Connection Between Flowers and Humans

A mother feeds her child without caring for herself. Mother nature is nurturing humans with all the resources. The vegetation of earth is the source of life for humans, without any of this, no life is possible. But are we thankful enough! Guess not!

According to there is a  symbiotic relationship between amazing flowers and humans. The connection between flowers and humans is too strong and reliable to break free. Flowers are silent partners to humans.


Importance of Flowers for Humans

Millions of flowers are a source of happiness and livelihood for different species, including humans. Flowers are a source of food for insects, animals and birds. They provide them and start the food chain and life cycle.

As for humans, flowers have always been the best gift ever. Every part of a flowering plant is used by humans to fulfil their needs. The flowers are abundant with medicinal properties, benefiting them some more. Humans enjoy every aspect of flowers.

Can Humans live without Flowers?

Humans can survive without flowers to some extent but not for a long tenure. Life in deserts is not possible. Without flowers, the reproduction and pollination process will not be carried as effectively as it does now.

80% of rain in the tropical regions is because of the Transpiration process by plants and flowers. In a survey where they placed non-flowering plants, rainfall was reduced by 3 months. It will be a slow procedure but a deadlier one for the coming generation. Lesser vegetation, water, and even fewer species to survive. It would be a drab place without flowers.


Role of Flowers in Our lives

Flowers are used to provoking our senses and feelings from generations. The trend was started by our ancestors and will be carried forward by our children. Today a lot of people are ordering flowers online and getting right at their destination at a very affordable price, without delivery charges.

Here are the points to know how flowers affect us:

Flowers make intimate connections

Flowers help you connect with your loved ones. To share your happiness, your loss and your worries, use the flower arrangement. These little ones bring you to a close without words as silent partners for everything. It brings joy and happiness to your intimate connections.


Flowers brings positivity

The instant smile on the face when you get a bouquet of fresh flowers is the best feeling of positivity. The ability of flowers to attract everyone towards themselves motivates a positive feeling in the body. The soft scent and fragrances improve the good energy and eliminate the negativity.

Flowers have a positive effect on moods

The presence of vibrant and bright flowers has a positive effect on humans as they trigger happy feelings. They uplift the mood of an ill person who is not feeling well. They energize their surroundings by sending good vibes.

It is scientifically proven that flowers when placed in a hospital room. Patients feel better when their stress and anxiety levels are reduced with the presence of these gifts.


Flowers brings life to an event

Have you ever visited or attended any event without flowers? I haven’t! Flowers are the life of an event. A wedding without flowers, can you imagine? The brightness in the eyes of the bride is pure bliss when she walks in the aisle with a bouquet of sensational beauties. They can make your wedding a fairytale for you.

Flowers are capable of cure

The amazing flowers are the babies of mother earth. They are delicate and should be handled with care. But some of these delicate jewels are full of medicinal properties.

These medicinal properties of flowers can cure numerous ailments for humans. Humans should be thankful to have such medicines which do not have any side effects at all.


Flowers are the soul, they complete Nature

Have you ever imagined all green plants and leaves and everything is the same, but no flower at all? What would it be like? The answer is dead. Nature is incomplete without flowers.

Flowers are the soul, they bring life in the plants they grew on. They add colour to their surroundings, making everything brighter and more complete. Florists can’t even imagine a day without flowers. Their livelihood depends on just providing you all with these beautiful creations of God.

Different colours of Flowers affect differently:

Every person has a different colour choice and preferences. Also, here are some colour wise effects of flowers on humans:

  • Red: The bold and strong shade of red is associated with romance and love. But on humans, the emotional benefit and health benefit is the add on, free of cost. The red colour strengthens the immune system. Red also eliminates exhaustion and sends energy.
  • Yellow: The bright colour yellow is considered to be the happiest of all in the spectrum. The colour represents the sun and radiant feelings. It is for friendship, which improves communication among relations as well. As for health benefits, the yellow shaded flowers are the best stimulators for memories and healthy nervous systems.
  • Blue: Blue is the favourite of all, the colour of the unlimited sky. The blue shaded flowers add a softness. The blue is a bright colour, but it brings a calm and cool feeling.  They seem sedate and sensational, but mean trustworthy and dependable.
  • White: The sign and colour of peace and purity. The white flowers, when blooms, mesmerize the viewer and the receiver. They radiate an aura of pureness and perfection. They are the best gifts if you are not sure what you want to say. A lovely bouquet of all white, with greens, creates an awesome present.


Flowers are embedded in our lives and nobody ever thinks to remove them. The beautiful creation, flowers, are meant to be enhanced at every chance and encourages this beautiful connection with humans and flowers, thus we are florists.