Most Beautiful Wedding Flowers

Flowers are one of the priorities when it comes to wedding organization, as they are most often used for decoration and details that will brighten your merrymaking. The beauty of the bloom and its meaning should be in harmony with your wishes, because each flower is a trait that you can identify with.

What kind of flowers would you choose for your wedding? Do you want a classic, colorful, fragrant or exotic flower? You don’t have any idea yet? Before you visit a flower shop like FloraQueen that could make a special and memorable bridal bouquet for you (you just need to choose between hundreds of types of flowers!) and get flowers for your wedding bouquet, check out the some most popular wedding flowers.


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Long considered a symbol of beauty and love, the rose is the central figure of many myths and fairy tales. For centuries, poets have used this flower as a metaphor for emotion, beauty, passion and true love. More than three thousand varieties of roses are commercially grown and many are available year-round and are generally affordable. The three main types are perfect candidates for your wedding – hybrid tea roses, tiny and garden roses. They can be used for all types of floral arrangements and are perfectly suitable for any idea you may have. The rose is a robust flower, so it’s also perfect for the occasions when the bouquet or floral decoration will be long without water, as well as for the hot months in the summer. Normally it’s used for its special meaning as it is the flower of true love. And among all the varieties, the old ones, the Austin roses – which have a heart with many petals – and Mimi Eden roses, of rather romantic appearance, are the most effective ones. When choosing them, take into account their color, because each one represents something different. If you like classic options, white, red and pink ones are ideal. They’re the best option for bouquets, floral arrangements, groom’s lapel and bridal hairstyle


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He loves me, he loves me not … He loves me! How many daisies we would have leafless daydreaming, and it turns out that true love was hiding in them. They radiate optimism, simplicity and innocence and combined with lemons and wooden boxes decorations, among others, will make this economic flower the unexpected queen of romanticism.


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A delicate flower that brings a certainly baroque touch and is a symbol of sincere love. Tulips allow you to play with both the stemmed flower and the bulb itself, making them ideal as gifts for wedding guests. The trick to make them stand out is, without a doubt, to combine them in different shades.

Although most commonly associated with the Netherlands, the flower actually comes from Persia. Symbolizing “eternal love” and “the time of happiness,” a tulip can be a great choice for weddings. The flowers grow in a wide variety of colors, including white and cream; shades like pink, yellow and peach, but also strong shades like red and purple. They are available year-round, usually very affordable, although rare varieties can be expensive. Three varieties are commonly used – Dutch tulips (usually seen in flower shops), French tulips and intensely colored, striped tulips.

Calla lily

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Large and elegant, these flowers are perfect for decorating classic weddings. They look perfect both in the centerpieces and in large bouquets and their long stem makes them especially elegant in wedding bouquets. They have always represented beauty and are associated with extreme sensuality, purity and virtue and therefore are a wedding must for its flared silhouette that, in a way, reminds of a bride’s dress.

This elegant flower originated in Africa and symbolizes magnificent beauty in the world of flowers. There are usually two types available – a variety with a long smooth stem, a large flower head and suitable for floral arrangements and bouquets, and a miniature version could be simply ideal for biedermeiers.


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These flowers full of life are always a trend topic when it comes to wedding decorations and bouquets. Vintage weddings, English-style gardens and outdoor terraces are ideal for hydrangeas to decorate every corner. Its variety of shades, ranging from pure white to blue, through soft pink, hot pink, fuchsia, green or purple, allow us to make a thousand colorful combinations. With its lush flowers and intense shades, it’s no wonder that the hydrangea is a “vanity” in Victorian flower language. From the bush flowers you can make floral arrangements and bouquets, and from several flowers can make a very charming biedermeier. You can use them whole; being so large, they will provide a very colorful effect. Or you can cut small corsages and decorate only with them, or mix them with other different flowers. There are flowers that never recharge any room – and hydrangeas are one of them, so put them in every corner.


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Similar to roses but with a somewhat more open flower, they are often used in vintage weddings. They are delicate, although they keep many fresh hours, and also considered a flower that sets the trend in the bridal preparations for many years.

Peonies have lush flowers with a strong aroma and bright colors. The flower can be used to create a beautiful central floral arrangement and smaller bouquets for tables. They are seasonally available from late spring to early summer, but will also be found in the fall.


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The flower that symbolizes passion, love and seduction is the orchid. Endowed with great beauty and an exotic character, you will find it in almost any color you can think of. You can use it for your bouquet – the most common is to make a bouquet in the form of a waterfall of them. This is how your orchids look even more captivating. However, there are women who would prefer to see them in a classic bouquet. If you opt for this form, you won’t have much of a problem because there are 25,000 different species of orchids across the planet. It won’t be difficult to find the most appropriate for you! You can also use this flower to adorn your future husband’s lapel, and they are also very beautiful if your bridesmaids wear them on their wrist.


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It’s known by the name of “wedding veil.” It’s a small but very abundant flower, which comes in corsages. The small branches of the paniculata are very thin, fragile and easy to split. You can find it in white and pink. Traditionally, paniculata has been used as a complement to other flowers, both in decorative arrangements and bouquets. But, lately it looks pretty at weddings as the absolute protagonist of your bridal bouquet. It’s available at any time of the year and is very economical.

We are sure some of these ideas will make you fall in love with them and grab all your attention. Wait no more and make them a perfect addition to your lovely wedding dress, your chosen hairstyle or your wonderful wedding shoes that will take you to the altar, and let them adorn your new life that’s coming!