elegant design that would also make your garage floors very attractive and good looking. All that is required to apply this paint is just a pad or brush roller.

This floor paint also helps in making your garage floors get resistant to scrape and scruff and there are quite a lot of features that make this floor paint stand out from the rest. These features include being easy to clean, resistant to wear and tear, ideal for use in low ventilation areas, no odors, quick-drying action and also works great on stairs, porches, concrete and floors. This floor paint is extremely durable.

Key Features:

  1. Has no odor
  2. Has the ability to dry off quickly
  3. Highly resistant to scrape and scruff
  4. Has a wide coverage power

Factors to Consider When Buying a Garage Floor Paint

There are certain factors every buyer must have at the back of their minds before making a payment for any garage floor paint. These factors are discussed below:

  1. Appearance – there are several finishes available if you are worried about what your garage floor would look like after painting. Some epoxy paints often come with a particular color but you can also add some decorative chips just to add some style and boost appearance.
  2. Floor Area – every product we have talked about has revealed how much area it covers and in order to get the paint with the perfect coverage for your garage floor then you need to measure your garage to get the right measurement.
  3. Toughness – this refers to how tough the finish is but in this case you don’t necessarily need the toughest floor paint on the market. Paints with a very tough finish have the tendency to be very expensive and they might also be very difficult to apply.
  4. Heat – some of the products we reviewed have the right formulation that helps in preventing hot tire pick up. This factor should be carefully considered as hot tires might cause the paint to peel or lose its adhesive power.

Main Focus

Even though it comes at a very high price, the EpoxyShield Garage Floor Coating manufactured by the Rust-Oleum brand is our top pick in this review. This isn’t just a floor paint that is crazily tough but it has the ability to make your floor look good as well as leaving behind a glossy finish. It is a product that would deliver excellent value for your money.

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