How to Uninstall Hidden Spy Phone Apps on Android?


We all want to know what’s going on with our phones, right? The problem is that most of us don’t know where to start looking for answers. That’s why we’ve put together this guide: it will show you how to remove the hidden spy phone app from your Android device. In this article, we’ll explain why you need to do so and provide some tips for doing so safely, if possible.

If you’re worried about any potential security threats, it’s important to understand that the Android operating system is very secure. Unfortunately, anyone with access to your phone can disable many of the built-in security features. It is not difficult to uninstall hidden spy phone apps on Android. You can follow simple steps to ensure your privacy.

The best way to ensure your device is protected from malicious software and hackers is by setting up a password on each app and disabling any unnecessary permissions for apps you don’t regularly use. You can also use some of the best spy apps that help you scan your android phone to look for any malicious software installed.

If you want more control over what happens on your phone, consider using an operating system like CyanogenMod 11 or Paranoid Android instead of stock Android (which has no built-in options for limiting access). To learn more about using your device better, you can read several tech blogs such as TechyWired and many more.


Do you Suspect Someone is Spying on Your Phone?

If you suspect someone is spying on your phone, you can use a spy app to find out. Spy phone apps can be used for the following purposes:

  • Spy Phone App: This type of app allows users to track their children’s, employees’, or partners’ activities with the help of GPS tracking, and they can also track other activities.
  • Location Tracker: This type of app monitors where your location and sends your location details to others. It also records photos, videos, audio recordings, and voice memos (phone call logs).

How to Find Out if Your Phone has a Hidden Spy App?

You can track your phone to assess if there is a hidden spy phone app. Once you identify, you can uninstall hidden spy phone apps on Android. The first thing to do is check your phone’s battery usage. If it’s constantly dropping, you might have a hidden spy app running in the background and draining your battery.

To do this, pull down the notification bar and tap on Battery Usage. You should see a list of apps that are using up most of your battery power (this will vary based on which device you’re using). Suppose any of these apps are found on this list.

In that case, they’ve likely downloaded an extra (spy app) that uses up resources without telling you about it because most people don’t know how to uninstall hidden spy phone apps from their devices unless they ever encounter one. The app icon of spy apps are usually hidden, and it gets nearly impossible for people to identify if a spy app is running on their phone.

The next step is checking CPU usage: simply open Task Manager by tapping on its icon in either Apps or Settings; go down until “Processes” appears; scroll through until there’s something suspiciously named listed as taking up a percent of processing power—that’s probably where all those unwanted processes and spy apps come from!


1. Sudden Crashes and Shut Down

If you are facing sudden shutdown, crash, or app crash on your device, it’s time to look for and uninstall the hidden spy phone apps on Android.

  • Sudden Shut Down: A sudden shutdown is when a device unexpectedly stops working and becomes completely unresponsive. This could happen if something is wrong with your device’s software or if malware has infected it.
  • Sudden Crash: A sudden crash occurs when an application crashes unexpectedly and restarts automatically after being closed by the user.

2. Constant Overheating

If your phone is overheating, it may be a sign that you have spyware on your phone. Spyware can cause the device to overheat because the software takes up all of the resources and causes other apps or processes to slow down.

How do I check if my phone is overheating?

To check whether your smartphone is overheating, go into Settings and select Battery. The Battery indicator will estimate how much time is left until battery life reaches a critical level (or whatever percentage).

Suppose this number gets too low while using certain apps or playing games. In that case, it might be worth checking out what’s causing excessive usage before trying anything drastic, like uninstalling unwanted programs. Or your phone might get overheated, and you can also feel it by touch.


3. Constantly and Easily Drained Battery

Spy apps can use up a lot of battery. When you have been using this app for a long time, your phone can be drained even when it isn’t used. Spy apps are designed to work in the background and get access to your private information, like passwords, messages, and other data that you might not want anyone else to know about.

The best way to prevent this from happening is by turning off the phone when not in use (or at least putting it into airplane mode) so that there is less processing power going towards running all these programs on your device. This will also help extend its lifespan by reducing wear and tear on its components which makes them last longer as well!

4. Bizzare notifications or screen lighting up

If you have received a notification from the app, it’s likely that the app is still installed on your phone. To check for this, open Settings > Apps and find “Hidden Spy Phone” or any other malicious app in the list of installed apps. If any other apps are listed with Hidden Spy Phone, uninstall them all at once.

You get hidden notifications from these spy apps. If your phone’s screen lights up for no apparent reason, and it happens multiple times, your phone might be at risk of these hidden spy apps. Perform out mentioned strategies to see if there is any malicious app installed on your phone. It will help you to install hidden spy phone apps on android.


Ways to Uninstall Hidden Spy Phone Apps

If you want to uninstall a hidden spy app on Android, there are several ways that you can do so. First, try using the built-in accessibility features of your phone. You can also use any of the methods listed below:

  • Uninstall the Hidden Spy Phone App

You can uninstall the hidden spy phone app by following these steps:

  • First, you must know if your phone has a hidden spy app. If so, then follow these steps:
  • Go to Settings > Security and Privacy > Spyware & Threat Protection > Manage Applications or Apps & Notifications.
  • There, tap an app that you want to remove and tap the Uninstall button at the top right corner of that screen; then confirm by tapping the Confirm button at the bottom right corner of that screen; this will let you know if it is already installed on your device or not.
  • You can also look for a list of installed apps on your phone by following these steps. Go to Settings > Apps. You can look through this list of apps to identify if there is an unwanted app installed. You can instantly remove this app.
  • Sometimes these apps have hidden features and are password-protected for uninstallation.
  • If you encounter such issues, you can factory reset your phone to remove such apps.
  • Factory Reset Your Android

Factory reset your android phone to remove any spyware apps. If you want to erase all of your data from your Android phone or if you want to reset it back to its factory settings, then this is the process for you. You can reset your android phone from settings.

  • Update your Device Software

Now, you can update your device software. Just download the update and install it on your phone. Restart or reboot your device after installing the update. It will help you automatically remove unnecessary spyware apps from your phone.

  • Spyware Removal Tools and Scanning Apps

If you don’t want to reset your phone, there are other apps that you may want to try. We have listed some of them:

  • Malwarebytes

This app will help with removing spyware on your phone. It can also alert you when a new app is downloaded onto the device, which might be an indication that someone else has installed something on your phone without your knowledge or consent.

  • Avast

This antivirus program does not offer as many features as some other programs, but it does have one feature that many people find very useful: it will allow users to see if there are any suspicious files on their devices before they install them (meaning no more surprises).

  • AVG Antivirus

Many people who have tried out this antivirus program, say they like how easy it was for them to download and install it onto their phones/tablets since they didn’t need any special tools as others do!



Everyone is concerned about their privacy and often wonder how to uninstall hidden spy phone apps on Android. These spy phone apps are a great threat to your personal information. It is possible that someone has installed these malicious apps on your phone.

The good news is that you can effortlessly uninstall hidden spy phone apps on Android. Most of them can be removed from your phone manually or with a few well-placed taps in the Settings app. If you need more advanced help removing the hidden spy app or any other kind of software, we recommend using SpyHunter’s Spyware Help and other spy apps removal tools.