8 Best Hand Cleaners For Mechanics 2024 – Review and Buying Guide

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Our Pick
Tub O' Scrub TS18-2 Heavy Duty Pumice-Free Hand Cleaner, Removes Tough Grime & Dirt Without Water,...
Good Choice
Fast Orange 25616 Xtreme Hand Cleaner, 15 oz.
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Goop Multi-Purpose Hand Cleaner- Waterless Hand Degreaser, Laundry Stain Remover - NonToxic and...
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Extreme Green Power Hand Scrub, 64 oz Tub (Formerly Mean Green) - Removes Oil, Grease, Dirt, Filth...
Tub O' Scrub TS18-2 Heavy Duty Pumice-Free Hand Cleaner, Removes Tough Grime & Dirt Without Water,...
Fast Orange 25616 Xtreme Hand Cleaner, 15 oz.
Goop Multi-Purpose Hand Cleaner- Waterless Hand Degreaser, Laundry Stain Remover - NonToxic and...
Extreme Green Power Hand Scrub, 64 oz Tub (Formerly Mean Green) - Removes Oil, Grease, Dirt, Filth...
Our Pick
Tub O' Scrub TS18-2 Heavy Duty Pumice-Free Hand Cleaner, Removes Tough Grime & Dirt Without Water,...
Tub O' Scrub TS18-2 Heavy Duty Pumice-Free Hand Cleaner, Removes Tough Grime & Dirt Without Water,...
Good Choice
Fast Orange 25616 Xtreme Hand Cleaner, 15 oz.
Fast Orange 25616 Xtreme Hand Cleaner, 15 oz.
Don't Miss
Goop Multi-Purpose Hand Cleaner- Waterless Hand Degreaser, Laundry Stain Remover - NonToxic and...
Goop Multi-Purpose Hand Cleaner- Waterless Hand Degreaser, Laundry Stain Remover - NonToxic and...
Also Consider
Extreme Green Power Hand Scrub, 64 oz Tub (Formerly Mean Green) - Removes Oil, Grease, Dirt, Filth...
Extreme Green Power Hand Scrub, 64 oz Tub (Formerly Mean Green) - Removes Oil, Grease, Dirt, Filth...

Mechanics or just about anyone who spends their day working with mechanical parts often end up with hands covered with dirt, grease, and cement. This combo is one that does not easily come off. Running your hands under the sink with your standard hand wash doesn’t always work very efficiently.

But if you start using cleaners that are too strong your skin will end up getting damaged in the long run. For this reason, we have gathered some products that not only do a great job cleaning your skin but also leaves it soft and moisturized.

Top Hand Cleaners For Mechanics

1. GOJO Natural Orange

GOJO Natural Orange

This is an industrial hand cleaner that comes with pumice scrubbers. It is a quick-acting cleaner that was designed to clean out a diverse range of mechanical soil, dirt, and grease. This lotion hand cleaner is not only great for cleaning but it gives out a sweet and tangy citrus-orange scent.

This industrial cleaner comes in a pump bottle making it easier for you to grab some for yourself on the go. The GOJO Natural Orange can also work to protect you from occupational skin disease, especially if you work in especially greasy environments.

Best of all, it does not use any harsh solvents that could have adverse effects on your skin later on. These properties make the Gojo Natural Orange a pretty good option for those who work on mechanical elements.

Promising a heavy-duty cleaning this product is sure to help you out right when you get out of work.

2. Extreme Green Power Hand Scrub

Extreme Green Power Hand Scrub

This is an all-natural solvent-free mineral-based scrubber. This product leverages a mix of detergents and water to bring forth an effective formulation. They have combined three scrubbers all into one such that the best of each can come together and bring in the best results.

These soft scrubbers will transform into a different shape as you persistently start scrubbing such that you can dig into your fingers and make them spot-free!

Also ensuring that you get the perks of a skin moisturizer Extreme Green mixes in a range of non-greasy moisturizers to stop the skin from cracking while it softens it in the process. Having been developed with a state-of-the-art scientific formula this product maintains a pH of 7 (neutral) so that open cuts and scrapes on your hand are not agitated.

With this Full Bore power hand scrub, all you have to do is apply a penny’s worth of powder on your hands, and wash your hands like you always have and you are sure to come out with squeaky-clean hands!

3. Lava Heavy-Duty Hand Cleaner

Lava Heavy-Duty Hand Cleaner

Tough on the gunk on your hands, while being gentle on your skin. A pumice-based bar of soap that can be utilized the same way as a soft abrasive. You would be pleased to know that this is an environmentally friendly product made completely out of renewable resources.

Another impressive benefit that you would be pleased to take out of this, is that it can be used not only for the dirt and grime on your hands but is also quite good for all kinds of other messes. One can easily use this for cleaning out tough to clean stains caused by mud or the sticky mess brought about by glue.

