Did You Know Facts: Amazing Things That You Need to Learn

In our lives, there are times that it’s more exciting when there is a twist of craziness and madness. Those are the events that you thought did not happen or exist and will put awe to your mind. Many unimaginable facts on earth that you will doubt but show everyone, it’s accurate enough to believe in, and we failed to notice those things sometimes. There are many mysterious and undiscovered facts or events that people should know, and it always depends on a person how to discover something.

Earth is full of strange plus beautiful things; that is why we should enjoy discovering many mysteries. Most of the time, those unexplainable and weird things can trigger everyone’s curiosity. If people get curious about an event, place, history, or something, they will do anything to digest and gather new information. By doing that, we can gain additional knowledge and wisdom that we can use soon.

Learning and evolving do not stop even if people are not doing anything at all. In every place of the world, people can learn new things every day, and they can apply those learnings to their daily tasks or activities. With this article, you will learn some facts that you don’t know before, but if you want more, you can visit other did you know facts. With that, here are some fantastic things that you need to learn.

It’s Our Feet That Insects Usually Bite

Source: medium

The typical body part that insects bite is our ankles. It’s because we barely notice this body part when those insects land on its skin. During summertime, many people are struggling with insect bites, and they use smelly things like catnip, citrus, garlic, chickens, citronella, and more to repel the insects away. But, insects, especially the mosquitoes, cannot get enough with some specific smells.

When your feet are smelly, it keeps the human away, but it might surprise you that it’s the common reason of attracting the mosquitoes. Our feet are desired explicitly by what others call “Anopheles gambiae.” These elements carry the diseases like malaria. The time at which the mosquitoes are looking to find their meal, they can find it by using their smell, but not their sightedness. That’s why our sweating, breathing, and other body odors act as a signal to the mosquitoes to locate us. We barely feel them in our feet, but insects are also attracted to our smell.

Super Glue Dries Because of Moisture

Source: chemistryworld

Being exposed to a humid condition allows a super glue in forming a skin that is thin within contact of a few seconds. Water also helps some glue to dry faster. If you are using super glue, it will require moisture or water to set. Typically when you glue something, the surface should be dry and clean so that there’s only moisture atmosphere for it to work faster, and it should be closed off, and two surfaces should press together.

Your fingers can be compared to a moist environment. Your skin’s texture will wick some glue in a more significant area. Where moisture is present, and an extra prominent area surface is exposed, it means that drying is further quick.

The Bone Marrow in Our body makes Red Blood Cells

Source: medicalnewstoday

This magical substance starts the production of the red blood cells in our bodies. These red blood cells are not mature, and after one week, they get directed towards the blood circulation. This substance of our body consists of sixty to seventy parts of the total number of white blood cells. The human body tissues are formed by the mammoth bones, known as the bone substance. It’s where the undeveloped cells of the blood are created. In our bone marrow, there are two kinds of stem cells inside our body: stromal stem, whose job is to the bones’ creation, fat production, and cartilage in our body and also help hemopoietin stem whose job is creation of cells for the blood.

Bone marrow present in two forms

Source: thoughtco

The first one is by the name of red. The second form of bone marrow is called the yellow marrow. It is also named as myeloid. Few quantities of the white blood cells with the help of red ones start their production from the red substance’s support. Whereas yellow marrow also creates white cells. The Yellow color is only detached due to the higher presence of the fat cells. The number of blood vessels and capillaries is presented in both forms of substances.

The Giraffes are not water friendly animals

Source: telegraph

Giraffes are the only animals that can keep the balance on the earth’s surface because of its gait body. Some researchers say that giraffes cannot balance themselves underwater, so they can’t swim.

Giraffe is the only animal that can keep the balance on the earth’s surface because of its gait body. Some researchers say that giraffes cannot balance themselves underwater, so they can’t swim. In addition to that, these animals are bad swimmers in the kingdom of all animals. People have known giraffes for a long time as among the mammals on this planet who are unable to swim. Many scientists believe that their large necks and long legs could not give sufficient support to their bodies while they are in the water; that’s why the balance if off.

Camels are Born Without Humps

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The camel humps can store fat and use those humps as their nourishment when there is no food. With that, they can survive the vast desert for an extended period. While baby camels go out in the world without their usual humps, they can run for hours after birth. Camels also call their mothers with a sound “baa.” The pairing of baby camels and the mother is very close, and they stay together for many years.

People Can Fold a Paper for More Than Seven Times

Source: zmescience

The legend says that with every paper fold that you can create, the thicker those sheets will become. Eventually, it’s likely not possible for people to fold a paper, and it will require them to have a high strength to complete this task. But that can be a false fact. Lots of people have achieved an impossible feat in the world. If you still don’t believe it, you should try it by yourself now.


Now that you have known some interesting facts, you might be curious about getting more knowledge about anything. For that, we suggest you always research and read more stories online and circumstances unfamiliar to you. If you are devoted enough to get more knowledge about things, you must be ready to do whatever it takes to achieve that goal.