10 Bold Wallpapered Bedrooms You’ll Want to Copy

Our bedrooms are perhaps the most special rooms in our homes. They are like a hidden paradise for us. Therefore, we cannot decide what to do and where to start. We want it to be very special. What if we decide to spread it over time, would we reduce our stress a little more?

I think our job will be much easier and we will truly create a paradise that reflects us, each part of which we would like to spend time with. The best way to start changing the look and texture of your bedroom is through the walls. Wallpapers are the most obvious visual tools that show the style and texture of the room. Today, walls are one of the most important parts of the decoration; you should definitely not skip wall decoration in interior design changes.

In the past, when people said the wallpaper, only a few patterns came to mind. But nowadays, the scale of wallpapers has developed so much that when we say color, pattern, model, style, the options are almost limitless. This means that it is now possible to create eye-catching effects in all areas by using wallpaper, but wallpapers are absolutely important for bedrooms. You ask why? The items we use in bedrooms and their functions are specific. Many of the items are similar. If you are dreaming of a truly different and unique bedroom and want to do it with furniture, it can literally cost you a fortune. How about putting your furniture aside and reflecting your style with your wallpaper in your bedroom? I think we can say that using wallpaper design for the bedroom is the most effective, easiest, and most economical way to transform your space quickly.

You seem to be thinking; I decided, what do you think I will do now? Of course, this is another factor that confuses us. What types of wallpapers should we use for bedrooms? There are so many models and styles that we cannot count, but I will tell you about 10 wallpapers that you will say should be mine, that you want to copy. 10 truly impressive walls suitable for many different styles and lives. From contemporary and innovative wallpapers, tropical breezes, or vintage-looking flowers to artistic touches. You definitely will want to copy them when you see these wallpaper designs for bedrooms.

1. Dutch Peony Floral

We can say that flower patterns are the patterns that come from the past to the present and that we cannot give up. Moreover, it is one of the most beautiful features to match with many styles of space and create wonders. The calm color palette of this wallpaper creates the soft, calm, and peaceful atmosphere you need for a bedroom. Capture the magnificent details, softness in the color transitions, and the beauty of the petals hidden in those details. It can be very difficult to get out of your bed in the morning with the refreshing effect of peonies made of soft colors. As the perfect backdrop for a bedroom interior, the Dutch Peony Floral wallpaper you can check out at wallmur, is the best bedroom wallpaper for those who want to create a wonderful and romantic indoor environment.

Source: Pinterest

2. Dark Floral Bouquet with Tulips and Roses

Contemporary and sophisticated flowers create a striking and eye-catching effect in bedrooms. When flower prints with large and striking colors spread on the wall, they look as if they are spread over your room, and these contemporary floral pattern wallpapers emit bold and dynamic energy while creating an eye-catching focal point for bedrooms. If you are looking for a design that fits with your furniture and accessories, you are definitely in the right place. If you are looking wallpaper for bedroom, this design that will suit all your furniture and accessories as if you designed it in a planned way, will make you really happy. If you are looking for a feature wall, dark flower bouquet large or small scale, detailed, dark floral pattern wallpaper designs are perfect for wrapping bedrooms.

Source: littlecrowninteriors.com

3. Watercolor Large Flowers

Create an exaggerated elegant space in your bedroom with beautiful vintage pink and cream dark flower wallpaper mural. This wallpaper is perfect for anyone who wants dark floral wallpaper. It is perfect for creating the classic eye-catching of the bedroom. You can match it with traditional furniture and deep colors to complete the look. Watercolor large flowers wallpaper is an example of how perfectly dark and deep colors can look in a bedroom. It makes an eye-catcher and envelope look rather than strangling an area. Among the bedroom wallpaper designs, we can say that this wallpaper will fit perfectly in a bedroom, making sure that it will create a relaxing and sophisticated atmosphere.