Many mechanics prefer this heavy-duty cleaner as it can be used just like any other bar of soap and can just be kept at the sink. Its multi-purpose and budget-friendly nature makes it a much quicker buy for many.

4. Goop Hand Cleaner

Goop Hand Cleaner

The Goop Hand Cleaner is not like every other thing on this list it is a fully unique waterless hand cleaner. It removes all the industrial gunk such as grease and tar but it also works as an excellent laundry stain remover.

It is not only gentle on your hands but it is also soft on all your fabrics such that you need not think twice about using it on jeans or silk. No, it’s not even limited to clothes and laundry it is also a great product to try out on your furniture.

If you are an avid painter go ahead and clean up your brushes too! It is a biodegradable and non-toxic product made out of only world-class premium ingredients.

It is also especially armed with moisturizers specially formulated for the sake of smoothening skin and leaving your hands silky clean. Made in the USA leveraging the best ingredients possible to produce a quality product that is best suited not only to mechanics but also to anyone who has additional household chores.

5. Worx All-Natural Hand Cleaner

Worx All-Natural Hand Cleaner

An economical and convenient alternative for mechanics. This large 3 lb jar contains enough powder to last 950 washes. An average mechanic will be able to use a single jar for up to nine months. This is considered to be the equivalent of around four gallons of a mundane liquid cleaner.

This is a completely biodegradable hand cleaner that is also great for the environment. It does not damage cracking or drying skin. While at the same time it eliminates unpleasant and foul odors.

This all-natural powdered soap is great for removing axle grease, printer ink, adhesives, and break dust. This could work great within small and medium-sized shops. This is a top pick when it comes to an affordable and long-lasting solution for mechanics.

6. Permatex 25616

Permatex 25616

Its main ingredient is Orange Pumice Soap. It is an all-new professional-grade formula that caters to a superior cleaning experience. It ensures to take out all the petroleum odor from your hands and replace it with a tangy orange one.

Works fast and is seen to be very efficient when it comes to cleaning up the mess. It is around 10% stronger than that of its original formula as well as other brands. The Permatex 25616 also comes reinforced with conditioners known for advanced skin restoration conditioners.

Leveraging its odor-eliminating innovations and its quick response technologies it is able to quickly and efficiently remove grime, tar, grease, asphalt, epoxies, carbon, paint, oil, and ink!

7. Tub O’ Towels Scrub TS18

Tub O’ Towels Scrub TS18

It is yet another heavy-duty cleaner that does wonders in removing the tough stains of oil and grease. It features a one-of-a-kind pumice-free walnut shell formulation which is perfect for hands working in the industrial sectors. Moreover, it doesn’t clog up drains.

The Tub O’ Towels hand cleanser does not contain petroleum or solvents of any sort. This hand cleaner encompasses aloe, lanolin, and ensures the presence of Vitamin E so that it can protect hands and keep them moisturized after its application.

Not only does it get the job done, but it also leaves you with a fresh citrus scent and comes with a squeeze to use bottle packaging. Best of all, like a few of the other products mentioned in this article, it is a biodegradable formula allowing for a guilt-free experience.

8. Muck Daddy 

Muck Daddy 

For those who are looking for a completely on-the-go hand cleaner, this is the perfect one for you! Allows for a quick clean break out of work with some high-performing scrubbing wipes. Muck daddy is based on a sugarcane-based formula that has been known to dissolve tough and sticky grime with ease!

It may be tough on grease but it’s gentle on skin. This product can not only be used to flush out the dirt and grime but it can also be great for other kinds of cleaning purposes. It can work on removing permanent markers, oil, and even wax. Basically great for an all-rounded cleaning experience.

While at the same time it acts as a skin conditioner that can leave your hands feeling smooth, fresh, and moisturized. This is a great product for waterless and on-the-go hand cleansing.

Buyer’s Guide To Buying Hand Cleaners For Mechanics

It can sometimes be quite tough to decide the hand-cleaners we want to go for. You know that you need one that is effective for clearing out grease. But the factors that you need to consider may not be quite so apparent. We have listed out a few things you need to consider when buying a hand cleaner.


A cleaner can either be solvent-based or it can be solvent-free. Solvent-based cleaners may get you out of a tight spot when it comes to messes that are usually quite arduous to clean up. But they have a major drawback, and that is the health of your skin. They tend to cause dry and cracked skin which can get to be very painful.

The Time It Takes To Remove Grease

Does it speed up the cleaning process? The reason most mechanics opt for hand cleaner is because it makes the process of removing grease and grimes easy. Usually, your hands will be grease-free in just a couple of minutes as you apply the cleaner and thoroughly rinse it off with water.

You will want to know how effective the hand cleaner you are buying really is, and if it is possible you should try and test out a few by sampling them.


