How Long Does It Take To Apply For A Canadian Work Permit

A Canadian work visa is required to work in Canada. The candidate must have an offer from a Canadian employer, and also, have a granted Labour Market Opinion.

To apply for a Canadian Work Visa, you are required to understand the whole procedure.

Knowing the steps is vital to get your visa application approved. Additionally, you should also present accurate and honest details; your application may get canceled for proving unfair details.

Canadian work visas are temporary, and they are not the same as immigration visas. Immigration and work visas are different. Moving to Canada from UAE is easy, in most cases, work visas are only provided to those with a job offer from a Canadian employer.

A positive labor market opinion is mandatory to get work visa approval. Hence, the employer must cooperate with the prospective employee who has been offered a job opportunity in Canada. The employee must help the candidate to complete the process of visa application.

A positive labor market opinion is a document that confirms the status of a position. This is usually required to obtain a work visa.

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Applying For A Canadian Work Visa

You should apply for your work visa as soon as you get written evidence of your job offer.

You can also apply for a job, either using the contract of employment and your Labour Market Opinion. LMO is issued by Human Resources and Skills Development Canada. You must present the required documents in front of the immigration department’s officer. This will prove that you meet all the requirements and that you will stay temporarily in Canada.

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Canadian Immigration Processing Time

Potential Canadian Immigrants ask a common question when they apply for the Candian Immigration visa. “How long will it take?” or “How long will my immigration application take to be processed?”. If you want to have information about your visa processing time, then you are in the right place. Keep reading to know how long your visa will take.

Please note the processing time doesn’t include the time that the candidate takes to submit an expression of interest. Receiving the invitation to Apply is also not included. The time taken to apply, prepare documents, etc. are not included.

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What Affects Processing Time?

There are a few points of consideration that may affect the processing time of your visa application.

  • The country – The processing times of IRCC vary depending on the country of residence of a person. The applications are moved around the entire network of visa offices situated globally. This makes the process very efficient.

Hence, your application doesn’t need to be processed at the office that is nearest to you. Instead, it is processed at the office where efficient processing takes place.

  • Completeness – Some people sometimes leave the application form incomplete.​ This is generally done by mistake, or when they are not sure what they should fill in the blank.

When the application is left unfinished, IRCC either disapproves of the application altogether or may also ask for more information. This delays the processing to a significant number of days.

  • Type of application – Processing time for different visas and permits differ. Type of​ application is one of the significant factors that affect the processing time. Also, the number of candidates currently reviewed in that category affects the time taken to process the visa.

If a particular program or category has more applications then expected, it takes more time.

Processing time is not guaranteed, and the number of days that is generally said is just an estimate. You should also note that the processing time may also differ depending on whether it was applied electronically using the online procedure or offline. To know more about work permits, you may consider visiting​

A Canadian work permit is a temporary resident visa which is issued to foreign workers. The processing time for work permits can vary greatly depending on where the application is submitted. Some applications are submitted from Canada itself, i.e., for extension of extension work visa.

Extensions for already issued work permits take about 38 days to get processed. However, this is the period taken for paper applications. A person who has applied online will get the visa processed in almost 25 days.

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Processing Time

It is tough to say the exact number of days it will take to process your Canadian work permit visa. Each application is different on its own and takes different time spans to get processed. It generally takes almost 99 days to get a work visa permitted.

This is the time taken by an online application. When a person applies offline through the standard form, the application takes almost 117 days. However, this may change based on a lot of factors discussed earlier.

Once an application is submitted with all the required documents, it is verified by the officers. It is checked that the application has all the necessary documents that are required to get your visa approved.

If the documents submitted are not valid or are incomplete, then the application is returned without processing it. A medical exam may also be needed to enter Canada.

If you are required to undergo a medical exam, then it may add over three months to the time it generally takes to process your application.

Biometrics are also needed for the applicant, and the processing time doesn’t include the time you take to give your biometrics.

A few other details are checked by the officer to ensure that you are entirely eligible to go to Canada.

  • A list of employers who have failed previously to comply with the conditions. This is generally done to check whether the employer can hire you or not.
  • It is also checked that you qualify for the work permit and that all the required documents are submitted.
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Final Words: When the application is approved, the application receives a letter stating that they are allowed to work in Canada. You will have to bring this letter along with you when you travel to Canada. The letter is not a work permit. You will be given the work permit when you arrive in Canada.