Source: Pinterest

4. White Tropical Leaves

If you want to transform your bedroom into a tropical paradise, white tropical leaves will help you create the feeling and texture you are looking for. Our wallpaper has a mixture of exotic tropical leaves with a contrasting background, but it’s just plain. Different leaves, artistically drawn and combined, can transform your bedroom into a tropical paradise. This design, which is perfect for adding natural air to your bedroom, will create a calm tropical breeze in your bedroom. If you are looking for wallpaper for bedroom ideas that will create a tropical breeze in your space, this design will meet your needs. Simple and effective.

Source: wallmur.com

5. Dark Smoke with Marble Pattern

The stunning and deep, dark smoke wallpaper will bring a brand new and very stunning effect to your bedroom. If you want a simple and striking effect, we can say that this design is just for you. You will love it so much that you will not want to show it to anyone as you want to show it to everyone while you want to keep it private. This wallpaper contains light shadows and clean transitions, and black fumes scattered as if they were dancing on a white background, causing fumes to fuse. This unique visual can be the most special piece of your bedroom and, of course, your favorite!

Source: Pinterest

6. Tropical Trees

Catch the trend with the tropical trees wallpaper to turn your bedroom into an inviting paradise. Imagine yourself lying down in a tropical paradise at the end of the day, is that not a thought to reduce all your stress? We thought so. Who doesn’t want to end their day in a tropical paradise? Wouldn’t you like to create a tropical feature wall that will make you feel quite alive? Tropical patterns are versatile designs that will be very helpful to those who want to create a modern and fresh theme. This design should be top on your list of bedroom wallpaper ideas. And it’s definitely worth trying!

Source: Wallmur

7. Geometric Blue Trigon Pattern

Geometric patterns are quite simple but very effective in design. Especially they are very effective in wallpaper design for bedroom. When you want to create a contemporary bedroom by yourself or if you want to create an eclectic space, the geometric blue triangle pattern will create this effect that will make you say. If you want to create different and eye-catching designs, you can be sure that this design, which can adapt to a lot of styles, is an excellent choice to revive your bedroom. Geometric patterns are as dazzling as they are abstract and modern. The wonderful tonal range in this design will give you a lot of energy that will stimulate your imagination about the changes you want to create in the rest of the room.

Source: unsplash.com

8. Dark Floral with Pink Chrysanthemum

With this wall painting, which attracts the attention of vintage lovers, you can have a sophisticated bedroom full of depth. This bedroom wallpaper can also complement the contrast of soft pinks with a dark background with coarse or elegant furnishings and many kinds of furniture that are either bold or unique. If you want to shape your bedroom breathtakingly, this unique flower wallpaper theme will completely renew your theme and bring a new breath to your room.

Source: Pinterest

9. 3D Embossed Look Cement Sculpture Floral

Add depth to your bedroom with 3D effect wallpapers. Sculptures with 3D effects will add a new dimension to your bedroom that will not only create a splash you will admire. Perhaps, you will definitely feel like a brand new place with this wallpaper, which is one of the most interesting of white. Can you believe that a classic look and a modern look can come together so easily? This wallpaper offers you stunning 3D features, perfect harmony with many color palettes, dazzling design it exhibits, and the feeling that you have brought a huge piece of art to your bedroom. Being an ideal choice for a boring bedroom, this design will make your bedroom turn into a unique and stunning look. This design is definitely on the list of the best bedroom wallpaper ideas, and it deserves it

Source: unsplash.com

10. Abstract Blue Gold Wave

Do you want to feel peaceful in your bedroom? Who would not want that? Live peacefully in your bedroom with blue marble wallpaper. The natural and fascinating shapes of marble and this beautiful distribution of golden waves, this blue marble effect wall, will resemble the soothing sea waves, soft pale blue, which will allow you to take your exhaustion and restlessness. It will definitely be a great choice for your bedroom as blue calms down and also helps concentration. This design is one of the most calming effects among bedroom wall designs.

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