12 Creative Wedding Decoration and Accessories for 2024

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Most of the people look on their wedding day as unique, and according to that, everyone is trying to dazzle their guests with some outstanding decoration, as a way to give them something more impressive to remember.

So, besides choosing the dresses, especially for the bride, the decoration of the space where you are celebrating your special day is also very important. There are many styles that you could choose, and our advice for you is to decorate the place by your appetite and try to avoid some clichés.

Many professional companies such as Best For Brides are experts, who can help you in many ways when it comes to choosing the right outfit, wedding cake, gifts, and decoration. Since there are so many styles, it is not so easy to choose the right one, so, in this article, we will present to you some of the ideas that are currently most popular among wedding parties.

1. Patterned Pillows

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If there is an area where people could sit and relax on some sofa, in the reception or front of the main hall, you could use some patterned pillows to decorate that lounge space in colors that would fit the main theme of your decoration for the wedding. Also, if you have some spare time, you could use some of your old pillows, and decorate them by yourself.

2. Hanging Flowers on the Ceiling

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Hanging the flowers on the ceiling is a very attractive way of decorating the restaurant, especially if the restaurant has timbers on the top, where you could hang all of those flowers. This type of decoration is very simple, yet it can change the look of the whole space, and leave a great impression on the guests. You can set an arrangement and rent flowers from some flower shop, so it would not cost a fortune to decorate the whole space.

3. Lamps on Tables

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Putting the lamps on tables is another simple but very effective type of decoration, especially because you can choose between many colors and designs, and fit to your desired style. Also, you could use some paper lamps for the ceiling, or combine the lights with some flowers.

4. Use Decorated Glassware

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Usually, every restaurant will provide you with their glasses and dishes, but you should consider renting a colored glasses, so it can fit in the theme that you chose for your decor of the space. For example, if there are lots of red flowers or red lights on the tables, it would look even more impressive if there are also red glasses on the table too.

5. Decoration of Table Numbers

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On such a special occasion like a wedding, even the most irrelevant thing, like table numbers, could leave some impression on the guests, and most of the people want everything to be perfect on their special day. In that matter, you could decorate the table numbers, or place them in bottles of wine, display them on small flags, or helium balloons.

6. Paper Lamps

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Using the paper lamps is similar to hanging the flowers on the ceiling. So, you can choose between these two ideas according to your taste, and the tone of decoration. Paper lamps are the best for some more minimalistic style, which is very popular these days. Also, it is a very effective and cheap solution since you can find paper lamps for around 1 dollar for a piece.

7. Decoration with Lights

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For minimalistic style, it is easy to choose lights, since you want a simple solution. However, if you are interested in some more luxurious style, you could use some combination of chandeliers and candles to leave your guests impressed. With lots of candles on tables and some smooth lights on the floors, you can make an ambient that would make all of you feel like royals.

8. Tables and Chairs

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If you are celebrating your wedding outside in your garden, maybe the best option for chairs and tables is to use plastic since it is cheaper, and easier to transfer. However, if the area of your wedding is some closed space or a terrace, the best option would be to use some natural materials. For example, if the event is at some open space on a terrace with a view, the best option should be to choose some tables and chairs made of wood, similar to a garden wooden chairs, in smooth natural colors.

9. Chalkboard on the Entrance

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Using a chalkboard is a great way to decorate the entrance to your event. There are many ways to decorate it, and some of the best ones are to use some spray and flowers around it, to decorate in a way to fit the main theme.

10. Decoration of Menus

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It is your wedding, and you are allowed to improve every single particle at the event. Even the menus, which you could design to fit the decoration of the space. Also, you can make different types for each table. For example, you can make it be more fun for the kids if there are menus for them with some cartoon characters. Or with some funny quotes for older ones.

11. Wall for a Family Photos

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There will be guests from both sides, and usually, there will be people who will meet each other at the wedding. Placing a photo wall of your close family in the lounge area would represent a great ice breaker for people to start a conversation, and also it is a great solution for decorating the lounge area.

12. Decoration of the Walls and Ceiling

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We already have mentioned some ideas, like flowers and paper lamps, but you could also choose some other ideas to decorate the space. Using fabric drapes is a very popular type of decoration for ceilings and walls, which you can easily place and choose between many colors. Usually, drapes on the wedding come in the white color, but you could also choose an elegant cream or some other light color. Furthermore, another interesting idea is to place some hanging elements, like candles, or lanterns.