3 Tips for Finding a Ring That Suits Your Hand

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Rarely will you find a woman who wasn’t born with a strong affection for possessing bunches of rings. It has always been a special type of embellishment able to fit all styles and occasions depending on the purpose for which we buy it or receive it. It’s equally a favorite of elegant, feminine girls who walk around the city in silk, fluttering dresses, as well as alternative, punk rock ladies with rivets on leather jackets and Dr. Martens. The only difference is in the outfit or styling to which it belongs.

We get them from dear people, fiancés, husbands, family members, for special occasions or without any special reasons – just because someone thinks they would look good on us. We also frequently buy them ourselves at those times when we completely fall in love with this handful of unique shapes, designs and patterns that melt the hearts of every woman – it’s just in our nature. They can be a sign of friendship, love, loyalty, belonging to certain circles, some new future times in life that we’re waiting for (khm-wedding bells-khm) or a pure fondness for aesthetics. So many possible meanings, nuances and beauty in such a tiny object.

And what do you do when, just like in a wonderful dream, you find yourself in front of a showcase full of soft pillows hiding hundreds of these small, beautiful links? How do you decide which one is most convenient, in addition to simply falling in love at first sight? Whether the man of your life has just brought you to a jewelry store to choose your own engagement ring or you have decided to treat yourself with a couple of pieces, this article’s for you – because today we teach you how to choose the piece that best suits your hand in every possible way.

1. Compare the size with the rings from your collection or try it on right away

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Let’s start with some basics. The design and a couple of cool and special features are what attracts our attention at the first glance, but what is it that simply NEEDS to be appropriate in any case? That’s right – the size. You don’t want to choose a piece just because it’s the most beautiful, glittery, or unusual one you’ve ever seen in your life, without checking the diameter. The scenario that follows is – you come home, proudly take your new piece of jewelry out of the box and immediately try to put it on your finger – but something’s wrong. You can’t push it further than a third of your finger, you’re sweating, you’re panicking, maybe you want to scream. An even worse variant – it remains stuck on the finger. Terrible, right?

Fortunately, most girls and women know that trying on a ring or measuring it is essential when shopping. In most cases, it’ll be enough to ask the seller to take it out of the display case and show it to you so that you can check it out closely. This is, of course, followed by placing it on the desired finger.

What should always be taken into account is the pleasant feeling while having it on – it shouldn’t squeeze you or pinch your skin. If you realize that you can only wear it up to half a finger, that’s, unfortunately, a sure sign that this piece of jewelry is definitely not for you. It shouldn’t be too loose either, since there’s a high probability that it could fall off at the first sudden movement of the hand.

In case you can’t try it for any reason (since some stores in certain countries don’t allow this), bring one from your collection that suits your size, and then ask the seller to compare them. It’s not the same, but at least you’ll be able to check right away if it will suit you when you get it.

2. Consider safe materials

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Health always comes first, and believe it or not, it’s closely related to the choice of ring. As time goes on, more and more people develop hypersensitivity or allergy to certain types of materials used in jewelry making. In case you’re one-hundred-percent-sure that you haven’t had any problems so far nor you had any allergic reactions, rashes or any other consequences from putting jewelry on your skin, then there will probably be no problems.

However, if so, think carefully about this and click here to find out which type of metal better suits you.

Imitation jewelry is certainly something that frequently causes such symptoms, not only through rings, but also through earrings or necklaces. Rings that belong to imitation jewelry mostly bother people who are hypersensitive to it, so it’s advisable to exclude this variant, even if you really liked the piece, and look for the stainless steel ones instead, for example. In addition to causing itching and discomfort, these materials, which include nickel and chromium, also oxidize upon contact with water and moisture, leaving an ugly, greenish mark on the finger – another reason to replace them with another variant.

Gold and silver jewelry causes reactions less often, but it should be borne in mind that this includes pure material, and not alloys and mixtures that also contain particles of metals. There’s also a gorgeous variant called rose gold which made a true boom lately and many women opt for it because of the unique tenderness it exudes – and all those who click here will be able to find pieces made of this material in this specific offer as well.

3. Have aesthetics in mind

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Finally, when we have dealt with all these little things that concern health and comfort, we come to aesthetics. You probably know that girls have various types of hands, nail appearance, finger thickness and that it’s simply impossible for one type of ring to meet the criteria of each and every one of them. In order to make it look stunning on you, you need to rely on small, golden rules and choose a design and shape visually appropriate to your hand. Adinasjewels.com has a variety of aesthetic rings to choose from to match your style.

You may have thought that the thickness itself has nothing to do with age, but believe us – a thin link will look much more attractive on young skin as it looks delicate and feminine. However, the thicker ones with a large stone or an unusual shape will fit better the hands of middle-aged or older women  as it’ll easily distract attention from the wrinkles and veins.

Short fingers need something that will visually lengthen them and make the hand itself look more feminine. This effect can be achieved with oblong stones, while with long fingers you can follow the trend of wearing more pieces on one finger – for example, knuckle rings – or choosing asymmetrical shapes. If you’re a sweet owner of chubby fingers, choose thin hoops since they add elegance and make the hand look more elongated. So, avoid large pieces that will only contribute to emphasizing its roundness.

Did you take note of all this? Well, you better do it, ‘cause you’ll need it – the shopping gets even more excited if you know how to do it right. Make sure your pieces get to show who you are and to let your lovely personality shine out!