Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Use Gabion Walls in 2024

Gabions are the cage-like enclosures that are filled with stones, brick, or broken concrete to form a wall or fence. They can be stacked like bricks and can be used for many practical and aesthetic reasons, like fencing garden or property. Gabion baskets are being increasingly employed to build walls, pillars, fences, and to divide structures and areas. Baskets come in various sizes to create all kinds of designs.

Gabion baskets are made using sturdy wire mesh. They are particularly popular with landscapers and gardeners. Let’s delve into some reasons why you should consider installing them.

1. Durable

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A gabion wall is made of durable wire mesh that makes up the gabion basket and keeps the wall in structure. Another interesting fact is that they even become stronger with time. It`s because of the silt and vegetation being collected in between the filling of the baskets over time. The wire mesh is not just a container; it reinforces the overall structure of this wall. With age, these walls form even a naturally stronger and permanent structure. Moreover, some people also use gabion baskets as a base for benches and tables.

2. Offer Flexibility

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Another reason why these walls have stood the test of time is that they are highly durable and flexible. It will not break even under high stress. Instead, its baskets compress or deform very slightly. This feature makes the gabion walls highly functional, which prevents the loss of structural integrity of the wall and makes it even stronger with time. Furthermore, they also allow for small ground movements that happen since they are not fixed to the ground.

3. Cost-Effective

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They are not as expensive as the ones made with concrete, brick, and mortar. Gabion baskets are filled with broken concrete and stones that are also available locally at a much lower cost. Moreover, the formation of a gabion wall also requires less effort and workforce as compared to concrete walls. Consult a gabion wall professionals if you want to build a gabion wall that’s over a meter in height. Within a low budget, you can have a durable and aesthetically-pleasing wall.

4. Firm Base

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Another key benefit of choosing such walls is that they don’t require to build a conventional foundation. They only need a compacted layer made of crushed rocks to form a firm base for gabion baskets. This base seamlessly settles into the properly leveled and flattened ground so that the bottom is firmly planted in the field. It provides frictional strength to keep the baskets in place and prevent the wall structure from being disrupted or dragged.

5. Aesthetically Pleasing

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One more good reason that such walls are famous and admired is that they look natural and can be matched with the surrounding space by using the local filler materials. They help achieve your aesthetical goals. Gabion walls can be made using different sizes and shapes of baskets. Curved baskets can also be used to form a bend or a circle when they are placed together. Moreover, fillings of all sizes, textures, and colors can be used to make the wall aesthetically pleasing.

6. Unique Look

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Gabion walls aren’t something you find in every neighborhood. They have a unique and classy look that makes your house look expensive and luxurious. That also shows a good taste of the house-owner. If you want a home that stands out from the rest in the street, these walls are the way to go. They not only look different but are also built differently.

7. Gets Stronger with Time

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Though most constructions get weaker with time, they work oppositely. They get stronger as they get old. No material is used to keep them together. So as time goes, the space between stones is filled by silt and vegetation. This quality further reinforces the wall and ensures that even centuries-old doesn’t get weak and stays stronger than ever.

8. It’s Fast to Build

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They don’t require any cement mixture when building them. All it needs is a structure that is created only once at the beginning. After the foundation, they only technically set the stones. That is why such walls are built in a short amount of time. They don’t even need continuous cleaning while setting each row. Fast build means less labor time and less cost. The stones, depending on the type you choose, are expensive compared to regular bricks. However, the savings on labor and its unique style make up for it.

You don’t have to leave your house or cancel your family plans just because a wall is being built. Such walls are durable as they are created. There is also no need to wait for it to dry before you or any of your family members can get near it. They also don’t need paint or a layer of cement.

9. Good Drainage

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Water can destroy walls, but not this kind of wall. These walls let water drain from inside them as there is a gap between stones. You can control the flow of water to direct it to a drain. No matter how much it rains, these walls will stand firm. They will get cleaned with that water giving them a renewed and attractive look. However, this also means you can’t use them for inside house walls. Water can’t affect them, but they also can’t stop it. It’s something you should consider before building these walls.

10. Natural Colors

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There are many types of rocks, and they come in different sizes, styles, and colors. The best thing about them: their colors and shapes are natural. So you can choose any color or design of stones for your a gabion wall. You can have a wall that’s entirely white or entirely black without any paint, only with the natural color of rocks. You can also choose to draw designs in the wall using different combinations of rocks. Many people even take advantage of different sizes of rocks to get creative. If you know what you are doing, you can get a wall that is stronger as well as unique and attractive.