What Are the Whole Body Vibration Machine Side Effects?

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Physical activity is a vital part of healthy living. It keeps your body fit, and your mind strong. Unfortunately, today it becomes more and more difficult to squeeze some exercise into our busy schedules. Agendas full of tasks, longer commutes to work, and bigger family responsibilities, are just some of the reasons for the rise of the sedentary lifestyle.

Thankfully, we live in times of technological progress that keeps improving our lives in more or less every area. One of these areas is fitness and rehabilitation, and one of the latest innovative additions in that field is the whole body vibration machine (WBVM). A type of equipment that allows you to reach your fitness goals in less time and with less effort.

In this article we are going to explore in greater detail the WBV machine, and more specifically – the whole body vibration machine side effects. Before that however, let’s learn a bit more about the apparatus, and the benefits that it carries with regards to your health.

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What is the whole body vibration machine?

Whole body vibration machine is a type of exercise equipment that produces high frequency vibrations. The frequency is usually within the range of 5 – 35Hz, which is sufficient enough to make your muscles contract up to 20 – 30 times faster, compared to normal physical activity.

Often referred to as the vibration platform or the G-force machine, this fitness apparatus uses a vibration plate at its base which does the entire job for you. All that is required from you is to stand, sit or lay down on the platform and let the mechanical oscillations do the rest.

The type of physical activity that is performed on the vibrating platform is famous as whole-body vibration (WBV). Thanks to the nature and intensity of the activity, you need to invest much less time and effort, compared to conventional forms of exercise. 15 – 20 minutes a day, 3 – 4 days a week are more than enough to reach your fitness goals and improve your overall health. And have we mentioned that you can use the platform from the convenience of your home or office?

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What are the benefits of the body vibration machine?

For the past couple of decades the vibrating machine has been a subject to a large number of scientific studies. The examiners have been focusing on various areas of human health, and the results so far have been truly promising. It has been established that the body vibration platform benefits more or less every area of the human body, including muscles, bones and weight.

The regular use of the WBVM has been associated with increased muscle power, stronger bones, better circulation, boosted immune function, raised energy levels, accelerated physical recovery, reduced back pain, and decreased body fat percentage. Furthermore, the equipment has a favorable effect on lymphatic drainage.

Here are some of the scientifically proven benefits of the body vibration machine:

  • Boosts muscles power, mass and tone
  • Strengthens bones by increasing bone mineral density
  • Improves blood circulation, nutrient intake and oxygen supply
  • Aids lymphatic drainage and reduces swelling
  • Relieves the symptoms of chronic back pain
  • Accelerates physical recovery and promotes active aging
  • Speeds up metabolism and aids weight loss
  • Improves the function of the immune system

Additionally, the machine is ideal for people with certain disabilities, and other conditions that make it impossible to engage with regular physical activities.

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What are the whole body vibration machine side effects?

Just as any other type of fitness equipment, the body vibrating machine has its pros and cons. Clearly, the benefits of the BVM outweigh the negatives several fold, and yet prior to jumping on it, it is best you become familiar with all the different aspects. Before we continue, it is worth mentioning that the whole body vibration machine side effects are linked more to the improper use of the machine rather than to any possible flaws in the equipment.

The main negative aspect is related to the fact that the machine uses vibrations at its core. Even though these vibrations are nowhere near the occupational ones experienced by people who work with heavy machinery, they still might not be suitable for everyone. Also, in order to rip off all the benefits and to avoid the side effects, you need to make sure you follow the instructions of the manufacturer and the user manual.

Here are some of the possible side effects, associated with the use of the body vibration platform:

  • Exceeding the recommended times and weekly frequency for using the WBVM may cause negative effects on your spine, brain and other vital organs. Do not use the equipment for longer than 20 – 25 minutes a day, 3- 4 days a week. Adjust the vibration frequency and the G-force (the amount of Earth’s gravity imposed) according to your fitness goals and personal circumstances. If in doubt, speak to your health provider prior to using the apparatus;
  • If you suffer from a certain medical condition, the whole body vibration machine might not be suitable for you. According to this article, people who have a cardiovascular disease, epilepsy, migraine, diabetes, acute hernia, cancer, or a neurological condition, must stay away from the equipment. The same applies for those of you who recover from a recent surgery, have had a recent hip or knee replacement, or are pregnant;
  • Unwanted side effects may also occur due to the use of a low-quality vibration machine. It is very important to understand that the market offers a vast range of vibration platforms, and that not all of them are equal when it comes to health benefits. Some machines are great, and some are awful. This is why, before you make a purchase, you need to do a thorough research and weigh all the options.
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The whole body vibration machine offers numerous health benefits, and saves a lot of precious time. In order to make the best out of the equipment though, you need to use it properly. Misuse of the vibration platform can be harmful and lead to a series of negative health consequences.

This is why, before you hop on it, make sure your medical history allows it, you are perfectly familiar with the safety precautions, and you use high-quality equipment from a reputable manufacturer with a proven record.