6 Things to Look for When Choosing a Wedding Venue

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Something we will all agree with is that even though many remember Mickey Mouse’s first cartoon and the famous song or at least know the saying “Money makes the world go round,” that saying is not true, or at least not entirely true. One feeling that is dominant throughout history, in which name even wars were started, but is also responsible for so many beautiful masterpieces, songs, and it has a dominant influence on culture overall, and yes, we are talking about love, and more precisely, the wedding ceremony. There are only a few things in life that cause so much stress and so much excitement at the same time, and the wedding is for sure one of them. Of course, when we say stress, we are talking about all the things before the wedding ceremony, all the planning and trying not to make a mistake or miss something.

The wedding should be about the bride and groom, what they want and wish for, but in reality, things are a little bit different as there are many things that one needs to plan in advance. We all know that planning a wedding is not an easy job, and there are professionals who deal with this kind of business, and since there are so many things to consider, carefully plan, and organize, hiring one will make the job easier. But one thing that has an immeasurable meaning for such a ceremony is, of course, the wedding venue. How many times did you hear that someone wants a wedding from their dreams, and what better way to achieve that than by picking the one place for such a special day, then choosing the ideal venue, the one from your dreams? Now, since the venue itself is of great importance, there are also certain aspects and things to look for when choosing a wedding venue, so let’s check out some of them.

1. Check the budget

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Maybe the first thing that we should consider when choosing a perfect wedding venue is our budget because no one wants to choose something too expensive for them and fall in love with something they cannot afford. The list of wedding venues is numerous, and there is a perfect place for every person, but knowing the budget is crucial to have a beautiful wedding without stress about money. Keep in mind that there are more expenses besides the venue and that everything needs to fit into the budget, so choosing a too expensive venue is never a good idea.

2. Learn about the restrictions

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Keep in mind that each city has different laws when it comes to noise restrictions and that it will be mentioned in the contract that you need to sign when making a reservation. When the party needs to be finished might be the crucial factor when choosing the ideal place for it, especially for those who love to party until late at night, and if you are one of them, ask about noise restrictions on time, to avoid any unpleasant situations. No one likes to stop the party when having a great time, so learn more about laws to have enough time to plan it as you want.

3. Check the availability

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Once you find a perfect wedding venue, it is necessary to know is it available for your special date, because many popular venues are reserved for the whole year in advance. When it comes to the situation when the venue is not free, there are two possible solutions – to find a new place or to change the wedding date. It can be stressful because once we believe that we found something perfect, we may think that there are no similar places, but in the end, the most important thing is love, and people who want to share it with us on our special day.

4. Learn the limitations

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Many places have some kind of limitations, and for those who want to have something special, they should ask before the reservation to check whether that is possible. It may be some performance that includes fire and smoke, or maybe one just wants their dog to be there to bring the rings, and if the venue is not allowing that, you may consider searching for another one or changing plans which can be more difficult. Everyone has an idea of how their perfect day should look, and it is a better solution to find a place where it can be done than to change the whole wedding concept.

5. Choose the place with enough capacity for all guests

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Maybe the most difficult thing is to find the place of the right size, especially if someone is not sure how many guests will come to the wedding. The RVSP invitations are the best solution in that situation because you will know how many people are coming, and it will be much easier to make the seating arrangement and to know exactly how much capacity you need. Bigger venues are usually more expensive, so knowing the right number can save you a lot of money because there will be no need to pay for something that you will not use.

6. Food, drinks & staff availability

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Now, when we know all about what to avoid and what to choose, we can discuss the menu because who doesn’t like food and drinks, especially when celebrating something. Pick the menu in a way that there is something for everyone, so even the pickiest guests will be satisfied. That, and choosing what drinks the staff will serve, when is the time for champagne, when will the toast be is crucial, and creating a timeline will be of great help. Of course, one thing not to forget is to check whether the venue has indoor catering or not, and does that suits your wishes, and make a decision depending on whether you want a buffet or a four-course dinner. When all that is covered, the only remaining thing to do is to check how many staff members you will need, and that decision mostly depends on how many guests you plan to have, as you don’t want to pay for extra staff if there isn’t enough work for them, but also you will want to avoid a situation where someone or you will have to wait too much for a refill.

To summarize

Remember that no one ever successfully fulfilled every guest wish and desire and that there will always be those who didn’t like the food, drinks, location, or something else, like the weather or something like that, and what really matters is that you and your significant other and those who are the closest to you have a great time, and the name “wedding day” says it all. In the end, it is you who will remember that day forever, and choosing a venue by your desires like the one from thesaticoyclub.com, is a great starting point in creating your dream wedding.