10 Ideas for Decorating Over the Bed

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We all spend many hours thinking about how to create the perfect bedroom, don’t we? I mean, those could easily be some of the well-spent hours in life, since the return of investment is way too high. As you may know, a good bedroom helps you not only fall asleep faster but also ensure proper quality of sleep when you close your eyes after a long day.

Nevertheless, once in a while, you may run out of creative ideas to decorate your bedroom and its elements. And, it might happen when you want to decorate the space over the bed. If you are in that scenario, however, do not worry. We’ve listed 7 fresh ideas that can help you build an attractive, sleep-friendly, and beautiful over-the-bed designs.

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1. A Photo Frame

There are different sizes of photo frames, including large framed wall arts. You can choose the best size for you considering the size of the room. You should also consider your bed size and the presence of other decorating options. Take your time to make the best decision because there are many options. You can check ElephantStock for more framed wall art ideas. It is crucial to note that over-the-bed wall art should not be larger than the bed.

2. Your Own Gallery

If you think a single photo frame is not enough, you can take this extended step. In this case, you can create a gallery wall that matches what you have done with the mattress. In the end, you will have a bedroom that reminds you of all the good things in your life. You can place the pictures of your loved ones or the superb landscapes that you captured during the last trip. Once again, you can go digital or stay conventional in this department.

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3. Light Options

You cannot add too much lighting to a bedroom, you know. So, if you decide to keep a super-cool light on the area over your bed, it kind of makes sense. However, you just have to make sure that the lights you pick don’t alter your sleep schedule. In case you didn’t know, even the slightest changes, including the sleeping position and exposure to light, can change the quality and quantity of your sleep. So, when you get a newer lighting set, it must have some kind of adaptability.

4. Huge Mirrors

According to HollywoodMirror, Mirrors make great choices when it comes to decorating over the bed areas. However, you have to choose a mirror that is bigger than your typical ones. The idea is to let that mirror attract a lot of attention from the bedroom. We’d recommend going for this option if you have set up a light décor in your already. If that is the case, the mirror will do an excellent job of reflection, giving you more light and assistance. Of course, it’s so impressive from the aesthetical point of view.

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5. Book Shelf

This might seem like a stretch, but you can consider keeping a bookshelf on that space. The only condition is that you should have enough space. The best thing about a bookshelf is that you can control which books appear and where do they appear. Even if you have chosen one of those affordable mattresses for bedroom, a good set of books on the top shelf can make a massive difference from the aesthetic point of view. As we always say, you get complete control here.

6. Curtains

This is just a general overview since you can go to a variety of ways using a curtain. However, you should be using a curtain that improves the overall appeal of the room, without actually tampering what you’ve done with the mattress and the accessories. You may also want to ensure that the curtains stay in a non-intrusive manner at all times. In the end, you don’t want these accessories to mess with the quality of your sleep, do you? According to InsideBedroom, you can actually see what even a budget of $500 can get you from the mattress choices.

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7. Art

You can always go for a bunch of art projects that can be kept over the bed. Some of the options include murals and abstract paintings. However, if you want to save some money and yet have a classy look, you’ll have to check out some independent creators across the world. These paintings get the job done without a massive hole in your pocket. For instance, canvas folk art projects can add such charm to your bedroom on any given day.

8. Shiplap

If the normal wall design looks too plain to you, you may want to upgrade the wall above your bed into a shiplap. Flush joints made of interlocking wooden boards can provide the bed behind your wall an appealing look. One can opt from a range of different textures and designs that best suit the overall atmosphere of the bedroom.

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9. Fabric Panels

Fabric panels are known as one of the best types of wall hangings, especially when you aren’t looking for more permanent solutions like wallpapers or wooden panels. When placed above the bed, they can not only give the room a more artistic feeling but also mix well with the theme you have chosen for the bedspace. Feel free to select the material and colors best suited for the panel as this will pretty much set the general tone of your bedroom.

10. Canopy

Hanging a canopy above the bed provides a wholesome look to the bed space and pleases your love of symmetry. You can choose a particular type of canopy to make your bedroom look more majestic, more retro, more magical or simply more aesthetic. Certain companies manufacture beds with preinstalled canopies that can save you the time and effort to go looking for the perfect fit.

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Before We Go

So, these are some of the general yet bedroom-specific ideas that can help you decorate the area over the bed. Depending on the type of bed and mattress you have chosen, you can pick any of these ideas — and of course you will have to work on them. As we said, these are basic ideas, and you cannot count on them if you are looking for something more unique.