Silent Piling Technology: A Welcome Relief for Waterfront Homeowners

Have you just completed construction on the beach home of your dreams? Are you itching to purchase a vacation home that you can move into when you’re ready for retirement?

Many Americans flock to coastal cities for family vacations, an oceanside reset from work, or a sunny retirement spot. In fact, 3.5 million residents of The Sunshine State are aged 65 or older, and many continue to Florida’s coast to spend their retirement years.

If you’re someone who owns a lakehouse, beach house, or other waterfront property, you may be wondering how you can keep your home safe from flooding, hurricanes, or other natural disasters.

If you’re a retiree looking for an extra safety precaution or a young family who wants to fortify their vacation home, let’s explore the innovation of silent piling technology and what installing sheet piles can do to benefit your waterfront home.

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What Sets Silent Piling Technology Apart?

Silent piling is a unique type of press-in piling technology, and its best feature is in the name: it’s silent.

When you think of construction, the first word that comes to mind may be noisy. Construction is perceived by many as costly, invasive, loud, and messy. In the world of sheet piling installation, innovators have come up with machinery to reduce some of these pesky disturbances.

Leaders in the industry like Blue Iron LLC are now offering an alternative to the noisy sheet piling machines of “yesteryear,” by specializing in machines like the Giken Silent Piler. This machine is superior from the rest as it uses the press-in method, installing the steel sheet piles by use of hydraulic pressure, and thus, reducing the noise, disturbance, and vibration usually caused by construction.

If you have a waterfront home, let’s discuss how silent piling technology can be a smart solution to common coastal problems.

How Can Silent Piling Technology Benefit My Waterfront Home?

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Silent Piling Protects Against Flooding

If you have a waterfront home, you likely live with the constant fear of flooding, or have already experienced the headache of water in your home. Silent piling is a great option for coastal living, as it protects your home and valuable assets against flooding.

Think of sheet piling technology as your first line of defense against potential damage from rising floodwaters, hurricanes, and more. If you’re exploring waterproofing solutions for inside your home, you should consider protecting the perimeter of your home with silent piling technology.

Silent Piling Technology Is Eco-Conscious

Silent piling is eco-friendly. Steel sheet piles are the most common, and since builders frequently use recycled steel for their sheet piling projects, they are sustainable as well.

Silent piling is more environmentally friendly than other sheet piling installation methods, as these state-of-the-art machines are manufactured to reduce noise and vibration created by construction. This option also reduces your carbon footprint by reducing construction pollution often caused by dynamic installation methods, such as the spread of rubble, dust, and dirt into the environment.

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Silent Piling Prevents Coastal Erosion

If you live on the coast you are likely aware of the rising sea levels and their impact on coastal erosion. As the sea levels rise, flooding and waves begin to wear away at the sand, rocks, and soil along the coastline. In the United States alone, coastal erosion causes approximately $500 million per year in coastal property damage and loss. This is where the innovation of silent piling comes in.

If you install sheet piles between your waterfront property and the tumultuous ocean water, you are creating a barrier that will aid in preventing further coastal erosion.

Silent Piling Is A Long-Lasting Solution

Silent Piling is considered a permanent solution. Sturdy steel sheet piles are longer-lasting than timber or vinyl piles and more reliable than standard home elevation techniques (stilts, concrete blocks, etc), and can last a lifetime. Many companies that specialize in sheet piling installation guarantee this solution will last 75 years or more.

Whether you’re dreaming of retirement in the Florida sun or purchasing the perfect coastal home to take your kids, sheet piling technology is an innovative, modern option that protects your waterfront home the eco-friendly way.

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Silent piling a constant solution for cut and cover

Silent piling is a constant solution to prevent the noise that is generated from the machine being used while the construction of the cut and cover tunnels. It limits the noises and vibrations that are generated through the pilling activities. These piling sheets limit and prevent noise, disturbance, and damage to both animals and humans. Drilled shafts, slurry walls, and other cast-in-place foundation wall systems alleviate some of the sound problems which produce earth-shaking noises and are unacceptable by the community living nearby. So the silent piling method has been installed mostly underground mainly for cut and cover tunnels to form a retaining wall to keep away from the unrequited noises. This enables effective work in places where conventional vibratory techniques are used and causes excessive violation of noise regulations by the use of pile hammers. And for slopes above water and narrow areas, sheet piling is done to avoid crane support against which self-moving piled heads are used along with pitch-pile pitching crane clamps. Introduced to move these under the ground.

Silent piling allows a long and solid solution that can be relied upon especially when having a waterfront home. Since it provides a stable core to the home ensuring the security of the residents. It also provides the laborers with a more secure environment to work in with a more steady ground to work on. It is also effective in a way that it requires very little storage space once they are installed which is more cost-effective. But among all the benefits the best one still remains the same which is the security that it provides as it has a long life both above and underneath the water making it the most effective method for coastal projects.