Best Flexible LED Strip Lights – Color Changing 2024

If you want simple, fast, and cheap lighting that will leave your guests and family impressed, then LED lighting is the best solution for you. Maybe this 2024 you can bring additional entertainment into your home by making your lighting brighter and opting for the one in color. Therefore, we will present you with the best flexible LED strip lights with color changing.

The Importance Of Good Lighting

From the appearance of the first light bulb until today – lighting has gone through many stages of development. Various color bulbs, light-show for discos, all kinds of flashing lights, etc. – are just some of the inventions that gave us an additional effect for the interior. Today, with the advent of LED lighting and LED light strips that can be placed anywhere, even underwater – this way of beautification and additional lighting effect has greatly facilitated the work of decorators. And not only to them – but also to everyone else who can easily change the look of our rooms without even having to move furniture.

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What Is LED Lighting And What Is Its Purpose?

LED is an abbreviation of the English word for light-emitting diode. It is used as a light source in many applications, such as light indicators in televisions, equalizers, home appliances, backlights in mobile phones, in traffic lights, electronic posters, and all types of home, business, and public lighting. Today, there is almost no device that does not have an LED light. High-power LED technology has only recently become commercially available and powerful enough – to replace the classic lighting fixtures previously used in households.

The traditional light from incandescent bulbs or the classic Edison bulb is known to everyone – and has been used for over 100 years. LED bulbs that are on the market today, are designed to easily fit as a replacement for the existing classic, but also CFL bulbs. It is also used as a replacement for an industrial, street, tunnel, or another lighting – to reduce consumption and last longer. LED lighting is a great choice for households because they consume less electricity and last much longer. Both reasons bring you less money to spend on lighting in your household.

Advantages Of LED Lighting

LED lighting has a lifespan of over 50,000 hours – and when you buy them, you will get a guarantee. Compared to an ordinary light bulb they are a big saving – both in financial terms and in the amount of electricity consumed. Besides, LED lights do not pollute the environment and don’t contain mercury or other toxic materials. These bulbs are much more durable – and even in case of an accidental fall to the ground, they can still function, which is not the case with an ordinary light bulb that bursts immediately. The big advantage is that they do not overheat – but can work all day and you will only feel a slight warmth when touched. LED lighting is produced in all colors – and can look very attractive. We will introduce you to LED lighting for your home. There are several different types of LED lighting, but we will talk about LED strips.


LED Strips

LED strips are a set of LED lamps that are located in a self-adhesive strip. This is a very practical and ingenious solution for lighting the space. All you have to do is determine where your lighting will be – and then stick the strips in place. The LED strips operate at 12 volts – while the sockets provide 220 volts of electricity. So direct contact with the jack is not possible – so do not try to directly connect the LED lighting with such a strong current. LED strips can be purchased in different variants. You can choose colors, and you can also buy RGB strips that can change colors as desired.

Color Changing LED Strips

Nowadays, LED strips can emit different individual colors and have the ability to change colors. The color of the light can be qualified according to the color temperature. There are strips on the market that have the option of both warm and cold light colors – or the RGB + W option, which are increasingly used. However, the price of these lights is higher. Due to their flexibility and the fact that you can cut it into smaller or larger lengths – LED stripes can be very useful and practical. For use and installation, you can visit here – or consult the sellers in the store where you buy them and seek the help of a decorator. However, we advise you to hire experts for more serious installation work. For those who want it – there is a possibility to create your LED strip yourself or with the help of experts.

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LED Strip Models And Their Purpose

Are you ready to switch to LED lighting and unload from changing light bulbs? Do you want to enrich your space with LED strips with color effects in addition to lighting? Of course, you can do that. LED lighting offers various levels of brightness, a wide range of colors, the ability to reduce and increase the brightness, etc. Not sure how to choose? What is it that you want and for what purpose? Not sure where you want to place the LED strips? We will try to help you through our examples of the best colored LED strip in 2024.

1. LED Strip With Black Base


This LED strip is a flexible strip with LEDs that you can put almost anywhere – and add strong lighting to your space in different colors and light intensities. The effect is strong and excellent and can be used without additional lighting.

2. LED Strip ProfiI MQ-3528

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Perfect for lighting your path in the yard or the stairs. This LED strip is also suitable for office hallways due to the brightness it provides. Certainly one of the most sought after products in 2024.

3. LED Modules


An LED module, as an LED light source, is commonly used for illuminated signs and displays. Due to its small size, there is no need to worry about installation and application, it can bring any character or image to life. The LED module as a light source has simple protection, the operating time is very long, it is not damaged easily if any defect occurs – replacement is very simple, there is no professional work. The protection process is also simple. The cost of LED modules is not very high, as a very popular LED product, its price is low and affordable for everyone.

4. LED Strip 72W 12V Waterproof Warm White

Source: DealeXtreme

This is one of the best selling tapes since its appearance on the market and it has found many ways where and how it can be used. In addition to the standard pool where you can make a decoration out of it yourself – more and more people are installing this model of tape in shower cabins and jacuzzis – and aquarists are improving their aquariums. This is a perfect decoration with great light.

5. 3M Adhesive LED Strips

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On the back of these strips, there is a strong 3M glue that allows gluing on almost all surfaces – and allows very simple and safe installation. For heavier straps, we recommend the use of brackets for longer installation. They are practical in workshops, children’s rooms, minibars, tables, etc. A little change can sometimes be very good, right?


Installing LED strips is like everything else in life – it’s best to work according to your feelings! It is best to place them as needed, they feel – and what gives you pleasure when the LED strips light up and give you the desired effect. That is, in fact, the goal we wanted to achieve. We hope that we have managed to bring you closer in some way to all the reasons why you should opt for colored LED strips – and it is up to you to decide whether and which of them to use.