Engagement Rings: Meaning of Stones

Along with the wedding ring, the engagement ring also plays an important part in relationship, love and affection. Couples know their value more than a bachelor. Technically, an engagement ring usually passes from the questioning part to the requested part of the marriage proposal. It is often more delicate than the wedding ring. This idea does not apply if the engagement and wedding rings are the same. In addition to the metal from which the ring or rings are made, the question of the gem used is important. However, it has some symbolic value and also your partner looks great wearing it. We will show you the most common gemstones for engagement rings and the meaning of the stones.

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The king of gems is, without any doubt, the diamond. Its hardness and clarity symbolize durability, purity and perfection like no other gemstone does. However, the black diamond is trendiest in 2024. Visit site Segaljewellery to see more unique natural black diamond rings collections. The brilliance of the diamond remains unchanged even after years and is practically indestructible due to its scratch and impact resistance. The rare and most valuable gem symbolizes eternal love and strengthens the relationship.


The agate is characterized by its streaky drawing, which it receives through rhythmic crystallization. You can find it in the colors white, yellow, orange, pink, black, and mostly striped or more rarely plain. The gem is exceptional and named after its location, a Sicilian river.

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The fascination of this gemstone comes from its changing color. It appears red in artificial light and green in daylight. The Russian Tsar Alexander II was the namesake of this pretty mineral. The alexandrite ensures balance and joy and also promotes intuition.


From light pink to dark purple – amethysts offer the wearer an unbelievable range of violet colors. People wear it with a belief that it would protect against thieves. Besides, it is said that it would have a counteraction to alcohol intoxication. The latter is an interesting anecdote, especially concerning a lavish wedding. Also, the amethyst symbolizes the purity of the soul, honesty and wisdom.

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The beautiful gem owes its name to its incredible color. The blue of aquamarine is reminiscent of the azure blue of the sea and promises vastness and adventure that can best be experienced with the future wife.


The light to golden yellow gemstone was worn in ancient times to protect against evil spirits. In addition, it strengthens creativity, self-confidence and promotes intuition. Therefore, it is ideally suited as a stone of an engagement ring.

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Although garnet still exists as a dark red gem in most heads, depending on the composition. There are also deep green, yellowish and pink to orange specimens. It is said to have a positive effect on well-being and self-confidence. Moreover, it symbolizes loyalty and permanence.


Its magnificent variety and dispersion of colors make it a very popular and precious gem. It is considered a stone of love and hope. Noble opals are more precious among opals and are accordingly expensive. On the other hand, this gem is as precious as its wearer.

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Sparkling with a deep red, the ruby ​​has been one of the most precious gemstones for thousands of years. A closer look reveals the fire inside the stone. As an engagement ring, it harbors unique magic as a symbol of passion. Courage, vitality and love are some associated factors with Rubinstein and it is said to have a stabilizing force for feelings.


Blue is the color of loyalty. So, the sapphire is perfect for all those for whom this property is particularly important. Sapphires are not only available in this color. So-called “fancy sapphires” can also be green, orange, red, violet and yellow. Furthermore, the sapphire symbolizes wisdom, purity and immortality and gives its wearer patience.

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The green stone has a long history. It was mined in ancient Egypt and brought in front of the whole world. The green color and its rarity make the emerald a coveted gem, which stands for trust, happiness and inner bliss. Its color is also said to have a calming effect.


On the other hand, topazes are quite common. The “holy stone” is transparent or white in its pure form and is only colored by external influences. The colors here range from yellow to pink to brown-red, violet and light blue to light green. The topaz symbolizes loyalty and is intended to give and promote inspiration and concentration.

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Romantic, overwhelming and feminine, morganite is the popular option among engagement rings these days.

Morganite is from a beryl family of stones like emeralds, having 7.5 to 8 units on the Mohs scale. Morganite’s price may vary. Therefore, you should surf through the market before making a purchase. Also, it is better to do research and consult your jeweler about the stone quality and its cut.

Lapis Lazuli

They are deep matte blue semi-precious stones. Conscious people, gem lovers and gem collectors are love fine jewelry made of Lapis Lazuli. Moreover, they can add a really lavish touch to a gold setting with the beautiful gold flecks and captivating colors.

Even in the past, this gem had been used as engagement rings. Now, the trend still persists and likely to be continued for the next many years.

The best part is its price, varying from $1 to $200 per carat. Even though the finest gems are intense blue with a touch of light gold dust. It is also renowned for its long-lasting quality. Although the Mohs scale shows 5.5 units on its scale, you may need to replace it after a few years.

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If you are searching for the hardiness and glamour as a diamond has, moissanite might be an ideal stone for you since it has no epic price tag.

Moissanite looks like a diamond. It was discovered 120 years ago. People considered these gems as diamond since they were clear and beautiful, and hard near to diamond – 9.5 units on the Mohs scale. Apart from being transparent, these stones are also available in yellow and green shades. They are the second hardest mineral in the world that makes it a good substitute for a diamond.