6 Must-Have Bridal Accessories For a Beach Wedding in 2024

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Choosing the right wedding dress is time-consuming, but once you find it, you can start thinking about your beach wedding accessories. Now, you might be wondering – why should I do that? Well, by doing so, you can actually able to narrow your search for the best accessories and you’ll be able to choose ones that will work well with your outfit, personal taste, and the theme of the wedding.

By opting for the wrong accessories, they might end up drawing attention from your outfit, which means that you should think carefully about how they can enhance the beauty of the dress instead of diminishing it. The very first thing that you should carefully think about is whether you’ll go with a traditional theme or one that is more fun.

If you are in the process of determining what you should wear in your hair, on the wrists, neck, and ears, as well as on your feet and under the gown, this article might be quite helpful for you. Especially since the text below is going to feature 6 must-have bridal accessories for a beach wedding. Let’s take a closer look:

1. The Shoes

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The very first thing that you should know is that there will obviously be a lot of sand, hence, opting for high heels or wedges might not be the best option, especially since it will be uncomfortable to walk in them. Although going barefoot might sound quite appealing, you might not want to be barefoot at the venue and reception.

When it comes to choosing footwear, there are a few options that you can choose from. First, you can choose to purchase cute sandals that will match the color of your gown or you can choose ballet flats. Slides are also cute and quite comfortable and if you are thinking about wearing leather loafers, you should know that they can get destroy by water, hence, it might not be the best choice.

2. Hair Accessories

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If you started thinking about your hair accessories, you should know that there are literally hundreds of options you can choose from. Naturally, the first thing you probably thought of is a veil. You should remember that you’ll be on a beach where there might be wind, hence, choosing a mid-length veil might be the best option. If you want to see what veils you can opt for, check out Cathy Telle.

Now, if you are not going for the traditional style, you can choose something else. For example, flowers are perfect for a beach wedding, especially since they can be created to suit the style of your gown. Additionally, if you want a little bit of elegance and glam, you can choose crystal headbands, tiaras, clips, hairpins, and so on.

3. The Jewelry

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Naturally, you’ll already be wearing two pieces of jewelry – your engagement and wedding ring. Hence, you might want to avoid adding more rings. But, when it comes to adding more jewelry, it is mostly up to you to determine what works well with your gown. For instance, choosing a necklace is perfect for a strapless neckline, it might not look good if the dress has lots of details.

The one thing you must keep in mind is to not go overboard with adding jewelry. By wisely choosing one or two extra pieces, you’ll be able to add some glitz and glamour, while still keeping your outfit the main attraction. Additionally, you can opt for simple gold or silver earrings or a nice bracelet that suit your style well.

4. The Undergarments

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If you did not select the undergarments when you purchased your dress, you might want to return to the salon and ask the clerks for some advice. You might be required to buy a particular bra model or invisible underwear that can make sure that you look perfect for the pictures. No one really wants their underwear to be visible on their wedding pictures.

Whether you want to toss the garter or not, you still might want to incorporate it as one of the accessories that you’ll wear under the dress – especially since it makes a nice keepsake. You can also make the garter fun by choosing one that is colorful, patterned, or one that includes the logo of your favorite things.

5. The Family Heirloom

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A lot of people love to include their family heirloom into their wedding. And, as you already know, this means that you’ll need something that is old, as well as something that is blue. Ask your mom or grandmother to give you something that is old or blue and try to incorporate it into your wedding attire.

For example, you can choose a blue garter or shoes, you can even opt for getting blue earrings or a bracelet. Of course, you should also try to combine it with your outfit, especially since you do not want it to clash with it and be more attention-grabbing than your wedding dress.

6. The Bag

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You won’t need a large bag for your wedding, just a small bag or clutch where you’ll place your makeup (lipstick and compact), your smartphone, and some tissues that you might need for correcting your makeup. Of course, the bag you choose will depend on your gown, but, you might want to have a little bit of fun with it.

For example, if your dress is in one color, you can choose a colorful clutch/bag that will add a little bit of fun to your outfit. Additionally, you can choose one that will totally match the color of your gown. If you want to make things super easy for yourself, choose a metallic clutch – especially since it works well with everything.


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By following some of the tips mentioned in the article above, you’ll be able to make the entire process of choosing your beach wedding accessories easier, less time-consuming, and more importantly, less stressful. So, now that you know what you should definitely have for your beach wedding, do not lose any more time. Instead, start thinking about which accessories might suit your gown well!