Weird Facts: 6 Things That Will Amaze Your Mind

People frequently get curious about many things, which is why we want to grow and gain more knowledge along the journey. Among those gifts from God to us is the method of grasping and acquiring more wisdom. It is the ability that we always use to understand many things and ask ourselves about something for us to grow more. From that point, we start to feel the urge to know how something works or how it happens. We get motivated by understanding more and broadening of our knowledge.

As we get older, we continuously get wiser; people understand that they never stop learning new things, whether they are in school or not. This guide can help many people know something that they didn’t know existed before, and gain more knowledge that will surely be useful in the future. Besides the facts on this list, people can also see more weird facts that will blow their minds. So here are some facts that will surely amaze you.

1. It’s Impossible to Lick Your Own Elbow

Source: Twitter

It’s never possible to reach your elbows using your tongue because the average human arm is long enough for the tongue to reach the elbows. If you want to challenge yourself, then you should try it. But in reality, that is physically not possible to accomplish. The reason behind that is because in any angle you position your tongue, it’s always too short of reaching your elbow tip.

Even if it’s impossible to do, there are also proven claims that some people can achieve that, which is a great talent. Unless people have longer tongues or an incredibly flexible body, they can’t perform the act. If you have been gifted with a short-arm combined with a strange, long tongue, learning the proper reaching method can help people make this impossible act a reality.

2. The increasing Distance between the Planet and Moon

Source: Medium

Today, when you’re reading this post, the Moon above us is frequently getting distant from our planet at a distance of around 4cm a year. The reason behind it is the tidal interaction between the Earth and the Moon. To make it more understandable, the Moon’s gravity forces the Earth’s rotation to slow down, and the gravitational force of our planet pulls the Moon to inflate the orbit. These effects of the Moon and the Earth balance each other, and results in angular momentum conservation.

The current rate of moon movement is 4cm in a year. The effects of the tidal strength will vary significantly, depends on the oceans and the continent’s configuration and on the Earth’s internal structure too. To make a reliable prediction, many scientists referred that the change of the orbit of the Moon’s indirect rate average over the last 4 billion years.

3. The Baseballs have a limited life


The frequent use or lifecycle of a baseball in the league tournament matches is about 7 pitches a game. During a game, when the baseball gets hit by the bat or knocked at the land surface, it is totally done, and it is now reserved to be used for game practices or a team in the minor league match. That’s why the company that supplies the league tournament its baseball should keep the game baseball coming. As the default MLB baseball supplier, the company needs to produce forty-eight thousand of baseballs in a week or above two million balls in once year for practice usage, game, and tournaments.

The baseball leather, which is used to covers it, is supplied by the company name “Rawlings”, who owns the entire tannery operation in Tennessee Tanning. It gets almost each of their cowhides from the beef plant of Cargill at Wyalusing, Pennsylvania.

4. Almost Every Lipstick Contains Fish Scale

Source: Clay Spann

If you think it’s disgusting that the beetles are incorporated in nail polish than you would never like some facts about lipstick. People who know about the Rainbow Fish must be aware already that the fish scales have the shining quality. The shine of those scales makes them an ideal ingredient for many shiny makeup products and lipsticks are one of them in this category. With scales that people use to make a pearl-like appearance in some jewelry, they are laid on top of each other to form a crystalized effect.

When the lights hit the crystal plane, some rays get reflected, and the remaining lights keep moving under until they hit the other crystal in their way. When the light is thrown up by a few non-similar levels, these scales will originate light from the inside. Slather some light layers on its bead, and that will glow, making the pearlescent quality. If fish scales works perfectly on beads, then it should also work for your lipsticks.

5. The light can Strike our Planet 100 Times per Second

Source: National Geographic

Every bolt has billions of electricity bolts, and that calculates to around eight million strikes in the day of lightning. The flash of light is an outcome of electrical discharge formed by the misbalance among the storm and the ground, clouds. Most portion of the electricity also occurs in clouds. When a storm comes, some particles of snow, rain present in the clouds, collide with each other, which results in the increases of disbalance between the ground and storm clouds.

The things on the ground like trees, towers, and our planet itself are positively charged, and that makes an imbalance inquired by nature to solve, which is done by passing current with the two charges.

6. Our Heart Beats More Than 100,000 Times per Day

Source: Health Essentials

Anytime should be the best time to learn about how your heart functions and how to make it healthier. Our heart can beat up to 100,000 times a day and can send more than 2,00 blood gallons throughout our body every day. Our heart’s size is similar to a fist, and it keeps the blood flowing via 60,000 miles containing blood vessels within our bodies.


You should be aware of more facts in this world, and what you need to do is learn more about them. Knowledge cannot be taken away by other people, and you can also use it to your advantage in the future. Our wisdom makes us civil, knowing the basic things about life and how to live it.