12 Books That Make DIY Wedding Planning Possible

Planning a wedding can leave even the most organized person disoriented. There’s so much to do and the pressure to deliver. From hair to make-up, venue, vendors, and more, you don’t want to miss a thing. The good news is that it’s nothing that a good wedding planning books can’t solve. Read more about wedding planning books on Wedding Forward.

The best wedding planner organizer helps you work efficiently while preserving your sanity. Also, the likelihood of forgetting anything with a wedding planner notebook is minimal. So every bride needs to have the good old traditional planners regardless of electronic versions. And to guide your buying decision, we’ve compiledthe 12 best wedding books for you to choose from.

However, before we jump right in, here are some pros and cons of buying a wedding planner book.


  • These books are written by experienced and top wedding planners, so you’re getting expert tips
  • It covers everything from budgets to venues, fund allocations, and even free wedding planning spreadsheets (you can learn more by clicking here), where you can clock information.
  • These wedding planning guide books furnish you with inspiration, tips, and advice if your mind is blank
  • You work faster and effectively because the guide tells you what to do per time and how best to do them


  • Even the best wedding organizer cannot take the place of a hands-on human wedding planner
  • Wedding planner books don’t cover absolutely everything, especially specific wedding themes and their associated emergencies
  • They work best for smaller and medium-sized weddings
  • There are limitations with inspiration and mood boards as they may be more general or not totally capture your wedding vision.

With this clarification out of the way, let’s look at some of the most creative wedding planners’ notebooks.

Source: Beloved Blog

1. Martha Stewart wedding ideas and inspiration

Martha Stewart is one of the longest, most experienced wedding brands to show brides the way. With tons of guides under its name, be sure to get actionable tips and ideas in the wedding planner book. You’ll also find about 300 colorful and aesthetically pleasing photos that cover and explain almost everything you need to have a successful pre and post-wedding event.

2. Tying the knot: the complete wedding organizer

This is a traditional wedding notebook that keeps you organized. It has over a hundred pages where you can log in details ranging from budget to invites, music, floral arrangements, and even honeymoon plans. You also get a bonus of plastic folders where you can keep contracts, important receipts, and more.

Source: Refinery29

3. Customized wedding planner

If you fancy a personalized wedding organizer or binder, this is your best bet. In it, you’ll find everything needed for your wedding grouped into 8 sections. Study them and you’ll be most prepared. Leave your stamp on the book for a custom feel.

4. Vintage Wedding style

If you’re having a vintage wedding, this planning book shows you just how to pull.it off. Learn how to create and incorporate old-world elements and the vintage charm into your wedding, from vintage candles to mismatched jars, and DIY invites.

Source: Minted

5. Oh Joy!

For brides who think on the go, this is the best wedding planner to buy. It’s a stylized planner tailored to suit your wedding vision. It is also flexible and gives a space where you can put in ideas as your creative juices flow. This planner documents your events so that you keep track of your plans

6. The wedding book

This is a comprehensive plan that covers all aspects of weddings and it is perfect for brides obsessed with organization. It nails all the details down to checklists, budgets, spreadsheet, timelines, and the kinds of questions to ask vendors.

Source: Amazon.com

7. The budget savvy wedding planner and organizer

Going against the notion that it takes a national budget to host a wedding, this book shows that you don’t meet a ton of money. You can host a beautiful wedding within your budget following this realistic guidebook. Get mock budgets, inspiration, substitutes, actionable tips, and more to host the wedding of your dreams. It’s perfect for brides on a budget.

8. The knot ultimate wedding planner and organizer

If you want a simple, yet comprehensive planning and budget worksheet, this is the one. Having made a name in the business of wedding guides and planning. Best believe you’d be getting the best tips, registry info, timelines, and premium wedding inspo.

Source: Amazon.com

9. Style me pretty

If you’re still thinking about wedding themes or ideas, get this book. It is a very realistic one because it features real weddings with real ideas in colorful pictures. From rustic to vintage, whimsical to industrial-chic, what you see is what you get. It becomes easier to plan with real pictures in mind.

10. Sand and leaves wedding planner notebook and organizer

If you love a book with content and style, this marble wedding organizer fulfills both desires. With a long-duration timeline, it keeps you grounded and efficient with its bullet point ultimate checklist. You’re working at your own pace and will screw all bolts before your big day.

Source: Refinery29

11. Offbeat Bride

Here’s one for alternative brides that can’t deal with the standard looks and procedures for a wedding. We mean walk down the aisle in a white dress and taking off the garter. Find a helpful guide in this book that deals with finances, alternative rituals, budget allocation, etc.

12. Bridechilla wedding planning survival guide

Make your wedding about you by leaving a personal touch, staying sane, and beating pressure. This book shows you all of that and how best to jump tradition, demands, budget choices, sensitive conversion, and other details.

Source: Bridechilla Guides

Wedding planning is fun and a wedding planner ensures that. Look through this list and pick the best wedding planner organizer that suits your needs for a stress-free preparation.