How to Change Your PSN Region on PlayStation 4

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The PlayStation Network has some benefits that are tied to only particular regions, for instance games are cheaper for U.S residents and PSN cards are sold to them at great discounts. Some offers will only be shown to users from certain region and that’s why some people prefer to change their PSN region to a favorable one. Streaming services also have different libraries for different regions or countries, whatever you reason might be that you want to change region on your PSN account, we’ll walk you through in this article.

Creating PSN Account For Different Region

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First of all, you can’t change existing PSN account to another region, you’ll have to create a new account using the region you want and then you log into it on your device. You should also understand that you can’t transfer credit from one account to another, if you no longer need an account, you should spend all your credit and retire the account completely. But the good news is that you can always create a new PSN account and you can do that within minutes.

Here is how to open a U.S account since it’s the one that comes with more benefits.

  • Head over to Sony Entertainment Network Official website.
  • You’ll need to enter information that’s different from the other PSN account that you have, especially email. Getting a new email address isn’t a big deal, you can even use temporary or disposable email, though we suggest you use free emails like Gmail or yahoo since they allow you to create multiple emails.
  • Then you add your date of birth and choose a password for your PSN account.
  • In the next step you’ll be given the option to select your region, select the region you want for your new PSN account, if you choose a Non-English region, the language will change and you need to use google translate to convert to English.
  • After adding all the required information, you should now hit submit.
  • An email will be sent to the registered email address with a confirmation link in it, you need to click on that to verify your account.
  • You now go back to your console, either PS3 or PS4, and add the new user you’ve just created for your selected region.
  • You’ll be given the option to add your social media accounts, the information in this account will be displayed on your PlayStation console and will become public. They’ll import your picture and name, which can be seen by anyone when playing multiplayer games online. But you can set your privacy, you can choose to hide your data to all users including friends or their friends.
  • You’ll have the same currency displayed on the PSN store for the region you choose for the PSN account, language also as mentioned will change to your region language and can’t be changed, but the layout is still the same and google translate can always help if the need arises.

How To Pay With Another Country PSN Store

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So now you’ve opened a new PSN account in your chosen region, the big problem comes when you want to make payments. For some they’ll have to go through the hassle of creating Amazon or PayPal account in the same region for their PSN account. That’s a risky and lengthy process because when you take PayPal as an example, you’ll have to verify it with a card that’s from the chosen region.

That’s why the best way to bypass all these is by using PSN gift cards, you can buy these cards for as low as $10 per $10 PSN card. Whether you’ll buy the cards or you’ll request someone to send you as a gift, it will all work. Provided you have the 12-digit codes; you’ll be able to redeem them in any account. Visit here to buy PSN cards.

You’ll just need to log into your PSN account and from the bottom menu at the left you should be able to locate the option ‘Redeem codes’, enter the 12-digits codes and the money on the card will be deposited to your PSN account and can start spending them right away.

How To Unlock Geo Restricted Using A VPN On PS4

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Streaming services restrict content for certain regions and most of the time they do that by identifying your Ip address, even if your account region is supported, they’ll check your ip address as well and if it’s not from the region they’ll block you. Streaming services like Netflix do that all the time, they’ll check your ip address rather than checking for registered region only. Using a VPN is the best way to bypass this, and there are VPN services out there that can provide new ip address in any country you want including U.S, U.K and Europe.

A VPN app changes your IP address, in other words, it changes your location. VPN apps allow users to change Ip address to any country in the world, or I can at least say the best ones allow you to do so. They’ll hide your real IP address and then replace it with the country you want to target, you however can’t install VPN on your gaming console, you’ll have to find a way to make it work on your gaming console.

The question now is how do you install the VPN on your PS4 console?

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You’ll need to install on your router or can run Ethernet cable from your computer to the console. Your VPN provider should be able to guide you throughout the process. Once connected to the VPN you can now access these apps that are region specific.

This is it for this article on how to change PSN region on PlayStation 4, just don’t forget that once you change a region, even the language changes and your payment details might also have to be issued in the region your PlayStation is registered before it’s accepted in the PSN store, you can however make any purchase using PSN cards regardless of your region.