Are Zodiac Sign Gemstones Really Beneficial?

In ancient times, observing the sun, moon, planet, and stars sent specific messages into people’s lives, and thus guided their behavior and human interactions. Though times have changed, the principle still stands true to this time we are living in. With the help of astrologers, zodiac sign gemstones can help us tap into these natural celestial bodies to help us achieve more out of life.

Here Are Benefits of Wearing Zodiac Sign Gemstones:

Serves As A Point Of Connection

According to a gemstone such as a pearl or for that matter any other can help you increase focus, thus allowing you to relate deeply with your inner self. In that way, you can see and understand more clearly on those issues that were earlier, unclear, or mysterious.

Source> Old Farmer’s Almanac

As A Connection To Your Purpose

An astrologer can point you towards a particular gemstone and instruct you to wear it wherever you go. The gemstone is to serve as a guide to let you stay in course with your purpose to achieve a particular goal.

For Healing Powers

There are nine unique gemstones. Each of these gemstones corresponds to one of the nine planets and, are therefore able to tap into the energy in that planet and relay double the energy back to our lives.

Consequently, there is quite an array of healing effects brought about by gemstones, for instance, the yellow sapphire gemstone is well known for easing blood pressure, while the white sapphire is greatly recommended for persons fighting fertility and reproductive issues.


As A Cleansing Tool

Gemstones are believed to possess mystical abilities that can clean bad and negative energy out of our lives and spaces. Wearing the right kind of gemstone infuses positive vibes so much that you feel a surge of renewed strength in a matter of days.

A Prayer Tool

It is believed that certain gems possess an energy that attracts and magnifies the energy within angels. Therefore they can help you achieve more by connecting you with God and his angels while praying or meditating.


A Soothing Effect

Wearing the right type of gem serves as a connection point as it can continually bring in positive energy into your life. And while this continually happens, you experience a soothing effect that is very calming to your soul.

Lasting Positive Effects

Original and good quality gemstones will last you a lifetime. It does two things. It serves as an ornament and also improves your well-being spiritually. And in this, you get to continually benefit from the said positive effects that they were intended to bring into your life.

The benefits of zodiac gemstones discussed here can be made more real when the acquisition of the gemstone is guided by an astrologer and worn at all times. In addition, these benefits are not a preserve of a select community of people but work for all humanity across the globe.

Gems should help you achieve more than just having them on as ornaments. Only make sure you source your gemstones from certified stores that offer premium quality that will be value for your money.


Gemstones according to the zodiac sign

Aries – The zodiac sign Aries is ruled by the planet Mars. A person born in the Aries sign is known to be energetic and fierce like Mars. To maintain the energy the Aries person should wear the Coral gem. The ideal way is to make a copper ring or gold ring with the red coral and wear it regularly in the ring finger.

Taurus – People born in the zodiac sign Taurus are ruled by the planet Venus. These people tend to be very creative and want the best things in life. The gemstone for Taurus is the diamond. You should wear a good quality diamond encased in platinum or gold for best results.

Source: Cosmic Cuts

Gemini – People born in the zodiac sign Gemini are governed by the planet Mercury. People born in this zodiac sign tend to be very intelligent but they also tend to overuse their faculties and can get nervous easily. The gem for Gemini is the emerald, it will help them to stay focused and be less nervous.

Cancer – People born in the zodiac sign Cancer are governed by the Moon. The mood of the people born in this astrology sign tend to wax and wane like the Moon. The gem for Cancer zodiac sign is the pearl. You should opt for a good pearl from the sea and not artificial pearls. Wear pearls in a ring or a necklace or a bracelet to get the best results.

Source: Healing Atlas

Leo – People born in the zodiac sign Leo are ruled by the Sun. Normally the people born in this sign tend to have leadership capabilities. The gemstone for this sign is ruby. Wearing a ruby ring made of copper or gold will help them lead better without harming relationships.

Virgo – People born in the zodiac sign Virgo are ruled by Mercury. People born in this sun sign tend to be very helpful. They think about others a lot and to help them they use up a lot of energy. To maintain the energy they need to wear the emerald gemstone. Ideally an emerald ring made of gold would be best.

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Libra – People born in the zodiac sign Libra are governed by Venus. Librans are known to be creative and emotional people. The gemstone for Libra is diamond and Librans need to wear diamond rings to be creative and not get emotional stress.

Scorpio – People born in the zodiac sign Scorpio are ruled by Mars. People who are born in this sign tend to very energetic and also have great control of their mental faculties. The people born in this sign should wear red coral.

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Sagittarius – People born in the zodiac sign Sagittarius are ruled by Jupiter. They are very ambitious. They need to wear the gemstone yellow sapphire to help attain their goals.

Capricorn – People born in the zodiac sign Capricorn are governed by Saturn. They are go getters but can tend to get depressed soon. To maintain the energy the gemstone blue sapphire should be worn.

Source: LoveToKnow Horoscopes

Aquarius – People bron in the zodiac sign Aquarius are also ruled by Saturn. The people born in this zodiac sign tend to be artistically inclined, be it music, film etc. However, they can be very sensitive. The gemstone for this zodiac sign is also blue sapphire.

Pisces – People born in the zodiac sign Pisces are governed by Jupiter. People born in this zodiac sign tend to be mentally strong. The gemstone for Pisces is yellow sapphire.