Top 7 Best Streaming Services for Kids


With over 90 million Americans — and growing — leading a “cord-free” life, we can expect streaming services to be on the rise. In addition, with more families ditching cable TV each year, it’s no surprise that many parents are looking for kid-friendly content. Luckily, there is a variety of family-safe streaming services available that offer animated movies and television shows, educational programming, and even some fun live-action programs.

However, each parent fears that leaving their kid unattended before the TV may prompt them to see something improper. That is the reason to have a streaming service that not only offers fun but also features parental controls and educational content.

Some television channels like Baby TV propagate informative and fun learning. On such an account, you can engage your kid with these channels too. I, having years of experience with primary school kids, know that cable and streaming both offer amazing kids engagement content if you skim through nicely. However, if you are someone with an exclusive taste for cable TV, you should click here to gain insight about cable plans that offer all the kids-favorite channels like Disney Jr., Kids Street, Nicktoons, Nick Jr., and many more.

On contrary, if you want to focus solely on streaming, here are some of the best streaming service options for kids:

1. Hulu


At the point when you hear Hulu, you scarcely think “kids content”; however, it features great content for children. The streaming service offers different exemplary sitcoms and reality shows that take into target a kids’ audience. Also family-centric motion pictures and kids’ shows including Looney Tunes, Teen Titans Go!, and LEGO Master.

Hulu has great parental controls and allows you to make an individual profile for your kid in your main account. At the point when you do that, it consequently limits exploring options to content from the “Kids Hub,” which is targeted for ages under 14. Once this is done, you can have the confidence that your kid will not coincidentally watch something improper.

Although, a drawback of Hulu is that it is really expensive, which is an important factor when choosing which streaming service is best for your kids.

2. Sling TV


Sling TV is the lone live-streaming option that includes Disney Junior and Nickelodeon as a feature of its channel lineup. Sling TV has two bundles: Sling Blue and Sling Orange that vary vastly in content type and pricing.

Other than Nickelodeon and Disney, Sling TV additionally offers other kid-centric channels like Baby Juniors, Nicktoons, and Baby TV. In any case, a portion of the channel lineup might not be accessible relying upon your topographical area.

Sling TV is moderately priced, and the parental controls it offers are fantastic. Thus, you can leave your kids to partake in the service without even batting an eye.

3. Amazon Prime Video


Amazon Prime Video offers Amazon’s unique content and is relatively cheaper allowing free trials as well. You can stream on-request content as well as buy or rent a few titles.

The interface is simple to explore and is themed around famous characters, and Amazon Prime Video gives your kids a unique series, in addition to instructive TV shows and motion pictures.

Kids can appreciate top choices like Dora the Explorer, SpongeBob SquarePants, Busytown Mysteries, and Clifford the Big Red Dog.

4. Disney Plus


Disney Plus generally contains kids-centric content and has next to no overt content. Its library incorporates a blend of both exemplary new releases and Disney motion pictures. The streaming service offers Pixar creations including Star Wars and Marvel. All of which your kids can appreciate and turn into fandoms.

Kids can enjoy series like Rescue Rangers, Doc McStuffins, and Duck Tales, alongside motion pictures from the whole Disney selection of pirates, adventurers, princesses, robots, and whatnot.

Disney Plus gives your kids the idea of being creative. It additionally gives guardians an alternative to set a kid’s profile, and the cost is generally moderate.

5. Netflix


Netflix is outstanding amongst other streaming services without a doubt, let alone for kids. It permits you to control what your kid is seeing through excellent parental control settings. With Netflix, fears that your kid may go over explicit and improper content are invalid as you have all the control.

Kids can appreciate content like The Magic School Bus and The Wiggles. Additionally, shows based on kids’ books like The Cat in the Hat and toy-based content like My Little Pony, Barbie, Lego Ninjago, etc. are great attractions for kids of all ages.

Netflix likewise has Netflix Kids, which offers genres like Dealing with Feelings, Magic, Talking Animals, Action, Comedy, and Anime.

6. Kidoodle. TV


A family-oriented company launched Kidoodle. TV. It offers TV shows that will in general be supported by parents.

Kidoodle.TV is a free streaming platform that does not expect you to create an account to appreciate it. You will however have to bear with ads.

Kidoodle.TV permits you to direct not just what content your kid watches but also will be able to control your kids’ watch time too.

The service publicizes itself as the protected streaming service for kids as it shows hand-picked content. However, you have the option to pick the content for your kid yourself.

7. YouTube TV


YouTube TV features a wide range of TV channels. It also offers PBS Kids, Universal Kids, Nickelodeon, Disney channels, Cartoon Network, and many more for full kids’ engagement. Your kids can appreciate shows like the much-loved Arthur, Sesame Street, and Paw Patrol, among others.

Moreover, YouTube TV has an incredible content choice, easy-to-understand interfaces, and phenomenal DVR storage. A disadvantage to YouTube TV that you should remember is it gets pretty expensive and may be beneficial for only those who have cut the cord.

Wrapping Up

In case you are searching for a speedy method to keep your kids engaged, a streaming service might just be the right answer. It is never too early to introduce your children to the world of entertainment. TV shows and movies are not just for fun—they can teach valuable lessons about life, build character, and inspire curiosity about the world around you. A streaming subscription service is a great way to expose kids to high-quality content that parents approve of. It also allows them to enjoy their favorite programs whenever they want.

The streaming services discussed in this article have great content for kids and adults likewise; however, with their excellent parental controls, you do not need to supervise your kids at all times.