Over the Bend, Entirely Bonkers: 8 Weirdly Charming Health Facts That Will Surely Surprise You

It won’t be lying if I say that human beings are very complex and enigmatic organisms that have ever walked this world. Our body is an extraordinary and bizarre place and has left us almost baffled, and even now, there are still tons of mystery left unsolved. Do you know that human beings own forty-six chromosomes while the animal like the crayfish take pride in their whopping two hundred chromosomes or the crazy thing about our tongue print is that it is as peculiar as our fingerprints?

With so much information on the internet and tons of wellness trends perpetuated by the so-called health experts, sometimes trusting the information you read or heard can be taunting. But with enough reasons, discussion, and backed-up with well-researched data, you are able to filter the logically established truths and disregard the non-sequiturs. With that being said, Here are some of the amazing facts that you might find shocking, but we ensure that they one hundred percent true and real.

Gawk at these eight weird and crazy facts about our body. Most of it is amusing, some may be gross, and some are just merely strange. These trivial facts can make you feel strange, and you can assure and rely on the idea that you have a unique and scientifically supported mattress that makes you comfortable and will totally fit your kooky, exceptional, fantastic, unique, and fabulous body. From the thread linking behind the death of you and birthday to the fact that forgetfulness is attributed to gender, these unusual and incredible health facts will open your eyes to how stunning our body is.

1. Watching Horror Films Help Can Reduce Your Weight

Source: Better Homes and Gardens

Doing a marathon is a sure and fast way to lose weight. Physical activities like running, swimming, exercising, or can get your heart beating fast, but so does watching horror movies. Jumpscare and thrilling scenes can amp up the fear enabling our adrenaline to coarse through our body, making our heartbeat fast. Thus, boosting the number of calories we burn. Take note that this idea is not recommended to easily scared people. And always remember that an unhealthy and sedentary lifestyle like having a lack of sleep slows your metabolism down, making this ineffective.

2. Birthday and Deathday

Source: The Irish Times

Did you know that there is a huge possibility that you will die on your birthday than any other day? The Annals of Epidemiology, a journal published in 2012, a study that is based on the Swiss mortality statistics from the year 1969 up to the year 2008, confirms that there is 13.9 percent probability that humans will likely die on the day of their birthday rather than any other day. Furthermore, it is found that the cause of deaths is primarily due to suicide, fatal accidents, heart attacks, and brain diseases.

3. Morning and Evening Height Difference

Source: Healthline

Did you know that you are 1 cm taller in the morning than you do in the evening? Due to your joint capsules losing their fluid and the connective tissues around the joints have the tendency to be compressed from doing all the activities while countering the ramifications of gravity. This process (believe it or not) is what makes you shorter during the evening than you did in the morning.

4. The Detriment of Urine and Pool

Source: Cosmopolitan

The first thing is, peeing in a pool is totally unsanitary, and the idea is also detrimental to your health. The chlorine that is present in the pool combined with the urine creates harmful chemicals. One of those chemicals is cyanogen chloride, a chemical warfare agent that could compromise your lungs and even heart. Other byproducts are nitrosamines that can induce dreadful cancer.

5. Automated Teller Machines and Public Toilet are Equally Filthy

Source: Times of India

Most of us withdraw money from automated teller machines regularly, yet most of us do not wash our hands after using it, but the crazy thing is we clean our hands when we finish using the toilet. A test of cleanliness is done in Britain, where the specialist analyzes the swab taken from the cash machine keypad and public toilets. The results showed that the Automated Teller Machine was as dirty or filthy as in toilets. Both samples contain the same kind of bacteria that are known to cause sickness.

6. Health Benefits of Boggers

Source: Scripps Health

Is your stomach grumbling and fumbling, and you are too tired to grab some late-night snacks in the kitchen? Why don’t just stick your finger in your nose, pull on some booger, and munch on it? I know that might sound gross and unsanitary, but the weird thing is you can definitely eat your own boogers as it could help boost your immune system since the mucus is presently part of your body’s immune response. A research conducted by biochemist Scott Napper revealed that it is accurate and true. But remember, eat at your own risk.

7. Handwriting Can Help Boost Your Memory

Source: Lifehack

According to research conducted from Indiana University, it showed that in order to remember something, handwritten notes are an easy and reliable way to retain information in your mind rather than typing. Writing amplifies your memory as the thing about note-taking is that it requires a wider array of cognitive processes than just typing.

In a situation of a lecture, it is impossible to write down every word that comes out from the mouth of the speaker; thus, you have to listen carefully to what the speaker is talking about and then write it down. In this way, you are listening at the same time digesting and summarizing all the information given in a more effective manner than someone who is typing words in an electronic device—laptop.

8. Exercise When Feeling Tired

Source: Vital Proteins

After a busy day, thinking of going to the gym may be the last thing that will ever cross your mind, but what if I tell you that exercising gives your body more energy. Research of Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise unveiled that after thirty minutes of exercise, consisting of moderate and intense physical activities, will improve the level of depression and fatigue. Exercising enhances and enriches your cardiovascular health, providing more blood and oxygen flow around the body, thus gaining more energy.


The body is so fascinating and beautifully made. That is why the world needs to continue making strides in global health in order to make sure that everyone and anyone has the opportunity to learn new things and, at the same time, live a wholesome life.