Is It Better To Have An Indoor Or Outdoor Wedding? – 2024 Guide

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Weddings, there is no such thing on the face of the earth. The most beautiful ceremony there is with variations all across the globe. Celebration of life and happiness with your bellowed ones is there anything like it?!

When it comes to weddings, most people have mixed feelings about it, not regarding its focus and goal but rather regarding the preparation. Some people manage to make it look so easy while others suffer a lot to achieve the same goals. There is a lot of work involved in a wedding anywhere in the world. Whether you are planning a big and luscious or small and intimate wedding a lot of things have to fall for you to have a day from your dreams. Thankfully today there are a lot of companies that can help ease the pain and one of those is

These companies are here to help with everything from flower arrangements and food to finding the perfect venue for your wedding. When on the topic of venue, these are hard to find, and by that, we mean that there is a lot of questions when it comes to decision time. Those questions usually end up being indoor or outdoor wedding type?!

If you are one of those that are thinking about this then it’s your lucky day since the topic of today’s article is which type of wedding is better – indoor or outdoor?!

1. Photography

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Every wedding couple on the face of the earth is thinking about their wedding photos, and why wouldn’t they?! Photographs are an integral and important part of every wedding ceremony and they are something you will hold forever as a reminder of this day. On that matter, you have to consider what kind of photos would you like to have or just take into consideration what kind of photos you generally love. There are two types you can have and according to those, you can decide what kind of wedding you would prefer.

Fresh and natural look or Flash photography. If you like those natural-looking photos with freshness all around then your way to go is an outdoor wedding. There is an abundance of natural light that is important for these photos and if you have an experienced and good photographer he/she will utilize every sun ray they can. If on the other hand, you like to flash photography with a lot of artificial lighting and dark and moody pictures indoor wedding is your choice. These aren’t any worse photos than those made in the open simply because you need a lot of experience and expertise to make an awesome photo inside where there is little to no sunlight.

2. Climate control

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We all know that a very little percentage of weddings is done in rainy, cold and wintery weather. All of us aim towards those warm summer days and vibes to get the most we can. With that said you will have to consider what type of wedding you will have concerning climate control. It is obvious that you can’t do anything about the weather if you opt for an outdoor wedding and that you will have to endure through whatever God gives you that day.

If it ends up being a very hot day you can only hope for a slight breeze from time to time to cool you off. If you opt for an indoor venue then you have a bit more liberties when it comes to controlling the temperature. Most indoor venues will offer climate control and you can effectively cool or heat the atmosphere without a lot of trouble.

3. Space

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This factor of the decision will mostly be depending on the number of guests you would have, but not exclusively. Why did we mention that last part? Most of you know that now we have indoor venues that can hold small or huge crowds and it all depends on the price you are willing to set aside for the venue itself. When it comes to outdoor wedding venues you have more liberty and you can stretch as far as you want, that is within the limits of the venue of course.

Again, don’t get us wrong there will be outdoor venues that are for small weddings and those will be limited concerning the number of people who can be there. This will eventually come down to you, your guests’ number and preference of course but do take all we wrote into consideration.

4. Kids friendly venue

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Now, this is something to be considered if you know that some of your guests are going to be kids. If you have families that will bring children to that day it is a good thing to consider this if you want all to be as happy as you are. We believe that this is a clear win in favour of outdoors wedding venues since the kids will have a lot more liberty, will not trip everywhere and will not make a huge commotion. With outdoor venues, you can even arrange for space just for them to play and enjoy themselves when they get tired of acting like adults.

Indoor wedding venues will not have that commodity for children and they will have to endure the whole thing as best as they can and as long as they can. With an indoor venue, you have to arm yourself with patience because kids there will be everywhere and you will trip on them occasionally. Not that it’s a bad thing, those moments are memorable as well, it’s just a thing to consider.

5. Backup location

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Now, this is not the factor that will stand in favour of one venue or another this a thing of percussion that all of us have to take seriously. You probably heard of Murphy’s law?! Whatever can go wrong will go wrong and you have to know that always, especially if you are planning a big day like this.

The smart thing to do, and the thing most people forget, is to have an emergency venue aside for possible problems that might occur. This is a rule for those planning an outdoor wedding. Always have an indoor venue as an emergency place to finish everything because the elements are something we can’t influence, we can only hope that they will be gracious to us on our very special day.