8 Of the Best Tropical Destinations for Bird Watchers

Bird watching is the observation of live birds in their natural habitat; it is a popular way to spend extra and surplus time. Today, this hobby is considered a scientific sport, and researchers and normal people indulge in this sport.

Today in the 21st century, this sport is well known worldwide, and people gather from different places to enjoy this sport. One of the great appeals of this sport is that it is a relatively inexpensive activity and does not burden your pocket.

To participate in this sport, you only need essential equipment i.e., Binoculars, field books, and a notebook. The binoculars are used to see and observe the birds; the field book is for your aid of identification. Lastly, the notebook is for recording and interpreting the time and location of the sightings.

Bird watching is both beneficial and enjoyable. Maybe even taking your kids could be an option. You can get all the information you need on OpticsVilla, where there are reviews and instructions on how to use your binoculars and other optical instruments to enhance your bird watching capabilities. Scientists study and analyse the observations and determine the habitat, dispersal, and migration patterns of various bird species. For bird watching, people come from all around the world. This way, they enjoy the trip and benefit from the natural beauty nature has to offer. Here are 8 of the best tropical destinations you can visit to enjoy bird watching.

1. Panama, Central America:

This city is the most famous in birdwatching all around the world. There are a staggering 996 species of birds recorded in this single place. To get the idea of this number, the United States as the whole country has only 993 species of birds in total. Panama itself is a tiny country, and yet it has an impressive number of species of both animals and birds in it.

Panama is a fantastic location for bird watching due to its vast number of bird species. Also, it is very convenient and inexpensive. After the rainy season, the birds in Panama can be seen at very close proximity, and this sight adds to the beauty and the splendor of Panama City. It is a splendid and marvelous place to go for your bird watching activity, and you will enjoy nature at its very best.

2. Costa Rica, Central America:

Costa Rica is a sanctuary for bird watchers. It is located in the center of south and north American continents. Due to its location, it is also known as a bridge connecting both continents. There are so many bird species here that it comes second after Panama, which is its neighbor. This region has a staggering 952 bird species recorded in a single region.

Costa Rica is a region with a wide variety of climates, and on top of that has volcanoes, this adds to the species variety and sceneries. Costa Rican common birds include toucans, scarlet macaws, motmots, and the gentle and lovely Quetzal.

You can see more than 100 species of birds in a single day roaming in Costa Rica. Costa Rica’s region creates almost endless birdwatching possibilities with its incredible range of habitats and micro-systems. It is a beautiful spot for your bird watching hobby, and you will enjoy every moment spent here.

3. Peru, South America:

Peru is one of the most significant treasures of bird species variety in the world. There are more than 1800 species recorded here, and this number increases every year. Peru has one of the world’s most important bird lands.

The Pacific Coast is full of birds, and you can even spot penguins here. It is such a large bird species that you can see up to 200 bird species in a single day.  Peru also has beautiful and marvelous scenery. It has one of the most beautiful and spectacular tropical mountain sceneries in the world. Within a relatively small location, no other destination provides so many ecosystems and species.

Peru is a small region, holds more species of birds than North America and Europe combined. It is the best place for your tropical adventure and bird watching.

4. Columbia, South America:

Columbia is also one of the most bird-rich regions in the world. It has more than 1900 species of birds living in it. There are few more geographically diverse countries worldwide than Colombia. This country has rainforests and cloud forests, mountains, plains and tropical zones, snow-covered peaks, and the coasts in the Atlantic and Pacific.

Due to this reason, it has more variety of bird species and wildlife. This country provides a spectacular array of habitats for birds and animals and is full of a fantastic collection of species, making Colombia the perfect location for promoting nature tourism.

More than a hundred Important Bird Areas can be visited, and you can see more than a hundred species in a single day. Therefore, Columbia is another place you can visit to fulfill your bird watching habit.

5. Spain, Europe:

Spain is not just known for Paris and its architecture. It is also enriched with natural beauty and wildlife. This is due to the different habitats Spain has to offer. Spain has the Atlantic coast in the north and Mediterranean coast in the south, along with mountains and tropical regions. This is the reason that it is one of the most enriched wildlife regions in Europe.

More than 600 different kinds of bird species live in this region, and the numbers are increasing every year. Above this, each day, more than 400 visitors visit this region for bird watching. This region is home to one of the rarest species of birds.

So, bird watchers can spend the mornings of mountains looking for elegant bird species and descending towards the plain they can enjoy the sight of rare and delicate bird species. Spain is a spectacular destination for bird watchers and researchers, and you can enjoy the hospitalities.

6. Gambia, Africa:

The Gambia contains 550 bird species and is one of the best places to see tropical birds and Africa. Within a tiny and reachable environment, the destination provides a variety of ecological settings.

The sights and sounds of the African forest, creeks, coastal and mangrove swamps can be enjoyed in Gambia Wildlife Tours. Bird species such as Martial Eagle, Egyptian Plover, Red-throated, and northern Carmine Bee-eaters can be spotted easily. The Gambia has a little bit of everything for the bird lovers.

You can find and spot exotic and rare bird species as well due to the diversity in habitats of The Gambia. Therefore, it is a hotspot for birds’ species and bird watchers.

7. Australia:

This is not just a country but a whole continent. It is a region with more diversity in wildlife than anywhere else in the world. Australia has some of the most distinctive nature environments worldwide, with genuinely unique wildlife and spectacular landscapes and numerous national parks.

Australia holds more than 1600 bird species, and it has one of the most diverse and distinctive habitats in the world. There are birds everywhere you go in Australia, and many of them are colorful and fascinating. You can relax and enjoy while seeing birds and enjoy the fresh air of unusual and beautiful places in Australia.

8. Ecuador, South America:

Ecuador is a small but diverse region. It is difficult to beat the diversity of birds in this region. Ecuador is full of different but small habitats. It is tough to miss a bird in this region because it has many bird species living in a small region.

This region has more than 900 hundred species of birds living in it and is very varied geographically. There are mountains as well as beautiful sceneries in Ecuador. It also has snow-covered volcanoes and grasslands that increase the diversity of the region. Ecuador is one of the best exotic places you can visit for bird watching, and it will not disappoint you.

All the destinations mentioned above are one of the best tropical regions for bird watching. All you need is a set of binoculars and a manual to use them. You surely will benefit from it, and your bird watching habit will be fruitful.