Top 10 Personalized Gifts That You Can Send to Your Clients and Make an Impression

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When it comes to the product and services consumers buy, they have a lot of choices. And these choices do not end when they sign a contract with you. In other words, your clients and customers are also consumers, and their choices wouldn’t stop, by whichever term you address them.

Customer/Client retention is essential for the sustainable growth of every company. But how do you show your clients/customers/consumers that you care about them, more than just their businesses? Besides, your smooth customer service and even more fantastic offering, the answer is gifts. Let me be a bit more specific and say, the answer is personalized gifts.

Let’s discuss some more about it and make this concept clearer.

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  1. Personalize your gifts – do not order 30 pieces of the same brand of wine and send them to all of your clients. Why? Probably they don’t drink, and they have told you, or they prefer a specific brand, and they have mentioned this in the conversations before. So when you send them gifts, make sure they are as personalized as these personalized towels offered on sites such as Amphasis Design.
  2. Don’t overdo it: If they pay 300 for your service and if you are sending them a coffee maker worth 500 – that is overdoing it, and that is precisely what you should avoid. Always make sure that the gifts you are sending them are in proportion to the amount they spend on your services. This is a fantastic way to ensure no one feels overwhelmed or uncomfortable with your gifts.
  3. Think outside the holidays: This is so mainstream – sending them gifts during the holiday season. Send them these little tokens of appreciation throughout the year. By changing the schedule of your gift sending, you can avoid getting lost in the mountains of the other gifts they have received during that holiday season. Plus, gifts are meant to show that you care, and sending them when everyone else is also sending them makes another person pretty wary of this sudden overflow of caring messages.

Now that we have reviewed some basic gift-giving practices let us now venture into the next section of this post where we will show you about the different personalized gifts that you can send to your clients.

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Types of Personalized Corporate Gifts for Clients

1. Personalized Towels

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You might think, how would personalized towels be impressive at all, but towels are one of the best gifts that you can give to your clients; it is the perfect gift for all occasions, printed or embroidered with anything ranging from advertising slogans to lyrics of their favourite soundtracks. They come in different quality, depending on the thickness and varying softness.

The towels also come in different kinds – face towels, sports towels, bath towels, and high absorbance microfibre towels.

2. Professional Notebooks


No, I am not suggesting you send a stack of the company’s branded post-its that are heaped five-feet high in the supply closet. Get them some lovely, leather-bound personalized notebooks that are designed with your company colours. Make sure to subtly include the logo on the front cover of the notebook if you want them never to forget you.

3. Personalized Coffee Sets or Mugs

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Sending coffee mugs and sets to your clients is a very common practice, but you can make this gift very unique for your clients. You can get some inspirational quotes on the mugs, or you can include some moments or achievements that you two shared. This can strengthen your professional relationships and keep your business fresh in their mind.

4. Notepad with a calendar and post-it notes

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It is a widespread practice to send clients calendars and notebooks, but separately. However, if you are looking to impress your clients, try sending them a pair of notepads with calendars complemented very subtly by post-it notes. You can get them branded in your company colours, but make sure if you are adding your company logo, then it must be very subtle. Otherwise, the gift won’t work out in your favour, since no one likes to use products that flash the logos of other companies rudely. Plus, these gifts make up for the best Door Gifts.

5. Toiletry Bag


If you have a client who travels frequently, then consider sending them a toiletry bag they can use immediately. You can always get the bad monogrammed, and it looks intelligent too on travel products. To make the bag super personalized, make sure you select the leather, canvas and go for the waterproofed options, your client will love this careful selection forever.

6. Portable Phone Charger


Portable chargers are the go-to gifts to make your clients instantly happy. They are one of the most pleasing gifts, and they make for a perfect choice for Door Gifts.

7. Kindle e-reader

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If your client loves to read or if they spend time commuting every day, then this can be the perfect gift choice to make their day. However, you cannot get personalized Kindles. Nonetheless, they are an intelligent and unique gift choice.

8. Water bottles

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Gift them the water bottles they just can’t throw away. Let’s face it, all of us have water bottles at home that are leaky, or they are simply so much that you don’t know just what to do with them. Consider sending your them 3-in-1 Tea Bottles or translucent bottles that look very cute. You can also send them bottles that come with pouches or little translucent bottles that can very quickly get into handbags too. If you want to spend some good money, then consider sending them aluminium bottles which are durable and impressive. There are a lot of stylish designs of bottle available in the market; you can go with any of them and impress your clients.

9. Restaurant Gift Cards

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Research some of the hottest restaurants in the are where your client lives and try to gift them a gift card for the food they like the most. It gives them a chance to unwind and appreciate a nice meal. And trust me, your name is sure to turn up in the conversation before the dessert. You can also include restaurant gift cards as Door Gifts.

10. A charity Donation

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If you wish to try something other than material gifts, then you can make a charity donation in the name of clients. And then send them a card with the cause of the donation. It is a meaningful gesture that also strengthens the value and honour of the company.

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