How easy is it to use? Hand cleaners are much easier than the conventional methods involving sponges and brushes. Here you can simply apply it to your hands and scrub your hands together and clean it up.


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Hand cleaners are not always for the sake of cleaning, many of them are multi-purpose. You can also use them to remove stubborn stains from your clothes. Moreover, a couple of them can also be used for general household cleaning purposes. Such products might prove to be a lot more convenient for you as well since you don’t want to have to go and get different cleaning products for everything.


The environment matters, and we must be watchful of our trace. When you are picking our hand cleaners do make sure that the products are made in an environmentally friendly way. While we keep ourselves clean let’s afford that same luxury to mother Earth. For instance, some of these products are completely biodegradable and do not contribute to pollution.


Most mechanics tend to make decisions purely based on the cost of the products but that is not a very good practice. It is a lot more important to ensure that the products are safe for your skins, and of good quality, and environmentally friendly is an added bonus.

Although you might be on a strict budget these factors should also influence your decision when buying yourself a hand cleaner.


Hand cleaners can be a mighty asset to those whose occupational lifestyle requires them to work with cars and others sorts of machinery. Those who work with this type of machinery often have to deal with dirty hands. This also brings in adverse health effects.

When you are in such an environment you must make sure to take care of your skin, and avoid using solvent-based products. Hygiene is the key to a healthy lifestyle, and using the right hand cleaners would go a long way in preventing various forms of skin disease.

It is a good idea to revisit the products listed above and check out the buyer’s guide which clearly labels the characteristics of a good hand cleaner. Through this, we hope that you would be able to identify the product that is best suited for you.


What all can Industrial Hand Cleaners help clean?

Industrial hand cleaners can help cleanse the skin of grease, dirt, cement, tartar, and even paint. They do this with the help of beads, pumice, and sometimes even crushed walnut shells. They can help mechanics and other people who work with machinery to tidy themselves up.

Are industrial hand cleaners safe?

Yes, they are absolutely safe and can even bring in a range of positive side benefits to your skin, but ensure that you are opting for a solvent-free product.

How do I apply them?

It is kind of similar to how to rinse with soap and water, start off by thoroughly applying the cleaner to your hands and start scrubbing your hands clean as your flush water through them.

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  • Refreshing, clean fresh scent
  • Eliminates odors including gasoline, oil, and other common scents
  • Advanced skin conditioners protect hands from drying and cracking
  • Suggested Applications: Removes grease, grime, tar, adhesives, asphalt, carbon, epoxies, tile cement, oil, paint, odors, ink, and much more!
Grandpa Gus's Super Hand Scrub, Walnut Shell Scrubbers, Natural Handsoap, Degreaser for Automotive...
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  • Always store the Grandpa Gus's Super Hand Scrub at temperatures between 40-100 Degree Fahrenheit. Follow all general safety precautions. Keep out of the reach of children and use under...
  • Wash hands thoroughly after handling. No irritation to skin or inhalation expected. Do not ingest. May cause nausea or gastrointestinal disorder if ingested. Avoid contact with eyes....
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Tub O Towels TW90 Heavy-Duty 10" x 12" Size Multi-Surface Cleaning Wipes, 90 Count Per Canister
  • 10" x 12" heavy duty wet cleaning wipes. The strongest and largest wet paper towel cleaning wipe. No water required
  • Removes heavy stains others won't including: grease, tar, ink, paint, permanent marker, wax, scuffs, lip stick, nail polish, food and drinks, pet stains and more
  • These moist towels are gentle on hands and skin. Wipes contain aloe, Vitamin E and lanolin to protect your hands and leave them clean and soft. Our heavy duty cleaning wipes do not...
  • Tub O' Towels can be used as automotive and car cleaning wipes, for the office, boating, and RV's, and around the home
  • Use these tough cleaning wipes on Fabric and Carpet, Leather, Vinyl, Metal, Counter Tops, Walls, For Cleaning Appliances, Tile, Cabinets, Toilets, Tubs and more
Zep Cherry Bomb Hand Cleaner (Ca) 48 ounce ZUCBHC48CA, Red
  • Effective in removing even the toughest of grease and grime
  • Premium blend of natural pumice and solvents captures dirt quickly and removes it from the skin
  • Tackles a range of stains, including grease, paint, adhesives, oils, inks, tar, carbon and asphalt
  • Incorporates a mild cherry scent to overcome residual odors of diesel and other fuels
  • Moisturizing to protect hands from drying or cracking even with repeated washings
Stoko Kresto Classic Extra Heavy Duty Skin Cleaner-4 L -(1 CASE)
  • Contains toxicologically safe solvents to lift difficult to remove oil based contaminants without harming the skin
  • Contains Eucornol to minimize risk of skin irritation
  • Low solvent content, good skin compatibility.